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2:00 PM
(sorry if I'm bothering you with that everytime this subject come in ^^')
@avazula let's say you either notice/know or get told that someone is disgusted by you, how would you react?, and no, you don't know why.
@Rainb I personally would feel terribly sad and would wonder why
but I'm too sensitive ;)
@Rainb That would be awfull :/
What would be the ideal way to react...?
@Ælis no worries :) well, Idk... work needs to be done, we should be ten people more to finish the project but here it is just the two of us, and ... voilà ...
2:01 PM
Eh, nevermind.
Too abstract.
@Rainb I wouldn't do anything. The person in question didn't tell you so, just act like nothing happened if you can.
I don't suppose any of you have experience with specialized german EDI standards?
what is EDI
@Magisch what's EDI?
@avazula There is no such thing as being too sensitive (IMO). There are only people not caring enough about other
2:03 PM
some kind of automated delivery note and invoicing system
electronic data interchange
I am not specialized in that
nor know anyone that knows about that
@Magisch erh no, sorry :/
and I don't know anyone who could know anyone about that, either.
Our 19 year old edi tool finally failed together with the server that ran it
2:04 PM
now we need a new solution for edi delivery note forecasting
@Rainb I don't think you can plan such "ideal" reaction. My "ideal" reaction would be to find a quiet and alone place to process this information, but that just me taking care of my needs. If you have other needs, than you should react differently
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