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3:20 AM
Q: How does the Evangelion Rebuild series vary from the original?

BenSo after watching the Rebuild series for the first time a few years ago, and then re-watching it again after the announcement of 3.0+1.0, I'm wondering exactly how the Rebuild series varies from the original anime? For example, the main identifiable difference is that the ocean is still red after...

Q: How can Dr Stone's presence would save Elinore?

Ricii MWhile returning from the match, Cyborg and his mother met accident. Cyborg survives but his mother didn't. Cyborg claims that if his father present with them, his mother would be alive: Cyborg: If you were there, Mom would still be alive. How can Dr Stone's presence would save Elinore?

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7:02 AM
Q: Is the "time loop" in Evangelion canon, and if so, what causes it?

BenSo the most obvious evidence of the "Time loop" in the Evangelion series is the difference between the Original series and the Rebuild series. I.e. in both the opening sequence is the same, but the major difference is that the ocean is red in the Rebuild series, following the events of the Third ...

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8:17 AM
Q: Can you permanently kill a Phoenix?

ElleIf a Phoenix can regenerate due to natural and unnatural death, can you ever truly kill a Phoenix?? I have a theory but I'm curious what you all think. Is a Phoenix truly immoral or can a Phoenix be killed?

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9:29 AM
Hey, did "last seen" disappear from the profile page, or am I severely overlooking it?
It's gone.
Q: Some changes to the profile while we make it responsive

Aaron ShekeyOn our way to a fully responsive Stack Overflow, we just shipped some changes to the user profile. We won’t be enabling responsiveness just yet, but the top portion will be ready to be squishy. I hope these changes are low impact on our way to a fully responsive profile. Think of this as more a r...

A: Some changes to the profile while we make it responsive

John OmielanOne thing not explicitly mentioned which has also disappeared, at least for now on that screen, is the "Last seen" value. I realize it's only approximate, but I have sometimes found it useful in certain situations, e.g., if I write a comment that I want to be temporary until the person sees it. B...

I can see the privacy angle, must admit I hadn't really thought of it, but I find it very handy in determining if a post is just a drive-by post or whether the user is still active and the post is worth setting a bounty on.
A: Some changes to the profile while we make it responsive

Sabito 錆兎feature-request As a follow up to John Omielan's answer and this comment from animuson: We've actually had quite a few complaints in the past that a "Last seen" indicator public visible is a creepy and intrusive thing to have on a user profile. So I imagine the disappointment will be very 50/50 ...

That seems like the best option to me and if they're trying to align privacy options with what other products do then that would actually match
9:46 AM
Yeah, voted up.
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11:35 AM
Q: What are the benefits and obligations of a world that joins the federation?

Jorge CórdobaI've seen numerous questions about the requisites for a given civilization to join the federation and this is mentioned on some episodes of TNG. However, in the end, I assume that joining the Federation is a political agreement, much like joining European Union is. As such, there must be certain ...

2 hours later…
1:17 PM
@SQB I don't see it myself. Okay maybe "30 seconds ago" is too close to real-time (though I still don't really see it), but at least "today," "yesterday," "8 months ago" would give an idea if there's any point commenting on an older post, for instance.
Personally I think posting your social identifiers (which is apparently not an issue) is a far greater breach of any privacy one might expect.
1:29 PM
@DavidW if somebody doesn't post that soon I will
Though, on the other hand you could say there's always a point in commenting on a post on SE, disregarding its age or the activity of its author. Thinking the author won't read it shouldn't really detract you from providing constructive commentary, let alone answers.
While that's a lofty goal, it can be a bit draining to comment and post without getting a response.
Like talking to a wall.
I guess in ID certainly, which derives a lot of its motivation from actually answering someone's question and less so from providing engaging content.
My use case would be, did they log in after my comment? If so, and they didn't respond that's different than if they didn't log in yet
Yes. Though, I mostly need that for moderation purposes, like knowing when to delete a comment or more serious actions. And fortunately moderators still have that info.
1:49 PM
A: Community VP Questions: What's the best of Stack?

PureferretWhen we found the Story where the number 3 is the monster? Sci-Fi Stack exchange has a bit of a reputation for identifying stories, and really this whole post is about that. But the linked question is really an exemplar of that. It sat unanswered for 4 years before somebody managed to post an acc...

@NapoleonWilson true
@AncientSwordRage Rand has that in his already, though.
Didn't know it was asked by an SE employee, though.
Q: How did Dr. Strange behold 14,000,605 possible timelines within a single day?

Mr. Sigma.Even if it takes 1 second to behold a possible outcome, it should have taken 14000605/(60x60x24) = 162 days to behold all the possible outcomes. But it seems from the plot that he took only few minutes or hours to behold all the possibilities? So, how could he see all the 14M possibilities?

Q: What was that show that had anthropomorphic animals (with the main character as a pig i think)

Jak_BundleI don't remember a lot from this show but I remember a pig gaining/ jumping another animal (maybe a hog or something) saying "You shut it smelly mammoth brains or I will mash you like a potato!" I think the pig was angry at somethin' I don't know..

@NapoleonWilson whuuuh... I don't remember seeing that
Oh I see it now
I'll keep mine up
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3:42 PM
Q: Would a Boggart-Hulk be able to do major damage inside a classroom if a student would have had a great fear of the Hulk?

user57467I am wondering when students at Hogwarts were learning how to deal with Boggarts, if one of the students would have had a great fear of the Hulk, once the Boggart turned into the Hulk, would it have the strength and durability of the Hulk and be able to do major damage inside the classroom? For e...

4:01 PM
posted on August 06, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: For the record, missiles and blimps don't really work from a physics standpoint, but don't let that stop you being true to your bloodlust. Today's News:

4:56 PM
Q: In Disney's animated "One Hundred and One Dalmatians", how does a poor couple in 1960s England afford a house maid?

PongoThey present the male as a starving artist living alone in a small London apartment with Pongo the dog. Once he meets the female, they cut to them living in a different little "house" (looks more like an apartment) but now with a house maid/cook! In the "behind the scenes" of this movie, they mak...

5:18 PM
Lotsa stuff disappearing really fast. :)
They don't call him The Lethal Carrot for nuthin'
6:15 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, blacklisted website in answer (266): Does Mik need eye contact in order to hypnotize? by Tracy on scifi.SE
And then one catches him out! :)
5 min is slow! I shouldn't have gone to the bathroom :p
@Randal'Thor you'll be so pleased. I answered something over on [Lit.SE]
6:41 PM
@DavidW I just had to go get some food, ugh!
7:00 PM
Q: Wall-E question

Thomas HaeyenIn the deleted scene of wall-E, "Secret files" when auto analyses the plant, a code appears on the screen before a pop up saying "ORIGIN-EARTH" appears. Can someone please explain what this code means, and put it in the answer section? Its kind of a silly question, but whatever.

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8:53 PM
May I suggest some mild #ModAbuse to nuke the revision containing the phishing attempt?
If possible, that is.
On the copyright posts?
9:07 PM
I think there's something on Meta about removing links from hidden revisions.
We've not been nuking nuking them and they're already behind a spam barrier, if someone clicks at that point it's kind of on them
I believe redacting revision history is also quite a reserved process
There's this
Q: Allow moderators to hide a revision

GordonSometimes users accidentally post credentials or sensitive information in their posts. Although it's easy to edit those post then, the revision list will still show that information. Deleting the post would be an option, but I assume it will also be somewhat annoying to users, even if it's for ...

I think it's mainly for PII, redacting spam links (especially once nuked) can be done but not really necessary
This is the one:
Q: Temporarily block (disable) links in spam-flagged posts

DavidWToday there was a spam post (copy for <10k users) to Science Fiction & Fantasy whose purpose appeared to be to induce people to click a malicious link. At least one user did: First of all, the answer box is not the place for this sort of thing. Secondly, what images are you alleging are being i...

9:41 PM
@SQB I'm a bit disappointed that hasn't even been acknowledged... *sigh*
9:54 PM
Q: Is there an intentional parallel between Detroit:Become Human and The Matrix?

AnixxAs I see it: Architect-Amanda, Neo-Connor, Morpheus-Marcus, Kamski-Merovingen, Zion-Jericho, Smith-Perkins, Pythia-Lucy, etc.

10:44 PM
Q: Man in mental asylum claims bomb is slowly destroying earth

H.A. TreesongThis is what I remember from a story I read at least 40 years ago. A man in a mental asylum claims a bomb (dropped half the world away?) is slowly destroying earth. In a few weeks the destruction caused by the bomb is spreading, according to the man, who is at first afraid and agitated, but is ge...


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