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3:02 AM

We split into two teams: red and blue. Each team has one "spymaster", and the rest of its players are "operatives".

(Sorry, I didn't come up with the theme.)

Everyone will see a 5x5 grid of words, representing people. Some of these words are "agents" for the red and blue teams, some are regular people, and one is the assassin.

The goal of the game is for your operatives to contact all your agents (guess all your team's words) before the other team does.

Psst @Deusovi if you need another RO... wink wink
what counts as a name?
If you're unsure, ask the opposing spymaster.
how do I ask him without everyone else seeing it?
The name can't be something you made up. It has to be an actual recognized "thing", for lack of a better word
so things like "New York" and "Pride and Prejudice" are fine
3:06 AM
Alright, I'll byte.
no sedgehogs?
ok, it's easier with some examples
I'll play
you might want to edit those in
3:07 AM
alright so
I'll try to play...
I'll be one of the spymasters first round
red, I guess
I don't understand it fully but it looks fun
You'll pick it up as the game goes
3:08 AM
anyone want to be the other spymaster?
@Deusovi Do you want me to be the other?
Alright, anyone else interested should pick red team or blue team
@n_palum That's a roundabout way of asking?
we can add more people later as long as it's roughly balanced
3:09 AM
i'll take blue
I guess red then
Yay, a friend
Cool, that should be a good start
which team do I go to?
3:10 AM
I'll go Red I guess?
ok I go blue
RED: Deusovi*, awesomepi, Sconibulus, Alconja
BLUE: n_palum*, Wheat Wizard, Rubio, ffao, Sid
we shouldn't need to use the starboard for this game
I'll jump in too (never played though, so apologies in advance when I screw it up). Should I wait for another to make teams even?
putting the teams and maybe the word list up seems like it'd make sense
3:11 AM
I have to go in 10-15~, so can we start now?
@Alconja No need. As long as they're roughly even, it's fine
k. I'll go red, to balance the leaving bobo
(you should probably join Red, because of that @Alconja)
3:12 AM
@HelkaHomba you were gonna do this?
@ATaco, @HelkaHomba - you going to join in?
Alright, n_p, - random.org gives 509137894 for a random number between 1 and 1 billion, so that can be the seed
Nah, Not irght now.
3:13 AM
Ha, that's the seed then?
well, why not
Here's the grid.
(n_p, did you get that too?)
cool, we can start then
you're up first
I'll keep track of the guesses if you want
3:14 AM
Do we guess in an order?
I'll write them down too
we should agree to our guesses as a team
You should be in rough agreement as a team
I suggest bolding your guesses when you're ready
And then say like final: 'guess'
Yeah bold em
do you do all the guesses at once?
3:15 AM
So I'll give a WORD and #
... wondering if I'll get to actually play...
Go for it
Just to clarify, if I get them to guess all my words, do we keep going?
With like a new clue, I forget
3:15 AM
so your word/count is a hint that should apply strictly to that count number of the 25, right?
No. They get n+1 guesses, and that's it
...hold on
that's a thing?
carry on then
3:16 AM
there was a TV show
Haha it was an old show
But I'm using it as a work around
alright blue team, you get up to three guesses (you won't need the third this time unless you wanna just guess randomly)
I'm guessing mole and mammoth because they start with M, unless there's a deeper meaning to the TV show
you have to guess one at a time
(not bolded, so not a final guess)
3:18 AM
(just discussion)
(if a guess is wrong, your turn ends)
I can't really say much IIRC
you shouldn't
Is interrupting the discussion with random comments frowned upon?
3:18 AM
yup - ideally, your only communication is word-number pairs
@boboquack That's half the fun of the game! :P
ya like jazz
I'm thinking mammoth and fighter, one is a man and one is an animal.
Don't think of pink elephants!
IGTG, bye all
nah. I'm assuming the clue is M+Animal, so mole and mammoth would be my guesses
Bye bobo
3:19 AM
aw, see ya
If they guess wrong, is it revealed whether the wrong guess is the other team's spy, or just not theirs (and not the assassin)?
cya bobo
have fun bobo!
Yes, it's revealed.
3:20 AM
bye bobo
cyas @boboquack
tick tock
@Rubio What would the second one be?
3:20 AM
neither microscope nor march are animals
i'm interrupting
and nothing else starts with m
mole and mammoth are animals
that's 2
3:20 AM
yeah. like I said. mole and mammoth.
@ffao Oh that works
that makes more sense than what I had
actually nvm
shall we finalize that?
I'm ok with it
3:21 AM
sounds good
don't guess them both at the same time
one at a time?
oh sorry
Eh regardless, that's both right for us
but one at a time in the future.
3:22 AM
you probably shouldn't have said that
if one is wrong we lose our turn anyway
but yeah, both right
guessing multiple would allow for faster resolution, possibly
if you guess multiple in a comment, I'll resolve left-to-right
treat them as guesses in order left-to-right
3:22 AM
maybe we should just agree to make multiple and resolve l-to-r
if the first is wrong, the second is not guessed
triple snip
anyway, you can make another guess if you want, blue team
nah. I think we should go left to right, and ...
or you can pass :P
3:22 AM
I'm good, shall we pass?
Why would we want to guess again?
row is on the blue team, you know
Dunno - what would we lose by flipping something wrong, if we turn up assassin do we lose or something?
You wouldn't now, but later, you might
yes, you lose if you turn up assassin
if we turn assassin we lose instantly I think
3:23 AM
If you flip assassin, you lose. If you flip a red, they keep it.
(say, if you missed a word from a previous clue)
yeah, not a good idea to turn willy-nilly
Ok lets not do anything foolish then
how many of each side are there?
then yeah let's just pass
3:24 AM
there's 12 per side, plus one assassin, right?
It's a 5x5 grid so yes, 12v12 and assassin
nope - blue has 9, red has 8, 7 neutral
and one assassin
(so: formally:) PASSING
what Deus said is what I wanted
3:25 AM
I thought you meant team members
As a note, the word/number clue is supposed to be how many fit the clue, not just how many guesses I want you to have
yes, it is
so you can't make a clue that refers to 2 words and say a bigger number on purpose?
that's right
but you can say "unlimited"
I mean, you could...
3:25 AM
Wait, so what I said was right.. right?
which gives them unlimited guesses, but doesn't tell them the number of words
but it would not be doing your team favors
10 mins ago, by Rubio
so your word/count is a hint that should apply strictly to that count number of the 25, right?
^ so this, yes?
The number means "This many words are related to the clue".
@Deusovi if you didn't know, you can click your tiles to highlight them green for getting them.
3:26 AM
and I assume we don't include words already turned over in the count
That's correct.
Alright red, have at er
Aight. What's red's clue
well MARCH is gonna be one
LINE also
3:27 AM
does Blue have an extra agent because they start first?
@Rubio yep
I think I dunno where's the rest of red lol
microscope looks like a really rad band name
I thin we might want MARCH, FLUTE, LINE, and SERVER?
@awesomepi by what logic? (are they actually bands?)
3:28 AM
you guys should try that
FLUTE looks like a likely one
Good work blue team, proud of you
I'm going by things that traditional bands do
like marching bands
a FENCE is a "band" of sorts (i.e. it goes around something)
because we have FLUTE and MARCH, which seem like good candidates for BAND terms
3:29 AM
Line and Band are similar enough to maybe se Synonyms
I thought Server for Bandwidth, but that's my least confident guess
Yeah, gotta say, FLUTE and MARCH are the only strong contenders... should we start with those?
(we can keep discussing/guessing if we get those both correct, no?)
realizing this is going to take longer than I thought
(yep, you can continue afterwards)
3:31 AM
Actually, is a flute likely for a band, or is that more of an orchestra thing?
I say we put March first, just in case
sounds good
(codenames is usually a more slow-paced game than contact)
flute's'll march in band
MARCH is indeed a red word.
3:31 AM
I knowww I'm just forgetting that it's 11:30 pm
FLUTE is also a red word.
okay so what do we have as candidates after this
ok, three more guesses at two more words...
3:32 AM
ROW could be like rows in a marching band
SERVER could be bandwith
We had Line, Server, and Fence put forward as candidates
LINE could be a synonym of band
FENCE could be a band as in an enclosure
even looser, a HEART has a beat, so does a band...
I think that's too loose
3:33 AM
Yeah, probably too loose for when we're tied
(I'm not trying to urge you either way here, but I'd like to remind you that passing is an option. You aren't required to guess, though you still may.)
We already have 4 candidates, and two spots, it's very likely that's not it
I feel pretty good about Line
the rest seem like bigger stretches
yeah, I think line could be hinted by band in a couple different ways
Ok, let's try that
3:34 AM
LINE is a neutral word. Blue team's turn.
oh damn
3:34 AM
yay we're technically winning
well pass right?
oh wow, you're passing already? :P
totally ;)
3:35 AM
...ninja'd the joke :P
pass, server, and perhaps fence though it feels dodgy
No one is against pass right?
my thoughts as well, I have only dodgy guesses for 3
guess: PASS
3:36 AM
oh... I just realized what one of the words we were supposed to get probably was
PASS is a blue word.
Pass yes
So... Who is playing for which team?
it's on the star board
3:37 AM
Server yes
yard is possible, fence is possible. i think i prefer yard slightly.
I think yard might be a good idea its an american game
or we can pass.
3:38 AM
you probably shouldn't be saying that
It was invented in the US though so it probably is measured in yards
blue team is auto dq'd for n_palum's trickery
ha we win
3:39 AM
eh, it's everyone's first time
did you mean yard as a measuring unit, Rubio?
yeah I know, I'm just kidding
@n_palum flag'd
No, I meant it as in where it's sometimes played
I'm not confident enough in either
i'm fine with passing
yeah, I think WW got a little confused
I'm ok with passing too
3:40 AM
goes back to listening to SU music
@ffao Wait what?
rubio was talking about yards as in gardens
WW, you ok with passing?
Ok, I was talking about the measurement
@Rubio yeah I'm not confident in anything
3:41 AM
So... Whose team am I? Or do I wait till the game finishes?
gotta be ROW, yeah?
Feel free to join either team.
Ducks in a row
3:41 AM
Band may have been Tower
ROW is a red word
and then maybe PLATYPUS?
the duck bill?
Platypus sounds pretty good
yeah, happy with that
3:42 AM
PLATYPUS is a red word.
Okay, I join BLUE. (They got one less member)
only two targets, so pass?
You have one more guess; you can also choose to pass.
@Sid bobquack left I think we are even
3:42 AM
(we're actually even at the moment, but that's fine as long as teams stay roughly equal)
yeah we're even
we can try to get one of the two Band words we missed
blue team is still best team anyway
true, but I'm still not confident on any of them...
3:43 AM
well, row might've been one of them maybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-
I think we should maybe just sit this one out?
I vote pass
ok, if you guys want
deus can you update to add Sid to blue and remove bobo from red, please
3:44 AM
Tower, Fence, and Row are the proposals we had that are still live, right?
Just trying to keep track
row we just got
oh, wait, Row is cleared
so Tower, fence
3:44 AM
can we get an updated board image thing
So it's a pass no?
yeah we've passed, you're up
3:46 AM
Could it be fighter?
tower is my first thought
... I don't get this clue at all
huh. I was just going to comment on all the transient images filling up imgur when I noticed you're not using it. I assume puu.sh lets you let them expire?
Yeah. I think it does, at least
I just use it for quick screenshots
Maybe, Antarctica?
Wait, water Pistol?
3:47 AM
tower, lock, and I have no 3rd guess
tower, pistol, lock would be my 3
Water Greece
yeah tower and pistol for sure
why lock?
Greece is surrounded by lots of water
Water Day is for National Water Day which is March 22nd
TOWER is a blue word.
3:48 AM
Tower right
is kibbitzing encouraged, discouraged, customary, meh in this game?
PISTOL is a neutral word.
oh, wow, I'm a dumb dumb
@Rubio Customary, I'd say
3:49 AM
I was so sure
water can be related to almost anything, it's a bit too generic for a clue
3:49 AM
but nice try
Good idea
@ffao there's a running meme in my board game club about not saying water
can we have an update
it's been used twice, and both times the assassin was picked
3:50 AM
(one time the assassin was ATLANTIS. that was an interesting conversation after the game)
oh gosh. wow.
wow, saying water with atlantis as an assassin
3:50 AM
hmm... Date is probably one?
talk about living dangerously
yeah, DATE
is that a guess?
3:51 AM
now it is
DATE is a red word.
then maybe BOW (as on a present)?
that sounds pretty plausible
then perhaps Fork for the cake?
or is that two steps removed
let's put up BOW first
3:52 AM
BOW is a red word.
I'm going to Greece for my birthday, that's gotta be it
I got a microscope for my birthday
just saying
FORK sounds like a plausible idea
I can't think of anything else that would fit the clue any better
we're hunting 8 or 9?
3:53 AM
there are two red words left, four blue words left
lol blue is succ
pass since we're in front?
yeah sounds like a plan
3:53 AM
5 neutrals and the assassin
but I mean
yeah, I think we should maybe be safe being ahead
actually nvm
yeah let's pass
You suuure
3:54 AM
'tis done
I bet it was Greece
I'm tellin ya ;)
Rubio's convinced me in the couple of seconds
3:55 AM
CANADA, because it has trees and stuff
heart seems plausible
microscope then mass then heart?
remember that we still have 2 water-related words
3:55 AM
That's a blue word.
Also blue.
3:56 AM
oh snap it's a comeback
high fives
ok heart is our one kindof iffy one
could heart be water-related?
that last clue is still bugging me
antarctica might have been both water and science
3:57 AM
Let's go for it.
lock might have been water
WW just not even conferring...
come on, WW...
HEART is a neutral word.
3:57 AM
Have some heart
I thought we agreed
antarctica was a much better guess
3:58 AM
There are still three places on the thing lol
I thought Lets go for it was heart
Let's go for it was not to pass..
Only Sid said that, after Rubio gave you more to discuss
tick tock Deus o'clock
ok it's just a game.

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