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2:49 AM
Q: In wood walker, why did Mona do this

EngrStudentI’m reading Woodwalker by Emily B. Martin. In chapter 13, near the end of the story, Mona does this: “She gave me a pat on the shoulder on her way out the door. I winced at the flash of pain this brought, knowing full well it was intentional.” Excerpt From Woodwalker Emily B. Martin https://books...

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4:03 AM
Q: Sonic weapon used by necromancer -- does air have enough density to transmit power like that?

releseabeI think there are real-life sonic weapons that can kill people but the actual explosions/almost complete disintegration that the necromancer's weapon causes seems unrealistic -- no matter how much power she had to produce the sounds, the vibrations still have to be transmitted. In a vacuum it wou...

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6:32 AM
Q: Kid science picture book 1970s with Marie Curie

TARDIS007Looking for title of kids picture book from the 1970s or early 1980s about science. It was like an encyclopedia or "what do I want to be when I grow up" type of book. Explained about Marie Curie (among others, book was not about her specifically). Might also have mentioned Helen Keller, joy of l...

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8:22 AM
@Randal'Thor I really should get around to asking if there's a cannon in Conan canon.
@Null It also doesn't help that in Dutch both words are with a single n; they just begin with a different letter. Cannon is kanon in Dutch, while canon remains the same. They're pronounced differently, though. In canon the first syllable is stressed, in kanon the second. And now you know.
9:18 AM
Q: Help in finding a book

The Social HermitIn 2008 I read a book (fiction) about a boy living with a carnival. The carnival was a bunch of radical environmentaists. I can't recall the title or the author so I'm hoping somebody on here can help me. I read the book whilst sitting beside my mother's bed in hospital and I have brain dog about...

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10:45 AM
@Babelfish There are definitely some mornings I could use a brain dog.
"I can't recall that memory. Fetch, boy! Go fetch!"
Brain Dog
That's like a less gross version of Resident Evil's Lickers
For some definition of "less".
11:01 AM
I nominate it for the Daily Floof
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12:39 PM
12:56 PM
@AncientSwordRage "brainy floof"
I see your brainy floof and I raise you a drainy floof
further proof cats are liquid
@Skooba Smart move
or actually this is may be evidence they are not liquid, because if it was, it should be going down the drain.
Cats are clever though, clearly put the plug in
1:00 PM
oh touche!
1:34 PM
Q: Short story about a crew finding an ancient alien ship?

MarkRead it in an old collection that I can't recall. Ultimately, a crew of astronauts find an empty alien structure/ship, and it is filled with tons of artifacts from their society. There is some duplicity among the astronauts. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful here. I feel like its a Clarke sto...

Especially the ending. It seems all over, then wamp! wamp! wamp! wamp!
You done kicked yoself!
> It hurt itself in its confusion!
3:13 PM
Q: Is Harry Potter a powerful wizard?

user2502368Is Harry Potter a powerful wizard / is he historically remembered as such? When thinking about powerful wizards, like Albus Silente, Tom Riddle, Gellert Grindelwald (or even Severus Piton), the general impression is that they seem to have a clear idea of what they are doing when it comes to magi...

3:38 PM
Q: Any idea how fast Mag 1 is from Skyward?

Ceramicmrno0bI've ready through the book Skyward once and then skimmed it a few times, but can't find any number related to Mag 1, which is described as their normal combat speed. I might just be missing a sentence, but since I only have a paper version I can't exactly do ctrl+f and search through every refer...

4:02 PM
Q: Movie where a guy is sent to a sandy planet where time moves really fast but slow to the outside observer

Kalea WilsonAll I remember is the guy was sent to a planet to test something or he did something illegal, and time moved really fast on the planet but slow to the outside world. He had to fix something to leave the planet I think. His dad was also dying and he checked how many days he had left every day, but...

4:19 PM
posted on September 17, 2020 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Eventually the wolf just loses interest. Today's News:

4:38 PM
@Marvin sounds interesting
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5:42 PM
Q: Streaming series with game levels to unlock that lead to a house with a creepy tree

DavoIn 2018 or 2019, I streamed a (live action) series (I only saw one season) which was probably made in 2010 or later, set in a California city in the present or near future. There was some kind of an augmented reality game with many levels, with some huge reward (owning the game company maybe?) to...

Q: Can legilimency be felt?

havakokin Harry Potter, and the Order of the Phoenix, when Snape is teaching Occlumency to Harry, not only canHarry feal the attacks, but he could be said to be getting tired of it. "Hermione told me to come and check on you,” said Ron in a low voice, helping Harry to his feet. “She says your defenses ...

6:31 PM
Q: Has a PBY Catalina seaplane ever been used in a sci-fi work?

Duncan DrakeWould like to know if a PBY Catalina seaplane has ever been used in sci-fi in any medium (books, comics, movies, TV series). Am asking because I would like to use one on something am writing. Just because it's a beautiful plane. Please note that am not asking for a complete list. A simple Yes, in...

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8:38 PM
Duck, missed a floof earlier today
Well, I'll just declare that from now on, September 17 is a DFD. Double Floof Day.
9:02 PM
Funny and furry.
9:50 PM
Q: Can I skip 'Last Christmas' without losing part of the main story arc?

Devansh KamraI have recently been watching the new Doctor Who series and have finished season 8. The platform on which I am watching the series doesn't have 'Last Christmas' special after season 8. Can I simply skip the special without losing something important regarding the story arc? If I can't, then can I...

10:15 PM
Q: Post War Harry Potter becomes a porn star

Liquidlucklove I'm looking for a fanfiction where Harry randomly decides to become a porn star because he saw an advert. He has muggle electronics in a warded room. He refuses to marry Ginny and she gives him an ultimatum so he leaves her. The group of friends hold regular parties/movie nights. Someone brings a...

Q: Telling time with no technology or sky

Vogon PoetIn a post-apocalyptic world where all technology is lost and the sky is blacked out for decades, a culture tries to rebuild underground using geothermal energy for light and air filtration and consuming mostly fungus. Is there anything at all that could measure the passage of time through years w...

@Jenayah but did you see brain floof?
Also this, which I felt compelled to share

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