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12:19 AM
Q: Story where the number 3 is the monster?

zompzI remember as a child (in the nineties) reading a story where the narrator was a little boy and how he was scared only twice a day – when the clock read 3:33. The 3's would be powerful enough (there were three of them at 3:33) to leave the clock in the boy's room for one minute and do what they w...

<eye-rolling emoticon>
@NapoleonWilson oh?
1:01 AM
Q: Comic about two dying species on an alien world

emilyThe first time I read this comic was on the comixology app back in 2009/2010. I only read the free preview, so I never got to know the ending of this comic. But, here are some details that I remember: There are 2 species in the alien world. One species live on land and the other lives in the sea...

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3:58 AM
Q: What other newer Pokémon could be answers to the infamous Jigglypuff exam question?

toroidIn EP056 - Pokémon Certification Test in the original Pokémon anime series, there's an infamous scene where the main characters are asked a trick question. In the scene, the characters are taking a Pokémon test where they are challenged to recognize Pokémon by identifying silhouettes. One of thos...

4:22 AM
Q: Looking for a short story I read in the 1960s about an alien hunting an earthman

Eric LittleMy impression is that the hunt occurred in the dark in an abandoned city. The intelligences of different species of aliens were closely graded, for example 13.7 compared to 13.5. For some reason I associate the story with another plot in which humanity has fled the Earth but centuries later a s...

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6:00 AM
Q: Book where two or three kids are stuck in a video game and have to sneak past a giant at one point

Rodney PinkstonSo I read a story in middle school about these two or three kids who went into a video game and got stuck there but had to beat it to get out. I can hardly remember anything about the plot but I know at one point they had to sneak past a giant and they were getting panicked about their lives runn...

7:23 AM
FP, though not a very good answer.
Also, that was my http clean-up round for the day.
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Blacklisted user? @Mithical?
@SmokeDetector why
@Mithical Blacklisted user - blacklisted for //scifi.stackexchange.com/a/225028 (metasmoke.erwaysoftware.com/post/221404) by the metasmoke API
someone sent tpu instead of tp
@SmokeDetector f
Q: True motivation of Superman in Man of Steel

EPIC Tube HDMan of Steel develops the Superman mythos in a very interesting way. The film asks a question on why Clark should save humanity, why should he choose to be Earth's champion but it never truly answers Clark's true motivation to be a hero. It seems like he just becomes a hero either because he is f...

Q: Is the Higgs mechanism used in "Solaris" for the screen?

Deschele SchilderThe movie "Solaris" pictures an intelligence in the vast dimensions of a star. Solaris has the capability of making people appear out of the void and feeds upon memories. George Clooney plays a guy who has to investigate the phenomenon and falls himself prey (this was of course to be expected). S...

8:55 AM
@Mithical there is something weird about that question, though.
The profile badge design thing has been pushed live to the network
Is that something to be wary of?
Just thought people would be interested
How would I recognize it?
That being said, I also strongly disagree with the Higgs mechanism. How dare it be?!
9:03 AM
9:46 AM
@Feeds do we want that question here?
Should we ask @nap to send it over?
Seems detailed enough for us
10:38 AM
@NapoleonWilson would you mind sending it over?
Also, @NapoleonWilson, I want to ask a couple of questions about Disney's reuse of animation, based on the recent one.
Q: How and why did Disney reuse animation?

LiathI recently saw a video of Disney reused animation. This clearly shows lots of instances where Disney films reused animations from much earlier films, presumably in order to save cost or money. Why did they do this? In a computer age I can understand this approach. Changing the character model and...

Should I ask a cluster of closely related questions, or should I put them all in one big question?
10:52 AM
@SQB The user doesn't seem to have responded to the SciFi link yet. He seems to be somewhat active on the broader SE network, so he might possibly come back and see the comment.
@SQB That is really hard to tell and hinged a lot on the actual question.
11:18 AM
Q: unable to run both virtual machines (Windows and Linux) at the same time

Ali KashifI am unable to run both virtual machines (Windows and Linux) at the same time.. When I try to run the second virtual machine along with the first one, my laptop (4 GB RAM) gets hanged and I could not do anything... Please tell what should I do now?

@SQB it's [su], I #modabuse fixed it for you :P
It's probably the best fit but I'm not sure if they'd take that or not and really I'm not sure what answer the user expects beyond "get more RAM"
@TheLethalCarrot thanks, I was searching.
@NapoleonWilson yeah, of course. I'm basically interested in animation reuse: which film reused the most (both in absolute length and relative to its running time), which film got reused the most (same), which film reused from the most films, which segment got reused the most.
I'm thinking I could put absolute and relative in the same question, so it would be four questions.
@SQB That's...difficult, I guess. ;-) Packing all those questions into one is likely too broad, since they are rather distinct. On the other hand, as individual questions they're...kind of bland.
@NapoleonWilson I'll spread them out over the next couple of days.
I've just asked the first one.
Q: Which Disney film reused the most animation from previous films?

SQBWe know Disney often reused animation from previous films. Do we know which film reused the most? Now I can think of several ways to measure this by, the main two being the absolute length of reused animation, and reused animation as a percentage of the overall running time of the film it was re...

11:33 AM
@SQB That helps a bit, good idea.
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12:56 PM
Q: How does pruning timelines help?

MBEllisIn the Loki series, the TVA is hunting variants. Once they capture a variant, they delete the timeline they were found in using a small tool that they put on the ground. The tool then spreads out a purple light that consumes everything it hits and eventually the whole timeline. But the universe i...

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2:00 PM
@Marvin to help the stronger timelines grow?
@SQB If you just asked "Which classic animated disney films reused animation?" then the answer could just give each, each with a run time and a re-use run time.
I suspect the number is <<50 so should be manageable
@AncientSwordRage hm...
Would make it harder to pick an answer, though, then I'd get a list of "ooh! this one did!" and "wait, I found this one as well."
@SQB well, you pick the answer with the most complete list
It's not a bad suggestion, but I think I'll leave it as it is.
@SQB this would be a good start
2:56 PM
General question about formatting. I was under the impression that we used italics for Show Title and quoting for "Episode Title." Am I wrong?
That's the generally accepted rule, yes
I will say, otherwise Rand won't be happy with me ;P, that if you're editing just to change title formatting it is a little unnecessary
@TheLethalCarrot not just Rand ;)
I generally go with the author's choice, though.
No, I wouldn't do that on my own; I was reviewing an edit.
Author's choice, in this case, was "no formatting." :)
3:14 PM
@Mithical that does override other formatting guidelines
sorry for the extra pinging >_<
go ahead, edit it again to say "guidelines" ;)
I think I will ;p
there we go
time to #modabuse by purging the edit history :D
Quick come up with another word for it
3:18 PM
for the word? :p
that too
4:08 PM
posted on August 05, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: I think I can prove that all SMBC comics are good on a similar basis. Today's News:

4:38 PM
Q: The Evil Within Valério Itchy

Guilherme Woolley In Sebastian’s flashback he sees Valério schatching his head and and imagining torturing himself... Where is this image in his head come from ? Also he disappears ,then after he reappears as haunted? Explain this better

5:00 PM
@AncientSwordRage thx.
5:12 PM
@SQB your welcome
5:51 PM
Q: What's the story behind Amazons hating Atlanteans?

Ricii MAquaman speaks to Diana: Aquaman: I hate Atlanteans as much as you Amazons do. What's the story behind Amazons hating Atlanteans?

6:03 PM
@AncientSwordRage Did you bring enough for everyone?
@DavidW 🤦🏻‍♂️
Just SQB
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7:25 PM
7:49 PM
@SQB Whoa! Dude?! That's totally bogus, no it's heinous!
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9:09 PM
Q: What "Space Rangers" does the TNG writers/directors guide refer to?

O. R. MapperThe Star Trek: The Next Generation Writers/Directors Guide from 1987 mentions in its "What doesn't work" section (emphasis by myself): Treating deep space as a local neighborhood. Too often, script ideas show characters bouncing from solar system to solar system, planet to planet, without the s...

9:58 PM
Q: Why was Dr. Sivana unable to escape?

AdamantNear the end of the film Shazam!, Thaddeus Sivana has been captured and imprisoned in what appears to be an ordinary cell (he is, after all, an ordinary human without the Eye). He desperately writes symbols on the walls of his cell, seemingly seeking to return to the Rock of Eternity and reclaim ...

Q: What episode of *Star-Trek* shows a planet where time runs eeringly fast?

Deschele SchilderI can remember watching a StarTrek episode were the crew entered a region of space where time runs much faster than on bosrd of the Enterprise. At a given moment there is a planet visible, seen from outer space, and one can see that tbey entered the atomic era: bright short flashes of ligbt were ...

10:55 PM
@SQB I always get sad when I realise how much he's been through

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