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2:45 AM
@Imus Did you get 'electorate' for voting? It's gold.
2 hours later…
5:00 AM
@ankiiiiiii It's good to see a mod replying to an FR both on meta and chat. That's not at all bad. There are upvotes on both Q&A. I think it's a good start.
5:46 AM
@ElizB that sounds so cool!
6:00 AM
Morning everyone!
Good morning!
how's it going?
6:26 AM
@ElizB Hahaha... That does sound like a cool thing, but I don't think I'll be going. I'm not big on things like Drag ;)
Thank you for thinking of me though!
@avazula Fine. Trying to frame my question. What about you? Is everything good?
6:55 AM
Is it okay to ask on behalf of another person who asked me for help?
@NogShine It is, as long as you can provide enough/all the details. One of the downsides to asking on somebody else's behalf is that when people request clarification, you might not know the answer.
@Tinkeringbell Yes, I know the details and I can also provide clarifications if needed.
good morning
Should I mention it clearly in the question that I am asking for another person?
@JAD Good morning!
@Tinkeringbell I tried to help my friend with the problem but I am open to more solutions.
@NogShine That is perhaps best, unless you were thinking of starting with 'asking for a friend' because that's a bit of a meme on the internet :P
7:01 AM
@Tinkeringbell Hahaha.
So, my question goes viral too. More votes and more badges. \o/
@NogShine In that case, I think I'd actually write it as if you were your friend...
We have a few examples, lemme dig.
Q: Can we ask questions on behalf of others (e.g. friends)?

Tycho's NoseLately, I have been discussing this site with friends and they have all expressed the desire to ask questions but either don't feel their English is good enough or are hesitant for other reasons. I'm trying to convince some to make accounts. Is it OK to ask a question on their behalf if I know...

Note that we do prefer people ask for themselves, but it's not forbidden to ask on behalf of others (yet). The question links a few example questions...
@Tinkeringbell Okay. But that person doesn't know about SE. I haven't said to her about it (yet).
@Tinkeringbell That sounds good.
@NogShine Yes, but it's going to be hard too: One of the most asked questions here is 'what have you already tried and what were the reactions to it'... do you have that much detail?
@Tinkeringbell That sounds tricky. I suggested some solutions but I don't know what are the reactions yet. I think I will have to wait some more time to know how the solution worked.
It is tricky. We're mainly looking for those because if we get questions like 'how do I not upset my mom' we need to know what you did to try and solve your problem, but what upset your mom anyways ;) That way we won't suggest things you've already tried and that don't work, things with similar outcomes, or we can just tell you to call the cops because mom dangerous :P
(That last one is not an acceptable answer on IPS :P)
7:14 AM
@Tinkeringbell Upset to my mom is me :P
Hahaha who doesn't, from time to time?
@Tinkeringbell Yes, there should be detail as much as possible. Getting same solutions what we already know is sometimes not useful.
7:34 AM
Q: How to fix? — How do I tactfully stop family, who runs a competitor store, from spying on our business? —

Pamela LeeI'm so so sorry for badly writing How do I tactfully stop family, who runs a competitor store, from spying on our business?! Please don't suspend me! How can I rewrite my question to make it on-topic? Thx!!!

@IntrovertedMetaMan flags @Tink's comment as rude
Seriously? Why?
Thought it was an okay thing to help alleviate some fears ;)
uses INLN comment flag for being too chatty ;)
@Tinkeringbell Yeah, it's totally fine. :)
Meta is allowed to be more chatty :P
7:59 AM
Q: How can I ask politely someone to place bounty on your Stack Exchange question?

Pamela LeeApologia for looking self-interested and self-seeking! I don't have much rep, but think that some of my questions can benefit the public. I remember someone who requested bounty donations on a Stack Exchange like this, and got downvoted like -20. His post got deleted.

8:19 AM
Q: How to avoid my friend tracking my lifestyle

Yash MittalSome friends are way too interested in our lifestyle and want us to share our whole lifestyle with them. I tell you my story, that I am one of the meritorious students of my institute, and 2 friends want me to tell them everything what I'he done yesterday, what are my future plans and much more....

Q: How do I keep in touch with a friend without spending long amounts of time with him?

tryinSo I became friends with this guy in college about a year ago. He's not a very social person - I don't know any of his other friends, he doesn't share personal information easily, and is barely on talking terms with any of my friends (even though we all lived together in a dorm for 2 years). I do...

9:11 AM
wow, IPS is on fire today!
@avazula on fire? That sounds bad :P
Reminds me of way other times on IPS :P
9:35 AM
Chat is awkwardly silent today though... is everyone making up for lost work hours today or something? :P
I overslept. was very tired. Now making resume
@Tinkeringbell today has been oddly productive so far
9:52 AM
@Tinkeringbell I'm writing regexes for sanitizing email addresses .. ugh
@Tinkeringbell Hi! I'm new, just lurking :)
@Bebs Oh Hi!
you should have been their yesterday
@Imus ping
@Tinkeringbell I was writing an answer on other site. It took time.
Oh wow. Flurry of activity :P I was discussing lunch plans with mom :P
@Bebs Hey Bebs! Welcome!
thank you
10:02 AM
@ankiiiiiii Have you seen the movie Basha?
10:14 AM
@NogShine the tamil one? ;p
@Bebs love your avatar
@NogShine Umm no..
It is hard to find even Super Deluxe up here in the north
a 1995? very hard unless recommended
@ankiiiiiii you make it sound like a vintage ;p
@JourneymanGeek Singapore has Tamil?
@ankiiiiiii Its an official language, and its an official, widely taught second language.
So, absolutely
10:28 AM
@JourneymanGeek I don't watch a tollywood a lot. It's my sister who pushes for movies like Kanchana or my action loving friend with whom I saw ..I slipped out the name.. It was a series. Action and romance. same actor.
@ankiiiiiii I won't watch tamil movies either ;p
Or unless it is a hit, bahubali
My dad was crazy about Basha tho
IS that the crazy archery movie?
Also, wait, are you tamil speaking?
haha more than archery, it was about rananeeti
Oh phew
10:30 AM
hindi and English
@JourneymanGeek why?
There's an oddly high representation of tamil speakers who're "core" users on SE ;p
haha okay
At one point we had 3 tamil speakers on SU chat, or one CM and me ...
I never noticed a pattern or high-number anywhere
I've been around for nearly a decade ;p
I've had a longer time to see patterns
10:32 AM
Except europe on IPS itself
europe's a bigger place though
France ?
tbh? In that respect, probably the dutch
okay.. good to know
Is that your dog?
10:34 AM
Yes, he's the most adorable senior citizen.
Lots of love to him, But I am more inclined towards the stray
Oh, he's a rescue
cherry atop a cake
Someone abandoned him as a puppy
(well kinda abandoned him while staying over so we accidentally ended up with him)
10:36 AM
I've read a story on medium like that
you write there?
Most of my blogging is my hobby projects and all computer stuff XD
Let me dig it up, you might find it interesting
@JourneymanGeek Yeah the diamond shows it
Sara Chipps on July 18, 2019

“Caustic community for new users. There is no excuse for not being kind!”  – 6 years coding

“It feels too scary and unaccessible for new developers” – 3 years coding

“People could be less brutal” – 6 years coding

“The attitude is not beginner friendly. Askers are expected to have done a lot of research before asking a question (re: both question format and content), even if they are completely new to the community or topic. Not everyone can understand or even know to look for documentation when they’re completely new to programming.” – 12 years coding experience  …

Must read.
@NVZ I did! yay, made me happier
@ankiiiiiii actually the diamond is totally people going "Awwwm such a cute dog"
10:38 AM
He would moderate pawrferctly
(there's running joke that I'm the dog - and folks vote for me due to sheer cuteness)
of course, I've literally had different pictures of my dog as my ava for years
I couldn't find it sadly
but this is nice
that one was about some bad owner who didn't want the dog a anymore and the couple adopted it despite all other problems and even not wanting a dog in the first place
10:55 AM
@NVZ I did and I completely agree with her :)
@JourneymanGeek :p you know it lol
You might relate with the last link @JourneymanGeek!
off to the gym
11:13 AM
@avazula Thank you
@JourneymanGeek What'll you do if anything ever happens to Ash?
@JourneymanGeek joke? What do you mean 'joke'?
@Tinkeringbell Probably go monochrome
@JourneymanGeek Sorry. That was a mean question to ask :(
@Tinkeringbell He's old.
Its something we need to be prepared for eventually
11:26 AM
Yeah well... Just realized that was probably still something that's better not asked.
@Tinkeringbell I literally thought about it
And I'm not sure I'd get another dog the same way
Yanno, one literally just turn up.
He's 14. We have a few good years left ;)
How old do dogs get? I think I heard something of multiply by seven and you know how 'old' they are on a human scale? So then Ash would be 98 or something, that doesn't sound as if there's years left :(
Depends on size
I've seen 18-19 year old dogs roughly his breed
Other than being overweight, and the bad leg, he's doing ok
Sounds good :)
I've been thinking about pets a lot lately. I think I want one, just not which one ;)
@Tinkeringbell I wanted a dog for ages
I'm partial to collies and westies but...
I can't have a collie in an apartment, westies have health problems
and pet shops/breeders can be dodgy so...
11:40 AM
I've heard most ... we call them trashcan breeds ... not purebreed dogs are a lot sturdier often
@Tinkeringbell Ash's a pet store dog
but he's a mix, and we don't know what his dad is
@Tinkeringbell in singaporean public housing, there's an approved list
@JourneymanGeek Oh yeah, you mentioned that before :)
most "singapore specials" or proper mutts don't qualify
Also most of the collies I've run into are just darling dogs
@JourneymanGeek my (parents') dog will be 14 in a few months - had to have a few teeth taken out and doesn't run around like a lunatic quite as much but apart from that, he seems to be doing well for his age :)
@JourneymanGeek Collies are cute, even I sometimes pet one :)
11:52 AM
People seem to think he's around 9 or 10, so... :)
@Tinkeringbell there was one which they were trying to rehome some time back
I almost asked about him
but I already have a dog ;p
there's also a local one who tends to say hi on walks
@JourneymanGeek Oh, that one looks nice!
Can you imagine someone abandoned him? :/
Yeah. All that hair on the furniture... Ugh.
Well, something you need to think of before you get a pet
A pet is a lot of work
Other than pet rocks
12:02 PM
Hahaha Pet rock. I'm getting myself a pet rock, good idea :)
@Tinkeringbell you need to feed, entertain, and keep healthy most pets
even plants
Granted, my money plant is a bit of a wierdo....
I put it in the sun... It grows roots
lots of roots
@JourneymanGeek It may be looking for water...
Or a place to sprout :)
@Tinkeringbell its basically growing inside water with some nutrients ;p
Unless it wants soil
@JourneymanGeek It may want that, yeah.
12:28 PM
@JourneymanGeek Yes!
@JourneymanGeek I have a semi-pet spider who isn't work at all
he (or she, idk) chills in the plant and continously feasts upon flies and insects trying to make inroads into the apartment
it's an ivy so lots of room
@ankiiiiiii Don't you have amazon prime?
@JourneymanGeek Oh! I thought it is a puppy. Who would abandon such a cute pup?!
he used to belong to a actress who moved here. No one famous. Got a dog without telling her SO (Seriously have that talk first)
much drama. Parents were asked to help mediate. And well
keep the dog... temporarily....
12:46 PM
@JourneymanGeek impawsible
the guy who didn't ask their spouse first was barking mad
@Magisch Yup
But hey! Free dog
he also bit me the first time he saw me
charged up, and bit my foot. I still have a scar
@JourneymanGeek there was mischief afoot
@Magisch also, he kinda chewed up all the trunking
and refused to eat.
Apparently he distrusted gooshy food
and would not eat dry food unless it had been left out a few hours...
Parents ended up feeding him mashed peas.
which ... worked
@JourneymanGeek No! I thought it is bought at a pet shop. (I read your explanation already :P)
@NogShine someone did
just not us
12:54 PM
@NogShine no. But I know a guy who knows a guy who has it. So yes I do have prime.
@NogShine but we needed his breed to register him
so we just made it up
@JourneymanGeek in my college, some stray dogs are available for adoption every year.
we know his mom's a snauzer. The petshop his ex owner bought him at didn't know
@ankiiiiiii Some people on FB and insta rent their hotstar and Amazon prime accounts.
@ankiiiiiii So... most people in singapore live in public housing
there's literally a list of approved dog breeds
12:56 PM
@NogShine I dont get it its 5 bucks a month
@JourneymanGeek Which breed is it? I have no idea of dog breeds.
@NogShine legally he's a westie/white schnauser mix
then again I bought a "I'm with stupid" tshirt for 25€ purely to piss of a friend last week so I'm not the pillar of financial responsibility here
we made up the westie bit
he could be a silkie cross
I can’t coz students can keep only cacti lol. But given a chance outside, I will pick up a white and brown Pariah
12:56 PM
He's ash
ash is ash
@Magisch we joke he's a spottiswoode terrier.
Very rare
@ankiiiiiii keeping cacti is a great idea
they're succulent and don't need much care
@Magisch In US$ ?
(the neighbourhood I live in is called spottiswoode park)
that is a terrierble joke
@NogShine amazon prime is 5.99€ atm
12:59 PM
@Magisch what he means is people share it
@Magisch In India it is 1k/year or 129 per month.
I had a guy at work who would
Yeah. People share it.
I am on the phone, but I’ll send a photo of a dog I know
Same account can be shared by 3. So, one guy owns it but rents it to two others at 150 per month.
Netfilx has more demand and costs more.
1:01 PM
In context how much is 150 per month
@Magisch well money goes a longer way in india
about 2 euros
@Magisch 2 € per month.
cause my 5.99€ prime account would be utterly not worth sharing given the time investment to collect the monthly fee and all that
unless I also lived with someone
That is 15 minutes of work
So you watched Basha @JourneymanGeek ?
ages ago
1:03 PM
I saw in Telugu not Tamizh
Still looks great!
1:20 PM
Q: How to explain wife's double standards and avoid negativity

mb14I have been married for almost 5 years. My wife and I have a son who just turned 3. At the beginning of our relationship things seem to be really on track but since our son arrived, i've been battling constant negativity, double standards and agressive criticism up to a point that i'm seriously t...

Scene between Basha and his brother is amazing. When he closes the door and thinks of his flash back..
1 hour later…
2:35 PM
Q: How can I ask politely someone to place bounty on your Stack Exchange question?

Pamela LeeApologia for looking self-interested and self-seeking! I don't have much rep, but think that some of my questions can benefit the public. I remember someone who requested bounty donations on a Stack Exchange like this, and got downvoted like -20. His post got deleted.

@IntrovertedMetaMan I've given that one an edit, I think it should be on-topic for meta now?
3 things
1. I remember asking the same question here in chat. Thank goodness I didn't post a question there.
2. What does rejected migration means?
3. I kinda like the question tho. Why so much reaction?
I wouldn't close that as off-topic for meta too. Is it okay to ask someone or how to ask someone to place to bounty is discouraged but not off-topic. IPS also works under Stack Exchange software. So, it was on-topic even if it is Stack Exchange question.
@ankiiiiiii The question was first asked on the main site, then migrated to meta. Where people closed it as off-topic because 'not about IPS SE' (which it originally may not have been, but I commented on main that if it was about questions on IPS that they wanted a bounty on, they might ask on meta.
> - ...Stack Overflow the company to communicate with the community (soliciting feedback on new ideas or features, or discussing policies that affect the whole network)
2:42 PM
If questions are migrated then closed, the migrations is rejected.
This point makes the question on-topic
@ankiiiiiii Because asking someone to lose rep for your own benefit is discouraged.
My bad. Sorry guys. It's reopen now :)
No worries. :)
When you have a hammer, you can correct your mistake in a blink. :)
Have you got your diamond now @avazula ? ;-)
Jun 25 at 20:12, by avazula
@NogShine Yeah, disjoint question, what if I feel that a question/answer deserves it? I saw tetsujin putting one on Apple.SE because "the top answer has to be one that is detailed and informative"
@NogShine haha, true! And yes I do now :)
2:46 PM
Which color is it?
My diamond is on my ring next to my beautiful ava, courtesy of @Mithrandir
@NogShine blue! so rare!
Catija's green.
@avazula Yeah. So rare.
@NogShine really? :O
CM can pick their own color. ;P
She likes green color over blue.
2:49 PM
Moderators name appears blue in chat. She once said she liked green more than blue. So, AJ made changes to his browser styling and showed her name in green. She was happy.
I used to ask mods which color is their diamond. Different mods said different colors. :D
Some named their mod hammers too.
@NogShine (rory goes off to check - I have no idea. I think I expected it to go with each site css)
Well, mine certainly isn't red enough.
@RoryAlsop Rory has more diamonds than infinity stones.
@NogShine oh that would be so cool if I could have Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet... CM's...pretty please?
@RoryAlsop Yeah. It would be so cool. I lost count. How many sites do you moderate?
One gauntlet is not enough for you @RoryAlsop
2:56 PM
@RoryAlsop I am going to star that :P Catija does drop in here still from time to time. Good luck!
it's only 6 now - we couldn't save Productivity ( insert favourite Alanis Morissette song here...)
@RoryAlsop Thank you india, thank you terror, thank you disillusionment...
@Magisch hahaha
...thank you frailty, thank you consequence, thank you, thank you silence...
@Magisch love this song
2:58 PM
@Magisch Cactus Comedian - I'd go to see that show
Oh, it is in your status in chat. Missed it.
@avazula the context of her making it makes it even better imo
Meet Simba
What is the closest match for this breed in terms of the pet-shop ones? @JourneymanGeek guess?
4:09 PM
@ankiiiiiii Oof, the dark one almost looks scary!
@ankiiiiiii How much brushing to you have to do to keep Simba clean? :P
@Tinkeringbell I returned late from library and he followed me up there .yeah teeth might be scary
Umm that is not really done to any dog as far as I know when it comes to stray dogs
but I sometimes just rub my hand over his and Speaker's(he is BIG boy) back
Speaker sheds significantly
he is very possessive, and since older than other dogs, no other comes close if he is sitting besides me. @Tinkeringbell
5:16 PM
Can bounty questions be marked duplicate?
1 hour later…
6:36 PM
@IPSCommentBot Hah, funny to see a comment I just posted on entering a chatroom here.
In any case, actually stopped by here to ask about the same general thing -- are questions about understanding others' motivations or/and mindstates on-topic here?
Like, is having a hard time understanding someone an interpersonal problem, such that I can present a sort of social/interpersonal phenomena that I want to know more about? For example, can I ask about people's motivations or/and feelings?
I ask because, normally, people seem to present functional issues in dealing with other people, where understanding the other person is usually only discussed in the context of coming up with an immediate strategy for dealing with that other person. However, I'm interested in asking about understanding others in cases in which there's no immediate physical problem that needs to be addressed.
Though I feel like it's still sorta the same thing, since I'd ultimately use the knowledge to better inform my interactions with others, and thus improve my interpersonal skills -- just a bit more indirectly, I guess.
2 hours later…
8:45 PM
29 messages moved to Trash
@Nat just a bot :) it posts comments that match certain patterns in here
@Nat so those questions are generally closed because we can't tell you what a particular person was thinking - it'd just be us guessing at reading their mind based on your description of things
However - "understanding social norms" is on topic, but you'd want to focus on a general norm, not a specific situation, and probably get answers that are more about psychology (maybe check out ?)
It can be kind of tricky, so if you have a particular question in mind, you might want to post in the sandbox first to get feedback :)
1 hour later…
10:18 PM
@EmC Thanks! I'll try to get some time to put something together. :-)
I wanted to ask about a sensitive topic -- specifically, the self-conception of trans-gendered people. I mean, the basic problem I want to address is that I simply don't get the mindset, which is an obnoxious sort of confusion to have with discussions about trans-gender issues in the news so frequently. So, I'd like to figure out how to represent my confusion in a way that can get a constructive answer without making anyone feel attacked.
I guess that, in general, I'm often interested in why people hold various beliefs about religion, politics, society, etc., but I suppose there's some consideration due in clarifying that the intent is to understand another person's way of seeing the world rather than attack them for their beliefs.
10:37 PM
I guess that, if it works out well, I'd probably be interested in asking similar questions about other mindsets. For example, I'm not really too clear on why people hold various religious beliefs, which is another topic I'd like to better understand. Stuff like that, I guess.
Oh, just to say it -- I'll probably be asking for help with ensuring that questions are appropriately sensitive through the sandbox.

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