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12:18 AM
Q: Have any Hogwarts students been killed by their house animal?

Just raven yellow clawHave any Hogwarts students been killed by their house animal? For example, a Hufflepuff goes walking in the forest, and gets killed by a badger.

12:39 AM
Q: Are Pokémon sentient?

user123296I would like to actually make another argument. That they are considered sentient beings. Many consider those fan fictions where a human and trainer are in love as "pokephilia" now, I'm not a supporter of bestiality obviously, however I believe if at minimum, some Pokémon can be considered intell...

Q: As story where a character would properly close their eyes after closing their eyelids

ThermidoreToday I suddenly remembered a moment from a story where a character described that people only close their eyelids but not their eyes and thus see only absence of light and not the darkness. After that another character closed their eyes and was able to see the darkness and the story progressed. ...

12:50 AM
Okay, that's the correct way to do a book adaptation
And they've even got Tori Amos singing in the end
Also fan service done right
1:19 AM
@Marvin Does destroying memory Tom Riddle with a basilisk fang count?
2:00 AM
Q: Human Nature in Doctor Who

Sonny PerandinIn "Human Nature" Timothy Latimer opens the fob watch and starts to have visions, one of them is after Martha tells the doctor they have been found and he thinks that she is crazy and kicks her out. After that happens she is running and she bumps into Timothy and he has a vision of her running in...

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3:01 AM
Q: What happened to the masters blue lazer powers?

Deep house slowed 0.8 speedWhat happened to the masters blue lazer powers and why doesnt he have them in the peter capaldi episode with missy?

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6:05 AM
Q: lighter lighting from a pool, coffee that tastes just like it smells

Italian PhilosopherIt's a British 50/60s scifi short story where this rich marketing guy meets this rich gal who gets much richer with inheritance $$$, then dumps him when she gets access to futuristic tech. What's the story called and did the author guy write anything else worth reading? I recall it fairly well ...

6:48 AM
I love the younger version of Groot- he's so cute! And Rocket the Racoon I find is a bit funny!
7:06 AM
Q: Hansel and Gretel as told from the (good) witch's perspective

BlubI've been trying to find this book for some time now, I read it some 10-15 years ago in a library so it could be a bit older.. It's more so a fairy tale than actual fantasy but still. It's the well know story of Hansel and Gretel but told from the perspective of the witch, which is good. The de...

Q: How can the suits destroy enhanced humans if they can stand fire?

Angelic WarriorI had just watched Iron Man 3 recently, and I was puzzled a bit in the ending, when the suits had killed a few enhanced humans; how was it possible that they could do that? If they're enhanced and then they suddenly get defeated by the Iron Man suits from those beams? If he could do that with en...

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9:13 AM
Q: Title and other info about an older story about a handicapped werewolf

JeffThe story was written before 1972 and probably in the 1960s or 1950s. A werewolf is confined to wheelchair lived with his mother who helped him find/subdue victims. Possibly written by Ira Levin, definitely not by Steven King. I know there are similar stories by King and others but I am looking f...

9:40 AM
@AncientSwordRage I see we now have 12 at 100k+ How many did we have before the great recalculation?
I'm also quite a bit closer to becoming epic.
@SQB that's the main one I got, surprisingly
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11:07 AM
@SQB 9 beforehand
11:47 AM
Ah cool, thanks.
yesterday, by Rand al'Thor
Congratulations to @JackBNimble, @CaptainCold, and @Praxis on becoming our newest 100k rep users!
For reference
Ah, missed that. Thx.
Some users got a humungatoidal increase
12:03 PM
Q: Why does Tywin Lannister send Tyrion to King's Landing to be Hand of the King instead of himself?

GravitonI've read all of the available books in the A Song of Ice and Fire series, and I am now watching Game of Thrones until Season 3 Episode 2. No spoilers if you can help it. One thing I don't understand is that after Joffrey beheaded Ned Stark and proves himself to be a terrible king (and his mothe...

Q: Is Margo Madison in "For All Mankind" based on Margaret Hamilton?

desertnautI recently watched the first episode of For All Mankind. A friend of mine who recommended it said that one of the leading characters among the historical ones is Margaret Hamilton, the leading NASA computer scientist, credited for, among other things, being the co-creator of the term software eng...

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1:04 PM
Q: What changes have been made to the Disney+ versions of the Star Wars movies?

m1pingThe "Han Shot First" scene has been changed again in the version of Star Wars streaming on Disney+. Are there any other differences between the Disney+ versions of the Star Wars movies and the most recent Blu-ray release?

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2:06 PM
Q: Has there been any comic that indicates Dr Manhattan's power could challenge or be a threat to Darkseid?

RusshiroConsidering the scope Dr. Manhattan has been given in the current DC continuity, he seems to be comparable to other energy beings and multi-dimensional entities, especially given the fact that he is basically immortal, has a level of cosmic awareness and is not bound by time and space as most bei...

@TheLethalCarrot Yeah, askers got rewarded.
2:26 PM
Q: How many different types/colors of Latern Rings has Batman had access to?

RusshiroThere have been a few comics and TV shows showing Batman wielding a Green Lantern power ring; this makes sense, considering the green rings are powered by will, and Batman is shown to have one of the most powerful human wills on Earth. He was also "given" a Black Lantern ring in the "Darkest Nigh...

Q: Is there only one "James Bond" or is that name simply passed on to new agents?

RusshiroThe original Ian Flemming spy hero was meant to be a singular man; he was given a backstory and origin. However, as a franchise that has gone on for over 50 years and with new incarnations of Bond being shown with each new actor that portrays him, its been theorized that the very name "James Bond...

2:46 PM
Q: Is Matt Murdock's Daredevil persona still public knowledge in the comics?

RusshiroThis is in the comic continuity, not the TV show, but at one point, Matt Murdock was outed as Daredevil. I know he turned down an invitation to the Avengers because of it, recommending Ronin to serve in his place. This was from The New Avengers a few years back... I failed to keep up with the ...

3:27 PM
Q: Book based on an alien planet that can be controlled by thoughts and beliefs

David Francisco RodriguezWhat is the book based on an alien planet that is controlled and mutated by thoughts and beliefs? The more people believe something, the more the planet changes.

3:45 PM
@Marvin At a minimum, there are 2 buckets; one with planets that are self-aware (e.g. Bradbury's "Here There be Tygers") and one where the effect is purely a phenomenon (e.g. Friedman's Coldfire Trilogy).
4:10 PM
Oh, it's Idris Elba again? That would be awesome! But last I heard they were talking about... shudder ...some woman.
4:29 PM
Q: Why was a 2-1B droid attending the war meeting where Mon Mothma addresses the Rebel forces?

BingoIn Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi, when the High Command briefs Rebel commanders aboard the ship Home One, we can see a 2-1B droid sitting among them. I understand the presence of other droids like R2-D2 and C-3PO that were directly involved in the tactical and strategic war scenario, but is t...

4:49 PM
Q: How developed is Huttese?

ThePopMachineBetween all the dialog in A Phantom Menace and A New Hope, the various animated series (where I understand the Hutts figured prominently in some story lines) and now The Mandalorian, there has been quite a lot of Huttese on screen, much of it subtitled. (Related: Why does Greedo say "Maclunkey" ...

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7:18 PM
Lol. That must be a cat; no dog in my experience reacts like that to fresh snow! :)
7:32 PM
Q: Looking for thrillers about mathematics and science

nilo de roockNewbie question. I am looking for thrillers to read about any of the following subjects: scientific research phd students professors and labs mathematics contemporary, or in the near future ( this or next century ). definitely NOT: anything Space Opera-ish I have read all books from Michael...

The dog perspective: "Can you get me some more snow? This snow's all used up."
I like your dogs, people.
Hopefully I'll be able to adopt mine within the year :)
7:58 PM
Then why post cat Tweets earlier? :'(
'cause it's still cute. Not the cat, the nope thing
Q: Late 90s/Early 00's turn based PC game where a party would travel through the map fighting monsters

JoshedupI distinctly remember playing a PC game as a child but cannot find it after countless hours of googling. The game was turn based and you would assemble a party (I distinctly remember an elf, human, and faerie) and then you would travel through a map, choosing which way you adventured. Along your...

The OP says they have an answer. Should it be reopened?
@DavidW oh is that a picture of you?
@xkcd <yawn>
8:14 PM
@xkcd m'ok...
The attention to Rey's haircut is sweet, though.
Any in-universe reason for said haircuts? They might look cool but look like they'd be impractical as hell.
(take it from someone with long hair)
@Stormblessed For values of "me" where me = my dog at least. :)
@Jenayah Why? Rey's haircut seems largely intentionally practical. It binds all her long hair back so it doesn't interfere with Jediing.
@Stormblessed I'd say so yeah, I'm surprised Fuzzy didn't start that already.
8:22 PM
@NapoleonWilson I don't know what holds it together, but moving around (especially jolting) strains hairbands and makes hair come out of it, which later goes above your eyes etc
Oh nevermind. Got it. She maintains it in place with the Force. Only explanation to come out of a fight with this hairstyle still in place ;)
Or simply damn good hairbraidery.
@Jenayah Your hair is practically in one of your eyes.
Q: 80's movie involving replacing actors with CGI

Ross ThompsonThis was a movie I saw a few times on British TV during the 80's, but I don't think it was much older than that. English language, almost certainly American-produced. I think it was an action movie, driven by a multiple murder plot. The main scene I remember (I really want to say it was the open...

8:35 PM
@NapoleonWilson my turn to "mmmh" you.
@Jenayah In which way?
I don't find it unlikely for an advanced civilization at the other end of the universe to have perfected the art of hairbraidery.
Okay, put like that, point taken.
8:54 PM
Q: Were the Deathly Hallows ACTUALLY gifts from Death itself, or was the story just a parable?

RusshiroI was never sure if the Deathly Hallows story of the Three Brothers was to be taken literally or figuratively. Recently, I came across a theory video which offers an alternative explanation of how the Deathly Hallows were created. You could see it here: J.K. R...

Q: What are the planets that appear "The Mandalorian" Episode 1 & 2?

NKCampbellAcross Episode 1 and 2 of "The Mandalorian", it seems that there are 3 planets visited: Planet 1: The planet where Dyn Jarren (The Mandalorian) captures Mythrol Planet 2: The planet where he meets with Greef Karg to get the new bounty Planet 3: The planet where he recovers the asset (answered...

It might look like it, but it's not. The eyes are a little bit behind, in a cavity
So it's a matter of perspective
Maybe it's just because the glasses are about 15X the size of the eyes.
Available in Dutch and French.
I'm going to get it.
@SQB oh! Will let my fan friend know :)
@Alex maybe the eyes and glasses are normal size, but the glasses' lenses make it so that when you look through them my eyes appear smaller.
9:14 PM
I nominated for reopening because the OP says they've figured it out.
Didn't see that in the queue
Vote cast
Downvote stays though because there's zero useful information in that post
@Jenayah Not going to argue with that! :)
2 hours later…
11:09 PM
Q: Are starwars ship shields a bubble or skin tight?

Matt BartlettThere seems some inconsistency with starwars shields. Personal/Planetary shields seems to be globe like as seen on CIS Droidika and the shield on the Death Star II or Scarif having shields that are projected in a globe around the object. However starship shields seem to be skin tight, for example...


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