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12:02 AM
Why on a users profile am i seeing comments with no post link??
12:12 AM
@Stormblessed Shhh! You're supposed to pretend you don't have any sockpuppets! ;)
@DavidW :O
I mean I did almost get in trouble once but I understand and follow the rules completely now
Any idea about the comment thing?
Unrelated question, can mods see who upvoted a comment?
12:41 AM
Q: Need help to find this movie

BlenderThalaI watched a movie. It's a horror/Thriller type one.There is a creature like bat. It is based on female character movie. She gets a candle stand or antique small sized box as a gift or some other way. There is a tiny stature of a creature in it. It will come alive at night and keep biting her and ...

1:01 AM
Q: Watching Doctor Who on Amazon Prime

yuleruleSo I'm nearing the end of the fourth season of Doctor Who on Amazon Prime. And I see there's also a David Tennant Special. And then there are also the Christmas Specials. So, other than watching the regular seasons in order, is there an order to the specials? Like S01, S02,S03, S04, David Tennant...

1:49 AM
@Stormblessed Hey! :P
2:21 AM
Q: How does time work in the Vanishing Point?

JackI'm watching DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and I'm really confused about how the Time Masters perceive time from the perspective of the Vanishing Point. I've finished the first season, so I know that the place exists "outside of time". Given that, why was Rip surprised about Vandal Savage's takeover?...

Q: Can https://scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/174609/was-jack-kirbys-later-comic-book-art-influenced-by-his-work-on-concept-art-for be undeleted?

BuzzWith the recent introduction of the Lifejacket and Lifeboat badges—and the disappearance of Tumbleweed—it occurred to me today that I ought to post a meta bounty on my own Tumbleweed question. However, when I pulled it up, I found that it had been deleted sub silentio by Community. I would stil...

2 hours later…
4:06 AM
Q: To what extent were Dungeons & Dragons were-rats based on The Swords of Lankhmar?

BuzzWererats are fairly iconic monsters for Dungeons & Dragons, but they are different in a number of ways from the other "lycanthropes" listed in the game rules. It occurred to me recently that when they were introduced by the original Dungeon Masters, Gary Gygax and Rob Kuntz, they might have been...

4:24 AM
@DavidW how is air cannons in space killing skeletons too broad?
Q: Aragorn mentions he has been in Moria before

SchoNuff ‘I too once passed the Dimril Gate.’ said Aragorn quietly; ‘but though I also came out again, the memory is very evil. I do not wish to enter Moria a second time.’ (The Lord of the Rings, A Journey in the Dark) Is there any other reference and/or literature to support this story or even te...

2 hours later…
6:18 AM
@Stormblessed nope
@Stormblessed okay, that I starred :P
Q: What did River say when she woke from her proto-comatose state?

LevenTrekIn Firefly Episode 9, Ariel, River and Simon take a drug that puts them in a proto-comatose state. Around 17:30, River wakes up, says something, and startles Jayne. Jayne responds "What did you say?" but never gets an answer. What did she say? The subtitles I have just say "[Mutters]". But I ...

1 hour later…
7:27 AM
Q: Are all instances of trolls turning to stone ultimately references back to Tolkien?

BuzzAre there any antecedents other than Tolkien for trolls turning to stone? When I was a kid, I remember trolls appearing in one of the earliest episodes of The Real Ghostbusters (the fifth episode "Troll Bridge"), the plot is resolved by having one of the trolls apparently* turned to stone after ...

@Stormblessed *shrugs* I know it's done so for me in the past.
@Stormblessed you sure they're not just screenshots?
(@Alex's profile?) :P
8:07 AM
Q: Which muggles are allowed to learn about magic?

Mor ZamirOther than the obvious first-degree family member, it is also said that the Prime Minister of Britain knows about the wizarding world. Who else can be revealed to magic? Who's the one to decide (some specific entity in the ministry)? Like if a wizard or a witch will date a muggle, how soon is i...

Latest HP is a dupe, I think...
8:47 AM
Q: Book title, laptop that becomes sentient and helps a teenage boy

Richard CI am trying to remember the name of a book and possibly series I read back early-mid 90's A couple of plot points stand out for me. The protagonist is a teenage boy, with a mum, dad and I think sister. he finds or owns a laptop that has a sentient AI inside it and helps him with his adventur...

9:00 AM
@TheLethalCarrot jinx
Did the banner not show? I think you edited an "old" version
Noticed the edit overrode yours and edited the previous one with my fixes but you went ahead ahah
@TheLethalCarrot I'm on mobile
No banners
Ahhhh gotcha
Aye, I saw what happened and updated it again and then you edited again haha
Anyway all good now :)
9:06 AM
@TheLethalCarrot some things on ellaria sand, I know it's from the wikia so take it as you will: After the Red Keep is destroyed by Daenerys via dragonfire during the sack of King's Landing, Ellaria's fate remains unknown, though it is very unlikely that she survived the destruction.[17] Even if she did, she would have died of starvation eventually as Cersei and Qybyun were the only ones aware of her location.

After Tyrion is arrested by Daenerys on account of freeing his brother, instead of being brought to the dungeons he is instead detained in one of the undamaged rooms of the Red Keep,
I feel like this question could be titled something like "who are the remaining kingslayers?". No blurry "this crime", and there's a spoiler tag in the question already. It'd look better as a title. Thoughts?
I'm pretty sure she is dead, but lacking any evidence we can't assume she is or not, for all we know Drogon destroyed her cell wall which released the cuffs and she just legged it haha
Plus some people will rant that knowing a character is alive is a spoiler :P
@Jenayah I'll edit the title right away
It's just a suggestion, not an obligation of any kind :)
9:09 AM
There you go, a bit of a rewrite but it was a good suggestion :)
@Termatinator If you're writing it like that you didn't need the final spoiler block
Ahah new jinx again :D
(FWIW I prefer TLC's one)
@TheLethalCarrot alright, and yeah, another jinx lol
and yeah, carrot's the better one
It is your question though, do what you prefer.
@TheLethalCarrot honestly, I just prefer yours, I've never been one great with words
Fair enough... I'll take that slight ego boost and walk away then :P
3 hours later…
12:08 PM
Q: Horror movie based on one creature that comes alive from a relic and bites the heroine

BlenderThalaI watched it before 2 years back. It is an English movie. The movie is about a women who got a relic as a gift (if I remember correctly). The creature actually looks like below image but it has wings to fly (it is not a Gremlins movie). It has a tail. The creature's size is small like a bat that ...

12:45 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected, potentially bad keyword in answer (80): What does the Spider-man symbol on 1980's comic covers mean? by Szin Napalm on scifi.SE
Q: Who would have called Harry by his last name?

AlexAt the very end of Philosopher’s Stone we find the following passage: ”Thanks," said Harry, "I'll need something to look forward to." People jostled them as they moved forward toward the gateway back to the Muggle world. Some of them called: ”Bye, Harry!" ”See you, Potter!" ”St...

@Jenayah So if you go to Frank's profile
Scroll to June 6
See the comments with no post links
Q: Laptop becomes sentient and helps a teenage boy

Richard CI am trying to remember the name of a book and possibly series I read back early-mid 90's. The protagonist is a teenage boy, with a mum, dad, and I think a sister. he finds or owns a laptop that has a sentient AI inside it and helps him with his adventures giving him advice and helping him solv...

Didn't realize they had laptops in the early 90s...
According to the internet they were invented in 1981, which is way, way earlier than I thought
@Stormblessed uh, indeed
Any idea why they still show up?
12:57 PM
If I get a comment or answer that's deleted, the notification is completely hidden and it's dumb
I think I should be able to see deleted comments and posts on my own questions
Get 10k and half of that is solved for you
Stuff is deleted because it isn't needed, letting you see it goes against that point... you only want to see it to satisfy a curiosity
@Stormblessed Presumably caching depending on when they were deleted
1:11 PM
@Marvin reads like the set-up for a punchline.
Hmm... so the site closed scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/214756/… as a duplicate of scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/214727/…, which the querent deleted.
Well that's unfortunate...
Reopen the new one being the best bet I imagine rather than undeleting and editing the old one
Although is there any info on the old which isn't in the new?
Only in the comments, I think. They noted when they watched it, that it was in English, and that they watched it in India. Oh, and their original question described the creature as "like a bat", I think. The post was a little disjointed and ungrammatical.
So a couple of minor things
I don't suppose it matters either way, edit one to be complete and either reopen or undelete
Looks like Null sorted it out
1:49 PM
Q: skynet and terminator franchise

jimWas Skynet aware, at least in the first terminator film, that it would create a future where Skynet would be created, via the chip in the terminator? Alternatively, wasn't Skynet worried about temporal paradoxes?

Q: How did Bellatrix know about the Philosopher's Stone?

SteveShe was in Azkaban during those events. She confronted Snape about it in HBP. How did she know about it?

15 hours ago, by Stormblessed
Oh BTW Rand is all this pinging obnoxious? I always ping at you because you’re the mod who’s in the room always
slinks out of the room
@FuzzyBoots If you're moving the URLs you should probably also fix them to be https:// at the same time...
2:26 PM
2:49 PM
Q: Why was the spaceship named such in Sunshine movie?

codeczarIn Sunshine (2007) movie the spaceships were named Icarus I and Icarus II , but Icarus was the first person who tried to go to Sun and died in the process. Why name a spaceship in such a way which is ill fated .

So how slow will the meta feed be?
Oh we taking bets now?
Q: Is the question "Does Iron Man's repulsor technology violate Newton's Third Law of Motion (in-universe)?" rightfully closed?

ThePopMachineSee this question: Does Iron Man's repulsor technology violate Newton's Third Law of Motion (in-universe)? It has been closed on the grounds that it's asking for real world "scientific solutions or explanations". This is simply not true. I'm asking about how the technology (supposedly) work...

Are you ducking kidding me.
2:55 PM
7 minutes... I'd have lost then
Feed got touchy ahah
"screw you you lot ain't taking no bets on my behalf"
3:39 PM
@DavidW Something I'm missing for why you left that open?
Yes. We're marking a good question a duplicate of a very, very limited one.
We've already been over this, and I've fixed bad answers to good questions so the dupe can be closed the right direction.
Better Q on the closed one but much better A on the target
Swings and roundabouts
Personally the dupe direction was correct to me but I know it's a subjective thing
Jun 5 at 18:53, by Jenayah
@DavidW I'd say update the answers to the better question, and dupe-close to the better question
Besides we're saying a question from 2015 is a duplicate of something from last week.
Age doesn't matter when closing
Close to the "better" post irrelevant of question age, poster rep, user name, fluffy kittens, etc.
Yeah, and the current question is just barely minimally better than something we would close for being too low quality.
Nevermind, I don't really care enough.
I was just trying to do the "right thing."
3:50 PM
Q: Why is there no sex in Brandon Sanderson's books?

jamaicanwormI've read Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn and Stormlight Archive series, and I noticed that there are hardly any (if any) references to sexual activity between characters. I find that the author paints otherwise very gritty, full, and realistic pictures of characters' behavior and psychology—coverin...

4:37 PM
scifi.stackexchange.com/posts/104609/revisions Fixing someone else's recollections in a question? Do we do that?
Oh wait. This is getting close to me caring again.
5:02 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Well, except when we don't apparently. So really there are no rules.
I know. I'm caring again. :-P
5:13 PM
@DavidW mmmmh. Rollback's itching
5:40 PM
@Marvin ...why does there have to be
5:50 PM
Q: Looking for dystopia where people are forced to move?

madth3I'm trying to remember a title of a paperback book I read over 30 years ago. It was set in a scifi dystopian future where the whole of the earth's society was constantly being moved around the earth. The more of a danger that someone presented to The State the less time they were allowed to stay...

Hi, I'm wanting to offer a bounty for this question: scifi.stackexchange.com/q/205662/13217
I want it to be 50 points, but the lowest option is 100. Why is that?
I know I've done 50 point bounties before.
The dropdown menu ranges from 100 to 500 in increments of 50.
In fact, I previously offered 50 (which went unawarded due to no answers).
@Thunderforge That's why.
Your previous bounty causes the minimum to increase the next time.
@Null What's why?
Oh really? I had no idea.
> Additionally, if you offer multiple bounties on the same question, the minimum spend doubles with each subsequent bounty (50 reputation on the first bounty, 100 reputation on the second, 200 on the third, and so on).
Even if unfulfilled. Huh. Well, I guess the no-deadline bounty winner gets extra then scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/a/12545/13217
6:10 PM
Q: Lindsay Buroker Hero Code (Star Kingdom Book 3) question

Guilherme WoolleyPrologue Fire burned in Yas’s veins as the treatment solution flowed into his arm. His breath caught, and his entire body clenched in pain. Had he been a true cryonics revival patient, he would have still been dead, and he wouldn’t have had to live through this. He supposed feeling envio...

6:31 PM
Q: Looking for a book, kids/teenagers fighting (maybe purple) aliens

BeefheathI read this book in middle school it was somewhere in the time span of 1970's to early 2000's. The book revolves around these kids fighting aliens in space that have incredible technological advantages over the humans and then the kids gain control of some of their technology and use it. I believ...

@Marvin Wow, I don't know that I'd be willing to admit I spent 30 years in middle school. #antecedentfail
@DavidW OP could be a teacher, and have read the book at their workplace :-)
@Jenayah Point. (I'll refrain from a snarky comment about 30 years of teaching middle school. ;)
@DavidW look, some people just have faith ahah
7:36 PM
Q: Discrepancy in uniforms around the dinner table: ST:TOS "Space Seed"

Anthony XIn the Star Trek TOS episode "Space Seed", Khan gets a "welcome to our century" dinner. Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Scott turn out "formal dress" uniform, where everyone else appears to be in their regular duty uniforms. Does this have an in-universe explanation, or is it a production economy we're ...

7:51 PM
Q: I'm looking for the title and author of an old Sci-fi story I read in an anthology in the late 80's early 90's

Justin DanielsThe story deals with a father and son at a zoo, and the father describing how radiation has mutated the animals over the years. Towards the end of the story, the boy gets attacked and loses an arm. When the father asks the doctor if his son will be okay the reply is that he'll be fine humans did ...

Q: Old sci-fi story: radiation mutated the animals, a son loses a limb, but it's okay because "humans used to do great with only two arms"

Justin DanielsI read that story in an anthology in the late 80's early 90's. The story deals with a father and son at a zoo, and the father describing how radiation has mutated the animals over the years. Towards the end of the story, the boy gets attacked and loses an arm. When the father asks the doctor if ...

^ I want to read that.
8:11 PM
Q: Crionycs treatment?

Guilherme WoolleyIn the book Hero Code Star Kingdom book 3 On the first chapter the characters are doing a “cryonic treatment” On the prologue the character says “if he was a true cryonics survival patient” What’s that means ? There’s a cryonics that the corpse is not really dead the character was only “cryoni...

Woah, next Daredevil cover is brilliant.
8:30 PM
@Jenayah It’d be fun to try to write something based on a story-ID question
Like turning the random plot points into an actual work
I mean copyright and stuff would be dubious, but if no one ever found it...
I’ve figured out how to get a story-ID answer!
Step 1: write down the plot points
...seems like a lot of work
Step 2: write a story from it
Step 3: get in copyright trouble
Step 4: well at least you know what it is
Much less work: (1) Go to a used bookstore, buy a 30-year-old paperback; (2) skim the intro chapter and 2 others; (3) post a story-id question; (4) wait a week, then post "I found it!" and the answer. :-P
Plus you get to read a book!
Elantris is fantastic
My copy has art that makes it look like the name is “Flantris” instead
Some guy’s head covers a bunch of the bottom line in the E
Ooh 8 rep. and I’ll see vote counts on Meta
Wowsers. That's a lot of detail. If you can't find this book, might I suggest you just re-write it from memory... — Valorum Dec 2 '18 at 14:05
8:40 PM
@Stormblessed There's an extension for that.
8:50 PM
@Null Any idea how that works?
Oh nice it got answered
Q: "View Vote totals" without 1000 rep

Rob W Screenshot About The vote counts are a great tool to determine whether an answer is disputed or not. Unfortunately, not many of us have enough time to join all Stack Exchange websites and get 1000 reputation. This script unlocks the "View Vote counts" feature for those who are not logge...

Meh, no link to story :(
Any deleted answers here?
I'm asking a Meta and it's important to know
@Stormblessed nope
9:04 PM
Ok, thanks a bunch!
I'm making a feature request
I've noticed that whenever I write a Meta on big Meta, I ask like three more in the next hour or two
@Stormblessed That's a good way to lose rep. Post it and you soon might need more than just 8 points to see vote counts the natural way.
Well it's a pretty good one
It's about bounties
Ahah, waxing lyrical :)
That is a phrase I just learned
Odd experience to learn an English phrase I'd literally never heard from someone from France :P
Q: Peace War science fiction book

Guilherme WoolleyPeace War Vernor Vinge She slipped Quiller's in place and turned on the oxygen feed. She recognized the smell that still hung in her helmet: The tracer stench that tagged their landing fuel. That smell from the tracer was inside the helmet? Why he says “the smell that still hung on her helmet”...

9:11 PM
Meta is annoying
I mean I don't mind the rep lost
But that was a good idea and I got a downvote in less time than it takes to read the question
@Stormblessed sounds better in French. Envolée lyrique. Lyrical soar.
Oh do they use it a lot there?
I’ve never ever ever heard or read it
Instead of asking for a feature request on main meta it's better to ask for a discussion in which you ask if your feature request should be implemented.
Same discussion but far less likely to attract downvotes on the question.
@Stormblessed happens
10:07 PM
Oh wow I got 90 reputation from my kind of low effort closed question on English...
@Stormblessed I think Lois McMaster Bujold has used it.
10:52 PM
Q: Was Yoda a Sith?

Rafael BarrosI hate to question Yoda's integrity, but... Yoda said to Luke: "No! Try not! Do or do not, there is no try.", but as Obi-Wan said to Anakin: "Only a Sith deals in absolutes". So, was Yoda a Sith? Questions that correlate to this: Are there any known Sith from Yoda's species? When & how did Y...

11:18 PM
Q: I Am Mother: Did Daughter answer Mother's question correctly?

conmanAt the beginning of I Am Mother we see a "school" lesson between Mother and Daughter (the following synopsis is from my recollections and is definitely not a direct quote). Mother Mother proposes a hypothetical situation where 5 people are critical ill and require organ transplants to survive. ...


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