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12:17 AM
So I now have 12 anime girl self-portraits network-wide and want to share them with you all:
Thanks for letting me spam the room. Making all those was cathartic for me and I wanted to share them somewhere.
2 hours later…
2:40 AM
@brug these are all so cute! I think my favorite is meta, she just has a fun expression :D
3:02 AM
@EmC thanks!! ;]
3:37 AM
@brug You drew those yourself??
@brug I like your name at The Workplace. :D
@user58 No. Sry I misused the word self-portrait. I shoulda said self-expression. They are all various picrew image-makers.
Ah, I see. Like me then :D
yeah I thought yours was ;]
@NogShine yeah. The reference probably woulda been better on SFF or M&TV. Maybe I'll change it in a month.
I kinda like the name I picked for Seasoned Advice though.
Yes, the names are creative.
3:44 AM
Thank you.
3:57 AM
Q: handling zero friend situation

OliviaI am a 25-year-old grad-level student, good looking, and introverted, but like socializing. Due to various studying opportunities, I had to change my cities and my country several times during the past 7 years. I can tell I have zero friends, With no best friend and even boyfriend. Concerning bo...

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5:18 AM
@scohe001 NOOOO!! Why are you telling us this? Now I want that command!!
@brug Its a portrait of you. Hence a self portrait ;p Who cares about the medium?
5:33 AM
@scohe001 Haha, it's not too late to fix this! :p
@brug I was going to say that. Your name overthere is scary :O
5:49 AM
Morning :)
6:14 AM
6:30 AM
6:50 AM
so the handbrake of my car is jammed :/
pulling the lever down doesn't release the brake, so the car is pretty much stuck to the spot
Hello :)
@ExtrovertedMainMan Hmmm, without having looked into the post yet, Zero friend situation sounds already from the title like not being about interpersonal skills '^.^
Morning :)
@dhein The question is not insta-delete but making friends is pretty vague
These type of questions are very common around here
7:06 AM
Yeah, but as said I hadn't read the post at that point, and the title sound to me like this is going to be an intrapersonal type direction :P
@dhein Yea :p
7:58 AM
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8:42 AM
@CaldeiraG But that includes answers too. So the exact search would be this which returns 450 questions. So, yeah. These are very popular.
@AJ Oo That's a huge number!
Do you people actually hear a sound with a chat ping?
I can't get it to work on Safari
I might go back to camp-fire(fox) now
8:56 AM
@ankii I do, but my work PC doesn't have speaker nor I have plugged headphones. You won't hear the sound on phone, though.
So, it's been a while since I heard how chat ping sounds. ;P
@AJ I second this :)
@Ælis Yea
9:12 AM
how can I test pings? tell ips bot to ping me after some seconds? ;p
let me see if my other account has 20 rep
oh it does!
@ankii If your other account doesn't have 20 rep on a site, create accounts on 20 other sites. It will be the same.
haha that is soo generous of SE to allow this!
@NogShine I thought that loophole was fixed?
> As of right now, you have to earn the rep needed to chat; the sum of the 1-point minimum rep for joining 20 sites won't cut it.
@Tinkeringbell Yes, thanks. I was searching for this in the other tag. I didn't see the status completed tag
9:28 AM
ah so notification centre is what I settled for.. no sounds
anyway won't hear them due to music..
@ankii I got it muted globally because it's obnoxiously loud
@ankii I don't enable any chat pings on chat.SE. They are harmful to our ear drums.
My question got its first downvote. Took a while.
JAD, Nog, glad that chat devs didn't give much attention to ping sounds on macOS, I am happy with the small banner that slides in and is clickable, and disappears if not interacted with
but @JAD are you talking about the small speaker icon in top right?
@ankii It's ok if you ping me.
9:39 AM
ha, but you were here.. I can talk to real people, not usernames. :)
We celebrate "Ping people unnecessarily day" in The Screening Room. @AJ knows it. :P
TSR is certainly... liberal... with its pings.
@user58 Shadow's Den on chat.meta had these ping wars when I first joined it. Luckily, no more ;)
@Tinkeringbell does that imply.. that if you visit TSR... we'll have to.. stop ?
@ankii I'm usually in TSR. I know what I get myself into.
9:43 AM
@ankii no? Where'd you get that notion?
@Belle People are weird with downvotes here. I wouldn't take it too at heart (you don't seem to be taking it badly but, you know, just in case you do)
I read your message as "I visited chat.meta => ping wars stopped => I stopped them"
@Ælis Thanks. I'm not. I expected it sooner, tbh. I guess I didn't mention veganism or gender.
@Tinkeringbell I guess the reason of stopping is inactivity of the users? Even I got a lot of chat pings when I visited that room. :D
@NogShine I don't. I'm scary :P
9:46 AM
@Belle Oh yeah, people looooove to downvote veganism ^^ And also gender and lgbt+. But "autism" can also catch some weird downvotes
@user58 Or maybe you were the one pinging everyone else... :p
@NogShine Perhaps. It was pretty quiet last time I checked.
@Æli This is how you get a ping on Shadow's den. ;)
@NogShine Stop editing ><
Ah, you understood user58's feeling now. :P
One message but multiple pings.
Well, it's certainly very annoying
9:53 AM
I only meant to be humorous. I'm sorry it annoyed you.
I'm glad I'm a RO here, I could kick everyone who absuse that :p
how's the cats coming up? @Belle might be eager to provide photos right?
@NogShine Well, that's fine. I just don't understand why some people would find that funny
@Ælis Wrong person to experiment on.. I should have chosen some muggle. :D
Hehe :p
9:55 AM
There were some commands of a bot which were supposed to be funny.
I'm at work, no photos, sorry :(
Is smokey online in the room?
@Belle I meant for the bot.. Are you aware of that?
@Belle It's already awailable over there: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/98304/scohe-dump3
9:57 AM
I have this random cat picture from somewhere on the internet
@Belle Nice! :D
@Ælis ^^ :P
Hehe :D
I've got a folder filled with with cat pictures on my work computer. All our clients have their own database and we also have a test database for development. I like to change the login picture to cat pictures. I'm very professional like that.
10:02 AM
I need to write a script that changes all pictures in the database with a cat picture on my last day... :)
@Belle x)
@Belle I might replace all semicolons with Greek semicolon and let them pull their hair finding the issue in the code. ;) :P
(Disclaimer: I don't intend to do so)
10:32 AM
@AJ Are you going to switch jobs soon too?
@Tinkeringbell No. And that company where I gave interview last week is asking me to join within 15 days while I have to serve 60 days notice period at current. <angry emoji>
(Also I don't want to play that trick to my colleagues)
11:19 AM
@AJ greek questionmark*
and modern IDEs will probably diagnose and allow you to fix it in like a minute
global find-replace and all that jazz
@JAD yep
I know.
11:32 AM
@AJ Ah, that's not so good :(
@AJ this reminds me of a recent thread on TWP
12:05 PM
@Ælis interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/23171/… < You might want to check if you want to leave your comment there :)
@Tinkeringbell I read that as refering to the first sentence of the post, which said tertiary
@Belle Eh, you're linking to my profile, but I got it :P Well, perhaps they'll clarify that bit then, and Lux could edit it :P
I think I've got the correct link now. I'm not good with links.
Yep, you got it :)
@Tinkeringbell I find the backup not very explicit, but I don't care enough to comment again, so poof
12:13 PM
A new day, a new inappropriate ad :\
Context on Meta.SE :)
I'll do without context then.
@JAD which one?
12:40 PM
@AJ I'll do some digging, gimme a sec
Q: Notice period 60 days but I need to join in 45 days

Vishwa RatnaI am in a great confusion, where my heart says to leave but my moral says that today whatever I am because of the present company. Gist: I wanted to switch to a product based company, for that I prepared well, gave 1 hour every day to the data structure, Algorithms and competitive programming al...

Q: Offered a colleague a ride home - wondering whether her response was a hint not to ask her again!

Anon SydneyMy home is just about 3 KMs from my work. A few days back, I offered my colleague a ride home (that is about 21KMs) because I was heading a place (Manly) near her home (maybe about 2-3 kms before her home). Her response was "I am ok to come with you, but I have to take a bus from Manly. So I pre...

> You got through the interview process of one product based company, there is no reason you can't do it once more. :)
@JAD ^^ This sentence is quite helpful.
12:59 PM
okay teamwork is hard
especially when there are ideological differences about an art form and the other side is not listening
@AJ definitely, it's very easy to become tunnelvisioned on that one company that shows interest
I interviewed with 4 companies, but I ended up only liking one company. Luckily that was mutual.
During one of the interviews I found out that the CEO and I had very different ideologies about some things I find very important. That wasn't a place I wanted to work for.
I've had two bosses remind me to join the labour union and one on my first day at work recommend me Piketty's "capitalism in the 21st century".
1:41 PM
@Ælis heh maybe I'll sneak it into a future pull request :p
Oh great meta search guru @Tink. Do you know where the post that says something about how language used on the site should be semi-formal, matching how you'd talk to colleagues in a work environment? I've been poking links for the better part of 15 minutes and I'm about ready to give up :(
@scohe001 I think I know that one, yeah. Lemme go look :)
Ahh you're the best. Thank you!!
@brug arguing with him is kinda pointless
But I can't just stand by an allow one of the most prominent members of the community that I am most engaged in constantly spout transphobic nonsense
Otherwise I am unwelcome there.
1:56 PM
Yes, that's why there were moderators trying to shut him down
@scohe001 Ugh, I started out thinking it was this one, but apparently not. I'll need a bit more time :)
Haha that was what I thought too! Garrrr :p
Water cooler being frozen by someone called Snow. Go figure
I just feel helpless and pushed out. He keeps repeating the behavior and nothing happens. I don't feel like I can speak out and I don't feel like I can keep quiet. And I feel like if I walk away I have to just be done and I'm not ready to just walk away from TWP for good.
2:00 PM
@ArthurHavlicek When it unfreezes, just ask how many inches of Snow there are. That'll derail things a bit more :P
And apologies to the IPS community that drama from TWP got brought here. I will drop it. If anyone wants to discuss it ping me with a separate room.
@Tinkeringbell please ignore the parrot
@brug I don't think you'll have to worry about it much after today.
@user58 Oh come on! I've been saving that one up since forever! ;) But yeah, please ignore it, I don't hang out there and I don't know his sense of humour that well :)
@Tinkeringbell he'd probably get a kick out of it, to be honest
ohh he'd be amused
2:03 PM
Oh well... feel free to take it and score some freebie friend points then ;)
@brug I'll blame that one on 58 :P
If anyone's going to apologize, it should be them! :D
This was the only other room I was in
It's okay. We're a cool room :)
They were just trying to put out a fire
True, and that's fine!
Nothing is on fire here now, so no need to apologize. That was most of my point ;)
@Tinkeringbell I profusely apologize, most honorable avian. Please accept this token of sunflower seeds to represent my deep regret. *bows low*
2:05 PM
@user58 sunflower seeds? Where's my CRACKER!
This entire thing is going over my head
@Tinkeringbell Oh dear. I'm in trouble now.
> [chuckles] I'm in danger.
@Belle Some drama happened in another room. The room got shut down so user58 came here to try to calm me down.
@El'endiaStarman <Cap GIF>
2:12 PM
@scohe I think I've got it! meta.stackexchange.com/a/176954/369802
Oh. I get it now. I'm glad I'm not the only one bothered by this person's comments.
@Tinkeringbell hmm looks like it's specific to chat, but that should still work. Thanks @Tink!
@scohe001 Yeah, but it does say 'if you wouldn't post it on a main site, don't post it in the chatroom' so that makes it applicable to sites too ;)
I'm almost thinking that otherwise, you're talking about the old be nice policy.
Yea that's what I'm thinking at this point too. But meh, this works so I'm happy lol
(wayback machine doesn't show anything though)
2:21 PM
@Tinkeringbell waaaaait. Does that mean that I should back up my answers here as well?
@JAD Yep, every single sentence you'll write in here needs to be backed up, or can be flagged as NAA :P
@Tinkeringbell flagging this as NAA, there's no backup.
@scohe001 flagging this as NAA, there's no backup.
Oh no
This is going to recurse...
2:22 PM
(this doesn't work, for backup, see the messages above)
So should we use R/A flags, or moderator flags for this?
I said NAA, right? :P
(I think that we would become a popular chat room either way)
So I guess we'll need a feature request ;)
There's no NAA flags in chat
@Tinkeringbell Source?
Please don't flag people into this room...
2:23 PM
Hmm I think the equivalent of NAA flags for chat is stars, right? Feel free to flag all my messages
@JAD Yeah, you wouldn't want to lose them if anything were to happen.
@scohe001 I'm torn between starring because it's funny, and not starring because it would play into your ploy
There. That's not a star, ploy avoided!
LOL kudos to the workaround :p
It's still a star, it's just a super-star!
2:26 PM
Then why's the functionality called 'pin this message', not 'super-star this message'
Character counts
@Tinkeringbell If someone else were to star it, it would show a 2, implying the pin is also a star
@JAD Meh. You're right. Cancel stars also unpins it. Sorry scohe!
2:46 PM
Sad. Though I guess technically I could pin it myself if I really wanted a star :p
2:58 PM
Ooh for all you non-meat eaters: arstechnica.com/science/2019/10/…
I do my own patties too
Ooh do you have a favorite recipe?
Oof, I feel so lost in here now. I was gone for a day and now there's too much transcript to catch up on
3:13 PM
i don't know the markdown for tags but:
If you think that TAS has too much transcript...
I don't even bother reading TL transcript anymore. I just skim the starred messages.
@Rainbacon Go straight to the cats i've posted yesterday and you'll feel better :)
@El'endiaStarman Keeping on top of both TL and the Tavern is a nightmare.
Oh, yeah, I peeked at the Tavern once. [makes sign of the cross] God bless ye.
3:18 PM
@CaldeiraG you may write a tag with [ tag : nln ] without spaces. That renders:
@avazula Thanks! I was looking just for that :)
Note that that'll work in posts and comments on the main/meta sites too @Cal ;)
@scohe001 Yeah I know, i've used it before, I just forgot :)
3:38 PM
Also, no one here to vote to close this as primarily opinion-based??? Are you all too busy actually working??? :p
2 messages moved to Trash
Sorry @Tink, I speak too soon ^^' I guess I should have recheck the question before reviewing the edit ^^'
@Ælis yes xP hmm the answers there don't seem to be that opinion-based, maybe we can just edit the question..
I guess, both answers would still be valid for "how can I make another offer to drive her directly home" ?
@EmC I must say, I didn't read the answers and I didn't even read the full question x) I'm a bit tired right now and I mostly drop that in chat so other people would deal with it ^^
haha well, your tactic is working :)
@CaldeiraG If only I had time. Once I get to the office I'm in meetings all day. Then off to the airport to fly home
3:49 PM
Q: Pronouns, New CoC, and good practices wrt writing answers

Lux ClaridgeThis answer to this question has an edit in peer review where the "he or she" wording has been replaced with "he" since the pronouns in the question for the boss are he/him. Given the new CoC is trying to be inclusive, especially with pronouns, what are best practices for questions/answers like ...

@Ælis ok, I tried editing :)
@EmC But there is still only one tag :'(
yeah, I took out because that is supposed to be romantic relationships, not coworker-relationships
@IntrovertedMetaMan Look at me. I'm on meta. (honorable mention at least)
@EmC I forgot to told you but I put your "network visitor" comment on the "comment template" thread. Hope you don't mind?
4:03 PM
@user58 Train rides help.
I'm sorta glad I don't have access to the TL
In spite of my morbid curiosity.
@Ælis I saw this morning! sure, if other people want to comment that, I don't particularly mind :)
@Tinkeringbell my phone data didn't work yesterday or today, I hardly knew what to do with myself on the bus without chat transcripts and twitter :P
i did chuckle a bit when i saw that meta question was added
As the question asker, I can confirm that my boss is male and I used male pronouns for that reason. But I'm not sure it was a necessary edit. especially since answers are meant to be useful to anyone in the same situation. So now someone with a female boss can read that answer with gender-neutral language and more easily relate.
i initially was going to change the "he/she" mentions to use singular they until i noticed that your post mentioned your boss uses male pronouns
the answer being inconsistant and swapping between "he/she" and simply "he" was what made me pick he over they
4:15 PM
@AlexRobinson Oh, didn't notice the post was switching between the two. That would have been useful information to put in your edit description. It would have change my review entirely
he/she and he or she are considered acceptable. Im not sure they would be a good edit either. Although as I write this I wonder if they should be acceptable alternatives as they seem to enforce a gender binary that is exclusive to enbys
@AlexRobinson I think a change to singular they would've been fine. But switching from ambiguous pronouns to a specific pronoun feels like conflicting with author's intent. Like if they wanted to write it to be general, then leave it general? But at the same time your edit is factually correct? It's all confusing and feels like a small thing (to me in this situation). I'm sure without the nuclear fallout on MSE, this wouldn't have even been brought up.
or switch the uses of he to "he or she" for consistency
he or she should be discontinued. i feel strongly about this. its not inclusive to those who use they/them but it attempts to
@Ælis @scohe001 honestly the key motivation for me to put "he" was that its simply respecting CoC about using correct pronoun's when known. i 100% agree that there is nothing about the question that specifically should be gendered, however it is so whilst the boss is unlikely to see it, it still feels like the most respectful way to handle it
@AlexRobinson I agree. Although I only just came to that conclusion
4:21 PM
i'm glad! Its not exactly my devout mission statement but I do feel strongly about it lol
@AlexRobinson If it can make you feel good, I 100% agree with this too (especially since I'm non-binary) ^^
@AlexRobinson Hmm. Yea "Use stated pronouns (when known)." I can see your argument from that line in the CoC...
it may be a technicality or a stretch to apply it to non-SE users but...
@Ælis we are many, we are legion :)
Maybe we should allow edits like this? Guh, the CoC has made things so confusing
its honestly pretty wack and i'll probably edit my post when i'm home to put in some more info that is currently sitting in this chat room. I'd say there's a reasonable case to use either "he" or "they"
4:25 PM
@scohe001 I asked a question about that and it seems the answer is: it's fine to use "they" everywhere even if you do know what pronouns someone usually uses. However, if someone requests that something else should be used for them, follow that request.
either way the incosistency issue is enough to address it with an edit.
@Ælis hmm do you have a link? That'd be good to include in an answer here
Good luck. It's buried in the FAQ
@scohe001 This isn't official but I find it to perfectly respect the spirit of the FAQ: meta.stackexchange.com/q/335234/400547
Mmm yea that one fixes a crapload of mistakes. But unfortunately SE hasn't endorsed it :/
4:28 PM
@scohe001 This was never officially answered, but I see it as a sign of being ok (since other answers have been answered later): meta.stackexchange.com/a/334955/400547
welp i'll be back in a bit, cya'll
@scohe001 Also, this seems to support it: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/334900/…
@AlexRobinson See you :)
> If you use they/them by default, that's fine. If someone requests that you use other pronouns and you immediately continue to use they/them for that person, we may point it out to you. "Penalized" in most cases is generally going to be as minor as a comment being removed or adjusted to meet the request of the person being spoken about. Only in extreme cases of repeated requests to change, will it lead to a mod message or suspension.
By Catja
(see link above)
hah, I was about to say something, but it's already in my comment right above the one you just linked xD
@EmC You are everywhere :p
oops. I made the mistake of going on to MSE
It didn't take long to get very upset :'[
4:38 PM
@Ælis muahaha ;)
@brug I made the same mistake this morning ^^ Thankfully, I know to only look at new question (and not read comments or answers unless the question is safe)
In any case, have a cat <3
@brug :(
user image
I also had it out with someone in chat earlier. Not having a good day.
@Ælis <3<3<3<3
@EmC Oh no! I wouldn't survive two hours of train without data. Luckily there's also always train wifi :P
4:41 PM
They are too cute for just one <3
I read chat transcripts while I commute too.
But in my case I am driving.
Is this bad?
@brug Yeah, I learned about that :/ I'm very, very, very glad TAS is a safe space
@scohe001 Nah, you're saying that wrong. The whole surrounding kerfuffle has made people overthink an otherwise simple thing.
@brug <3
@Tinkeringbell I'm jealous.. no wifi for my commute :(
fortunately I had some books downloaded to my kindle app. so then my problem turned into almost missing my stop because I wasn't paying attention :P
@EmC Even most buses have wifi here... not good wifi, but wifi! I do sometimes almost miss stops too :D
And that's just by reading the internet.
4:51 PM
dang, yet another reason US public transit is sub-par :P I think the commuter rail has wifi, but that's it
"dang, yet another reason US public transit is sub-par :P"
I could enthrall all of you further with a tale of my fully insured doctor's visit today? :P
ohh medical treatment
Thank god for Obama. I actually get some medical treatment these days.
Q: The Butterfly Effect

user42527What does it mean when a guy says "I hope the butterfly emoji won't give me butterfly effects" with a winky face, and how can I respond to it cleverly?

I once told a Swedish user in another room that I went 15 years without medical coverage and he was flabbergasted.
4:55 PM
@brug That sounds good! I guess I'm a snitch now... cause I got a stitch today!
@Tinkeringbell Not how that works
@brug Eh, yeah... that's really not something that a lot of people in Scandinavia would recognize ;)
@brug :(
I do feel severely overdressed now.
that is one stitch?
What happened?
**CW**: probably skip the next few messages if you don't like the details!

Eh, they took a sample of skin to send to a dermatologist.
Like, you know those thing that punch holes in paper? Kinda that big.
Last time I got a stitch it was also just one. I knicked an artery in my fingertip.
@Tinkeringbell ohh that sounds fun /s
4:59 PM
@brug Oh, yeah... that would probably actually need stitch!
@brug Well... it kinda was?
I have a weird sense of fun.
But it's kinda fun to see happen, if you don't feel it.
yeah I can get that.
Medical professionals are always weirded out because I don't look away.
shots. stitches. any of that stuff. It is fascinating.
I wonder how many people in this room we're now creeping out :P
Sorry Room!!!!
Hey, it hasn't complained yet, so no need to apologize yet either :P
5:21 PM
nah, I was just suddenly very motivated to work on my code ;P
As in, it was having a bug that needed fixing ASAP? :P
more like I have a meeting later today and I wanted to have something to show off in it, haha
Hahaha yeah those work too :)
And, can you now? :D
yep :D
5:26 PM
I'm at a point where things work but I am a little embarrassed to commit the code, haha. there's a lot of hacky things happening..
Oh, I know that feeling. That's Magik for ya :P
Do you have to commit it before you can show it off?
Otherwise, just show it off and do the refactoring after the meeting?
I don't have to, but I know the PM will want to know how he can install the updates ASAP
Oh... yeah... uhmm...
that's exactly what I've been saying :D
They're the staple vocabulary of a person well versed in Interpersonal Skills!
5:32 PM
@Tinkeringbell Maybe use a warning next time ^^' Like "Do not read if you are afraid of physical injuries!"
@Ælis Hmm. We could. Or we should just keep the talk out of here too. I know it's not really okay to post e.g. pictures of injuries, but I thought the ridiculously big bandage would be okay ;)
Just taking the conversation another direction after that would've been better?
@Tinkeringbell The big bandage was okay. You explaining what was under it was actually what makes me feel dizzy ^^'
@Ælis Ah, sorry! It's kinda hard to realize that people may find it really nasty if you don't mind it yourself. I've edited in a bit of a CW, hope that helps anyone that still comes along it.
@Tinkeringbell Yeah, I can understand that. It's usually better when you are face to face with a person. If you see them turn white, it's probably time you stop talking :p
5:42 PM
@Ælis Oh, I thought they would just faint eventually and not hear me anymore :P
That could work too x)
Of course it does, I can back that up with personal experience :P
Oh dear 😱
lolz I just walked in to see that
And to change the subject. I just found this on Reddit:
@brug And here I was thinking that would be an interesting movie. Knowing it's Lion King is the cherry on top.
Excuse me, Lion Queen. ;)
5:52 PM
@brug I love gender swapping. I actually hope I could find the time to create a software that would gender swap everyone in a story \o/ (in French, which is wayyyy more complicated than in English). I also thought of doing anotherone who would "neutralize" (as in "make gender neutral") every think (object and people since French also give gender to objects...)
@Ælis That sounds like a super awesome project. If you ever do it open source let me know so I can contribute.
@brug You would probably need to speak French in order to being able to contribute ^^ Your gender neutral way of speaking is a mess (because we had to invent it and it's far from being perfect for now)
But yeah, I would love to be able to find some other people to help me do it open-source
6:13 PM
I took time to learn the basics of esperanto. It's very interesting. Amazingly enough, it ships with unambiguous pronunciation based on spelling and gender neutrality by design
@Tinkeringbell completely agreed.
@scohe001 Yay! :D
6:34 PM
@Rainbacon Oof, good luck :D
7:05 PM
@ArthurHavlicek I ran across this Wikipedia article on that very topic recently en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gender_reform_in_Esperanto - I've been doing some Esperanto on Duolingo, don't know a ton yet but it's fun :)
7:36 PM
@EmC does everyone has to make periodic reports of their work ?
And I'd like a grammar inspection of my question too.. I always mess this up
@ankii eh, it's nothing formal, but we have a weekly meeting and usually go around the table to give updates
ah okay
I shouldn't have gone to MSE 🤢🤮
visit AD instead and spam flag a user instead Aelis?
@ankii Link?
7:47 PM
idk why I enjoy seeing such spam posts getting poof'd
Oh, it's nice to see my spam flag turn into downvote! :O
haha that too without 125
or do you have 125?
@ankii Nah, I just created my account to be able to flag :p
@Ælis I downvote even after flag rep anyway gets reversed after deletion.
Yeah, I would do that to (in fact, I was doing that, but I didn't know my flag was also downvoting post ^^)
7:51 PM
IPS rarely gets any spam..
we see recommendations all the time
@ankii Oh no, we do. We just delete them within a minute ^^
oh well I definitely don't visit the site at that time..
it's the third in the sequence after AD and MSE
then I come to chat
how can graduation process be sped up ?
You can't ^^
the upcoming extroverted bot(man? ) post brings a decision making question...
Have a vote-to-close, then! :p
7:56 PM
yay machines can never surpass humans xd
Q: When does lending becomes stealing?

SK19Imagine I lended something to a friend for a while (several months) and I ask to get it back but I don't get it back. I ask again and again over the course of a couple of months, but the friend does not give me back my property with various excuses (e.g. "I just have to find where I put it, but I...

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