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12:29 AM
Q: Manga where the protagonist saves two of his friends, but in doing so, winds up trapped in a cave fighting monsters for ten years

Jessery GuzmanI'm looking for a manga I read a long time ago but can't seem to remember the name, I need some help. In this manga, the MC is in a cave with two other men and while they're resting, a monster attacks them, but the cave was closing in, so the MC took it upon himself to fight the monster while the...

1:04 AM
The Litany for Hand Washing?
@fredsbend that's a good one
In a public bathroom at the restaurant I had lunch today. It was a Ramen shop!
I guess the new movie is scheduled for Oct 1. I don't know half the cast, but of the half I do know I expect a strong performance.
I'm trying to not let my expectations spoil it.
Some of those actors already have an intense gaze. I worry about losing that if they interpret Herbert's "blue within blue" literally.
2:04 AM
Q: Trying to find a short story where a dragon is impersonating a wizard

MysticI just remembered a memory of a short story I read back in middle school. From what I remember, the story starts off with the 'wizard' blowing smoke into the sky as he looks down on the local village from his home atop the nearby hill (or mountain?). Then a local villager begins to discuss rumors...

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3:40 AM
Q: Why does Padme still have a belly even after child birth?

Louis MarieWhy does Padme still have a belly even after child birth? Here is the picture of Padme's dead body. I believe she gave birth before death. Is she died with baby in her body?

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5:17 AM
Q: What was the point of this device in the Mandalorian?

Sophie the Jedi KnightMandalorian season 2 spoilers In episode 7 of season 2 of The Mandalorian, Din and Mayfeld break into an Imperial facility. They have to use a certain device (I can't remember if it had a name) to get the information they need. However, the device has a facial scanner that Mayfeld says he can't...

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11:25 AM
@fredsbend I don't like that graphics. It's missing a step that would wash the area around the wrist.
11:55 AM
posted on April 24, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: I'm pretty sure TH White would've been 100% cool putting regicide in a kids' book. Today's News:

12:05 PM
Q: Can you identify this Indiana Jones-like hero?

Tom Can you identify this hero? This photo was used in a games magazine "Top Secret #2" published in December 1990. Here's the whole page: On the top they used a photo from Full Metal Jacket movie so it seems they just used random photos to illustrate games.

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4:07 PM
Q: Is the Muffin Man in Shrek an allusion to the old woman from the Gingerbread Man fairytale?

Alex DownsIn the Gingerbread Man fairytale, it was an old woman who made Gingy. But in Shrek, it was the Muffin Man who made him. So IS he an allusion to the old woman from the original fairytale? If not, could the “she” who Gingy refers to in Shrek 1 be her?

4:19 PM
@b_jonas I've never seen that step in any of the handwashing guides. (Google image search)
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6:30 PM
Q: How good of a King would Grumpy have been if his wife had not been disinherited?

Alex DownsIn Shrek the Musical, it is revealed that Lord Farquaad was born to the Princess from the Princess and the Pea and Grumpy from Disney’s Snow White. The Princess was apparently disinherited from her title as Princess when she married Grumpy. But if she was NOT disinherited, would Grumpy have been ...

7:19 PM
Q: tik tok of a man trapped in a building with no exits

DesI watched a snippet of something a while back ( I checked in my history of the videos I watched and still can't find it ) that mentioned a tik tok of a man who was trapped in a building in a parrallel universe where there are no exits the part it showed was him walking down stairs and then from t...

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8:56 PM
Q: What's the Sci-fi book where wizards fight in their towers a worldwide war?

YeOldeMan_The style resembles Piers Anthony's books... However, none of Anthony's books seems to fit the description, so the book is not from him, just similar to his style. Thanks in advance!

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10:07 PM
Q: gerry anderson universe links

jimMotivated by this question, are there any other links mentioned between other in either the TV 21 stories (comic or annuals) and TV shows (see the comment by GordonD)? For example. this link (that is "The official YouTube account of Anderson Entertainment & the Gerry Anderson Estate" and likely ...


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