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12:03 AM
@Stormblessed No.
Oh, today is a good day for me. Hit the reputation limit on two sites, and got access to site analytics here.
Actually, yesterday as of four minutes ago.
12:17 AM
@Alex oh the name looked very spammy
@Stormblessed So does mine.
12:30 AM
@Alex And discovered a bug in the analytics.
Which turns out to already be .
@Alex which one?
Q: Is Site Traffic Data Gone for Good After Fixing Previous Bug?

hazzeyThere was a previous bug affecting site traffic statistics showing -zero- for months (Traffic (views, visits) isn't correctly registered on Site Analytics or Area 51). This has been fixed in that it is now graphing the data. It appears that previous data may be lost? The graphs below are from ht...

1:18 AM
A: Formatting Sandbox

Stormblessed Community! I am writing a bunch of words so this doesn't become a comment because that would suck. Here, look at my link over there and read these words with some line breaks and formatting and then please fix my link: I am become HTTPS, securer of worlds!

1:37 AM
Some very nice flairs :P
Q: In Shyamalan's movie "Glass" what does David Dunn's street address (1842) refer to?

tgrignonI just watched M. Night Shyamalan's science fiction thriller Glass for the first time yesterday. Then I watched it again today because I just had to. I loved every second and wished all the deleted scenes were in it. I have lots of questions about this last film in the trilogy (Unbreakable, Split...

1:55 AM
Is the second sentence redundant?
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3:20 AM
Q: Why would they not do Captain Jake and the Neverland Pirates Season 5

laquame suarezWhy did they not do a season 5 of Captain Jake and the neverland Pirate?

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4:46 AM
Should I somehow report ridiculous close votes?
Or not
Q: Why would they not do Captain Jake and the Neverland Pirates Season 5

laquame suarezWhy did they not do a season 5 of Captain Jake and the neverland Pirate?

This was voted to be closed as a dupe of
Q: Is "Nightbird" from Star Trek TNG episode "Second Chances" a real 20th century song, or a fictional one?

user2170639I'm a big Jazz aficionado (and a Trombone player) and I was curious if the song Nightbird (more description below) is a real song or a fictional Jazz song. From Memory Alpha "Nightbird" was a jazz song that Commander William Riker had been practicing on his trombone for years. Riker, norma...

4:58 AM
It might be worth bringing to the attention of the moderators with a custom flag, since it's possible that a user has started trolling (but it could also be an honest mistake).
5:20 AM
Who made this dupe close vote scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/217130/…
Anyways it's deliberate cross post
Ohh name is different
a little
I guess mods can check on either side @Null @NapoleonWilson
Most new users don't understand why crossposting is bad.
6:23 AM
Did the show get a little less brutal after the first season/episodes?
The violence factor by the nominal heroes was slightly too high for me.
7:02 AM
After watching The Boys and Umbrella academy I feel Titans was not taht brutal :D
@AnkitSharma The Umbrella Academy...at least the Titans try to fight against evil.
I'm pretty sure the Umbrella Academy family is evil.
Especially Diego and Vanya....
They were not evil just bad parneting and tehy were trained to be hero
@AnkitSharma All the good villains blame bad parenting, sometimes accurately. Darth Vader, Lord Voldemort, Cain and Lucifer from the Bible....
@AnkitSharma They were trained to be vigilantes who murdered bank robbers, and to stop the apocalypse (Which, you know. Was their fault).
7:43 AM
@Adamant but tehy were still kind of hero in the show. Maybe antihero in general term
@Adamant more of there father fault
But best villain is when you don't have a reaosn - Joker
@AnkitSharma Was the apocalypse their father's fault in the comics? In the show, he didn't seem to be responsible even indirectly. Proximally, Vanya was responsible, and she was an outright psychopath when she was like 8, as we saw in the flashbacks. Not that his parenting could have helped. Indirectly, the others were responsible for shooting her, which was actually not a bad idea, but was still not the fathers fault. Not that he wasn't responsible for a bunch of terrible things.
Vanya needed help that time not a father who treat them like pawns
7:58 AM
@AnkitSharma Agreed...although I question how possible it is to "help" someone who's a murderer that young.
8:28 AM
@Adamant he already supress her power then why to treat her like trash?
8:41 AM
... why was the cross-post question migrated? Now it's a dupe
Been merged by the looks of it
Which made this answer weird movies.stackexchange.com/a/102483/1190
8:59 AM
Q: Is there a reason why, Tony didn't think of using this in "Avengers: Endgame"?

ShreedharIn Spider-Man Far From Home, we see that Tony Stark And as we see further in the movie, quoting from here, Following this answer, it can be assumed that E.D.I.T.H was probably Considering this, is there a reason why, in Avengers: Endgame Tony didn't think of using

9:58 AM
Q: Fanfiction involving a sea horse, a sailor, a clam shell and a mermaid set in the multiverse

Moon KnightI read this online though it might have been on a surreptitiously dodgy website, it involved a love triangle between the sailor, the sea horse and the mermaid. They had a secret place they went to, a place where "women of the night" go. The mermaid liked to dress up in various outfits, the mermai...

Q: Why was this question migrated to Movies?

ValorumAlthough cross-posting is frowned upon, it is considered acceptable to re-ask that question on to a new stack exchange site if you feel that the answers you received from the earlier time do not meet your requirements or expectations. Why then was this question migrated to Movies:SE? Why was "J...

~6 mins
10:18 AM
You assume OP was indeed dissatisfied with the answer given earlier on Movies. Can you offer any evidence to back up this bold statement? As it stands, this reads more like your own headcanon. — Jenayah 2 mins ago
@Jenayah That a bit of snark I detect there? :P
Duck, it's just a bit?
Well I was downplaying it, made me chuckle
It is well worded, shall we say
Oh apart from the first sentence it is an outright copy-paste
@TheLethalCarrot hahahhaah
Somebody still have grudges for sister site :D
@Jenayah That makes it even better haha
10:43 AM
@AnkitSharma well, their loss
11:18 AM
Q: Curator working late discovers the night watchman is the vandal and the Egyptian gods are real

thsuttonI’d love to identify a short story I read in an anthology that must’ve been printed in the 80s or 90s. The main character is a museum curator and she’s working late studying a statue of an Egyptian god. She learns that the recent attacks of vandalism were perpetrated by the night watchman who wa...

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1:05 PM
Greetings, Earthlings.
1:56 PM
Q: Did Captain America made out with his niece?

Jorge CórdobaI’m a little bit confused with the timeline after Avengers Endgame. At the end of Endgame we learnt that: With that in mind and taking into account that Captain America kisses Sharon Carter (who is Peggy’s niece) in Civil War. Does that means he actually made out with his niece or does Sharo...

2:14 PM
@Marvin Questioning my life choices after answering another Endgame time travel question...
2:24 PM
I have to admit that over the past year, with every "How does X work in Y?" or "Why does X happen in Y but !X happens in Z?" question, I'm sliding ever more to a default "it's magic" response to any comics-based question... :-P
Part of the problem being a completely logical explanation at time t0 gets invalidated next time (cynically, every time) a sequel is produced that needs things to work differently. :-/
Yeah I won't be surprised if they re haul time travel if the want to use it further down the MCU, personally I came to the same conclusion as the writers for Endgame for how it worked just from watching the film before any interviews came out
Then the interviews came out and made everything mucky
@TheLethalCarrot if you're bored stop answering them, simple as that
2:40 PM
Not bored
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4:35 PM
Q: How intelligent are terminators?

Ham SandwichAs far as the individual terminators go (and not Skynet collectively), are they intelligent? I'm not really thinking of planning "intelligence" or strategic knowhow, but more math and other similar skills. Could the T-1000, for example, multiply numbers in its "head" very quickly? Could the T-80...

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5:54 PM
Q: Does Tris actually have super-powers?

BrondahlI'm half-way through season 3. They've just found Tris is talking and acting as though she has super-powers, but I'm not clear on whether she does actually have them. We got shown her doing a long training montage around various parkour skills, which made me think that she doesn't ACTUALLY ha...

Q: Constantine and "suicide == no Catholic burial"

RogerAs one might recall from Constantine, a plot point was that Isabel Dodson was a suicide and thus barred from a Catholic burial, condemned to Hell, et cetera. After some cursory research I found this article which states: Broad shifts in the cultural attitude towards suicide, due in large p...

6:14 PM
Q: Star Trek novel in which the Enterprise-A is sold as surplus and refitted with Klingon technology

Robert ColumbiaI'm trying to recall a licensed Star Trek novel that I encountered in the early 2000's decade. The gist of the story is that after the NCC-1701-A is decommissioned after the end of The Undiscovered Country, it is stripped of its weapons and sold onto the surplus market, where it is purchased by ...

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7:34 PM
Q: Gambit Pileup in a Deepness in the Sky

MegalonychidaeI've heard it mentioned repeatedly that in the climax of A Deepness in the Sky, Sherkaner Underhill's and Pham Nuwen's gambits somehow come close to mutually cancelling and giving Nau victory. As I understand it, Pham's gambit involved using his localizers to cut off Nau's access to the ziphead...

Q: In "A Deepness in the Sky", what were the "authoritarian turns of speech" in Tomas Nau's dinner speech?

13renOf the speech by Tomas Nau, Trixia Bonsol (postdoc linguist) says: "[...] I heard a dozen authoritarian turns of speech--and they didn't seem to be fossil usages. The Emergents are accustomed to owning people, Ezr." excerpt Clarification: she wasn't talking specifically about Nau's speech, ...

Ugh so much striking through...but I’m on mobile. Anyone want to elipses-ize the strike-out parts of the quotes?
This user amflare keeps on rejecting and editing weirdly, making the excerpt pretty useless
My version:
> Use this tag when asking question about Vernor Vinge as an author, not the stories he has written; for those use the specific work tags instead. Vernor Vinge is a retired professor and computer scientist best known for his Hugo-winning novels A Fire Upon the Deep, A Deepness in the Sky, and Rainbows End.
Their thing they changed it into:
> Use this tag when asking question about Vernor Vinge as an author. For questions about the stories he has written; use the specific work tags instead.
These make it so that the excerpts don’t clarify who exactly this fellow is by removing anything about what he’s written.
7:51 PM
@DavidW about this: that’s not how semi colons work
They’re always either a period or used in lists of items with commas in them
@Stormblessed Sure, it should be a comma; I agree, but it's not worth an edit.
*writes down the name of the tag for planned (ab)use of privileges at 20K*
The first time I had an edit rejected, I thought I'd go back and "fix" it when I had sufficient privileges. But I haven't; there are so many things to do, almost all of them more important, and so little time, that it's just not worth obsessing about it.
Besides, "community moderation" sometimes means just rolling your eyes at the "community standard" and moving on. You can't win an edit war with the community at large.
8:54 PM
Q: Are there any non Force-sensitive intelligent beings in the Star Wars galaxy?

SeamusthedogWe have seen many species in the Star Wars galaxy who are Force-sensitive including Human, Mon Calamari, Wookiee, Twi'lek, etc., but are there any known species whose members are incapable of using the Force? Non-sentient beings, like the Loth-wolf, and non-organic creatures, like the Giants of L...

@Stormblessed Better?
9:21 PM
@DavidW much, thanks!
9:53 PM
Q: Anime were a popular teen becomes a demon slayer

CATALIN VESCANI am trying to find an anime that has a super popular teenager as a protagonist. One day that guy goes at night in his school with his friends and he gets attacked by some shadow daemons. And all of a sudden this weird stalker gay dude who says that if he wants to survive the popular guy had to k...

Q: What did Nebula look like before she was a robot?

DJ Fauna Flora FusionIn the Marvel Cinematic Universe, what did Nebula look like before she was a robot?

10:53 PM
Q: Book (online?) where one common (and powerful) form of magic consists of making vows

FuzzyBootsI was reading Sew You Want to be a Hero, second book of the Threadbare series, and there's a scene where a character is commenting on how the Knight class (it's LitRPG where people are aware of their game stats) gain power by taking a vow and sticking with it, and it reminded me of another (non-L...

1 hour later…
11:53 PM
Q: Did Tolkien ever discussed why rings were chosen as plot?

Jorge CórdobaWith years of reading the books, watching movies and specially with the success of the Peter Jackson movies the fact the main magical items on the Lord of the Rings are the rings seems straightforward but thinking about it, it definitively an odd choice. Most fantasy novels I’ve read tend to fea...


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