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12:02 AM
Q: Trying to identify a Sci-fi short, in which aliens monitor and rank other races, and are shocked humans used fission devices in the atmosphere

RoopsDoes anyone recognise this, please? (I know I found this story again a few years ago, and read it using the Kindle app, but it doesn't show in the app or my account)

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2:06 AM
Q: Does "2000 A Space Odyssey" involve faster than light communication?

user2617804The scene is where the astronauts are talking to ground control about HAL's erratic behavior. The astronauts are somewhere near Jupiter and ground control is on Earth so the minimum communication transit time is 35 minutes. If they were true to science, the communication would near to impossible...

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4:34 AM
Q: How could such low number of clone troopers fight wars across the galaxy?

Time LordAccording to this answer, active clone troopers in the GAR (Grand Army of Republic) were in millions. If I draw analogies from the real world, they aren't enough for even planetary wars. China, India, North Korea, Russia and US all have millions of active soldiers just protecting borders. And, th...

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6:13 AM
Q: I wanted to know the name of the manga

ThothIts an isekai manga where a girl is teleported to earth in country side Japan and starts leaving the MC then she is taken by the goverment and is tested for disease and then is girl and MC return back together to home start leaving their everday life

7:03 AM
Q: Movie where humanity is turned into vampires

user73910The premise of this movie is that almost the entirety of the world's population has been turned into vampires by a virus. Whatever humans haven't been turned into vampires are used as food by the new society. I think the movie focuses on a vampire that finds some uninfected humans and decided to ...

Q: Movie where a professor opens a portal to hell

user73910In this movie, a professor or maybe a scientist of some kind creates a device that opens a portal to hell. This ends up sending the main characters there. In hell, one of them is infested with parasites of some kind. Maybe they are giant worms? I don't quite remember. I think, during the course o...

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9:31 AM
posted on September 19, 2021

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10:31 AM
@Spencer any in particular?
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11:55 AM
posted on September 19, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: If you think this is bad you should see the library of literary references. Also the well-populated shelf about sasquatch and aliens. Today's News:

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3:17 PM
Q: Who created the Multidimensional Transporter Device?

QueenSvetlanaIn Through the Looking Glass, we see the first use of the Multidimensional Transporter Device (MTD), when Smiley kidnaps Sisko to bring him to the mirror universe. We see the device again when Jennifer kidnaps Jake, and leaves an MTD for Sisko. In The Emperor's New Cloak, Rom states he was given ...

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5:45 PM
Q: Are there two Brizans?

SpencerThere are many things I find vague in the 2019 French TV series La Dernière Vague, but the very first episode creates a doozy. Competitors in a surfing competition in the seaside resort of Brizan are swept away by a massive wave that suddenly appears. The more we go west, the further they go! T...

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6:50 PM
I guess a tag can't have accented characters. What a pity.
@Spencer well, meta consensus is that tags should be in English anyway:
Q: Should we allow or indicate non-English titles for SFF works along the English title?

SavaWhile movies tend to retain their original titles worldwide, with a bit of leeway in the translation, TV series and books translated in other languages often have titles that are far removed from the original title. Should we allow the use of non-English titles, alongside the English title if/wh...

7:48 PM
@Jenayah So now I want to ask a meta question about an edge case where the original work was not in English. The meta question you linked to seems only to discuss works that were originally in English. Should I edit that question, add an answer asking about the edge case, or post a new question?
I'm thinking specifically about that weird Soviet adaptation of LoTR, "". Should the tag about it really be ""?
8:03 PM
@Spencer I'd say ask a new question, pointing to that earlier one, explaining how this edge case is different, and providing that example
8:21 PM
@Jenayah good idea
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9:53 PM
Q: How many scenes in the Chamber of Secrets book included Dobby?

J. MiniMy notes on the book make the strange claim that he only appears in exactly three scenes. I cannot believe that I ever cared to count, but my memory of the book agrees with this count. I can only recall: Harry first encountering Dobby in his bedroom. I think there's a blink-and-you'll-miss it re...

Q: Non English tags, redux

SpencerThe meta question here gives good reasons why tags should be in English, but the discussion does not cover works that were in a foreign language to begin with. I think this is an edge case that needs to be clarified. If someone wants to ask a question about such a work, should the corresponding t...

10:17 PM
Q: Was there ever such a thing as a "theatre cane" in real life?

DucatiIn cartoons, there are many times instances where somebody is on a stage at a theatre or similar, performing poorly. Then somebody from one of the sides takes this "cane" or "rod" tool and physically remove them from stage without them entering the stage. One example is in the cartoon music video...


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