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Q: Michael Moorcock Eternal Champion book with Norse theme and six 'planes'

KnomI remember reading a Michael Moorcock Eternal Champion book in mid-1980's with a kind-of medieval Norse theme and six separate 'planes', but can't figure out what the title is. Here are some details I remember: The planes had Germanic sounding names all ending in 'heim', like 'Flugensheim' Peopl...

1:33 AM
Q: YA/Teen book regarding a boy looking for his father, who later meets a future version of himself among alien technology

AugustoI have a lot of what I believe to be correct memories regarding this book, and it has recently been bothering me extremely that I am unable to find what the book (or book series) actually is. From what I can remember, the main character's name was Rat (something with R I think), and he lives on a...

1:50 AM
Q: Looking for the author of a story I read in school

kosmosMany years back, in school, I read a story about a tourist who goes to a new country and gets a tattoo from a renowned artist. When the artist dies, the two countries fight for the rights to the tattoo on the back and the tourist is detained. A diplomatic crisis ensues. Finally, a fanatic throws ...

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@AncientSwordRage meh
@Jenayah non?
I did see it, but it was a meh floof
9:30 AM
@Jenayah but it's soft and squishy
@SQB same energy
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11:04 AM
Q: Who is the actress playing the school teacher in the first scene of the movie "Village of the Damned" (1960)?

Greg PhilipDoes anyone know the name of the actress playing the school teacher in the first scene of the movie Village of the Damned? She has a speaking part but doesn't seem to be listed anywhere.

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12:10 PM
I don't know enough about the man or his works to eulogize him, but Terry Goodkind has passed. tor.com/2020/09/17/…
@FuzzyBoots likewise
12:59 PM
posted on September 18, 2020 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Lack of rule by aardvarks is called aardvarkanarchy. Rule by lack of aardvarks is anaardvarkiarchy. It's very common. Today's News:

1:58 PM
Q: Anime with Nanotech armor. The nanites are in the blood stream and form armor when attacked

Crowz NiteI rented a movie back in 2005 on the Anime Network. One scene explains how the armor works. The nanobots are in the bloodstream and when attacked the bots rush up from the blood stream up to the skin to form some kind of armor/barrier. They are fighting blob monsters that are killing people. It w...

2:15 PM
Q: If Sauron made The One ring, why couldn't he just make another, even better, instead of searching for the first?

MorgothAs all of us who have read Silmarillion know, Sauron wasn't the original "Lord of Darkness". In fact, he is a much lesser, and later, one. Melkor (AKA "Morgoth") was the original. Knowing this, it's almost difficult to take Sauron seriously, since he wasn't one of the original beings from the ver...

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4:51 PM
Q: Noble must free his planet from enslavement by a telepathic alien

DavidWI don't know the length of this; it's probably more than a short story, but it may only be a novelette. I read this more than 20 years ago, but based on the feel it was probably a much older story. Might have been in an anthology, but I can't recall which. The protagonist is a noble of some sor...

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7:01 PM
Q: RIP Terry Goodkind

TimSparrowFantasy author Terry Goodkind, known for his long-running The Sword of Truth series, has died at the age of 72. His agent confirmed his passing to Tor Books and Tor.com. Quoted from Tor Books website Born in 1948, Goodkind first established a career as a woodworker and artist, before eventually ...

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8:10 PM
Q: Looking for book with illustrations of whimsical unicycle factory

qwrI believe this was a book of hand-drawn illustrations, somewhat like Stephen Biesty works or Where's Waldo books. I saw it in the mid 2000s up to early 2010s. The only picture I remember was a whimsical unicycle/bicycle factory with wheels rolling down yellow tracks, in a manner more like a Rube ...

Q: A story to do with Plato's cave, robots, and a vague dystopian twist

LouI have a very vague memory of a science fiction book I read a long time ago, which if I'm not mistaken involved Plato's cave, or characters who had names like Plato, Socrates and other Greek philosophers. I think that the characters might have been either robots, or cyborgs, or something like tha...

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9:54 PM
@Marvin sounds non-fictional let alone sff
10:21 PM
No one else agree?
10:39 PM
Q: Cartoon show with a blonde boy in a white shirt who found a necklace in a vase with which he can summon a creature

RowlanI watched a show a few years back and I want to rewatch it, but I can't remember the name of it. It was about a blonde haired boy with a white shirt that broke open a vase accidentally and found a necklace and later finds out it summons a creature out of it. It was sort of in an anime style and t...

Q: What elements in the movie Steel are from the comics and were any later added to the comics?

Donatello SwansinoSteel is a movie. Supposedly, it's based on the DC Comics character John Henry Irons/Steel. Was anything from the comics used in a the film besides having a character named John Henry Irons who puts on a suit of armor? Was anything from the film later brought into the comics? These elements inclu...

11:03 PM
Q: Cyberpunk alternative worlds through television

Norman HaggettWhat i remember of the book shows a cover with a young man wearing a visor and a metal mohawk. The story describes the main character as someone who watches TV for the government and he's able to watch a lot of tv shows on a lot of channels simultaneously taking in more information than anyone el...


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