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2:09 AM
Q: Vampire movie-probably from the 80's

Nu'DaqI saw this on TV in either the late 80's or early 90's. There are unfortunately only a few scenes that stick with me. In one a vampire is in a room when suddenly UV lights come on, implying that they were harmful to him (I seem to recall another person in the room wearing sunglasses who wasn't as...

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5:54 AM
Q: How is Hollow Earth getting sunlight?

D GarciaDr Nathan and his team survive gravity inversion, landed on Hollow Earth, which is situated below Earth surface: How is Hollow Earth getting sunlight?

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9:14 AM
Q: Why would the emperor send his personal troops to help the Harkonnen?

KeizerHarmI have just seen the new Dune movie (2021) and I really liked it, but I do not understand the emperor's actions completely. Note that I have not read any of the books, and I still wish to more-or-less blindly experience the second part of the movie (hoping it gets made) so if the answer hinges on...

9:30 AM
@Marvin I think they were supposed to be dressed as Harkonnen troops and the emperor simply underestimated people's ability to recognize the unique skills of the Sardaukar even without their uniforms on. Doesn't Duncan even mention this? Though they admittedly kind of looked like actual Sardaukar troops, but I might be misremembering.
Or what the answer wrote.
Q: What is the earliest use of the concept of the transporter?

jimThe transporter was introduced to the Star Trek universe as a means to move characters from the Enterprise to the surface of a planet without the need for expensive and time-consuming special effects that would be needed for a shuttle craft. However, what was the first example of transporters (ba...

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10:53 AM
Q: Sci-fi Book about two people living inside a giants head

Jon SI'm trying to find a sci-fi book from the late 60's or early 70's. It was set in a world of race of alien giants. It was about two scientists (man & woman) living in the giants head. I remember the front cover showing the internal structure of the living quarters (in the giants head) and a person...

11:17 AM
@Alex you can probably answer this one: https://scifi.stackexchange.com/q/255309/4918 "
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Was Hagrid accused of opening the Chamber of Secrets, and if so, where?"
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2:37 PM
Q: In the star wars series how does yoda die?

Eaglepup12I have been very curious about how Yoda died. All I remember is that in the last movie before they came out with the Force Awakens, Yoda is in his little pod and is talking to Han Solo or at least I think it was Han Solo before he gets in his pod and disappears.

3:27 PM
Q: Did Andrea Thomas become Isis or just gain her powers?

Silly but TrueIn the CBS television show Isis (later Secrets of Isis), did Andrea Thomas become the goddess Isis when she invoked the power of the Tutmose Amulet, or did she merely gain the powers of Isis, and because she has the superhuman powers of Isis then adopt the new superhero name “Isis” as her alter-e...

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4:42 PM
Q: Story/Novella where philosophy students invent a religion

Tom WarnerI found this online ages ago but long ago lost the tab, title, or any identifying info and searching has been no help. The basic outline of the story went something like this: some philosophy grad students are living in an attic in a fantasy city. Being philosophy grad students, they are struggli...

5:03 PM
posted on October 25, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: With a dab of pork-cream on top, if you please. Today's News:

5:57 PM
Q: Fantasy series from the 80s, adventurers seeking magical keys

KeyBookInquiryThis would have been around 1987 or 88. I tried to convince my father that I read the book so he would sign off on my Book It reading list and I would score a personal pan pizza. He examined the totally uncreased spine and called me out for lying. So, primary reason I don't remember the book i...

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7:12 PM
Q: What percentage of the Death Star was habitable/habitated?

Juan PerezI was wondering what percentage within the fully operational Death Star I had people actively living there, working there, etc. Perhaps everyone was near the surface and the inner parts were inhospitable all-machinery? Or no?

7:48 PM
Hey, the copyright violation spammers have changed their script!
Still took less than two minutes to nuke, though, so it's not accomplishing much.
8:02 PM
Q: Dune 2021 movie adaptation question about Lasguns and Shields

William LedbetterWere the Harkonnen using lasguns in the new Dune movie to try and shoot down Duncan? It looked like they were shooting lasguns at Duncan as he escaped at one point in the movie. Wouldn't this create an unhappy situation (the destruction of the two ships?) Or was Duncan's shield somehow deactivate...

8:51 PM
Q: Is there any known non-ice witches?

Principiant ForeverI found several witch-like characters that has the ice element as their main power, and call themselves witches: Elsa, from "Frozen" Evie, from "Paladins" Ice Queen, from "Stonekeep" Lissandra, from "League of Legends" Snow Queen, from the fairy tale "The Snow Queen" Jadis, from "The Chronicles ...

9:16 PM
Q: Why is it hard to get the Ring to the Grey Havens

AKAAt the Council of Elrond, the idea of dropping the Ring in the Sea is raised. One of the objections is that the Sauron would expect them to do it, and that it would be impossible to get it there: ‘And that we shall not find on the roads to the Sea,’ said Galdor. ‘If the return to Iarwain be tho...

9:41 PM
Q: In Villanueve’s Dune, Pt. 1, is Dr. Liet-Kynes her mother?

Silly but TrueIs Dr. Liet-Kynes… Kynes is introduced and essentially killed before With Kynes’ story over, it seems there’s no point in the film adaptation to make the connection; although admittedly this might still get picked up in future. The paring down of Did I miss something: In Dune, Pt. 1, is there ...

10:06 PM
Q: Short Story ID: Academy of gifted children evolve beyond us & "resign human"

Darryl R TaylorShort story, originally read in a short SF story anthology in jr high school library in early 80s. Starts off with narration of presentation by a man discussing "wolf/ape children" raised by animals and how beyond point X in nurturing their potential becomes truncated at less than human average....


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