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Q: Fantasy Novel with Alternate Arthurian Mythos, Knights Magic Sentient Swords, set in Alternate Late Middle Ages

sharurI'm hoping to finish a book I borrowed from a library in college half a decade ago, but can't remember its name. Alas, I only got half-way through it before I had to return it, and then I couldn't remember its name. The book features a few knights from a British (English?) Order, who have magic s...

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3:55 AM
Q: Who uses combadges other than Starfleet and Bajoran Militia?

Nu'DaqIn TBG and DS9, Starfleet memebers and soldiers/officers in the Bajoran militia use long distance communicators shaped like the symbols of the organizations they serve attached to their uniforms- do military/security forces of any other nations use similar devices?

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6:26 AM
Q: Childrens Sci Fi TV 80s

JayThis is a long shot, but there was a Children's TV sci fi series, either BBC or ITV, I am very vague on details, but I remember a guy in a black "space suit" with a shiny black helmet that had pointy horn like parts to it, he'd have a synthesised voice, and occasionally would take the helmet off....

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[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected, potentially bad keyword in answer (79): Why is Worf so terribly mean to Chief O'Brien in the Star Trek DS9 episode "The Ship"? by Thebigbooper on scifi.SE
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[ SmokeDetector | MS ] No whitespace in title (71): Istinigishinoburilahaha by user145600 on scifi.SE
Q: Which story contains a planet named something like Istinigishinoburilahaha?

user145600As a kid, I read a story about a husband and wife lizard people. They arrived by spaceship as passengers or colonists. I remember the wife complaining that the owners had made the temperature in the ship too cold for lizard people like them when they woke. Whatever they were expecting, I think...

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3:09 PM
Q: Young adult/children's TV series where a character's memories of a sporting loss are 'corrupted' into a win

AncientSwordRageThe series was sci-fi, possibly on ITV between 2000-2001. There's only scene I remember was dark, in a warehouse or storage facility with metal standalone shelves. The main characters were either on the run or invading enemy territory. They had to retrieve someone's memory with an experimental...

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posted on October 15, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Wow, I didn't even have to escalate to the pooping one. Today's News:

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Q: Where does the money given to the icon of the Ferengi Blessed Exchequer go?

snerdFerengi use a sort of piggy bank in the image of the Blessed Exchequer to pray and make offerings of latinum. Where does that money go? Do the Ferengi send it to some church somewhere or maybe they keep it (making the offering symbolic only)? I have a hard time thinking of Ferengi as charitable i...

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8:39 PM
@AncientSwordRage It's a good book, lots of interesting details, but it's a bit... unusual. Zelazny played with different styles a fair bit, and this book has pretty much a bit of everything.
9:38 PM
Q: Anime where a littke girl finds a school where they vanimate constructs from dead things to fight

jasmine greeleyi remember only one of the first episodes. there is a little girl who is either lost or is running from something in the woods when she stumbles into a really big building that turns out to be a school, but it's no ordinary school. One of the teachers thinks that the girl is a transfer/new studen...

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