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1:23 AM
Q: Short Story of a Boy with an Invisible Box that Contains Joy/Happiness

SteveDeeLooking for the name of a SciFi short story published in the 1970s about a boy who has an invisible box with joy (or happiness). He confides in his teacher, who experiences and is overwhelmed by the box. The teacher seems to want to keep it. The boy thinks he has lost/misplaced the box. The teach...

1:42 AM
posted on August 09, 2022 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: This is the saddest bonus panel I ever drew. Today's News:

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3:04 AM
Q: Animated show where the main character travels to another world. His father had apparently also been there

anonWatched it on Cartoon Network in 2007-2010. A boy travels to another world. A magical one. I think his father went there before and saved it. This boy also saves it. He is not necessarily a boy. A teenager/young adult. I do not remember well but I remember it more being a Western production than ...

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4:19 AM
Q: Manga with a main character that had two spirits or helpers he could summon

Monty2kI read this manga a long time ago, but forgot what it was called. I remember that the main character had like two spirits or helpers he could summon. One was a fox-girl who had anger issues. I don't remember what the other one was. He had an ability where he had a separate world with villagers. I...

4:44 AM
Q: 1960s Short story, robot assassin

Danny Mc GI read this at least fifty years ago so very faint memories - an anthology in the UK - no thoughts on the cover or any other stories. This guy is carrying on his humdrum life, one evening he's in some club or restaurant and an uncontrollable urge takes him over. He hurries across town (I think it...

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5:59 AM
Q: Manga with a main character who follows another guy to rebuild a worn-out guild

AnthonyI read this manga a few months ago and can't remember the name. It's about the main character (of course), who is reborn, and an entire group of people have to complete this tutorial in this dungeon. While in the dungeon, he notices another guy who, in his previous life, was a guild master, and h...

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8:55 AM
Q: Novel about a man abducted to be a soldier

The Other WillHe and the other abductees, human and alien, fight against each other in wars on a planet(s) to entertain their captors. He eventually becomes an important part of a successful revolt. The protagonist is Brazilian or of Brazilian descent. The writer is/was known for works of fantasy rather than ...

9:45 AM
Q: Can someone help with a old cartoon show name?

KirtishilI only remember the first episode of the cartoon, in which a boy stole some red ruby stone from the enemy and run. The enemies started chasing the boy. The rubies used for activating some small animals which makes them big beast like. The boy hiding from the enemies falls in the mysterious cave. ...

Q: Manwha/Webtoon Where Woman Shares Body with a Dragon and Goes Back in Time

Noidea8090I am looking for a webcomic where a woman shares a body with dragon. At the beginning of the story, she is pregnant with her child and has a loving husband. However the effects of sharing a body with a dragon (or dark beast?) is starting to negatively effect her emotions. Her actions are becoming...

Q: What is the name of movie?

Rahmonali YoqubovThe old man travelling suddenly saw his village where he lived in childhood. When he go to the grave of his father, he will fall down and he will wake up returning to the youth

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12:41 PM
Q: Painting of a girl comes to life as a real person

Ranjith VaratharajanI saw this movie when I was very young, maybe around 1990s. It’s an old movie, in which the protagonist is a painter and whatever he paints comes to life (at least that’s how I remember). He painted a girl and she comes to life as in real person and into to the real world. Forgot rest of the stor...

Q: What is the meaning of 'Roonil Wazlib'?

Games ExplorerIn Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Ron accidentally writes his name as 'Roonil Wazlib'. Does this name have a reason or meaning behind it or is it just a random name?

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2:49 PM
@AncientSwordRage It is a client side JavaScript UI framework/library. I'm finding that it is fairly easy to use, with lots of good features that make building single-page applications fairly straightforward.
3:00 PM
@Donald.McLean yeah! I use ReactJs for work, so I'm curious how they compare
3:19 PM
@AncientSwordRage I've never used ReactJs, so I can't help you with that. All I can say is that Vue is an excellent package.
4:05 PM
@Donald.McLean we could compare notes at some point
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5:42 PM
Q: Novel where the main character accidentally gives sentient to a gargoyle

FuzzyBootsI think I read this a bit over ten years ago. The setting was pretty contemporary, with regular technology, but there was also magic. I think magic was limited to a small number of people, so most people didn't have access to it. The main character has magic, but it doesn't quite work "right" com...

5:56 PM
Q: Childhood book about adventuring during dreams, young adult, young boy recruited to help a mission

Daisy HarveyI read this book about 15 years ago. It was hardback - a big red book with gems in it. The book was about a boy who had powers when he dreamed - he could jump between worlds and was searching for something. He was recruited by someone. I think part of the book was based in the mountains.

6:21 PM
@Marvin hehe. OP must be from a country that doesn't have World War memorials in every tiny village. we do have lots of such memorials, most are alphabetized, and some do go around all sides of a pillar or the base for a statue. I wouldn't find it surprising if the D names were opposite the L names.
I have photographs of many of these things, I should try to find a good example for this
if you are from such a country, then this is an on-topic question I think
I already found my photos of a memorial with an alphabetized lists of names on three sides, with A–K on the right side, K–S on the left, and S–Z on the back. But this one is very small so it's not a very good example, so I'll try to find a better one.
It's not trivial only because the larger ones usually have more than four sides.
Heck, I have photos of war memorials with lists of names in at least three different languages.
6:46 PM
the largest one of these that I've seen has like eight sides, spanned over three pillars, or something like that. I'm too lazy to count.
7:23 PM
Q: A book that teaches concepts through an elaborate analogy

Dugan In Neal Stephenson's book "The Diamond Age" (aka "A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer"), three girls receive copies of an advanced book (which is actually a complex super computer). The book is designed to teach them complex concepts and it does this through elaborate stories that serve as metaphor...

7:38 PM
I found a good one where the photos aren't mine. I'll post an answer.
Hmm no, in retrospect the question may be why all names on the side of a pillar start with the same letter, for which I should refer to the Szeged monument.
8:13 PM
Q: Am I copying if I use similar ideas from different works of fantasy/fiction?

JR710erI'm writing a fantasy story where a new species of elves are discovered and are different from regular elves. They are similar to ElfQuest's Wolfriders, except they have feline DNA instead of wolf DNA like the Wolfriders. They are not "catriders", they just have feline lineage from tigers and lio...

Q: Boy in a gold space suit / Kids book in UK pre 1971

user113473I'm trying to find a sf novel for kids published in the UK before 1971. Here's what I remember from reading it in 1971: 1/ It was hardback 2/ It was illustrated 3/ It had a plot about a boy in a gold space suit landing in the UK 4/ He met some kids at a school 5/ A teacher told the kids she belie...

8:52 PM
I added an answer. I don't know why this is marked as opinion-based.
There's no comment about the close votes.
9:22 PM
posted on August 09, 2022 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Thanks to the 4 people who enjoyed the joke and the one person who's already done this. Today's News:

9:53 PM
Q: Dystopian kids’ novel in a society where growing your own food is illegal

RachelI read this book as a 4th grader around 1981-82. It was about a boy who lived in a society where growing your own food was illegal. At school he had to eat hard little pink cookies that cut up his mouth. But he and his dad had a secret garden, so they always had fresh vegetables. The veggies were...


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