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3:08 AM
Q: Sci-fi book or short story about people who crash land on an alien world. The protagonist is captured by a hive of intelligent insects

MattThis book from my teenage years I just cant get out of my mind for many years now, and sooo want to re-read! It involved a travelling space-ship full of a few key characters - a male and a villan (I think asian female from some sort of sinister government role..perhaps called Zhou?) The ship cras...

3:29 AM
Q: Superhero cartoon where a blue-and-white alien combines with the hero

Deagon LongIt was a superhero cartoon the main character I think finds an alien which is white and blue then the alien combines with the main character his suit is white and blue and it has four side villain that were Elementals there was one big villain I think his color scheme was black and red in this ca...

Q: How Old Was Delos D. Harriman in Heinlein's "Requiem"?

M. A. GoldingMany of the early stories of Robert A. Heinlein were part of his "future history" series. Business tychoon Delos D. Harriman is mentoned in a number of stories, and as far as I remember is a character in The Man Who Sold The Moon (1950) and and "Requiem", Astounding Science Fiction, January, 194...

3:58 AM
Q: Why did Maia compare helicopters to cars?

D GarciaMaia just landed on aircraft carrier, speaks to Dr Nathan: Maia: I know you people think you're cutting-edge, but these prototypes we're loaning you will make what you've been flying look like used Miatas. Why did Maia compare helicopters to cars?

4:24 AM
Q: Could precognition explain the choreographed look of lightsaber duels?

user145615If you watch the lightsaber fights in the Prequel Trilogy, you'll see a lot of flips and twirls and duelists aiming for each other's lightsabers. Overall, a bunch of flair you would deem unnecessary and even detrimental in a real sword fight. But I'm wondering if Battle Precognition could explain...

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6:03 AM
Q: Was Matrix 4 supposed to come out on 29 September 2021?

MK5There were 3 reasons why I was so disappointed by Matrix Revolutions when I saw it on November 5, 2003: It really felt like paying twice to see the end of same movie, since Reloaded was only 4 months earlier The oracle was a different Actress (I love the real one so much) There was ONLY one way ...

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1:27 PM
Q: Manga where a retired knight of goes to a village where summoned heroes resides

HarryIt's about a knight who retires and goes back to the village. He then realised that village has summoned heroes residing there. All heroes have different abilities like super strength, medical abilities, etc. It is more to slice of life kinda. I just don't know the name of that manga

1:51 PM
Q: Will cities of the future be sinking in light?

ivan866The majority of movies depicting futuristic cities, as well as steampunk culture, assume cities are going to be illuminated with lots of excessive artificial lighting and advertisements shining all night through. While electricity in fact being a technology of early XXth century, it is unlikely i...

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3:26 PM
posted on October 16, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: SMBC is a comic about philosophy and math. Today's News:

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4:44 PM
Q: Movie where a boy finds a talking alien powersuit and gets inside

IG_42Never actually got the name of this movie and only saw it randomly on telly once. What I remember is this alien race fighting a war lost a super powerful sentient powersuit on Earth, then this random kid finds it and gets inside. Shenanigans then ensue. I remember the suit would talk to the kid t...

5:09 PM
Q: What ship class is the US Archimedes?

einpoklumIn Star Trek: Lower Decks, Season 2 Episode 10, we see a Federation ship named USS Archimedes. I couldn't quite decide what class it was supposed to be. My closest estimate is that it's Excelsior-class, but - the nacelles look different, e.g. with red-lit tapering at their front; and the acordion...

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8:26 PM
Q: Find names of sci-fi writers

Mark MurphyI'm looking for the names (which I have forgotten) of two authors who co-author sci-fi novels. Both authors are actual scientists and they use their specialized knowledge to lend authenticity to the stories. I have read two novels they co-authored both in the past two years: one centered on a Naz...

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9:28 PM
@Marvin I've encountered many unexpected things while searching for story-IDs over the years, but that one is a first: my keywords led me to a paper theorising stuff on how science-fiction shapes science and society, not the other way around... written by a guy I had as an English teacher during my last year of studies.
From the looks of it though, the paper seems to be completely unhelpful in finding the forgotten authors, and as high as the man who wrote it :-)
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11:18 PM
Q: Looking for an old anime series featuring a spaceship as well as an underwater base

MarioI'm looking for an old anime series (or movie) produced in the 80's or earlier that aired fully dubbed in German TV some time before the 90's. Most remarkable scenes I remember: The film starts on (most likely) Earth with some kind of coastal underwater base. It consisted of at least one, possib...


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