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Q: What book is the Sword of Hades short story in?

AshlaI'm trying to find the Sword of Hades short story, but I can't find any references to it being in another novel. I know that it's part of the Demigod Files collection, but I remember reading it from the back of a different book. Does anyone remember which book it was?

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2:16 AM
Q: Where and how is there an electric light at Hogwarts?

AlexThe chapter illustration for Chapter Twelve of Chamber of Secrets shows Harry examining himself in a mirror after using the Polyjuice potion to transform into Goyle. Interestingly, the light above the mirror seems to be some sort of electric light/lamp. The description of (what is apparently) th...

Q: How did the Synth attack on Mars ignite the Martian atmosphere?

Sovereign InquiryWARNING: If you have not seen Star Trek: Picard, please be informed that this post contains very large spoilers for the series. The Synth ships used in the attack fired their phasers on the compound, causing large explosions. Mars's thin atmosphere doesn't even have enough oxygen to sustain a ca...

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5:37 AM
Q: What does the quote, "It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be," mean?

Kyle VDoes it mean that you don’t need to be lucky or gifted to be successful? That Your dreams naturally demand hard work and commitment from you? And yes, to an extent some people have better opportunities? But that’s not all it takes for success? Or does it mean that it doesn't matter what someone i...

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9:21 AM
Q: Who wrote it? A short story about aliens replicating things

megasplashI remember to have read it several times in the past 20-ish years, in one of American sci-fi classics antologies. This is a short story describing how people lost the ability to produce stuff while relying on aliens, who can make replicas. It results in total degradation, when only a few human-ma...

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10:36 AM
Q: Manga about futuristic bunch of samurai and big warship

Woochi demonslayerThere is one manga I used to read when I was a kid (I'm 20 years old now), but I forgot the title. I also forgot about the storyline. What I remember is that the characters in the manga are a bunch of samurai who are a bit more futuristic. They each hold 3 weapons, a katana, an old rifle, and a...

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2:45 PM
Q: Are Aurora Stirling & Rick and Roy Hunter mass killers?

Silly but TrueIn the Western Robotech composite series, much is made of the SDF-1’s loss of its reflex drive during its first fateful jump still within Earth’s atmosphere to Pluto, ripping Macross Island into space with it. It is not until the novel series adaptation’s “continuing adventures,” Book 18, The End...

3:31 PM
posted on October 26, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Fortunately, that cat is definitely dead by now, so Quantum Mechanics makes sense again. Today's News:

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@Randal'Thor Thanks for the bounty!
4:47 PM
@Fiksdal You're welcome! I stumbled across that Q&A again recently, but I remember it from when you were creating it; it was a great effort and someone should've bountied it already.
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7:19 PM
Q: The real reason for Frank Darabont’s TWD “Developed by” credit?

Silly but TrueThere’s no confusion about the origin of The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead was a monthly black-and-white American comic that started in 2003, and was created and written by Robert Kirkman with artist Tony Moore. The comic is published by Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment. Frank Darabont ha...

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9:24 PM
Q: Linguist on alien planet

Nick VelottaA linguist goes to an alien planet to teach English. On the way he losses his translator and has to learn the alien language. The aliens are underwater people ( multiple arms). The make the noises he has the flick his teeth and other weird things. He ends up falling in love with an alien. In the ...


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