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12:01 AM
Q: Sci-fi short story about a parallel world, whose inhabitants kidnap women and slaves from our world

babareebopThe crux of the story is the discovery of an optical artifact, which allows the protagonist to look into and eventually travel to a parallel world. The rulers of the other world have been kidnapping and enslaving people from "our" world to support their luxurious lifestyle, which bears some resem...

12:41 AM
Q: Story about a seventeen year old immortal who lives up to present events

Jefferey DawsonI read a book about five years ago which was about a seventeen year old boy in the early 20th century, who was shot and became immortal after seventeen minutes underwater, albeit functionally dead. He has certain relations with a film star in the twenties which causes him to lose functionality in...

1:41 AM
Q: Story Series ID Please

JosI'm trying to find the name of a series. I read the first two books but the third wasn't finished at that time, it probably is by now - but i cant remember the name of the series, the author, or the title of any of the books. It must be fairly recent, within the last 5 years, give-or-take. I cant...

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4:12 AM
Q: YA book, maybe through Scholastic, girl transported to fantasy world to save princesses, helped by dwarf

FuzzyBootsI know I've found this book before. I read it somewhere in the late 1980s to the early 1990s. It was short, maybe 30 pages or so, and involved a young girl on the bus, on her way to school, who I think has to write a story for an assignment, but can't think of anything. While looking out at the t...

4:37 AM
Q: Fantasy novel where two powerful magicians fight at the start with one sealed away in ice with a perpetual storm, turns out "demons" are AI

FuzzyBootsThis might be the same story as Series involving someone who looked young, but was actually old, a magical barrier to the north, and a sarcophagus although I'm recalling different details. It started with two magicians fighting, and ends with the "good guy" throwing himself into a space with an e...

5:26 AM
Q: Was the Federation worried that Worf would be recognized?

PlasmaSaunaIn the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Apocalypse Rising," Worf, Sisko, Odo, and O'Brien infiltrate Klingon territory in an attempt to expose Gowron as a Changeling. Memory Alpha does not mention Worf undergoing surgical alteration, and my recollection is that Worf was, at the time, a traitor...

5:51 AM
Q: Tony Stark actually wanted to kill himself in Iron Man 2

MARSKYeah I know, what nonsense, right? Well, read on You remember how he had been suffering from palladium poisoning because of his chest piece, as seen in the form of a high-tech crossword puzzle on his neck, he was probably crazy enough that he wanted to do it to himself. You know I find it extreme...

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@xkcd this is so true it hurts
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Q: Children’s fantasy novel where a boy discovers a house in the wood sheltering otherworldly people

BenjaminIn the late 1980s in the U.K., I read a children's or young adults fantasy story - just one book. It starts with a young boy as the central character (I think it is set in U.K.). The boy is staying with or lives with his gran in a house/cottage near a wood. I remember him mowing the lawn in the b...

9:27 AM
@Marvin I put a joke in the comments and I guess a moderator deleted it. That's a bit sad, I was happy it was a good joke :(
I don't really like that your comments can just disappear and you aren't notified, and you don't know why they're gone.
@BuhBuh The moderator who deleted your comment was responding to a flag
Got to remember though that comments are supposed to be for requesting clarification/improvements and can go at any time. We're just a bit more lenient than other sites on the network
@TheLethalCarrot I'm not sure about lenient :D
hmmm... is there any appeal process? My best guess is they thought I being insulting. But it wasn't my words. It was a quote from the book. The same quote is still there in the answer.
@BuhBuh Not really. Comments are meant to be temporary.
If its important, it belongs in an answer
9:36 AM
@JourneymanGeek Well we are more likely to leave joke comments and "answer in comments" up than other sites
@TheLethalCarrot "Nuke em all, and let Cat sort em out?"
@BuhBuh Ah didn't see it was a book quote. That makes more sense with the context :) Though it's not really needed so I can see why the mod deleted it
ok. Fair enough. I won't participating with jokes from now on then.
Just disappointing.
FWIW you might want to look at this meta:
Q: What should we do about "funny" comments?

Reinstate Monica - Goodbye SESometimes people post jokey comments under questions and answers. Sometimes they're funny, sometimes not. What should we do about them? It seems (based on this conversation) that moderators are obliged to delete them if they flagged as "too chatty",1 which apparently has been the case recently. ...

And the general section at the bottom of Rand's answer to this more recent meta is pretty applicable
A: Are joke comments not wanted?

Rand al'ThorNine comment flags were raised on that question last night. I went through the comments this morning and deleted a bunch of them which were straying into extended only-tangentially-relevant discussion (various IRL examples, continuing on from Barmar's comment). I declined a couple of the comment ...

9:46 AM
Comments are meant to be temporary. If its important, it belongs in an answer.
@JourneymanGeek I've quoted you in a single line to be able to easily pin it.
10:25 AM
Q: Were elves inspired from celtic/irish mythology or germanic mythology?

AbhayCeltic mythology has tuatha de dannan, druids, arthurian legends, camelot and summer isles of the divine, things associated with wood elves. Germanic mythology has light elves (Dokkalfar) who although not described much are very similar to how tolkien depicted his elves and the usual high elves (...

10:50 AM
@BuhBuh if the comment gets deleted, you can try to make the joke in chat.
11:14 AM
Q: Are there any non-European versions of "Elves" in folklore/fairy tales?

AbhayBasically the traits should be long life, good looks, pointy features, thin, magically adept and closer to divinity. I think, Yaksha of Hindu Mythology could potentially be one candidate but he seems to ugly (broad features). So, if anyone knows of some beings that are equivalent of elves in non...

11:59 AM
@BuhBuh I don't think users are necessarily penalised for jokes, you can still get some laughs off of people, it just won't be immortalised on the site forever
12:41 PM
@BuhBuh It was flagged as "unfriendly or unkind", but I didn't find it insulting so I declined the flag. Nonetheless, it wasn't really necessary so I deleted it. I didn't realize it was from the book, but the fact that it's quoted in the answer means the comment is even less necessary.
12:53 PM
Q: Why does the Enterprise not have any access controls?

fgysinA repeated plot device of TNG is sabotage and similar aboard the USS enterprise. Malicious agents infiltrate the Enterprises crew again and again by subterfuge, e.g. by posing as crew members, as shipwreck survivors in need of rescuing, as small children, in the guise of diplomats (or their attac...

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2:58 PM
Q: The nature of dark side Rey

Kinzle BWhen Rey finds the wayfinder a dark side version of herself comes out. Is it just her hallucination, or something triggered by her presence?

3:23 PM
Q: Where can I find Harry Potter game called "Pottermore"?

Brenda WintersWhat is the Pottermore game and where can I play this?

3:48 PM
Q: Why did Magneto invade the heroes' base in Secret Wars?

Daniel R. CollinsIn Marvel's Secret Wars miniseries (1985), issue #2, Magneto sneaks into the heroes' base and flies to the generator, thinking: There it is -- ! The power core which energizes this entire installation! This should serve my purpose! Soon after, Spider-Man's danger sense alerts him to the intrus...

@Marvin Spite?
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6:38 PM
posted on October 21, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Social media commentary is a lot more interesting if this is your default. Today's News:

6:51 PM
I recently made a comic, for the first time in years.
@TheLethalCarrot Half of my participation on this site is joke comments.
If you take that away, then I have nothing (the other half doesn't count for much).
Well we don’t want to drive you or Paul away
If that were true, more people would have voted for me.
7:32 PM
Q: Looking for the name of a short illustrated story from the 1970s\80s about a group of ladybirds that enslaved by other insectd

Aaargh ZombiesI'm trying to find the name of a short illustrated story from the 1970s or 1980s that was contained in a larger book. The story is aimed at children but has an adult art style. It is very well drawn in color. The story revolves around a group of peaceful ladybirds who live an idyllic life but one...

7:57 PM
Q: Was Jango Fett aware of Order 66?

Peter NielsenJango Fett was used as the template for the Grand Army of the Republic. Was he aware of the plot to kill the Jedi using the clones (Order 66)? In Episode II, Attack of the Clones, Fett states: "I was recruited by a man called Tyrannus on one of the moons of Bogden." -Jango Fett, Attack of the Cl...

Q: Looking for the name of a paperback trilogy about teenage post apocalyptic survival from the '90s. It had thunder in the title

user145766Teenage boy has to find a place with survivors in post apocalyptic world. Pretty sure it started like that. On his journey meets a girl and they fall in love. Reminds me of the Fallout video game series kind of story. I remember this from the mid '90s. Was one of my favorite series and would love...

8:35 PM
@JackBNimble Well, see, there's a happy medium between "driving away" and "too much Jack."
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10:51 PM
Q: Why do "The Gamesters of Triskelion" refer to "thralls" instead of "slaves," or speak of them being "vended," rather than "sold"?

BuzzMy favorite episode of the original Star Trek series, "The Gamesters of Triskelion," is about slavery. However, although the characters do occasionally refer to the situation using words like "slavery," the gamesters' preferred terminology for their prisoners appears to be "thralls." Moreover, ...

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