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12:00 AM
Well now that votes are worth more, I think I’ll go post two questions about it on Meta.
@NapoleonWilson I think I've never factored rep in. I mean it. Now that the new set goes and goes in my head, I guess I might be afraid I could now, however. I think that's part of it.
I'm not saying I will and I actually think I won't. But changes introduce an unstability where I reconsider everything and get myself lost.
@NapoleonWilson oh, fuck. I had not thought of it like that. But you're right
I’ve got 10K
@Alex or some people auto-upvote anything they feel disagrees with recent changes
Oh, that was said afterwards. I'm falling behind
12:09 AM
And on Politics my rep increased by like 1.7 times...
I hate that I can see that there are delete votes on answers but have no power of them
@Alex 1 down, 1 to go.
Oh, not a bad idea.
Somehow I gained no reputation from four upvotes?
Or the system is just overwhelmed.
I think you did, but topbar seems broken.
12:53 AM
Why’s there not a delete vote button? It seems to meet criteria
Which would be?
Well the ones for allowing delete voting
That's like this old riddle where a father and son get into a car accident and when they're in the hospital the doctor says "I can't treat this boy, for he is my son.". Dafuq happened there?
@Stormblessed Doesn't it require the question to be closed?
Oh it’s because is open
@NapoleonWilson yep I forgot that one :o
@NapoleonWilson the father is the doctor's son, and the doctor is the grandfather if the father's child
Alternatively the son just has two fathers.
1:01 AM
@Jenayah Or the father could be the doctor
@Jenayah Probably wouldn't say "this boy", though.
@Jenayah Or time travel could be involved, to make it on-topic.
@Alex If the father is like in his late teens/early 20s and the baby is like a couple months old, the father could be considered a boy?
@NapoleonWilson yes. All that lacks now is aliens and talking giraffes.
@Jenayah Could be...
1:18 AM
Heading to bed. Thanks for the clarifications and grounded, polite discussion from earlier.
@Jenayah Had we known you were heading to bed soon we could have made the discussion more exciting.
@Jenayah That would be quite unfortunate, though.
1:39 AM
Q: Help identifying a YA novel read about 10 years ago

s.anne.wRoughly 10 years ago, I started reading a YA novel from my school library that I believe was some kind of low fantasy/distopian story. I remember almost nothing about it, except that the main character was a girl (possibly with a younger sibling, though I'm not sure of this), and that the city sh...

2:00 AM
Q: Help identifying the original publication of a science fiction short story

SteveAkaKnoxyMy English teacher in high school handed us a 1- or 2-page short story and I can't remember the title/author. The story is about humans crash landing on either Mercury or Venus and quickly evolving/adapting to the shorter days/months/years and living by seconds/minutes/hours. The story begins w...

2:51 AM
What do y'all think about this reputation increase on question upvotes?
@Voldemort'sWrath Have you read today's conversations? :)
2 hours later…
4:50 AM
Q: Can I reask a story-identification that never got (correctly) answered?

AequitasI asked this question, over 4 years ago but despite the attempts of several people couldn't get the correct book found. Is it okay to reask the question in order to try to get other people to have an attempt at it?

5:09 AM
Q: Looking for a book about a genetically engineered person

AequitasThis was a while ago and I can't remember very much, but I really loved this book but it was lost in a car crash :( Anyway, so the main character was grown and genetically engineered. At one stage he is walking along train tracks with another character deep in thought but never loses his balance...

5:25 AM
Q: 70's or older story about a very dangerous planet

AlfredPeople from Earth (I believe) settled for some reason I forgot on a planet where they were in constant danger. Everything was carnivorous, including plants, even trees. In fact, the only way to survive a night was to climb into a certain tree. The tree was in fact also carnivorous but vey slow,...

5:57 AM
Q: How can Flash turn around return from the blackhole?

Surya TejIn the season 6 episode of The Flash TV series, we see that Flash enters a black hole and returns back. since it is scify I can understand him going inside and speed force aura protecting him, but how does he turn around and come back? Doesn't he need a medium to run/turn around?

6:32 AM
7 hours ago, by Jenayah
Then again it's 1AM and the past weeks have been tiring, so maybe I'm just overreading you.
By all means, don't hesitate to make future conversations more exciting anyway :)
7:23 AM
Congratulations to @JackBNimble, @CaptainCold, and @Praxis on becoming our newest 100k rep users!
Also to @Slytherincess on breaking 150k, @DVK on breaking 300k, and @AncientSwordRage for jumping up to 74k.
1 hour later…
8:27 AM
Q: Why does Greedo say "Maclunkey" in the Mos Eisley Cantina?

pk_In the Disney+ edit of Star Wars (1977), yet another change has been made to the "Han Shot First" scene in the Mos Eisley Cantina. Greedo now yells "Maclunkey!" before shooting simultaneously. [Video Clip] This is the only non-subtitled word of Greedo's language. Possibly spelled: "Maclunk...

9:14 AM
@Marvin why not
@Randal'Thor no congratulation for me :'(
@AnkitSharma Eh? One of us is blind or missing something here
@TheLethalCarrot oops
Now I can't deleet it either
Haha that's what happens when you take off the blue
Stuck with the silly 2 minutes like the rest of us Muggles
9:32 AM
@AnkitSharma For your M&TV success? I was the first star on your congratulations in M&TV chat.
@Randal'Thor no here :P
I was just teasing
in The Screening Room, 4 hours ago, by Ankit Sharma
I thought I will get 100k congratulation mail in 2022
~28k - not bad going congrats
10:49 AM
@TheLethalCarrot So I was unofficialy trying to stay below 45k by bountying every now and a again but I may give up on that.
@AncientSwordRage I'd be willing to help you get back down below 45k if you really want to :P
@TheLethalCarrot nice try
@Randal'Thor Thanks, I think the chat notification got swallowed by all the Yearling badges I got
11:10 AM
Q: In House of Stairs, what was Peter's secret?

TheAsh says Reinstate MonicaIn William Sleator's House of Stairs we find this passage at the end of the book: Peter and Lola were watching each other. Lola knew that their secret, the secret that they were about to give in when the elevator had come, was safe. And Peter knew that his own secret was safer still. What w...

11:30 AM
Q: When and why did the Daily Prophet become the Ministry's mouthpiece?

TheAsh says Reinstate MonicaIn Goblet of Fire, we see the Daily Prophet has no problem criticizing the Ministry: "I knew it,” said Mr. Weasley heavily. “Ministry blunders . . . culprits not apprehended . . . lax security . . . Dark wizards running unchecked . . . national disgrace . . . Who wrote this? Ah . . . of c...

11:50 AM
Q: Has Donald Duck ever had any love interest besides for Daisy?

TheAsh says Reinstate MonicaA common trope in the Duckverse is Daisy double-dating Gladstone Gander and Donald at the same time, never fully committing to either one. During the times when he wasn't with Daisy, has Donald Duck ever had any love interest besides for Daisy?

Q: Short story about transport ship stranded in interstellar space

JarnaxaThis is a short story about a AI controlled transport starship that suffered from an accident and becomes lost in interstellar (intergalactic?) space in such a way that it would take a prohibitively long time to return to civilization. The ship in its despair moves further into the emptiness and...

12:07 PM
@Marvin whats the feeling in the room? On-topic?
A: Are the Donald Duck comics on-topic?

EdlothiadYes, and this goes for all the Disney comics With a small exception at the bottom. And tagging guidance The comics are clearly considered on topic as we already have one well received and one positively received question on the topic. We even have a well received question on Mickey Mouse's comi...

Yeah, on topic
Also, was quite a fun question to research
@TheLethalCarrot cool!
Q: Is the first X-Men film the only time Jean Grey has been slimed by Toad?

Gothamite24In the first X-Men film, during the Statue of Liberty fight, Cyclops, Wolverine, Jean Grey, and Storm are ambushed by Mystique and Toad, who had both been alerted earlier of the X-Men's arrival. Within less than 5 minutes, Wolverine is stuck fighting Mystique in another section of the Statue, Cyc...

Never thought I'd seea question get bountied haha
@TheLethalCarrot mainly bountied as it looks like it should have an answer
Yeah though if Ed is correct it will need 200 comics worth of flipping through
12:23 PM
@TheLethalCarrot If only I had the time :'(
Aye, I might flick through some on my lunch
12:48 PM
@AncientSwordRage Oh there were only 6 issues so didn't take long to skim
He doesn't slime her in them though
Q: TV Series/ Movie with a guy that can create electricity between his hands

ExtroLike the title says I'm trying to find a series or movie that involved a team of people from which I can only remember this one guy always doing some hand motions and getting electricity to spark between his hands. I also remember that he had 1 ring on each hand that helped him conduct the electr...

@AncientSwordRage yuk
Tag of the day
1:26 PM
@Jenayah That’s a very dangerous permission to give me.
Wait, they are doing author tags here now?
We've always had them but apart from a small minority never liked them
1:57 PM
I feel the author tags are usually just noise
Greetings, Earthlings.
I don't know about you lot but I'm getting ready for a new Daily floof
I don’t even like character tags
2:09 PM
@JackBNimble There are author tags on this site that I follow.
@JackBNimble Me neither and it's very consistently done across the site... I think they have more use than author tags though
@TheLethalCarrot and she has a new harness! (because her old one literally fell to pieces)
@TheLethalCarrot how does one contribute to the daily floof?
I have a very floofy cat
In my case, I, and my wife, are proud pawrents so take way too many pictures and I occasionally share some on here :D
2:53 PM
Q: TV Pilot or Movie, 80s, misfit team with powers

gowenfawrI'm trying to identify a show I saw on TV in the 80s (in the US). It was a single viewing, and felt like a television pilot rather than a standalone movie; ISTR the final scene dangled the possibility of further adventures. The plot resolved around a handful of people with powers who are teamed...

3:03 PM
Hi, welcome to SF&F! You should check out the suggestions to see if they help you remember any additional details. You say it might have been a first contact novel; was this the milieu that the aliens arrived in, or was this a society discovered by explorers? — DavidW 47 secs ago
@DavidW TIL milieu
@TheLethalCarrot Any day you learn something is a good day. :)
Depends what you learn...
Sometimes people post HP fanfic story-id questions and I wish I hadn't learnt about it...
Q: Science Fiction Novel Search: Plot Includes Socialist Mass Entertainment Media Premise

J. HochbergA few decades ago I read a story, I think possibly about first contact or solar system colonization conflict, which included an interesting sociological setting. The premise was that, as automation replaced human labor, ultimately the entire populace either consumed or was involved in the creati...

3:20 PM
@TheLethalCarrot There's a reason I don't see fanfic questions...
Yeah, if I ever decide I want to ignore a tag, they'll be the first on the list
Q: Which works contain many examples of different kinds of indirect communication?

Dave.MuthExamples might be: a conversation where one person communicates clearly with one set of conversants while misleading others; or a conversation where the individuals misinterpret each other, for effect.

3:55 PM
@TheLethalCarrot I may post some up at some point then
4:29 PM
@JackBNimble that's why you are my fav 😂
Q: Book about a genius test tube baby born to a scientist

Alex RI'm looking for the name of an author and an old sci-fi book about a genius test tube baby born to a scientist. He that becomes so smart but lacks empathy and is a killer. He also starts making doubles of himself in a lab and starts making synthetic cocaine. Later he plots to kill his mother and ...

5:34 PM
@AnkitSharma I do what I can.
1 hour later…
6:37 PM
Q: Are the scenes from Iron Maiden video clips, like The trooper and Aces High real?

Diego AlvesAfter more than a decade listening to Iron Maiden, for the first time, I have wondered if the scenes of the songs "The trooper" and "Aces high" are real. I searched Google, but nothing.

6:57 PM
Q: Alien midgets that can conduct electricity

hrhIn a sci-fi series from the late 1970s to mid 1980s I recall an episode in which two alien midgets could allow high current electricity to pass through their body without harm. There may have been more than two of these aliens though I only recall seeing the two. Apparently they were friendly al...

4 hours later…
11:17 PM
Q: Why are Dreadnoughts forgetting who they were?

ShadeWhile trying to find out if there has been a Dreadnought Chapter Master (there has been btw, Daggan of the Blood Swords), I read the following here (emphasis by me): Daggan was a Venerable Dreadnought as well as the Chapter Master of the Blood Swords Space Marine Chapter. Unlike most Dreadnou...

Q: Adult-sized alien child and child-sized alien adult

hrhIn an episode from a late 1970s to mid 1980s sci-fi series, the story revolved around an odd couple: a child-sized adult alien and an adult-sized child alien. What else I recall of the story is that the aliens' maturation follows the opposite path of that of humans. Children are adult sized and ...

Q: Short story about aliens with pneumatic brains

frodoskywalkerI'm trying to identify a story I read in the last 5 years. The central character was an alien who develops a microscope and remotely operated limbs so they can examine their own brain. They discover that thought processes are patterns of pressure differences and/or vibrations within the brain. ...

Q: Is it still better to build a gaming pc than to buy a prebuilt, in late 2019?

Bob The PlumberPrices on prebuilts have come down so much, I'm finding it hard to even buy all the components for the prices of the prebuilt systems. Are the days of saving by building it yourself over for good? Thanks.

11:46 PM
I'm watching episode 5 of Good Omens now
They issued special thanks to Queen in the previous episode's credits
And now the guard is reading American Gods

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