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12:27 AM
Q: Were there any novels ever written in the Terra Nova TV series setting

NJohnnyWas interested in reading any books written in the 2011 Terra Nova TV Series. But in doing a few google searches, I could not find anything. Not even a Novelization of the series I was surprised that I was not able to find anything. I am looking for Published novels Not Fan Fiction. If there w...

12:47 AM
Q: Book SciFi/Romance: Female author travels back in time to WW2 and flies in a B-17 bomber

Baard KopperudI'm looking for a SciFi/Romance book, where a female author - living with her (great-) grandmother(?) - is writing a biography about the crew of a B-17 bomber a relative (grandfather?) flew in during WW2. The bomber was shot down over occupied France. Among the papers, she finds a picture of th...

1:13 AM
Hep up
Wanna know, how many "named" things can you bring from the real world into a story?
I'll tell you what I mean. I have written up a scene about a CS student who fights a character in a game who turns out to be controlled by his computer. I make no mention that his OS looks like Windows; I just say "at the command line, there was no mention of a certain proprietary operating system"
Of course, I get it's generally bad to mention brand names
But what about FOSS things? Would you cringe to see mentions of LibreOffice or LISP or Python in a story that centers on software?
Apart from legal considerations, it largely depends on your target audience, I'd say.
If it's written for people who feel at home in the world of computers and possibly even CS, using common things, like Python or LISP might help establish authenticity and add to recognition effects (and with general things like that, the legal angle should be non-existent).
But if it's written for the average Joe, such branding might just confuse them nor would they really care about it anyway.
But literally saying "at the command line, there was no mention of a certain proprietary operating system" would look really stilted to me. It actually highlights that you're trying to actively hide the name. If you want to create the effect of him not recognizing his workplace and that he's on some otherworldly system, you could say "his operating system" or "a known operating system" rather than "a certain propietary operating system".
But...I'm not a writer either and maybe the actual Writing site could help with this more. You might even be able to turn it into a proper question there.
1:30 AM
Eh, makes sense
1:43 AM
By the way, if you wanted to shackle an AI's abilities to use the Internet but still give it reasonable levels of control over a common laptop, what are some tricks that it could pull to prove that it's in control?
Not needing to convince a hard skeptic, just someone who wants a little more than "there's a human talking to me on the other side who keeps injecting syscalls"
Part of the conceit is that the AI is "psychologically" incapable of modifying itself or jailbreaking itself.
If it makes any difference, the skeptic is of the gifted but no effort "I just want to make video games" variety.
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5:12 AM
Q: Guy and fox girl tries to stop this girl who seduces guys and has them cum befor taking there soul

Brandon PowellSo basically this guy was with his friends and they were watching a girl get undressed from another build across the street through the window and when the main character looked through the telescope he saw her with a fox tail, then he looked away and it was gone then he looked back through the t...

6:10 AM
@NapoleonWilson Unless you're using it for comedic effect, which is what I'd take away from that sentence.
3 hours later…
9:17 AM
Q: Short story in which three child siblings with superpowers kill all of humanity but are afraid of being destroyed in turn by their descendants

GinasiusThe story begins with the three children (two females, one male), about ten years old, carrying the corpses of their parents to the back yard. Later you discover that they have exterminated all of humanity and that they have the power to kill any living being just by mentally desiring it. That is...

9:46 AM
Or that, I guess.
Which would probably also be a case of highlighting that you're deliberately hiding it, though.
10:13 AM
Q: Looking for a story about a Confederate leader in the US civil war

PastychomperThis was written around the mid 20th century by an author who (I think) was also known for sci-fi, but this was about a real person and (more or less) based on real events. The protagonist was a Confederate leader in the US civil war. He was not a secessionist or in favour of slavery, but lived...

Q: When does "The Mandalorian" take place?

FatalizeIn the first episode of the new The Mandalorian TV show, it is mentioned that the Empire is gone. We can then infer that this show is set after Return of the Jedi. Do we know exactly when the show takes place, in-universe?

10:59 AM
Q: How far can a standard Starfleet Comm badge go?

Mr. RandallThis has been suggested to pretty far, even light-years, plus have been turned into a subspace beacon or transponder especially if damaged to aid in finding the owner either to rescue a survivor or to recover the body in the event of death. Has someone any information on how this is supposed to t...

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Greetings, Earthlings.
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Q: Story ID: post-apocalypse tribe, eats cryo-preserved humans

eac2222This story has stayed with me for a long time. Published in a 1970s (possibly '60s) issue of F&SF. Post-apocalypse setting -- no devastation described, but people live in low-tech hunter-gatherer tribes. Protagonist is a hunter. In a time of need, when no other game can be found, he does what...

Q: Which Sci-Fi work introduced the concept of "AI Doctor"?

Captain ColdWe see AI doctors in Sci-Fi work all the time. Examples can be famous medical droids of Star Wars: The Doctor (Emergency Medical Hologram Mark I) from Star Trek: Voyager (1995) is even better example because it didn't have physical body. I believe I've also encountered AI doctors in Doctor...

3:45 PM
Q: Did someone help Quentin pass the exam?

Philipp FlenkerI am currently re-reading The Magicians, and I wonder if Quentin really passed the exam on his own. He sure is the unappreciated genious in the narration, but that doesn't mean he really is. He did pass the theoretical part well enough, but he gets a special treatment from Fogg to reveal his abi...

4:18 PM
Q: What is the metal that was melted in episode 1?

DForck42In episode 1 of The Mandalorian, the protagonist is given a chunk of metal that he then takes to another Mandolorian who melts it down and makes a shoulder piece for him. What is this metal, and why does it seem so special to the Mandolorians?

4:47 PM
Q: Was the Wampa based on a folkloric creature different from the Yeti or the Abominable Snowman?

BingoAccording to Star Wars canon, the Wampa Ice Creature, created for Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, may have been based on the cryptozoological phenomenon of the Yeti or the Abominable Snowman, a humanoid beast believed to inhabit the Himalayan Mountains, but I ask if the Wampa could have been ...

5:20 PM
Q: What is the meaning of this question asked by the Mandalorian blacksmith?

Jason P SallingerWhen the main character in The Mandalorian brings beskar metal to the forger, she asks him if he has 'revealed his signet'? The Mandalorian replies that he hasn't yet. She then forges him the shoulder piece. What does this exchange about revealing the signet mean?

5:48 PM
Q: Did Yoda ever say "Powerful the dark side is"?

StilgarFor years I lived with the impression that I have heard that quote somewhere in the movies but I can't Google it so I am starting to think I am confused. Is there an instance where Yoda (or maybe another character) says that?

Hail Hydra!
6:20 PM
Sara Chipps on November 13, 2019

In my very first blog post, I wrote about what a personal experience taught me about the Stack Overflow community. I said we were going to step back and re-evaluate how we deliver feedback, how we can improve content quality, and how we can reduce friction between people. I said that our goal is to have the question asking process be painless and beneficial for new people and Stack Overflow veterans alike.    

During this re-evaluation period, we noticed something in our reputation reward system. We give anyone who receives an upvote on an answer ten additional reputation points, but only give five reputation points to people who receive an upvote on a question.  …

Q: Pre-70s history of the future citing science-fiction authors as historical sources

Invisible TrihedronI am looking for a novel that was written as a history, but from the perspective of centuries in our future. The genius of this particular work was to take future events written by other authors and run them together in one coherent history, each chapter corresponding to a borrowed future. The fu...

So... I guess it's a good thing the gender aspect, if it was ever real, got left out of this.
I still think it's an awful (to stay polite) idea though. And... The justification is... There's not really a justification in there.
@TheLethalCarrot from the "leak" from a week ago
Also hurray for announcements on meta
Meh raising it to ten seems sensible to me but I haven’t looked at the reasons yet cos I can’t be bothered to read it all on mobile
oh I never saw a leak
And ooh actually announcing on meta? Should look
Wait was it announced on meta? I can only find the blog post
6:37 PM
No, that was me doing irony.
Oh, that was me being daft
Can’t expect meta announcements when they’re having panic attacks
How much does rep influence question bans? If any?
It’s based on score not rep I believe
I'd think it indeed weighs more, but does rep have zero influence?
I always thought so but can’t say I’ve looked too much particularly
6:43 PM
@Jenayah It was real, and one of the primary justifications as initially stated.
@Null well then it's a good thing they dropped the angle, at least in writing.
Also, thanks for the info.
@Jenayah Not at all, that's how much.
@Jenayah A lot of mods advised them not to when they first announced it to us. When they updated us with their plans again after getting feedback they still wanted to include that angle (my impression is that the CMs were willing to drop it but marketing was overruling them). Somehow more sensible heads eventually prevailed.
Possibly because of the leak.
@NapoleonWilson oh, as getting out of it is possible with good answers, I thought rep weighed in, but I guess it's a combination of A score and Q score then.
@Jenayah It is?
6:51 PM
@NapoleonWilson I think so?
@Jenayah You do?
@Null well, good thing it was eventually turned down. Once again, in writing. Small steps...
Q: How many new answers are needed to lift a question ban?

ShuklaSannidhyaStackOverflow is no longer accepting questions from my account. It happened after I posted a question asking for comparison between PHP and C#. The question was deleted and my account banned. OK, I get it. Maybe, that makes me a help vampire. I got downvoted like anything. It should have deleted ...

Does it say when the recalc will run?
Apparently they do it site by site? MSE already has run, at least for some users.
We're working on it. — Taryn ♦ 27 mins ago
7:02 PM
Yeah I’ve seen my rep increase on main meta but not SFF so guess pet site aye
Or per site, depends what you’re into I guess
They usually deploy stuff on MSE first, just to see if it breaks stuff
I would have thought this is your pet site, though.
I'd be less grumpy if the change weren't retroactive. Does this mean we're going to be assessed with a whole bunch of -1 penalties for downvotes on questions?
@DavidW uh?
That didn't get reinstated was it?!
7:07 PM
I have no idea. I saw someone asking about it, but no categorical response.
The core thing of that hasn't changed. People shouldn't feel "restricted" to downvote questions
Oh interesting are question downvotes now worth -2 rep for both parties?
Where would that even come from?
Also, the build on MSE isn't​finished, for what it's worth
@Jenayah Why not? Downvotes are "unfriendly" and SE is trying to be more "friendly." :-P
Don't get us started
7:10 PM
@Renan: Yes it is, but for now it's just on MSE. We're working through some problems as we speak. — Jon Ericson ♦ 6 mins ago
Ah yeah makes sense too, I’m too used to our customers putting a change in live and not testing before putting bulk work through
@TheLethalCarrot I think they call that "Agile" these days. :)
My customers call it “your fix DONT WORK”
usually because they haven’t installed it correctly. Last time was because they hadn’t actually put that version in haha
@DavidW during my work/study program, one of the very first thing my mentor's boss told me was a straight-up "I make a difference between Agile, and complete and utter shitflow."
Q: When will reputation re-calculation be finished for this site?

Captain ColdStack Exchange recently announced that it'll reward question askers more and so a reputation re-calculation will happen. We’re Rewarding the Question Askers I welcome this decision because I believe I'll get most benefit out of it on this site. I am just curious to know when I can expect to see...

7:43 PM
@Jenayah Last place I worked we selectively adopted bits of various "Agile"ish patterns - some ideas from Scrum, some from Kanban, some XP... But the trick was that we weren't fanatical about any of them. Designing a domain-specific language? Not a great place for weekly/bi-weekly refactoring. Writing a LALR parser? Great time to pair program. And so on...
They've apparently done Sports, so I'd figure they're extending to the broader sites now. Maybe they start with smaller ones.
Mine updated on SFF already.
Got around.... 4k rep?
8:03 PM
@user58 Looks like +3701 which is not at all bad... (I took your current, subtracted the amount last recorded on the "Reputation League" page and adjusted for today's rep change.)
Not shabby.
I’m guessing it’s not ran for everyone yet?
It seems to run on different sites for everyone. Quite random.
Yeah seems that way... odd
@TheLethalCarrot Hasn't happened for me, at least not on this site.
8:14 PM
Some user on SFF just hit 100k cos of it and nearly doubled their rep
Mr. Shekar, by any chance?
Oh, indeed.
Who knows what he’s going by at the moment
probably Mr 100k soon
8:38 PM
The updates aren't happening in order of user#, which was my expectation...
I can’t be bothered to work out what order is being used
I wouldn't. It should catch up sooner or later.
Q: what are the canonical differences in Power in Marvels famous [non-magic] Fire heroes [Fire Star, Sun Fire, & the Human Torch]?

RusshiroPyroKenisis or Fire generation & manipulation of heat is a fairly common power in the Marvel Universe, even when not counting the magical Heaven or Hell fire from beings like Ghost Rider. Of the known flame wielder, three of the most potent and popular are: Angelica Jones, the mutant known as F...

This will probably push several people over 100K
at least one but yeah there are quite a few close to it that’ll probably tip over the edge
8:51 PM
@TheLethalCarrot At least 1 for sure, 'cause that's already happened...
Aye haha
This has messed with me being on track to be the tenth SFF user to hit 100k anywya
It's not that I care a lot, it's more that there's virtually no traffic in the site and I'm stuck waiting interminably for a painfully slow build/deploy/startup cycle to go through several iterations as I test various people's branches.
9:12 PM
I gained around 3.7k, more than I thought I would
Network wide I appear to have gained roughly 20,000 rep.
@JackBNimble is the second user to break 100k from this change
9:31 PM
Meta recalc is done, network profile hasn't caught up yet.
Movies as well.
9:49 PM
Wow, I did not expect to receive... ~20,000 rep. Although I do have 215 questions, which is probably more than more average?
DVK is going to get like 100K rep off of this. He has x3.5 times more questions than me.
Have to wait for everyone to balance, but that pushed me from 16th to 9th place in overall rep.
Yeah it’s taking a while for it to do it for everyone. If CC only got ~50k I doubt DVK will get 100k though
He has ~700 questions, are they generally not well received?
CC has 875 questions but I guess DVK’s are probably better received
Oh, CC is SS...
9:58 PM
The rep recalc is one thing but I'm not comfortable with the meaning of my past votes retroactively changing.
Y'gotta imagine that at the higher end the rep cap is going to increasingly cut into the potential gain. People who have 200k rep are going to have hit the cap on a lot of the days they asked questions.
A lot of the top users from the early days haven’t actually hit the cap as much as you’d expect
I think my rep cap days on Legendary badge only increased by like 20.
It says 82 total, I'm pretty sure I was something like 60 before.
That’s good going
and also proves my point somewhat haha
Who has the most Great Question badges? That person will get a lot.
I better sell all my rep and finally retire before the recalc finishes.
10:07 PM
There are only 141 total so I doubt they’ll play into it too much
(assuming I clicked on the right badge haha)
Q: Late 90s/Early 00's turn based PC game where a party would travel through the map fighting monsters

JoshedupI distinctly remember playing a PC game as a child but cannot find it after countless hours of googling. The game was turn based and you would assemble a party (I distinctly remember an elf, human, and faerie) and then you would travel through a map, choosing which way you adventured. Along your...

Already moved down a spot, seems Rand al'Thor got boosted a little.
~11k I think
Pretty much no effect to me, I'm not much of an asker.
Because there was half as much incentive?
10:18 PM
Well, mostly because I have my own opinions on many things, but also because I don't care where Hermione buys her hats, or if she wears golashes.
I personally find it hard to ask questions, when I do come up with something to ask I find the answer when searching and it’s boring or it’s a duplicate
@Donald.McLean ahah exactly
Waiting to finish a series (in case it's answered in episodes/books you haven't watched/read yet) and never having the time to finish said series is also a factor
10:31 PM
There are a lot of stunningly useful (/s) questions asked that I just don't understand why they attract upvotes. I mean, I know people who obsess about trivia, and apparently some people even invent trivia to obsess about, but IRL everyone else I know tries as hard as possible not to encourage them. :-P (YMMV.)
The silliest and most trivial questions get the most attention assuming the initial voting works outs
same goes with answers
people just like things they can instantly recognise and agree to rather than think about
Q: Is there an in-universe explanation for the purring sound of the Enterprise warp core?

Randall StewartThe purring sound of the Enterprise warp core is iconic (for example https://news.avclub.com/read-this-behind-the-scenes-of-sci-fi-s-most-soothing-1798247701). Is there an in-universe explanation for the components or processes specifically responsible for this sound?

Q: What happened to Thorondor after the First Age?

FingolfinDuring the First Age of Middle earth Manwe sent Thorondor and the Eagles to watch over the inhabitants including the Noldor. Throughout the First Age,Thorondor has intervened on behalf of Men and Elves and even left wounds on Morgoth and was a great asset to the War of Wrath.We know that The othe...

10:55 PM
Q: 90's or older short fiction about "borealopithecus", an extinct (or is it?) species of humanoid primate

AlfredThis is short fiction (most probably a short story, or just possibly barely making it to novelette) I read more than 20 years ago. They find in the Arctic frozen remains of a primate that seems to be roughly as ancient as some of the australopithecus, so they call it (if I remember correctly) "...

My two highest voted questions are Harry Potter related. And 5/10 of my top 10 questions are also Harry Potter.
And thanks to me we DO know where Hermoine gets her hats, off the discount shelf in a TJ Max.
11:18 PM
Q: Today's change has retroactively changed the meaning of our past votes. Should we be able to change them?

JenayahTL;DR: today's change has retroactively changed the meaning of our past voting, and I'm uncomfortable with that. I want to point that out, as I feel it's a concern that's not been raised so far. I am also looking for input and any kind of solution, if someone thinks of one. A couple of things ...

I actually didn’t realize that was your post.
How is that "wow"-worthy?
Because I thought I was linking you to a Meta post that expressed the same concern... when it was actually you expressing the same concern.
I find that meta question and its attitude deeply concerning.
“Wow” as in “I did something so foolish”.
11:39 PM
@Alex oh, ok
@NapoleonWilson can you please clarify? I've been told I was there to steer stuff, which I don't intend to. I suck at putting the right words on what's on my mind
@Jenayah What does "steer stuff" mean?
After the reputation recalculation, I suddenly have 28000 rep rather than 22000
And to be honest, while I'm fine with some random user not believing I have no malicious intent, it's different with people I (kind of) know, in this case users I chat with in this room. I'd rather all that's felt is said, if that's understandable
If you know it isn't happening, it feels like you asked only to keep steering the outrage ship. — Lyd 2 hours ago
Questions have always been of the same value to the site and to you as answers, since both are worth 1 score point and the reputation is a by-product. You say it's not about it, but when factoring in the reputation you are ultimately voting based on users, or rather based on indirect marginal consequences to these users.
@Lyd not at all. I don't want to steer sh*t nor to give that impression. I can, however, point out sth I think has been left out so far, explain the solution I'd put in, acknowledge that it's not sth that will make SE lots of $$ or improve their workflow, and therefore likely won't be done. Votes (general votes, not just SE ones) are important and I feel like if I see it this way, I should share this concern. Now I can share it with my roomie who doesn't know anything about it & doesn't care, or I can share it with Meta folks who are facing the same change and will know what I'm talking about. — Jenayah 2 hours ago
11:45 PM
@Jenayah Wut? Who said anything about malicious intent?
Also now I have almost the same rep score on Lit and Mythology. That's weird.
Oh, not you, the comment above. But I'm replying from mobile and taking time to choose the right words, so the messages don't flow as I'd like them to
@Jenayah Oh, I totally don't agree with that. I believe that you honestly believe what you're saying. I'm just saying you're wrong.
Oh, and I got a lot of Yearling badges at the same time too, for some reason.
@NapoleonWilson I'm unsure what you mean by "its attitude deeply concerning." Like, the words there feel heavy of meaning
11:49 PM
Q: Why am I getting so many "yearling" badges today?

WildcardHere is a screenshot showing this: Originally I thought it was due to the rep recalculation today, but on most if not all of these sites, I had 200 rep or more both before and after the recalculation. Is everybody getting this effect in their notifications?

But at the end of the day nothing has changed about the meaning of your votes, since they're still worth 1 score point and you never ought to have cared about how much reputation they were worth. As I said in my comment, you don't compare questions to answers or other questions.
@Jenayah Hmm, I've noticed in the past that the word "attitude" can be a bit loaded in English. I'm sorry for choosing that. I don't think you have malicious intent.
Then again it's 1AM and the past weeks have been tiring, so maybe I'm just overreading you.
@Alex Ah, that might be it.
It is quite concerning to me, since it is an...approach that figures something into the voting decision which never ought to have been relevant for it and has the potential to cause people to double-check themselves for upvoting a question (like, more than if they'd ignore the reputation gain), which would be a terrible consequence of this.
@NapoleonWilson oh, translation thing then. I'm relieved. Thanks.
11:52 PM
Huh, seems that at leat, I'm not only one who thinks this "repcon" was a bad idea,
@Mithoron There's quite a lot of people who think that. In fact it's a very popular opinion.
@NapoleonWilson as written in the latest edit I now think this is me being too attached to votes in general. Trigger-word-like. I probably wouldn't think the sake of a score, but I registered them as votes as long as I've been in SE.
More likely: Click on all the pictures of people who appear disloyal to [name of company or government]
@Jenayah Your question got a lot of upvotes. So others apparently share your concern, at least to some degree.
Or they liked the quality of the question as it was written.
11:57 PM
@Alex A lot of people also appreciate anything that questions the recent decision. It might not be the specific concern but a general aversity (for which many reasons exist) to the change and the appreciation of adding yet another negative facette to it.
@JackBNimble Or they thought Jenayah deserved 10 reputation points. ;-P

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