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12:19 AM
Q: Humans lose an Interstellar War against humerous looking aliens

Seldon2kThis is from an anthology, possibly from the 1950's. The Ambassador/General is delegated to a prisoner exchange on an isolated planet. From the illustrations I recall the aliens look like short fat chess pieces. Earth had tried to find allies with other species to help them in the War against the...

1:03 AM
posted on August 08, 2022 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: If we ignore quantum physics, EVERYTHING is Gabriel's Horn. Today's News:

1:59 AM
Q: What in what collections have the books of the *Time Quintet* been released?

BuzzThis month's topic challenge is Madeleine L'Engle's Time Quintet. However, although I was a fan of L'Engle's books as a child, I knew nothing of a "Time Quintet" until I was an adult. Rather, when I was in elementary school, circa 1985, I received a boxed set edition of "The Time Trilogy." Mor...

2:49 AM
Q: Manga about a boy born from royal family with a royal father and hero mother but abandoned because of low power level

Sky FxDo someone know the title where a child was abandoned by royal parents ?the child was abandoned in forest and the royal family orders the guards to kill that child but a wolf? came? and also fought the child but he was too overpowered as a child, but hungry for milk, then the wolf became her serv...

3:39 AM
Q: Modern researcher communicates ideas to Elizabethan inventor resulting in accelerating technology feedback loop

f1r3br4ndI'll trying to find the name and author of a short story where a junior faculty or grad student develops a crush on an Elizabethan era inventer she is studying and somehow communicates with him through time (maybe by using a journal of his that she got possession of?) One detail I remember is he ...

3:58 AM
@DavidW Actually, I'm really liking Vue.js quite a lot.
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5:20 AM
Q: How much did the Separatist Council pay for the Clone Wars?

MaxI know that the richest beings in the Star Wars galaxy were trillionaires. Trillionaires currently don’t exist here on Earth but there are trillion dollar companies. The Death Star’s were both cited as being over 1 trillion credits. Now the Star Wars galaxy was incredibly large and I was wonderin...

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10:35 AM
Q: What play are these lines a reference to?

Dinesh I am reading about an upcoming play that reimagines a meeting between Samuel Beckett and Harold Pinter on the cricket field. The play has references to their works. For instance, they both wait for a teammate named Doggo who might or might not be real - an obvious reference to Godot. The next lin...

10:46 AM
Q: Which movie is this?

tired and bored devIn an English movie I watched long time back(perhaps at least 15 years back, not sure), they try to build a machine that acts as portal to another world, but they're not sure of how it will work. It looked like a secret project. In that a woman pilot(or scientist) enters, and reaches a place unkn...

11:36 AM
Q: What Species is this orc in star wars

Joshua BucholzSo this brute shows up in Legends Star Wars Emissaries to Malastare and I could never find the name of his species.

12:26 PM
Q: Has Spider-Man ever defeated a clearly out of his league foe by himself?

Jorge CórdobaMy understanding is, in Marvel there’s different accepted power levels which are matched by villains on the same level. Without being fully defined, it is accepted that Daredevil or Spider-Man are street level heroes (meaning street level stories) while the x-men or Thor are more like galactic en...

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1:47 PM
I think I knew that. His SF Encyclopedia page begins "Principal working name of UK author Sam Youd (1922-2012),"
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3:21 PM
Q: Vaguely remember a cartoon in the 1980s- Blue thing (pet/travel companion)

JMWoodI have this vague memory from the 80's of watching a cartoon. It was quite long (not sure if it was a series or not), and the only things I kind of remember about it are:- At some point they (boy and blue pet thing) land on a planet. I think the blue pet thing then gets trapped in a cave by thes...

3:47 PM
Q: Group of kids become smarter from crashed alien ship

WilliamThis is a book I must've read a few years ago in school, but from what I can remember a group of 2-3 kids finds this crashed ship that makes them slightly smarter? The kids can remember things exactly as written in their textbooks, and even later on I believe they make small nuclear reactors for ...

Q: Manga with a fantasy tourney theme

AzureCynexIts basically about a tournament to gather the strongest to determine who will go fight the demon king. The characters that I remember are a 3-armed humanoid wyvern that amassed a huge arsenal of legendary weapons that he uses to fight and a isekaied Japanese swordsman who got so strong Earth yee...

4:37 PM
Q: SF story published in *Analog* or *Asimov's* (1980s–1990s) that was about practical uses of counter-gravity/anti-gravity in racing/cars

DocWatsonI've already asked this in Reddit's r/tipofmytongue [1], r/science_fiction [2], and r/printSF [3]. The story was likely a novelette or novella, not a short story and almost certainly not a novel. I thought the story was likely published between October 1989 and October 1990 (which is when I thoug...

5:27 PM
Q: a manga/webtoon where the protagonist is a demon who feeds on emotions

Alicekinda sure it was a webtoon as it was based in korea, the protagonist was a demon and so were his friends. these demons did drink blood, but they mainly feeded on emotions. like one of them feeded on jealousy (the protagonist feeded on pride). which means when he saw or felt jealousy within someo...

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7:07 PM
Q: In "The Sandman #1, Sleep of the Just" why didn't Morpheus try to communicate with his captors in any way?

kovasWhen released, Morpheus complains about how torturous his captivity was, and how badly it messed up the mortal world. However, he never mentions any of this when actually in captivity. Why? It seems like if his captors knew what was happening they would have behaved differently.

7:32 PM
Q: Fantasy book series about a girl who finds her power as a witch/healer

Megan LeeI’m trying to remember the name of a book series from the '80s/'90s, set in medieval times, about a girl who finds her power as a witch/healer through the series. I believe the main character is called Sita, but it’s not Hindu or from India at all. More a European setting.

Q: Book about accidental robot civilization

kettchI have a memory of a book or short story that I read years ago. It was about a group of human explorers who are investigating an uninhabitable planet. They find that a robotic colony ship had crashed, and there was a malfunction of some kind that led to the robots developing their own civilizatio...

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9:37 PM
Q: Black and white movie where a reptilian creature dropped on people and gave them boils

TreasuredOldies24I’m trying to recall the name of a black and white movie I watched as a child. I assume it was a film from the 50s or 60s. I remember a reptilian-looking creature that hid in trees and whenever someone stood below it, the creature would fall on that person’s back. Huge boils or lesions would appe...

Q: Why were the "L" names directly on the other side of the "D" names?

Peter NielsenIn Avengers: Endgame, Scott Lang goes to a Snap memorial in LA, where he sees several stones with lists of names on them of people who died. However, he goes from one side of a stone, with last names beginning with "L", to the other side, which has names beginning with "D". The next stone he move...

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10:46 PM
@Donald.McLean I'm interested to hear more about it
Q: Is Airbending visible in-world?

forestAir which is subject to airbending is depicted visually so the audience could follow along: Some events imply that the air remains invisible, such as when Aang blows Toph (in the form of The Blind Bandit) out of the ring in Earth Rumble IV. It takes people a while to realize that there was no co...


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