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3:43 AM
Q: Book where members of a reptilian species eat their own kind to increase their intelligence

SemirhajeThe protagonist is a warlord, who gains intelligence by consuming others of his species, which are reptilian. He works in a mine where he kills others and slowly gains power. The planet is just grass because they have killed all other lifeforms. They breed by dropping sperm into the grass mindles...

4:08 AM
Q: Was the Solari in "Dune" ever represented physically?

Shawn AlfaroI wanted to design a note, but it seems kind of stupid all things considered in that universe.

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6:38 AM
Q: Fantasy anime involving a god named Paladin

user73910I watched this anime several years ago. Although I am calling it an anime, this is not to imply that it does or does not originate from Japan (I don't know where this is from). This anime involves a group of travellers in a world populated by creatures such as goblins. Magic is definitely used th...

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9:32 AM
Q: Does Starfleet have rules banning racial prejudice?

Graham LeeGene Roddenberry famously defined the Star Trek universe as one in which humans have moved past division and prejudice. Nonetheless key characters are seen to exhibit prejudicial behaviour towards other characters based on racial characteristics. McCoy describes Vulcans as “damned annoying at ti...

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11:12 AM
Q: Is there any published timeline to the comic book series "Nexus" by Mike Baron and Steve Rude

GinasiusI've been a follower of the comics since the 1980s and have reread the Omnibus recently. The passage of time is usually expressed in "cycles" (about ten days, IIRC) and sometimes in Earth solar years, but there are many inconsistencies if you compare these casual references to each other and also...

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3:21 PM
Q: Is there canonical evidence in the first 6 books that Dune takes place in 10191?

Michael StachowskyI hear the year 10191 thrown around a lot for when Dune is set. I do not remember that exact number coming up, or if it did it was a BG (before Guild) year, not CE (our time) year. So in wondering if there is any canonical evidence for when Dune is set from our time?

3:46 PM
Q: Masochist gets more than he bargained for in fantasy horror story

Invisible TrihedronI read this short story in the 1960s and it was already old then, maybe 19th century. There are no science fiction elements, but it might be considered as fantasy, certainly as horror, given the uncanny intelligence of the cat. It is narrated by a traveler to Germany who takes up an acquaintance ...

Q: Are there really script notes calling Chief O'Brien a Warrant Officer?

rr_colaI've been fleshing out the unseen or unacknowledged ranks and rank insignia of Starfleet. Most supplemental material refers to O'Brien's single black pip as being the designated rank for a Chief Petty Officer. However, I have the sneaking suspicion that it was actually supposed to be a Warrant Of...

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5:01 PM
Q: Batman and Joker comic where they are compared to tarot cards and Batman gets stuck under a statue

HsMjstyMstdnIn which comic issue does Batman try to stop the Joker from robbing some kind of artifact at a museum or auction house ? Throughout the entire comic, both the Joker and Batman are compared to certain tarot cards, with similarities between their personalities and functions being described. Towards...

5:21 PM
posted on October 24, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: The widespread belief that babies are doing something like science may explain all the reproducibility problems. Today's News:

6:15 PM
Q: What is the first work to base Hogwarts uniforms on modern school uniforms?

JetpackThe text of the first Harry Potter book describe the school uniform as a black robe with a black cloak, a hat, and dragon hide gloves when hand protection is needed, and I think that's pretty cool. The movies showed a boarding school uniform with a robe on top, and I think that's pretty cool too,...

7:06 PM
@Marvin false!
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At -4, maybe it wasn't false?
11:14 PM
Q: Was Hagrid accused of opening the Chamber of Secrets, and if so, where?

Rose HeatherIf Hagrid was accused of opening the Chamber of Secrets in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, where exactly was he accused? I have had this question on my mind, and I haven't been able to get the book to find the answer.


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