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5:50 AM
Good morning!
Good morning!
Q: How to deal with a boss who is showing off?

JoeImagine there is a person who is your boss(the one you report about your work) and 1) He is showing off about a particular thing though he really doesn't what he is talking about. 2) Doesn't listen to others opinions 3) Think every issue can be addressed just by talking to clients etc How s...

@avazula How are the things going on?
6:22 AM
@NogShine Well, there's a lot of work to do. I'm tired but it's interesting :) and you?
@avazula I had my breakfast a while ago and checking new questions on main site.
Thinking to post a question too. I am checking for dupes.
How are duplicates closed here? Based on the question or helpful solutions in the answer?
@NogShine what a nice thing of you to do :)
@NogShine it's based on the question. We don't really close by usefulness of answers on a different post. Very few questions get closed as dupes though.
@avazula that's how it ought to be #totallybiased
(I just posted a question trying to get folks to think about the same thing on MSE)
@JourneymanGeek you mean MSE?
6:29 AM
ha, yeah, I don't doubt it must suffer from the same issue
Well, its an old site
and folks are a might bit....
@avazula There are other reasons like too broad or unclear.
@NogShine that's mostly on OP ;p
and actually fixable in a lot of cases
also amusingly, the best way to find dupes is to start asking the question. Similar questions often does a better job than even search
Q: How do I tactfully stop family, who runs a competitor store, from spying on our business?

Amanda d'HalluinMy dad and mom own a fashion boutique in a big shopping mall in Canada that sells clothes imported from Japan. Seeing how profitable their business has been, Mark, my copycat uncle, opened a similar store in the same shopping mall, around 200 meters away. Mark didn't tell my parents until his gra...

6:36 AM
@JourneymanGeek Yes. Worked many times on MSE
@JourneymanGeek agreed. It ain't easy to find the exact wording that was used for a bug report for instance
@avazula well, in those situations the big report re-occuring, and getting fixed closed as a dupe helps people find it
The point of dupes isn't just curation. Its to link together identical, and slightly differently worded questions so people can find them
7:04 AM
signposting :D
Yes, that ;p
3 hours later…
9:56 AM
Q: Asking someone I don't know how someone we both do know is doing

gerritChris used to work with Sam, although they were in different countries. Chris has now moved and works in the same country as Sam. Chris has heard from Sams colleague Toni (whom Chris has known for a long time and considers a friend) that Sam is ill, but Toni does not know the specifics. Chris ...

how are we today?
10:36 AM
@CaldeiraG rather quiet apparently :p
hi :)
10:53 AM
@Imus well, this is the Awkward Silence the title is talking about :p
11:06 AM
@CaldeiraG it comes back once in a while :p
11:23 AM
someone cast delete vote on my +2 -0 answer without even commenting or downvoting.
@ankiiiiiii Let me see thatt
do you have a link to the answer?
@ankiiiiiii I don't see any answer from your profile.
maybe answer on different stack?
You can't cast delete votes on positively scored answers.
12:05 PM
@Mithrandir yeah, so it must have been cast before the UV :)
@Imus yup on apple se
@avazula oh that makes sense. It was an one liner.
12:26 PM
You can't delvote a 0-scored answer either, unless it's through the LQP queue...
@Mithrandir One liners like anki said might well end up there ;)
12:54 PM
@Mithrandir oh shoot!
So one flag for lqp, one for delete. Because the same person can’t review I guess.
I want to stalk all the mods for the review of the same.
Just to remove confusion, I am seeing delete(1) below my answer.
1:30 PM
@Mithrandir oh right my theory isn't valid then
Since it's a one-liner, it probably raised an automatic low-quality flag, putting it into the LQP queue. It then got reviewed as "Delete" by a 20ker before receiving any upvotes. That's my guess, anyway.
1:49 PM
Ahh as much as I use this site, it keeps surprising me lol
doesn't matter, poof!
But I hate the one who Downvoted my question too
Then my workout was bad because I don't like a lot of people around, specifically those who keep an hawk-eye for the equipment I am using
2:10 PM
@ankiiiiiii Recommended deletion?
@NogShine I haven't felt the need to learn the terminology of delete process, but
1 hour ago, by ankiiiiiii
Just to remove confusion, I am seeing delete(1) below my answer.
I don't understand what you just said ^^', sorry
Was the answer with the positive score when you saw a delete vote?
If the answer is with a non negative score, users can only recommend deletion from VLQ review queue.
Both the events had happened when I saw it. I don't know which happened first.
and as Mithrandir has concluded, one liner ended up in VLQ, and then got a delete review
such small incidents keep happening in such big cites,
It's a Bollywood dialog.
not a big deal
@ankiiiiiii Hindi mein bolo na?
bade bade shehero me aise chhoti chhoti baten hoti rehti hain
accha laga aapse milke!
Let's confuse @Tinkeringbell by talking like that
2:24 PM
@ankiiiiiii Gaat niet werken. Google translate detecteert en vertaalt redelijk goed tegenwoordig ;)
Still takes the extra step of using it though ...
I took an introductory course in German and left it
It's not German! :p
decent guess though :)
although Imus might claim he was typing with a zachte 'g' and it actually was flemish
@JAD That would be Germanic in english I think. Or "Germaans" in Dutch with double 'a' ^^,
2:28 PM
Dutch and German are both Germanic languages
So is English
Yet, English isn't quite as similar as German is to Dutch
@Imus When do we have elections on German SE? lol
@NogShine is already on Hinduism SE
@ankiiiiiii Idonno, I'm not really a fan of language based stacks :p
I don't care much for the correct spelling in Dutch online. As long as I can understand what's said to me it's good enough
similar for english. Alghough I do mind a bit how often people use the wrong "there/their/they're" ...
@ankiiiiiii Yeah
@Imus If there not making an effort to improve they're grammar, their's not much you can do about it.
2:38 PM
@ankiiiiiii Aren't you on Movies.SE?
@Mithrandir I cringed reading that one -.-
I cringed writing it :P
Was thinking of a nice sounding example that uses all 3 forms
best I came uw with: They're there again with their spelling mistakes!
@Imus That's nothing XD
*their they're again with there spelling mistakes
2:41 PM
@Mithrandir flags this as offensive
validates flag
There their again with they're grammer mistakes.
@NogShine That's even worse ...
@Imus I think your good with English grammer.
2:46 PM
@mods/room owners, is it possible to forcibly edit other peoples posts here to fix those?
Only mods can edit chat messages.
So it IS possible
Time to go home. Cy'all later :)
@Imus Your not ?
@NogShine no
@ankiiiiiii I don't have a not
@ankiiiiiii It's a cool place.
2:55 PM
@NogShine okay.. I will start with a 101 their too!
Dinner time
So, @Imus which badge are you hunting next?
2 hours later…
5:09 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Questions

EriolWhat are the factors to consider when deciding if to pursue a long distance relationship? long-distance relationships online-interaction romance cross-culture I'm a straight male. I met a nice Japanese girl through a Japanese dating app, but I'm not currently living in Japan. This was reflected...

Is our Sandman broken?
Oh, no, I just missed it. Cool :D
Glad there's not another broken feed in here :)
5:21 PM
@NogShine working on "sportsmanship"
but I don't have any more questions that I answered with upvote worthy other answers :(
5:53 PM
2 days ago, by ankiiiiiii
Q: Adding hints for including code in questions about scripting

ankiiiiiiiProposal Since questions about AppleScript, Automator, and UNIX shell scripting are on-topic here, more impetus should be given to the questioner to include the script they have used. Reference Stack Overflow has a dedicated page for the same. How to create a Minimal, Reproducible Exam...

I would love some feedback ^^ !
Probably best to ask that on the site it's written on ;)
Because I have no clue how that site operates and whether that's a good feature request ;)
Three upvotes looks like you might already have some feedback though :P
I did message in that chat. But only nohillside has so far contributed to the answer and the chat too(he starred it).
On the answer basically. It has to be improved. Here, we have better communicators :)
2 hours later…
7:55 PM
@Tinkeringbell just letting you know that Deafies in Drag (if you're interested in Drag, deaf people, etc) you might be near this city: GRONINGEN, NETHERLANDS
SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2019 DEAFIES IN DRAG SHOW hosted by the European Deaf Youth Council. Just saw it on facebook and just thought I'd drop it in here
8:15 PM
That's such an interesting intersection of communities!
i know, right? they're hilarious!

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