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1:34 AM
Q: What is the information on Captain Kirk's tombstone?

AlexIn Episode 3 ("Where No Man has Gone Before"), Gary Mitchell attempts to kill Captain Kirk. Before doing so he uses his powers to create a grave and conjures a tombstone, shown here: The information on the tombstone is rather puzzling. As best as I can tell it says: James R Kirk 0 12771 to 1318...

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4:01 AM
Q: Short film called a derivation of "Vampire"

MoriartyI saw this short film back in the days when you'd go to the cinema and there were always two or three shorts before the main feature. My memory is very sparse but here's what I've got: I think I saw it when I saw Ghost Story, which would make it 1981. Definitely sometime in the early 80s. The fi...

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6:04 AM
Q: How does face stealing work?

JontiaIn season 2 episode 5 Brianna's Favorite Pencil of Fort Salem, Scylla and Anacostia are planning to steal the face of the local Camerillia chapter leader. The culmination of this appears to be a destructive collection of said face using similar burning imagery to the concealment spell. In the fin...

6:53 AM
Q: Comedy about an incompetent assassin and doping

user73910This is a live-action movie I watched that features several characters. I think the movie is set in ancient Rome. One of the characters is an assassin who tries to kill the Caesar by bringing him "gifts" rigged with a death trap of some kind. One of them is a mirror that shoots anyone who stands ...

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8:38 AM
Q: The Skills of Great mods

PhilippeI'm spending a lot of time thinking about mods, mod tools, and the critical skills that great mods have in common. Can you tell me about a time a mod did something that struck you as really extraordinary (here or another community), and what was it about it that really amazed you?

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12:37 PM
Q: Martian movie where their hands became detached and would crawl to attack unsuspecting humans

John kI saw an old bw Martian/alien movie as a young boy in the 60s where the Martian/aliens hands came off and would crawl; dragging the jagged wrist. I remember one scene where the hand was climbing the backseat of the car seat to grab the unsuspecting driver. Gave me nightmares. Any ideas which l...

1:26 PM
Q: Was the Dominion War created to help increase ratings?

QueenSvetlanaI often wonder what DS9 would have been like without the Dominion War, and I was wondering if it was created to help increase ratings, much like the Xindi war was for Enterprise. It seems that Rick Berman and Majel Barrett didn't approve of the story line. Was it always the plan for DS9 to have t...

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3:49 PM
posted on September 20, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Right before you die we're also going to steal from you to feed the hungry. Today's News: Just 70 hours to buy!

4:18 PM
Q: Xanatos is getting bored... but when and where?

Make42There is the following conversation in the "Gargoyles - The Goliath Chronicles": David Xanatos: Sorry to cut short your reunion, but frankly, I'm getting bored! [Helicopters appear and they capture the Gargoyles] Goliath: Are you insane? David Xanatos: Funny question coming from a file clerk who...

5:08 PM
Q: Why didn't Archer go back and help the Illyrians?

QueenSvetlanaIn the episode Damage, Archer boards and steals a warp coil from a Illyrian ship. The issue is, it will take the Illyrain's 3 years to get home. After stopping the Xindi, why didn't the Enterprise track down and help the Illyrian ship get home?

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7:35 PM
Q: Is Darth Sidious human or alien?

Jorge CórdobaI’ve always assumed that Darth Sidious / Palpatine was a human (for the context of this I mean the same as Han, Luke, Leia, etc.) however seeing this question made me doubt and I don’t think I’ve seen that actually stated. Is there any reference in canon as to whether Palpatine is a human or an a...

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9:38 PM
Q: Are other aliens aware of the mirror universe?

QueenSvetlanaWhenever we go into the mirror universe, it always involves Starfleet is some way, but are other aliens, for example, Vulcans or Klingons aware of the mirror universe? To clarify, I don't mean someone telling you, for example, Sisko has gone into the mirror universe many times, and he would have ...

10:28 PM
Q: How do you interpret what Garak said about Kira?

QueenSvetlanaIn the DS9 episode Crossover, Garak says the following about Mirror Universe Kira: KIRA: What are you doing in my quarters, Garak? GARAK: She's never going to let you leave, you know. Can't you tell? She's in love. KIRA: What are you talking about? GARAK: In love with you, my dear. She's all a-t...

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