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Q: Was Marietta Edgecomb under a spell in The Order of the Phoenix?

Voldemort's WrathIn The Order of the Phoenix, just when Dumbledore’s Army was discovered by Umbridge, Marietta responds in a manner which allows her to save the DA from most trouble... but her eyes are strangely blank. Everyone in the room was gazing at the top of Marietta’s face. Only her eyes were visible ...

12:54 AM
A: Who are these Multiverse Flashes?

JenayahOverview First, let's look at an overview image of the two comic strip pages, with labels, just to appreciate how much there is to identify. Then we'll go through each section of the images in detail. Details of first image First, the Flashes that appear in real big, seen from the back. ...

@Jenayah you never self-accepted this
1:26 AM
Q: Are we supposed to just pretend that Nightcrawler isn't Mystique's son in the current X-men films?

PawnInGameOfLifeI could accept in X2 that it just never comes up, as I don't recall the two being on screen much together (if at all). But with X-men: Apocalypse and now Dark Phoenix, it seems like something the filmmakers decided to ignore or just did not realize. Has this ever been addressed in interviews or ...

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2:50 AM
@Marvin So tempted to post "Yes." as an answer.
3:48 AM
Q: How did Kyle Reese know that Sarah Connor was at the technoir?

riccs_0xThe original T-800 heard the call from Sarah to his friend Ginger, and besides Kyle was following Sarah around, but how did he (Reese) find where she was at these disco?

4:02 AM
Kinda confusing to ask a question in English and get an answer in Spanish on SE. It was still useful and comprehensible, though, certainly.
Q: How did Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli know what Uruk-hai were?

Spar10 LeonidasIn Peter Jackson's film adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, we see Saruman as he takes the initial steps towards creating a new army. The orcs under his command proceed surprisingly quickly, and Gandalf later explains to Elrond that "Saruman has crossed orcs with goblin-men. He's breeding an a...

4:45 AM
A: Why tell Rosmerta about Sirius' relation to Harry?

Meghan D.It is actually all very wrong in the movie. As far as deliberate or chance encounter I have always read it as Cornelius Fudge, Flitwick (he’s there in the book), Mcgonagall and Hagrid go out for a drink because it’s the last weekend of term before break. Harry mentions “how could he have forgot...

An unreadable rant
Weird how a lack of spacing makes things seem so much worse...
5:33 AM
@Stormblessed because it's not worthy enough yet
6:12 AM
Q: Which Indian superhero is popular worldwide?

codeczarMarvel and DC have produced many superheroes which are popular worldwide. Are there any Indian superheroes who have worldwide reach like Superman and Spiderman etc.

7:10 AM
A: Romantic movie about a guy trying to find the woman in his dreams by piecing together faces from magazines

WaltYou're describing the plot of Still Breathing from 1998. From Rotten Tomatoes: This romantic fantasy [...] stars Brendan Fraser as Fletcher McBracken, a starry-eyed San Antonio puppeteer who, like his father and grandfather before him, has a mystical vision of the woman he's fated to marry. B...

Q: Help me identify this book through ending lines

Lynn IPWLooking for what is probably a young adult book, pre-80's, possibly fantasy, that I read long ago which ends with these 2 lines, the 2nd line being its own paragraph: "Fall in love, it makes you brave. Ah, yes, very brave."

^ Wow! A new answer to that question.
7:31 AM
Q: 80s or 90s Fantasy novel part of series. Castle talks to wizard, 2 headed dragon fights itself

NJohnnyUSA English paperbacks. Pretty sure it was a trilogy. The covers were quite colorful. One I remember had a man standing before a chained up 2 headed dragon. I remember little of the story. In Fact I am probably confusing my recollections from different books in the series. First a wizard comes ...

8:03 AM
FWIW scifi.stackexchange.com/q/214619/98028 doesn't look very much on-topic (@Mithrandir's answer doesn't scream fantasy either) but I guess this could be migrated to Lit?
Yep. I just think I found the actual book, and it's not fantasy as far as I can tell.
[insert rant about people answering stuff prior to checking whether it's on-topic]
@Jenayah If you don't know if it's SFF or not, default is if they're asking here, it is. So since I found something and it wasn't immediately obvious whether or not it was SFF, I answered it. Now that I'm fairly sure it's off-topic, I might VTC / flag for migration.
Flagged for migration
Q: Time travel back to stop a man to commit a disaster

myriaidee1sessh43I want to think that it was a series or a TV movie series. The movie/series looks like timeless but it not it well to what I have read in the episodes summary. It looks like a 2010s movie. I did not see the beginning of it, but it was about a team that went back in time to stop/kill a man because...

8:11 AM
@Mithrandir hmm, I think differently on that. By default, no, not every story-id question is on-topic; that one didn't look on-topic, OP didn't seem much on it either, so answering with a definitely SFF book would have been relatively fine (IMO), but suggesting something that doesn't look on-topic, and opening the answer by "I can't tell if it's fantasy"? Meh
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Q: How did Gollum enter Moria?

JohanWe know from the books that Gollum already was in Moria when the Fellowship entered. We also know that he did not enter from the West but from the East. However, as far as I know, we do not know exactly how he entered. For instance, that he managed to sneak past the guards above the stairs and ...

10:31 AM
Q: Story Identification: Prisoner on alien planet escapes by making up a story about ghost companions and wins the war

Eric '3ToedSloth'I read this short story decades ago in a German translation in some anthology, but I believe the original was in English. Or was it in German? I'm not even sure. I'd like to find out the name of the story and who wrote it. (And the name of the fictitious device that plays an important role in it...

10:46 AM
Wow, you have to be quick to answer a story identification question these days.
They're either answered really quickly or take a while, there's no middle ground
Meta feed is slow
Q: Let's (finally) take a moment to congratulate some exceptional users

TheLethalCarrotA couple of our users "recently" hit some very impressive milestones and I think a post is in order to highlight their amazing achievements. Rand al'Thor♦ After taking his sweet sweet time our resident moderator has finally hit 100k reputation! FuzzyBoots Hot on his heels was FuzzyBoots who a...

11:03 AM
@TheLethalCarrot the problem is that the ones that take a while are usually really hard! :-)
@Jenayah I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell ya!
@JohnRennie Exactly haha
@TheLethalCarrot you're also shocked when the damn thing works ;p
May 20 at 16:14, by TheLethalCarrot
I didn't feel the need to complain, just sat here in shock
Aye, that was legitimate shock though
Rather than the sarcasm stew I am currently dishing out
Q: What is the ship shown just before the Enterprise in the ST: Enterprise opening credits?

Michael StachowskyIn Star Trek: Enterprise, season 1 at least, the opening credits show a bunch of aircraft and spacecraft. Just before the Enterprise shows up, there is another ship of similar configuration. Is there any information on that ship and what it could do? It is shown after the Phoenix, and since t...

11:31 AM
@SQB Does news travel slow where you are?
Apparently. Also, I checked meta for an IM.
12:11 PM
Q: Story where in the second part the hero gets kidnapped by a paincult

LHKAJGI'm looking for a book where in the second part the hero gets kidnapped by a member of a paincult. He regularly gets tortured but even falls in love with the woman torturing him with a kind of pain stick. In the end she dies but he returns to his female friend to finish the quest. Another part i...

On the note of her dog bed, it was in a plastic bed thing that she liked with the old bed, we took it out of it and she likes it now so mission accomplished
Also lol, dogs do that haha
Big dog on small bed, small dog on big bed etc
1:04 PM
Q: Ring the bells. But how?

JoachimJust before Deanarys goes completely Apocalypse Now on King's Landing, there is a moment of eerie quiet. After this brief moment of realizing the abysmal situation they're in, the most vociferous of the people start using the uncanny urban acoustics to their advantage: "Ring the bells!", "Ring th...

1:28 PM
Wow, German seems hard
> Bundesverfassungsgericht
That's their supreme court name
German's not that hard. It's just that German (like Dutch, but German's more prone to do so) allows to create compound words where English would use several separate words.
The meaning's not much different, though.
Q: What happened to Hopper's girlfriend in season one?

JohanIn one episode in season one we see Hopper in the middle of the night go out to smoke a cigarette. In a few seconds he is joined by a woman who asks him to get back inside. I assume that's his girlfriend. What happened to her? Was the character written out of the story or is there an in-story e...

Ah, I looked at Google Translate's sound thing and it didn't seem so bad with the pronunciation because there weren't any silent letters I noticed
What's hard about German are the grammatical cases.
Aug 13 '18 at 12:43, by Jenayah
Eheh the joke here is that German sounds so aggressive, they use it to tame the lions and tigers in circuses
1:32 PM
You're Dutch, right?
And we don't have the grammatical cases German has, except from some vestigial ones.
English has one definite article. German has 16.
Oh, wow!
Same for indefinite, although they can be deduced from the definite ones.
I thought Spanish was sometimes annoying with 2 lol
@SQB Then how did we end up with Article 50? :/
1:34 PM
Well 4
There are 4 different ones based on the gender and number: der for masculine singular, die for feminine singular, das for neuter singular, and die (again) for all plural.
Latin doesn't have definite articles, but "this" and "that" have 30 forms.
Wait, they have 3 grammatical genders? Which one is most common?
And each of those 4 has 4 different cases: nominative, genitive, dative, and accusative.
@Stormblessed all of them.
I am so happy I didn't have to learn English as a second language... that adjective order thing is so weird but completely intuitive for me
1:42 PM
So masculine goes der, des, dem, den, feminie goes die, der, der, die, neuter goes das, des, dem, das, and plural goes die, der, den, die.
@Stormblessed oh? I'd say English is one of the easiest languages to learn (from the ones I've studied)
The problem with Dutch is pronouncing it properly. No way I've ever been able to come close to pronouncing "gh."
Like, there's almost no conjugation
@Jenayah Well yeah the conjugation is nice but so many of the verbs are weird
The main problem with English is learning the pronunciation from the spelling. The relation between English spelling and pronunciation is much like the relation between England and the EU.
1:44 PM
English is relatively easy for short present-tense sentences.
German you need to worry about cases and conjugations, and there are also word-order rules (especially verb placement and adverbial phrases).
Oh, before I forget, some of those 16 come with suffixes for the noun they belong to.
I guess it'd also be relatively easier to learn it from French than a lot of other languages, due to having quite a few words that are almost the same spelling
French has a lot of separately expressed verb tenses, and has a fully constructed subjunctive.
@SQB Russian has 6 cases. :)
@DavidW Acutally, German isn't too hard, if you remember that all verbs go together with one big exception, which is unfortunately the most common use.
In the main sentence, the conjugated verb comes second.
Other than that, all verbs go on the end.
@SQB Interestingly, English, German and French all write questions verb-first...
1:49 PM
@DavidW oh yeah, that goes without question.
@SQB Fair, but I remember getting confused with modal verbs and subordinate clauses.
TBF, I haven't really tried to speak German in far too long.
Ich auch nicht.
Odd. When I learned Latin, we were taught 6 cases: Nom/Gen/Dat/Acc/Abl/Voc. But I just looked up the declination of hic/haec/hoc and they didn't list the Vocative case.
(I was curious, because I could no longer recall how the plurals went.)
I know that we never really learned any examples where the Vocative case would have been used, so maybe that makes sense. But it still seems strange.
2:26 PM
Q: Book that ends with the lines "Fall in love, it makes you brave. Ah, yes, very brave."

Lynn IPWLooking for what is probably a young adult book, pre-80's, possibly fantasy, that I read long ago which ends with these 2 lines, the 2nd line being its own paragraph: "Fall in love, it makes you brave. Ah, yes, very brave." This harks back to advice a that the main character was given ea...

Q: Tholian Web: Coordinates?

David C. UllrichAt the start of Star Trek: The Tholian Web the crew of the Enterprise can somehow "see" the wreck of the Defiant although it doesn't register on the ship's sensors. Then they beam over to check things out. If it doesn't register on the sensors then where did they get the coordinates for the tran...

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Q: How did Kovacs go from being arrested to in bed with Ortega in episode 5?

CascabelI was startled to see Kovacs being led out in handcuffs at 41:20, and then in the next scene in bed with Ortega. How did he get out of jail? What did I miss?

5:52 PM
Q: Kid's story: freed witch causes strange weather

LAKI believe I got this from a BookMobile in the US, around 1973. Set in 1950s or 1960s. A child (from the city, or maybe from the US) is sent to live with relatives in rural England, maybe for summer vacation. While there, the kids accidentally free a witch from imprisonment. She causes strange...

6:21 PM
posted on June 17, 2019 by Jack B Nimble

What can I say about this movie other than…Meh? That pretty much sums the movie up for me. Everything about the movie felt pretty generic. It really adds nothing to the franchise. Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are not nearly as charming or funny as they were in Thor: Ragnarok. There are new aliens and ... Read more

6:32 PM
Q: How can Spider-Man replace Ironman without money and brain?

I Love You 3000Trailers of Spider-Man: Far From Home talk about Peter replacing Ironman. After the Happy and Nick Fury both want Peter to replace Ironman. What exactly MCU thinks of Ironman that a broke high school kid can take place of Ironman? Definitely, Ironman is not about action. Even if Happy and Fur...

6:52 PM
Q: Netflix show with elemental monsters

Logan McCaskillThere was this show I think on Netflix and they each had like elemental monsters and the water ones were like really technologically advanced. And one charcter had this dark one that was like a voodoo doll. The elements were like water, fire, air, dark, light.

Q: What happened to Brackiss?

King of NESI read A New Rebellion a Star Wars novel set 14? years after Return of the Jedi. Luke's big bad apprentice is chilling on a planet making droids. Does he ever do anything in future books?

7:06 PM
@Babelfish weird how it got sent here as a new question
Q: What are the significance of towers in Lord of the Rings?

StumblerLeaving aside Minas Tirith and Minas Morgul which have towers as part of their overall structure, there are two very important towers, sometimes called the titular towers of the second book of the trilogy, which are clearly symbolically very important. Namely Orthanc and Barad Dur (Saruman and Sa...

Q: What happened to Aragorn on his first trip through Moria?

Daniel BIn Fellowship, we find out the following: ‘I too once passed the Dimril Gate.’ said Aragorn quietly; ‘but though I also came out again, the memory is very evil. I do not wish to enter Moria a second time.’ Do we know more of this ‘evil memory’ of Aragorn’s?

@Stormblessed Well, I bet that the feed in literature.se doesn't know that it came from here... at least not to the extent of "if it was migrated from the site I'm about to post to, skip."
Feeds are dumb, you guys should know it by now ;)
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Q: In Mistborn, why can metal in people's bodies be affected by Allomancy sometimes?

jamaicanwormIn the first Mistborn novel, it's explained that one key rule of Allomancy is that it can't affect metal in or attached to other people's bodies. However, in The Hero of Ages, Vin seems to be able to do this: Does duralumin let Allomancers break this rule? If so, did I miss an explanation abo...

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8:24 PM
@Jenayah The latest LQP that was deleted; was the suggestion correct? Should it have been added to the CW answer?
Q: Does the "Daedalus" actually land on the water?

SpacePhoenixWhen the Daedalus lands at Atlantis it appears to land on the water, is there anything that's considered to be canon that proves whether the Daedalus is actually landing on water (and floating on the water) or whether it's landing on a submerged platform?

Q: Looking for a Short Story About Airships & Dragons

MarkI'm looking for a short story that appeared in an anthology book of either fantasy or science fiction stories. I believe the story is called "The Day is Saved" Personal Honor was an important aspect of the story There was a rivalry between the dragon riders and the army (navy?) I believe the dr...

@DavidW uh, hadn't seen there was a CW. VTDed because of unbacked one-liner... But in hindsight the CW isn't much better.
I don't know if it should be added to it, but I'll leave a comment.
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Q: Novel in which alien (Martian?) is trapped on Earth in prehistory

David SillsWhat I seem to remember is that the Martian is stranded by the destruction of his civilization. Also, there is an odd detail that sticks in my brain: the Martian drops a bracelet (or a watch?) in a river, where the implication is that it could be found centuries later. The Martian may have intend...

9:28 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer (86): What did Varys do to the Sorcerer? by Dr Matt Wachsman MD PhD on scifi.SE
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Q: Why would the Avengers make such an irresponsible decision?

DustinDavisIn The Avengers End Game (2019), The team comes up with a time travel plan in order to bring back everyone who was snapped out of existence. Tony, being reluctant, finally agrees but only if they bring everyone back - but without disrupting or changing the last 5 years because he wants to preserv...

11:12 PM
Q: Book about space zoo collectors

Frank AllenThanks, friends for finding "Rustys Spaceship" for me. Next challenge, a book read in the very early "60's about a group of inter galactic zoo specimen hunters and their adventures.

Q: Identify a story about a space war, and a human prisoner of war captured by alien enemy

MooThis story starts off with an alien fleet attacking a human spacecraft or fleet - the alien fleet overwhelms their human counterparts, and destroy all the ships. A few survivors escape in individual survival pods, which the alien fleet starts to destroy - one of the survivors realises the aliens...

Could you add some details as to how it matches? — Stormblessed 11 secs ago
Actually that was kind of like sending FuzzyBoots to the guide...

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