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5:14 PM
Am not.
5:19 PM
Sorry to disappoint ;)
You wish ;)
5:32 PM
@Catija Hey :)
By the way... the reference I was failing to make: youtube.com/watch?v=HypOHRuVi8E
5:45 PM
Oh, I was guessing the dwarven song from Snow White
That's "hi ho" :P
hmm, the dutch version is hee ho, pronounced like hey ho
so there you go :)
6:15 PM
@Snow Although, on most sites, research is important, I don't think we ever made it explicitly a policy here. Of course, setting aside the help pages... Most questions can be answered by googling, but that's not what we want at the moment. We want quality content now that can later be used as the first research for others to use before asking their questions.
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