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2:11 AM
Q: Old SF novel about Earth as a prison planet; newly arrived convict has a secret agenda

LorendiacI think I read this no later than the year 1986. English language, hardback, available in a public library in Indiana in the mid-1980s. I don't think it was by any of the Big Names of 20th Century science fiction, or else I would have run across it again by now. It was a stand-alone novel; no cli...

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4:33 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted username (92): What does this occult symbol signify? by Troll on scifi.SE
5:10 AM
Q: What happened to Steve's Shield in Iron Man 2?

Memor-XIn Iron Man 2 when Tony is working on trying to create a new element for his arc reactor, Coulson finds a familiar looking shield which Tony uses to prop a coil Agent Coulson: [Pulls a familiar looking object out of a box] What’s this doing here? Tony: That’s it. Bring that to me. Agent C...

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6:12 AM
@Stormblessed ahahah
6:36 AM
Q: Are all ringwraiths called Nazgul in LotR?

klausI knew before that the Black Riders and Ringwraiths and Nazguls are one and the same. But even before that, when I was little and saw the movies when they first came out, I thought the Nazgul referred to the fell beast or flying steed of the wraiths. But recently, I'm reading the books and it jus...

7:36 AM
Q: Children's telefilm about a handicapped girl's believes in the fairytale characters

Ankur RatheeGenre- Children fantasy Story: Start: Mian lead is a girl who believes in fairytale characters like a fairy from Cinderella story or might be Pinocchio etc. They all visit her when nobody is around but vanish if anybody comes. They play with her and cheers her up when she is low. Middle Her fr...

7:56 AM
Q: Why does Sumos dad have a pedophile friend in the desert?

The Male Ariana grandeWhy does Sumos dad have a pedophile friend in the desert in the episode "stump brothers" in the TV show "Clarence"?

8:10 AM
Q: What is "extracts a heavy toll" means?

Khuynh Thành Chi LuyếnWhat does Thanos mean when he says "This day extracts a heavy toll" when he meets Doctor Strange on Titan in Avengers: Infinity War? I used Google Translate and it didn't really mean anything in my language.

8:22 AM
Delete this Q, it's off topic and the OP wanted to but they are unregistered so couldn't
Q: Why does Sumos dad have a pedophile friend in the desert?

The Male Ariana grandeWhy does Sumos dad have a pedophile friend in the desert in the episode "stump brothers" in the TV show "Clarence"?

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9:56 AM
Q: What is the earliest example of enmity between dwarfs and elves?

Richard CThroughout fantasy literature there exists enmity between dwarfs and elves, depending on the author it can range from distrust, through to outright racial hatred and war. Where have these historic issues originated? Has it been taken from the fables and stories that Elves and Dwarfs first appea...

10:16 AM
Q: What would happen to superpowered people on Zur-En-Arrh that are human?

Taskmaster from MarvelWhat would happen to super powered people on Zur-En-Arrh that are human? E.g. Blue Beetle, Major Force, Shazam, Green Lantern, Planet Master, The Flash, The Spectre, Raven?

10:36 AM
Q: Why is there no Legend of Galactic Heroes adaptation for US TV series?

ayami asakuraI mean it's not like the USA people doesn't know it. It's a timeless classic. I mean they manage to adapt one of the impossible to make series, Game of Thrones, why not this timeless classic?

Q: Pre late '80s UK-based horror short story. Giant alien shapeshifters imitate a house and a phone box to trap and devour the young protagonist

Danny_TorrenceGeneral This UK-based short story was from a horror or scifi compilation I read during the late 80s/early 90s (but was almost definitely from earlier). I have a feeling the compilation was probably aimed at early teens as I'd likely have found it in the school library. Plot The story was based a...

10:56 AM
Q: What's the best way to write a great science fiction book? What should the author be careful about?

David WilliamsWhat's the best way to write a great science fiction book? What should the author be careful about?

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11:56 AM
Q: Is Gnimrach an Ogre Prince?

Alex DownsIn Shrek Forever After, there is an ogre voiced by Brian Hopkins who The Internet identifies as Gnimrach. The name is a reference to the original script where Gnimrach was Brogan’s original name. But in the world of the film, could it mean that Gnimrach is the ogre version of Prince Charming? I...

Q: Shouldn’t the “Good Witch” in Wizard of Oz, Glenda, be called a Fairy Godmother?

Alex DownsI mean, she LOOKS like a Fairy Godmother. She even has the wings.

12:36 PM
Q: Book about a witch who tried to murder entire world population

Mor ZamirI read this book in English in 2002 or 2003. The book had a black cover with some circular symbol in the center, I can't remember the shape that was in the symbol. In the book, the witch tried to murder every living human on earth, by targeting people one by one. She was able to make a body disa...

1:26 PM
@Stormblessed there's a comment here meta.stackexchange.com/questions/329670/… that's addressed to me, with a link to some guidance but I can't access it from my inbox and the Q is deleted. Could you copy-paste it for me? :)
> @Jenayah Moderators generally reject such requests, as the official guidance (see the last bullet) says to leave an existing close reason in place unless the duplicate reason is involved. Pretty much all my requests to have a close reason changed have been declined
K thanks
Oh there's no link?
Whoops, forgot the link - meta.stackexchange.com/a/180450/377214
Sorry 'bout that
No worries
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Q: Framed and sent to a prison planet, learns to hunt large native creatures

DavidWThis is a stand-alone novel I read in the early 90s, probably around 1994. More space adventure than serious extrapolation or idea SF. Despite the setting it didn't have the noir aspects that became popular later, or with other authors. My recollection is that it was close in feel to something...

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4:06 PM
Greetings, Earthlings.
Anyone know anything about this new badge?
greetings and salutations @Donald.McLean
Whee, I just got three lifejacket badges :-)
Q: Despite Ken not appearing in Toy Story 4

Alex DownsWhy couldn’t the Disney Shops sell Ken dolls so that kids could get another chance at buying them? I mean, what if they didn’t get a chance at buying them when Toy Story 3 was still new?

4:30 PM
@JohnRennie Yeah. I just got a bunch too.
4:43 PM
Why is Alex Downs still able to ask questions? I thought a long negative record led to q ban.
4:57 PM
Q: Did Lady Tremaine want to be Queen Mother?

Alex DownsBecause she wanted to marry Anastasia or Drizella off to the Prince, but only for her own sake. And if this is the case, shouldn’t she be an example on the tropes Mother Makes You King (female equivalent) and God Save Us From the Queen?

5:17 PM
Q: How does Sloan get past DS9 security?

Susan AdamsHas it be stated in another epsiode or the shows productiom team, how Sloan can circumvent DS9 security and get into Bashir's room? From the episode Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges: BASHIR: Odo's checked all the security logs. There's no indication of how Sloan got aboard or where he went. ...

Q: Story about hunters of giant lizards for hides on privately owned planet

M. A. GoldingIn a comment to another question, DavidW mentioned a story about hunting giant lizards on an extrasolar planet for their glands and hides. Exporting lizard hides reminds me of a story, possibly in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Adventure Magazine in the 1980s. IN a future of interstellar coloniz...

5:37 PM
Q: Story about hunting giant lizards for hides on privately owned planet

M. A. GoldingIn this question: [Old SF novel about Earth as a prison planet; newly arrived convict has a secret agenda There is a comment about hunting giant lizards on a planet and exporting their hides. I remember a story, possibly from Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Adventure Magazine in the 1980s. In ...

Q: Does Iron Man's repulsor technology violate Newton's Second Law of Motion (in-universe)?

ThePopMachineIron Man's suits displays a wide array of amazing technologies: super-durability amazing artificial intelligence, virtually unlimited energy via the ARC reactors, and repulsor technology The repulsors enable flight as well is providing an offensive weapon which can be used to fire damaging b...

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6:39 PM
@Marvin This is funny; this is the 3rd follow-on question that the original question about the 4 Lords of the Diamond series has spawned. :)
@Adamant Looks like he was banned for about a week, and now is banned again...
Now it looks like it's a month.
6:55 PM
@DavidW a bit more than that.
7:40 PM
@Jenayah Oh yeah, I guess I fail "paying attention." :)
8:19 PM
Q: Was the weakness in Wraith technology ever revisited in any media?

ThunderforgeIn the Season 2 episode "Aurora", Sheppard's team discovers an Ancient warship by the same name. They learn from the Ancient crew whose consciousness is in some sort of virtual world that they are responsible for delivering information about a weakness of the Wraith. CAPTAIN: Nothing is lost....

Q: How do you put items in chests without knowing?

Bob KingHow do I put items into a chest without knowing?

8:32 PM
@Stormblessed why is a mod vote there not binding?
Q: Why haven't Cardassians taken DS9 (Terok Nor) with them while withdrawing from Bajor?

khandI understand the Deep Space Nine station was able to move, although with many difficulties and limitations. So my question is, why haven't the Cardassians just taken the station to Cardassian space while they were withdrawing from Bajor? It seems to me that Cardassian space wasn't that far from...

@Jenayah that is so strange!!
in The Bridge, 54 secs ago, by Moacir
They VTC before they became mods
Dang, not to be rude but those were the two people I was definitely not wanting to win...
Not super strongly, though, really
Eh it doesn’t affect me much, I don’t use Arqade a lot
8:57 PM
@Stormblessed oh so they became mods like one day ago?
I have no idea who Arqade mods are
Election ended today
Oh, it's normal then
9:15 PM
I am in the process of making my profile picture better
If I save my profile for all communites, after only changing my image, will the text change on all of them to match?
9:30 PM
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10:35 PM
@DavidW how do you know?
Oh a year suspension wow
Or was it automatic @Rand?
Q: Two boys pursued through the woods by a fire-eyed monster who tears up trees

Pam LopezShort story or folktale from before 1972. Could be decades earlier. Two boys are pursued by monster who says something like, "Rum, rum, Sally Drum! Tearing up trees and throwing them as I come!" Boys take brief refuge with residents on their journey through the woods who tell them frightening t...

@Stormblessed I don't think any suspension is automatic.
(question bans are)
Oh BTW Rand is all this pinging obnoxious? I always ping at you because you’re the mod who’s in the room always
10:54 PM
Null seems to be usually lurking in the shadows keeping an eye on chat as well
11:51 PM
@Jen did you do the star?
It’s confusing to get a star unexpectedly without explanation
*goes on Interpersonal Skills and asks question about chat stars*
@Mithrandir I tried it on another account I made at one point and it didn’t update both

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