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@scohe001 it's a both/and, not an either/or.
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Q: How can I stop getting 'bored' of people?

L. KemperI have a distressing tendency to become close friends with someone and enjoy their company, and slowly become less interested in spending time with them. It's extremely frustrating, because most people interpret this as "I don't like you anymore" and want to know what they did wrong. The issue is...

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I love how hilariously inaccurate that toxicity measure is.
I guess that's why it's been such a failure so far.
I'd say it's decently useful when it's above like 0.80-0.90 or so.
Which...is pretty rare. At least, rare in that IPS Comment Bot gets it and Smokey doesn't.
Exactly. It only gets that high when it's so bad that a simple regex match would get it. I just looked through some of the other comments and saw some rather passive aggressive ones at 0.05 or less, and even more which were 0.4 or 0.5 which were very polite and understanding.
Unfortunately, all it does currently is enhance our own biases, which is especially problematic given that it was shown that Google's API turned out fairly racist.
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sup dawgs
anyone here have experience with Statements of Purpose for grad school?
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@El'endiaStarman I showed this to a colleague of mine the other day and said that this is outdated
the second thing is very much possible these days
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@JAD From a bit of research, it looks like that comic was posted in 2014, four years ago (almost to the day!). I think the comic still stands - any ease in identifying birds in images today is because of multiple research teams over the last decade+ (mostly in the last five years with the advent of effective neural networks).
@AJ by any chance did this user just change their username? looking at something odd in the bot
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Good answer overall, but I'm not so sure about the "the longer you wait, the easier it will be to forgive" part. Some people will see waiting as having spent years of piling lies on top of lies, which can make it harder to forgive. — Dave Sherohman 38 secs ago
#18772 Dave Sherohman (103 rep) | A: Coming clean to my girlfriend (score: 10) | posted 36 hours ago by alexjbrown2 (127 rep) | Toxicity 0.31574872
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@El'endiaStarman With neural networks it'd take a bunch of data (which is available online), but not years to subsequently build
I think he meant that the groundwork to do that was laid by people with research teams and years of work
@Magisch I'm not saying it wasn't ever true, just that it's outdated
Q: What are the tools/ways to overcome/avoid extreme positive/negative thinking habit?

AastikI have a habit of thinking extremely positive or extremely negative about anything. If I like someone in first meeting, I like him very much. For me personally, he is my best friend. As the time goes on, few negative things happen and slowly, I start thinking opposite about him. I will then star...

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I believe the root of this answer is be direct, which is probably the key to solving this issue. He believes what he's doing is right, he believes it's appropriate, and he wants to do nice things for his friend. He's been told he doesn't have to, but that's okay, he's happy to do it because it makes him feel good to do so. Emphasising that it makes OP actively uncomfortable reframes the issue from his inconvenience to OPs.. Which should get through to him more clearly. I also like your phrasing, it's both kind and to the point. Which avoids alienating a good friend. Good answer! — Ruadhan2300 1 min ago
#18822 Ruadhan2300 (677 rep) | A: Asking a coworker to discontinue his chivalrous acts towards me? (score: 25) | posted 12 hours ago by Upper_Case (8777 rep) | Toxicity 0.1020663
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