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1:21 AM
Q: Movie on alien planet with man shot through tube of breathable liquid

MickiiFirst of all, no it's not "The Abyss" or "Mission to Mars" (unless I'm really remembering that one wrongly.) I can only remember what I'm pretty sure is the ending. Wherein a man in a spacesuit walks to a monolithic structure with a dark backdrop. When inside he talks with a female alien I think ...

1:46 AM
@DavidW it's still an important step
2:01 AM
Q: Who speculated that the sin for which there is no forgiveness is destroying love in another person?

Ellen SpertusI remember reading a work of fiction, possibly by a Russian writer (translated into English), in which a character says that the Jesuits (?) write of a mysterious sin for which there is no forgiveness and that he/she thinks it is destroying love in another person. I'm normally good at finding thi...

Q: Was it coincidence that Omar and Anna met?

AdamantIn the Italian series Zero, Omar met Anna when she ordered pizza from the restaurant that he worked for, and he walked into her apartment since no one was answering the door. He later discovers that her father is the developer who is planning to buy up his neighborhood, and who is paying people t...

2:32 AM
@AncientSwordRage Considering this putative step hasn't been described, I can hardly dispute that. ;) My point was that, if this is a genuine error/failing, it is certainly a widespread one (nearly universal, apparently).
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3:45 AM
Q: Manga where main character joins two people on an adventure to try and control his power

I'd like to Be immortalThe mc is either reincarnated or summoned (I can't remember) and is like really op but he can't control his power so it goes off randomly. He joins two people on an adventure to try and control his power, the party is like a child and a knight I think, the whole story is about the shenanigans he ...

Q: A manga about reincarnation

Kaede AzusagawaThe manga about a hero after defeat or doing something with the demon lord,he got back to his original world but then all of his classmate and him got reincarnated to the same world he used to be.I remember that the demon lord is a female and the hero said that she fit black clothes the best.Hope...

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4:54 AM
@DavidW That search finds scoopasia.com/… which shows such a step, but yes, apparently it's rare on these diagrams.
5:45 AM
Q: Does anyone know the name of this series? I believe I first read them almost 10 years ago

Nina I have an absolutely terrible memory and could be conflating several plots here, but all I can remember is that there was some sort of virus or disease or something that was wiping out a majority of the population, and there were people that were born with different genetics and somehow able to a...

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7:22 AM
Q: In Harry Potter, what kind of home life do those born to a wizard and a Muggle have?

Alex DownsWizarding families are all magical, spells and charms being performed by older siblings and parents on a regular basis. Families of Muggle-borns are just Muggle normality, up until the Muggle-born’s 11th birthday. Then we have those who are born to a wizard and a Muggle (those who actually LIVE w...

8:11 AM
Q: Elemental magic book series YA

Hukk2010I am looking to identify a book series I read as a child. This is what I remember. I read it between 1992 and 1996, and I would guess the complete series was published around 1990 It was a five book series. Each book centered on one school child that developed an elemental power (air,fire,water,e...

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11:02 AM
Q: Isn't Juliet Butler an expert in 8 martial arts?

Infinity MilestoneIn the chapter 'Running in the Family', the following lines are written :- By the time she was eight, Juliet was a third Dan black belt in seven disciplines. By eleven, she was beyond belts. In the same chapter :- These lessons included Cos Ta'pa, a martial art developed by Madame Ko herself,....

11:27 AM
Q: Anime with a girl stuck on top of a huge mech that was walking towards a city; she had to disable (or enable) a bomb by remembering a phrase

LiamWhen I was a child in the early 2000s, I remember watching what I believed to be an anime. I can only remember vague details, however I remember the style being that of the '90s, and it being set in a futuristic landscape. A major scene was a girl stuck on top of a huge mech that was walking towa...

12:14 PM
Q: What universities provide a path to a Starfleet commission?

Robert ColumbiaIn the main Star Trek universe, most Starfleet officers that we meet attend Starfleet Academy in San Francisco before receiving their first commission in Starfleet as an Ensign, but at least two officers, Spock and Michael Burnham, are apparently graduates of the Vulcan Science Academy instead. A...

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2:42 PM
Q: Why didn't Camp Half Blood use a lot of engineering for defense?

NatruI know there is a lot of use of traps and defences and stuff, but they always seem to be dependent on physical combat. Considering there are sons and daughters of Haephastus there simply weren't many impressive defences, that was even as close to the ones in ancient times or even in Camp Jupiter....

2:56 PM
posted on April 25, 2021 by tech

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3:06 PM
Q: Is Pennywise a Lovecraftian?

A. E. SamIT spawned one of Stephen King's scariest creations: Pennywise, a shape-shifting creature from a cosmic origin. Could it be a Lovecraftian monster?

3:55 PM
Q: Sci-fi short story about why you only find one shoe on the road

Joe ParatoLooking for the name and author of a science fiction short story about why you only ever find one shoe on the side of the road. Hot babe picks up hitchhiker in a nice sports car. Hot babe turns into alien monster and EATS hitchhiker. Throws one shoe out window.

Q: Will we ever find out the Master's real name?

ravenclawasMaybe the Doctor's name is dangerous but what about the Master's? I think it would be very interesting to find out what the Master's name is. After all, the Master is a reappearing villain in Doctor Who and is said to be the Doctor's oldest friend. He even sends Missy a confession dial!

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5:08 PM
Q: Metal gear solid 2 script question

Guilherme WoolleyOtacon : Everything’s going okay? Snake : The stealth camo’s busted. Landing impact. Otacon : We must have overused it. Sorry, but you’re going to have to deal with it. You’re not in the military anymore. Snake : Right. I didn’t plan on relying on this gadget anyway. Otacon : The privat...

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11:37 PM
Q: Kids' book where poor boy finds magic stone in field and swallows it, becoming a dragon

AyshaCan anyone help me identify this book I read at school during the early 2000s? The children’s book was about a poor boy who goes to cut grass in a field every day. A certain area of the field grows grass quicker than the other areas, and when the boy goes to that area he finds a magic stone and t...

Q: I'm looking for the name of a story I read when I was a teen

ZeldaIt's not much but what I could remember is that a school had a history of an entire class going missing. Some kids found a secret entrance in the school (I think it was an elevator that when sideways instead of up and down) that lead to a sealed off classroom where they found the missing class an...

Q: Short story (old) about the rapid progression of technology

InkedZooCan anyone tell me the name of a science fiction short story where a spaceship is sent out on an exploration mission from Earth. And then after a few years, the progress of technology is such that humanity spreads to local space and picks up the forgotten original spacecraft as a relic? With the ...


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