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Q: Did anyone else know that Jabba the hutts rancor has a ear piercing

Rylan HorningDid anyone know that jabba the hutts rancor had a ear piercing Yes Jabba the Hutts rancor has a ear piercing.yes I have just noticed that Jabba the Hutts rancor has a ear piercing while watching the return of the Jedi

Q: Young adult fantasy book about a young girl who thought she was human, until she stumbles into a fairy court and is revealed to be a changeling

PeapodI need help! I've been trying to find this book and it's driving me crazy. From what I remember of the story is: A young girl for years thought she was human until one day she stumbles into a fairy court and is revealed to be a changeling. Not wanting to be involved in the drama she returns home ...

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Q: Is there a canonical reason as to why Bucky got "nerfed" throughout the MCU?

yuritsukiIn Winter Soldier we see him going toe to toe with multiple Avenger-level people including Black Widow, Falcon, and Captain America himself. Obviously we can attribute this to his training and status still being within HYDRA. In Civil War, the 1st half shows he still has incredible combat prowe...

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Q: How did Captain American return the Soul Stone?

Ashish YadavAfter watching Avengers: Endgame for the nth time, I just thought how did Captain America return the Soul Stone on Vormir (I guess)?

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Q: How does Obi-Wan owe one to Anakin if he doesn't get saved?

Louis MarieAnakin says to Obi-Wan: Anakin: All right. But you owe me one, and not for saving your skin for the tenth time. How does Obi-Wan owe one to Anakin if he doesn't get saved ?

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posted on April 17, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Borges in the morning, Shakespeare mid-day, Tao Yuanming before bed, Plato when you wake up at 3am. Today's News:

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Q: Were the clones originally supposed to be mind controlled?

Sophie the Jedi KnightThis question is a little out-of-universe, but it's got me curious. In Attack of the Clones, we see the massive clone army that Palpatine has secretly arranged for the Republic. These clones are assigned to and fight alongside the Jedi until, in Revenge of the Sith, Palpatine tells them to "Exec...

Q: Science fiction story involving a psychologist having to locate and talk down a car AI that plans to explode its aftermarket bomb

FuzzyBootsI'd swear I found this one on the site, but I'm having difficulties locating it now. The basic conflict is that, somewhere in a large city, there's a car with an explosive device that's threatening to go off unless someone can provide the right security code. It's communicating electronically, bu...

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Q: In Beauty and the Beast, what if the Prince showed kindness to the Enchantress?

Alex DownsIn the prologue of both Disney Beauty and the Beast adaptations, the Prince turned down the old woman simply because of her appearance, so she turned into the Enchantress and cursed the castle. But what if the Prince actually showed kindness to the Enchantress? How would she have rewarded him?

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Q: Do the Q Exist In the Abrams Star Trek Universe?

MissouriSpartanIn the Abrams Star Trek universe, do the Q exist? Any reference to them in or out of universe? Any novelizations, comics, commentaries, or quotes from Abrams or writers about them?

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Q: Did the makers of the Kingdom of Hearts take inspiration from Shrek the Third when casting Susan Blakeslee as the Evil Queen?

Alex DownsIn Shrek the Third (which was released in 2007), the Evil Queen was voiced by Susan Blakeslee. 3 years later (2010), Blakeslee voiced Disney’s version of the character in the video game Kingdom of Hearts: Birth By Sleep. Did the makers of that game watch Shrek the Third and get impressed by Blake...

Q: Book about subterranean world entered thru sub-basements

General ElectronI read this in a paperback in 1969 or 1970. The underground world was lit by some glowing fungus. The fungus might also have been sort of hallucinatory, and there was a bit of a druggy feel to things, although perhaps I am only remembering the times. Any building big enough to have a sub-baseme...

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Q: Where is Prince Phillip’s mother in Sleeping Beauty?

Alex DownsIn the original story by Charles Perrault, the Prince’s mother was an ogre who tried to eat Sleeping Beauty and her children. In Maleficent Mistress of Evil, she goes by the name of Queen Ingrith and tried to get rid of the creatures from the Moors. But she’s nowhere to be seen in Sleeping Beauty...

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Q: Does the Imperium provide next-of-kin benefits?

Ryan_LReading this page on the Warhammer 40k wiki, I noticed the Medallion Crimson is usually issued posthumously, which seemed odd to me. I had assumed the average fallen guardsmen was forgotten the moment they were buried, just judging by the tone with which their deaths are treated. If they're for...

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Q: Animated movie (or series). A robot gives someone a flower. Floating islands

DonaldI remember a scene from a movie where like a iron golem or machine gives a person a flower and I think they were in a floating island.

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Q: Looking for a certain manga that I was reading last night

Art0302I completely lost the manga and I need help finding it. The main character is reincarnated as a dungeon master (or demon lord just something along those lines.) and he befriends an ancient dragon. A hero is sent to scout out his dungeon but the mc sets up like ghosts and the hero gets scared of t...

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Q: Did Sic Mundus exist in some form in the Original World?

RaphaelIn the third season of Dark, we learn that both Adam and Eva's worlds spawned from the destruction of the Original World when H.G. Tannhaus activated his time machine prototype in an attempt to go back in time and prevent the death of his family. This world is restored when Jonas and Martha trave...


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