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12:54 AM
Why isn’t this question controversial?
Q: How do Juliette and Nick only have one bedroom?

user26272Right through Grimm season two, I was thoroughly confused by Nick sleeping on the couch. They have quite a large house, so how is there room for only one (relatively small) bedroom upstairs?

Compare to:
Q: Why are there so few bedrooms in the Burrow?

AnthelothIn Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, when Harry is staying with the Weasley family, it says that Harry, Hermione, Ginny and Ron were walking up the stairs, and Percy asked them to be quiet. This presumably happened on the first floor above the ground floor. It then says that they then went up ...

1:51 AM
@Alex Because it doesn't presume facts not in evidence?
Q: How can Jor-El represent entire Kryptonian culture?

LoboIn few episodes back in Krypton TV series, Brainiac How is that? Superman is also an El, for example. But, he fully represents Earth culturally and you can't find any trace of Kryptonian culture in him.

@DavidW ?
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4:21 AM
Why are the queues in different places on SF from on Politics?
@Alex what’s it look like on Mi Yodeya (as I see you are here and it’s not a beta)?
@Mithrandir what order are the review queues in on Literature?
Q: YA book from the 80s, involves mind transfer to robot as means of travel

LinzidayI remember a book from the 1980s set in the future. The main character was a boy traveling to see a relative (uncle? grandfather?), but you didn't actually have to travel anymore....Instead, his consciousness was transferred into a robot that looked just like him at his relative's place. The only...

@Alex Thanks. Why’s the dot gray?
4:36 AM
@Stormblessed You earn them in a different order on Beta sites.
Low Quality Posts comes with editing privileges.
On regular sites voting to close and reopen comes after editing but on Beta sites it comes before.
@Alex ah!
Q: Review queues are in a different order in different sites

StormblessedThis is Politics’ review queues order in the dropdown: This is Science Fiction & Fantasy’s: The order is the same on Mi Yodeya. Why are they in a different order? Is this a bug?

I asked it, @Ale you could turn that into an answer, I guess
Q: How does the review-needed indicator work exactly?

Jon EricsonWith the rollout of the new top bar, you’ve probably noticed the new review indicator: or It’s possible there will be a different review icon by the time you read this. But this post is just about the red circle on the icon. You’ll see the indicator is turned on: if any review queue has a r...

@Alex for some reason I never get that dot
@Stormblessed Done.
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6:32 AM
Q: Why did harry get in trouble for performing magic “in front of a muggle “ (order of) when Dudley knew all about magic

MartinSo in order of Phoenix Harry gets in trouble for use his patronus. He was charged with performing underage magic inform of a muggle. But that muggle ,Dudley, knew all about magic. Hogwarts even broke this rule when they sent hundreds of letters to Harry in the philosophers stone, and that was ...

7:12 AM
Q: What is the purpose of the vampires' pink fog?

AdamantIn Season 3, Episode 1 of Wynnona Earp, there are some vampires that conspicuously employ a pink fog. I can't quite figure out what the fog is for, though. It's not the vampires themselves in an incorporeal form as one might imagine from traditional vampire lore, since all the scenes suggest that...

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8:12 AM
Q: Has the Eye of Agamotto ever been lost or destroyed in the comics?

Richard CIn the MCU we have seen that as of Avengers: Infinity War Doctor Strange has now; I realise that in the comics the stone is not an Infinity Stone but has there been any precedence for Doctor Strange losing the Eye or having it destroyed?

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11:00 AM
Yes, I know I closed scifi.stackexchange.com/q/82714/4918 as a dup of a later question. That was deliberate, because I think the latter had better answers. And yes, it was previously closed as a dup of another question of which it wasn't really a dup.
Close to quality not to age so no problem
Q: Is Odin inconsistent about the powers of Mjolnir?

RenatIn Avengers: Endgame in the final battle with Thanos And I remembered in Thor: Ragnarok when Thor complained to Odin about being powerless with the hammer, to which Odin replied "Are you Thor, the God of hammers? The hammer is only to control your power" or something like that (don't remember ...

11:51 AM
Greetings, Earthlings.
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1:14 PM
Q: Did the Sith know of Force ghosts?

Darth VaderOne of the primary Goals of a Sith is to achieve immortality So my question is: Did the Sith know that the Jedi could become immortal by becomming a Force ghost ?? and if so did any Sith try to replicate this ? (I know that Sith can bind their Force energy to certain items but that's not a f...

2:11 PM
@Donald.McLean Greetings, Hubble Guy!
I got enough rep. to edit on Meta!
Q: Does Batman use makeup or UV sunblock?

MindwinPrompted by this meme: I don't think it would work. I'm pretty sure Batman uses makeup and/or protection for his exposed skin that would block UV/radiation, the likes. However, I can't pinpoint a canonical source (preferably from comics, but movie & other media also applies). Does Batman wea...

A: Who was the first author to write about transhumanism?

a4androidIf by transhumanism, take into account "Practical methods and visions of transforming ourselves, achieving longevity or immortality, conquering death and disease, amplifying our intelligence and minds and extending our bodies." In which case, the earliest novel to depict a descendant of human bei...

Well we have a new winner
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3:40 PM
Why’s all this showing on a question unrelated to those tags without me clicking on the tag entry box? I’m using the mobile site
3:55 PM
Q: What atom could be used on a fictional metal-poor planet for biological oxygen exchange?

tgrignonI'm working on a hard sf novel about humans being forced to survive on a metal-poor planet. They have to take dietary metal supplements at first but eventually a bio-engineer rigs the biochemical pathways from native species to work in their offspring using bacterial and viral vectors. I'd like a...

@Stormblessed Hallelujah! \o/
Thanks (?)
How’s it going?
4:12 PM
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5:56 PM
Q: Merman Tom, pirate Hermione story

Captain KidLooking for an unfinished Tomione fanfic on AOT. Tom was a merman, the terror hiding in the depths, terrorizing honest sailors and pirates alike, sinking ships and drowning people in droves. Enter Hermione the pirate. Evil Ariel transitions into a dolphin and rescues Hermione from an untimely de...

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7:58 PM
You’re comparing reds and oranges! — Stormblessed 20 secs ago
8:10 PM
Interesting. If you're able, check out the review history in LQP. This one scifi.stackexchange.com/review/low-quality-posts/151501 shows up normally, with 3 reviews listed against the answer. The following post in the queue shows up separately for each of the 4 reviewers, and the content doesn't appear.
8:55 PM
@DavidW I don’t see the answer there
Neither do I, that's part of the point. The other part is that the same post showed up as a separate review for each user.
9:57 PM
Q: Book series in the future with a plague, artificial intelligences, and a mining planet taken over by machines

user119409I'm actually not sure if it was a book series, but there was a question to identify this story several months ago that linked to a website that explained the history and events that took place in this universe. The setting was in the future in our solar system. There was a plague on Earth, "The ...

10:46 PM
Q: Stack Exchange’s date system won’t work in 89 years

StormblessedI was looking at an old post, and noticed how we display dates from a certain amount of time ago: This is very non-futureproof design. How will people living in the melted remains of society in 89 years know the difference in age between a question from 2009 and a question from 2109? This is ...

@Stormblessed That’s okay. By then no humans will be programming anymore so Stack Overflow will be entirely obsolete.
@Alex but...story-IDs!
Oh robots don’t forget stuff duh
@Stormblessed 237284
11:01 PM
@Alex oh they must, actually
@Stormblessed Also, you could still post questions where you know the story, just to see if others can figure it out.

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