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12:44 AM
Q: How can I stop people from using "argument stoppers"

Patrick HollweckI am the kind of person that will just straight out tell people when I think something is wrong. This results in me arguing a lot. When I say I "argue", I mean that in an "optimistic" kind of way, I more or less make opinionated suggestions. That means I don't go into a full-blown argument with ...

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2:24 AM
Q: How to tell if you've been confiding to the wrong person?

StarWars_478I used to tell every part of my problem to person A. I always had a doubt about this person A, since A wasn't all that supportive and was easily irritated. This A seemed to care about my issues but always told me the wrong thing and many things this A said to me turned out to be false or wrong. B...

2:37 AM
@ankiiiiiii They can't be closed by close vote. Only mods can do it.
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7:16 AM
Just about your introduction, the part that seems to be on topic. How you give your opinion and how well reflected that opinion is is critical. You seem to be convinced that you are doing it correctly. Please ask someone honest you know well in person if they find your style helpful. It's impossible to tell without a transcript or video online sadly — Raditz_35 57 secs ago
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4:44 PM
Q: How do I deal with my crush in a bad situation?

PulseBeat_02I was talking to my crush when we had a big argument while texting. It was her birthday a couple days ago, so I said “Happy Birthday!” as usual. Then she said “thanks” and I proceeded to some conversation starters, such as “Cool, what did you do?”. However, her reply “ur mom” caused me to interpr...

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6:00 PM
Breaking the silence, apple.stackexchange.com/posts/364957/revisions This is such an abuse of edits. Two of the OP's questions are on hold too!
Dont read the whole q anyway. OP is concerned about SSD crashing and its replacement when it is soldered to the board

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