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12:26 AM
@Noon I think @Tinkeringbell left a comment suggesting that too on the recent meta - I guess the current one isn't that bad, but you could always raise a discussion on meta :) it'd be interesting to look at what other sites have done too
IMO the unicorn example could have been salvaged by changing "What should I do?" to "How can I prevent the unicorns from eating my daisies?" but there's no way to suggest that the tour page edits to make their question more specific and goal-oriented ;)
hello and good evening :)
hello! how was the movie? :)
Excellent, as expected. I forgot how well Hugh Jackman sings... phew. Bawled my eyes out at the end, as expected...
yeah, I didn't know he could sing until I saw clips of him in that!
@EmC yeah... and The Greatest Showman really shows that talent as well but not as well as Les Mis... man, when Fantine came to get Jean ValJean when he was dying i was just grabbing as many tissues as I could lol
12:37 AM
@ElizB oh man, yeah :''(
what did @El'endiaStarman think of it? :P
so good but so sad :'(
@EmC He thought it was good but a bit long, didnt cry, which I expected.
@ElizB oh yeah, it is pretty long, almost 3 hours
@EmC yeah, the songs were long too. I didn't think it was that long but he prefers things just be said as they are
but singing is the best part! haha
oh yes absolutely
it's so emotive and expressive, and just is beautiful.
12:45 AM
agreed :)
I love musicals, but maybe not as much as @El'endiaStarman does... hehe
what are your favorites? besides phantom and les mis ;)
1:29 AM
@EmC Phantom, Les Mis, Chicago, Lion King, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat... (looks in my music albums) ... Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella (with whitney houston), Mamma Mia....
@ElizB I mean, dialogue in song is fine. It could just be shorter without losing too much... :P
Like I said the last time we had this discussion. :P
@EmC then there's musical movies: Happy Feet 1 and 2, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Moana, Strange Magic, Frozen, Another Cinderella Story (with selena gomez), Prince of Egypt, and Bambi.
Listening to the opening medley for Happy Feet 2. So jumpy and I love P!nk as Gloria shes amazing
taking notes I have seen about half of those :P
Strange Magic is the one I would most recommend out of those. :P
if you want upbeat i love the selection in Happy feet movies
Oh, yes. Strange Magic's main song, "Strange Magic" was our wedding dance song
I recommend watching the movie first though to get a feel for it
1:39 AM
@ElizB aww, ok it's gotta be great then :) (that's one I haven't seen)
@EmC yeah, it's by the philharmonic orchestra but they re-arranged it for the movie. i prefer the movie version
the ones I know that aren't on your list - Pippin, West Side Story, Rent, Oklahoma
Oh, i've seen Oklahoma and West Side Story.
Ah yes, Pippin...that guy that sang Edge of Night.
the movie of Oklahoma was more silly than great but I was in a production of it in high school so I have nostalgia for it :P
1:43 AM
Rent- I only saw a little bit of it so it doesn't count for me
@El'endiaStarman hmmmm
@EmC ah, very cool. I agree it's long and a bit silly lol
Oh, I've seen Big River- a huckleberry finn musical
@ElizB the dream scene in particular, lol
and the cool thing was that the actors signed and they had a voice "mirror" so the whole production was in ASL and still sung
@ElizB hmm, that sounds interesting
oh very cool!
1:45 AM
@EmC yes indeed it was truly accessible for me. it was such a great experience
I saw it in Boston
when I was very young
probably around 10 years old
Oh, i almost forgot Hairspray!! goodness I love that one! That was also in ASL, with a voice actor pair
I saw that at the theater at my college- Rochester Institute of Technology, National Technical Institute of the Deaf. it was at NTID's theater
hairspray!! I've watched the movie version
same here. They did a live version with Derek Hough and I thought it was good. Not Amazing, but well done
I'm really curious how the ASL + voice actor works now, do you know of any videos of it? youtube search is not helping me
hmm... let me see
I'm wrapping up my day in stardew valley, gimme a min
oh no rush :)
2:01 AM
@EmC it's 30 minutes long but it's something
@ElizB thanks! this is really cool
@EmC no problem! here's another:
Several of my friends were in Damn Yankees
This is a good one
@EmC Tell me when to stop haha
:D I just started my knitting project so now I'll have stuff to watch, haha
okay! hehe
@EmC let me know what you think :)
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6:16 AM
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3:03 PM
the progress of snow from last evening to this morning....
At least it's powdery and not heavy wet snow...
well, it's ice pellets now, so it's probably got a bit more weight to it
but not the same as wet snow
@ElizB wow o_o
Living in the northeast US is a lot like this... hehe
me and @El'endiaStarman have to clean off our cars eventually...
the red car featured in the pictures is my own :) I named it my little ladybug
4 hours later…
6:46 PM
First is top right, second is top left, third is bottom right, and fourth (just taken) is bottom left. Me and @El'endiaStarman went out about two hours ago and cleaned off my car.
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10:03 PM
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