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3:40 AM
Q: Why does Iron Man’s gauntlet work in Endgame?

OKprogrammerIn What If, Gamora attempted to use her crushing machine to destroy the Infinity Stones, which simply results in Ultron regaining the stones. He in return explains that all of the stones are different from one another, which is why her machine was unable to disintegrate them. He specifically stat...

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9:10 AM
Q: English Movie and Documentary on Brain Transplant

Prashant AkerkarDo you feel the following story line given below can effectively create a Good English movie or documentary on Brain Transplant? Title of the Movie or Documentary is : Brain Transplant. Let's take a case of two people who share the same age with Medical reports showing no ailments or any disease....

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11:09 AM
Q: Are the Reflections and the Siege of Crystal Empire IDW My Little Pony comic story arcs supposed to be related?

SPArcheonThe Reflection story arc in the My Little Pony official IDW comic is centered around the idea of alternate universes. Given that Is there any objective proof that the two stories are intended to be tied (writers interview, additional material and so on) or should this be regarded as a pure coi...

11:34 AM
Q: Cartoon about girl with tropical hat and monkey companion

AndI am looking for a cartoon series about a young white blonde girl that I watched in my childhood, so it was probably from the 90s or early 2000s. I cannot remember much, but the girl usually wore beige clothing and a tropical hat. The whole setting could be located in africa but it could also be ...

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12:49 PM
Q: How does someone become a Pokémon Professor?

Robert ColumbiaIn the Pokémon universe (at least the video game and anime universes), protagonists generally study under a Pokémon Professor. The professors give the protagonists their first Pokémon and some general advice before sending them on their journey. In-universe, it seems that being a Pokémon Professo...

1:14 PM
Q: Book about a boy and a girl trying to save mutated animals

Eaglepup12I have been trying to figure out the title of a book I read about two years ago. It has these animals in it that have been mutated with other animal genes. In the book, this girl and boy are trying to save these animals because the animals are being mutated with these genes to fight each other. T...

1:44 PM
Q: Xenomorph Life expectancy

GeoSwordIs there any indication given in the Alien movies or literature of how long an Xenomorph lives for? It occurred to me that given a limited number of potential hosts ( as per the colony on LV-426, the number of suitable gestation vessels would soon be depleted as would any other sources of food.

2:13 PM
@AncientSwordRage - I would definitely say so, I'm quite surprised we don't have any questions about The Wild Thornberrys already — fez 1 hour ago
@fez, re your comment above ^ the 'magic system' there is very soft and 'hand-wavy' so there aren't many 'rules' to ask questions about
It is a very good show however
2:28 PM
Q: Looking to identify the author of an anthology, which included a story about an alien working in City Lights bookshop

MarissaI am desperate to remember a book of short stories by an author, I believe, to be a San Francisco native or transplant. In one of the short stories he wrote about an alien working in City Lights bookshop. My 40 year old memory remembers a paperback cover that had a plane ascending into the sky. I...

3:16 PM
@AncientSwordRage Ah ja true. but to be fair that doesn't normally stop folks from asking things :D
@fez only when we get to Crazed Fan levels of engagement :p
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4:28 PM
posted on October 20, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Googley eyes in the last panel drawn by my 7-year-old who is the world's foremost expert. Today's News:

Q: How to kill the Hulk?

KillaHulkit is generally understood that the Hulk has infinite strength, energy, and durability. However, in the comics, does he have limits? I am asking this to determine if all characters must have limits or if they don't.

4:52 PM
Q: What kind of person is Catelyn Stark?

Ivan HuangI've just watched S02E08. Beforehand I thought Catelyn Stark was a strong and sensible woman in the sense that she should strive together with her son to win this war, just as shown in the previous episodes. But in this episode she released Jamie Lannister in the hope that her daughters would be ...

Q: How does lighting work in star trek?

Mat NXBeing a sci fi show, Star Trek likes to flaunt it's technobabble. Phasers work thanks to the nadion pulse in the discharge crystal, a transporter stores your quantum properties with a heisenberg compensator, and isolinear chips have replaced monotronic microtapes. The same can be said for various...

5:22 PM
Q: Sci-fi B-movie about creatures that take over humans by going through their mouths

abraham schneiderits a campy b-movie I believe the setting is an underwater base the creatures have long bodies with tiny hands and one of the crew is an android someone in it might be named pickett

6:12 PM
Q: Is there any character who has more strength than "absolute strength?"

HesusIs there any character who has more strength than absolute strength? Note: I just need 1 example and a yes or a no.

6:37 PM
Q: Book with fire monster, alien girl and dog, and corvette?

Ceramicmrno0bI read a book a few years back(probably 2-3, maybe 4), and wanted to find it again. I cannot remember the cover, but I'm 90% sure I read it in paper back(not e-book, I know that for sure). I think I got it from my high school library, but that might be wrong. I think pages was about 150-300, mayb...

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11:36 PM
Q: What did Sauron hope to become?

Captain KirkSauron is the Dark Lord, and he dwells in a dark land with foul cretures and horrible smells. But does he really hope to be a hopelessly Evil Dark Lord sitting on an ugly throne above just a big wreck, and nothing really satisfying to have power over other then a bunch of orcs and dying slaves? ...


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