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12:27 AM
Q: Whats the manga name, possibly reincarnated as a prince with water attribute

user140007So I can't remember if it was someone that was reincarnated but I think they had memories of a past life. They were born as a prince. When they had their status checked at birth, he saw E+S for water, but everyone else saw SS (so he will be the lord/ in charge of a water territory later on?). Eve...

12:56 AM
Q: Looking for manga about reincarnated boy, abandoned by parents for lack of skills, and becomes a young adventurer named Larucu

LeoraI'm looking for a manga and just can't remember the name of it. It's about a boy who was killed in his (today's modern) world but he wasn't supposed to die, but another evil" god intervened in his life. God sends him to another world to reincarnate with some abilities as an apology. He ends up re...

Q: Error; Stuck in a barrier-like dungeon; Isekai Identification

MeepI'm looking for a webtoon where the protagonist was on his way to buying his mom some sort of food that she was asking for. He ends up stuck in the lvl 1 dungeon that's basically an enclosed prison. There he has to fight this big monster over and over. He dies many times, but also kills the same ...

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2:39 AM
Q: Searching for a sci-fi novel about Quetzalcoatl

BobstampI am trying to locate a sci-fi book that I read in my teens, something like 65 years ago! That would have been in the 1950s; I was born in 1943 and became an avid sci-fi reader when I was about 15. I don’t recall the title of the novel, nor any details about the plot. The setting was the Yucatan,...

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5:24 AM
Q: Trying to find movie I watched about 10 years ago

Tyler JTrying to find a movie I watched about 10 years ago, I don’t remember much of the plot nor the title and I’m trying to figure it out. •crane smashes into apartment building •father is trying to find son •based in new york maybe? •(sphere like?) computer/ai has multiple surveillance cameras and wa...

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8:50 AM
Q: What Cabell story were Kuttner & Moore alluding to in "The Children's Hour"?

user14111From the novelette "The Children's Hour" by Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore (first published in Astounding Science Fiction, March 1944, available at the Internet Archive): "Supermen?" Lessing echoed. With an obvious effort he forced his mind into focus and sat up straighter, looking at Dyke with a...

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9:52 AM
Q: Fate of Captain Wu of HMS Comantary

JontiaAt the start of A Rising Thunder, a Captain Wu of HMS Comantary has quite a lengthy introductory scene. During his time on stage Captain Wu introduces the escalating nature of the conflict between Manticore and the Solarian League, describes the mandatory recall notice issued to all shipping and ...

10:20 AM
Q: In the book Eragon why didn't Brom just tell Eragon that he was his father?

THE DRAGON QUEENEragon found out that Brom is his father in the book Brisingr. Oromis provides a reason why Brom didn't tell Eragon this but I think it was something else.

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12:19 PM
posted on April 16, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: We considered redirecting them and then decided we didn't deserve to. Today's News:

12:54 PM
Q: In Maleficent,where is King Henry’s queen and Princess Leila’s mother?

Alex DownsIn the beginning of Maleficent, King Henry led an attack against the Moors, but Maleficent injured him. On his deathbed, he promised the throne to whoever would kill Maleficent, which led to Stefan cutting her wings off and presenting them to the King, thus he becomes Princess Leila’s husband and...

1:49 PM
Q: Where was Snow White’s father, the King, during the events of the Disney film?

Alex DownsIn the original story, Snow White’s biological mother, the Good Queen, died in childbirth, leading the King to marry the Evil Queen. But where was the King in the Disney adaptation? In a book about said adaptation from 1987, it said the King was poisoned by the Evil Queen, but is that really canon?

2:36 PM
Greetings, Earthlings, Robots, et al.
2:55 PM
bleepity bloop
@AncientSwordRage Are you going to be doing a robot version of Cinderella? For some reason that reminds me of the song Bippity-Boppety-Boo.
@Donald.McLean wasn't that in Bednobs and Broomsticks?
no, no I really do need to finish my disney marathon
3:57 PM
@Donald.McLean yup I remember now
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5:20 PM
@Spencer the summary I found of Empire Star looks very interesting
@DavidW the summary of Babel-17 is intriguing, but not sure it matches up with what sort of thing I'm after in the same way? Not sure how to explain; I'll still give it a go
@Donald.McLean looks extremely interesting, but I can see at least from the summary, that it's very strange
Q: What is the backstory of the 3rd alternate timeline in Cursed Child?

Alex DownsAfter creating 2 alternate timelines (one where Ron marries Padma Patil and one where Voldemort ruled the Wizarding world), Scorpius, with the help of the alternate Snape, Ron and Hermione, travelled to the First Task and stopped the other Scorpius interfering with the task. The then travelled to...

5:40 PM
@AncientSwordRage That's fair. Nobody's going to twist your arm to read something. :)
6:34 PM
@DavidW at this point I may need them to
Apr 7 at 21:17, by AncientSwordRage
I haven't finished a book in years
@AncientSwordRage Empire Star has the best first-page hook of anything I've ever read.
Plus it's short, so it'll be easier to finish.
Q: First contact book where humans, humanoid cat people and other aliens are captured to fight for their alien captors

LeeHumans are captured, transported to an alien starship, then brutally trained to fight by fighting each other. Ultimately a leader emerges and his trained team is then introduced to other captured alien teams. One of the other alien teams are humaniod cat people, who the human leader wins a female...

@Spencer awesome
7:09 PM
Could anyone help me identify this manga? An average office worker is summoned to a generic medieval European fantasy world, where they get stuck in the early stages and gain lots of XP, until their hidden level is much higher than their apparent level. Then they proceed to lay waste to all their enemies, probably gaining an improbably attractive and poorly-characterized love interest along the way.
Q: Title of late 80's/90's japanese live-action tv mini series featuring a female cyborg named Maria

Oscar GonzalezLooking for the Title of a late 80's, early 90's Japanese live-action tv mini series featuring a female cyborg or robot named Maria clad in black armor (perhaps her body actually). I think it was a mini series since it was broadcasted on over the air tv in Mexico in early 90's.

I have another one where a whole high school class is summoned to a medieval European fantasy world, and they all gain powers, but the main schlub gets a useless power that will eventually make them extremely powerful. They then proceed to lay waste to all their enemies and gain an improbably attractive and poorly-characterized love interest.
These highly specific descriptions cannot match more than one story, right?
I am boggled that there are so many apparently quantumly different titles.
It's like someone programmed a quantum computer to compute a plot, but then read off every possible state, and not merely the highest probability one.
7:51 PM
@Adamant Whatever it is, you'll find it in the Library of Babel.
Q: Identify a book which opens with the death of a very large alien and the dispersal or suicide of its human subjects/servants/soldiers

astainesIn (possibly) the late '70s or the early '80s I read the first chapter of a book in a store. It was in English. I meant to go back and buy it and forgot. All I remember is this It opens with a human, I think an officer in an army, reflecting on the death of his boss/king/lord who is physically a ...

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9:34 PM
@Adamant you've pretty much described the Hero's Journey, with the Iskei framing device.
There's going to be a lot of overlap with a lot of these stories, because people enjoy them and want to read similar things
1 hour later…
10:55 PM
@AncientSwordRage Isekai tends to be much more stereotyped than the "hero's journey," which is more generic.
At least, the handful of plots I mentioned are.
@Adamant I'm not seeing a crazy amount of difference
@AncientSwordRage Sure there is. I am not talking about the "Isekai framing device," but rather a few specific stereotyped plotlines associated with it.
In a "hero's journey" story, the hero might have an obvious power that they need to develop, no "powers" whatsoever, powers that are secondary to other unique qualities (like their intelligence or compassion), start out the story without the need to develop their powers much and focus on their emotional development, and so forth, and their abilities may or may not be overpowered relative to the setting.
Whereas there are about 100 isekai manga where the lead has a useless skill, described in explicitly RPG terms, which will end up making them overpowered
And there are another 100 where the character gets stuck in a tutorial level and grinds against weak enemies until they get a high hidden score and go to the "main level."
And another 100 where the character is summoned into a dating simulation and takes the role of the female romantic rival.
There seems to be much less variety in large swathes of isekai manga than in the RPGs that inspire them.
11:58 PM
Q: Why is Tom toothless in Harry Potter?

DentalmagicIn Harry Potter, the publican of the Leaky Cauldron is described as toothless. Why is this, given that (as Hermione shows) magic can regrow teeth?


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