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12:36 AM
Q: Why can't we edit other user's comments?

Chintan KhetiyaI have seen so many times users make mistakes in comments. For instance: They just write code as simple statements. Drop direct reference link. Don't use backticks for code highlights Even though formatting options are available for comments, some users might not be aware of that. In tha...

I edited this because of many grammar problems, but have no idea what to do to the last sentence?
12:49 AM
Q: Perpetual War Sci Fi story from the 70s

Jesse FleetSo my dad was telling me the other day that he used to read a lot of short sci fi stories in the 70s and he mentioned one story in particular but has long since forgotten what it's called and who it's written by. I wondered if anyone else might have read it and could perhaps tell me the name of t...

12:59 AM
If I have a question about how to word something, is that for Writing or English?
It’s just about how to phrase a thing
But too pedantic for ELL
Q: Isekai manga that a billionaire (scammer?) is transported in a dungeon and forced to work there

Tyrone Kurtam looking for a manga that a guy is transported in a dungeon and was forced to work there for a living. I remember there was a part that he made a friend that is a lizard kin and a powerful dragon. Tho the dragon is only supporting the mc because she want food from him. And the main objective ...

1:18 AM
A: Was the idea of Batman inspired by vampires?

Molag BalBob Kane, the creator of Batman, found inspiration in several sources, and it seems that he did not specifically set out to create a human, crime-fighting analogue to Dracula. However, one of his influences was Dracula. Kane’s initial idea was a superhero with bird wings. From Batman: The Comple...

Oddly has quite a few less votes than the top one but has way more information, not just a link.
1:47 AM
@Stormblessed You could just ask here; unless you're submitting it professionally or for a grade you might get an adequate answer from the regular denizens of this room
@DavidW but rep ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Well here it is
If i have two statistics
14% and 54%, let's say
So like on planet A 14% of people are human
And on planet B 54% are human
So how can I say that 40 more percentage points of planet B's people are human?
They don't have 40% more human people relative to number of people
Actually these example words are stupid
If I have two statistics
14% and 54%, let's say
Here, I'm going to rewrite this then post it as one less confusing giant block
Can someone else type something to separate that confusing block please?
@DavidW ping
Anyone get notified their SE data got breached? Mine wasn't
2:14 AM
@Stormblessed pong
@Stormblessed I didn't either.
2:41 AM
Q: Story about a cave full of hibernating rattlesnakes

nwhaughtI remember reading a story in the nineties, probably published in the eighties or a bit earlier. It involved a sinister villain trapping some kids in a cave full of hibernating rattlesnakes. There was either a river in the cave or a flashflood at the end that enabled the kids to escape, and the...

Q: Novel where a cube cooled below absolute zero makes a hole in reality

Christopher LeeMany years ago I read an old sci-fi novel - when I say old, I suspect it was from about the 1950's or so. The elements I can remember are an experiment where a cube is cooled to below absolute zero and that it then punches a hole into another dimension. They try to get people to look through t...

Q: How long does it take the xenomorph to build the hive?

kitI am curious how fast can the Xenomorph to build an hive? Does it only take 1 days? Let's say Alien vs Predator: Requiem. There is a scene that the hospital is target where Predalien Queen start build her Hive and create an army of Xenomorph. It feel like only take a couple hour to make the who...

Q: Middle-grade or YA book with a very smart teenager

NamedI heard a description of a book in 2015 or 2016 in school. The target audience was probably 8-12 years old, but the teacher did say that it was more difficult than the other choices to read for 6th graders (which included Dark Life). This book was about a really smart teenager (I believe 17) who...

I've got a question about how to word this:
So like on planet A 10% of dogs are cute.
And on planet B 50% of dogs are cute.
So how can I say that 40 more percentage points of planet B's dogs are cute?
It's mathematically wrong to say 40% more of their dogs are cute.
But 54-14 = 40, so how can I word that 40 while still being accurate **and** not unwieldy.
I can't see it, is it Mos Eisley?
@Gallifreyan @SQB how do you name feeds, room owners?
3:00 AM
Q: Middle-grade or YA book with a very smart teenager

NamedI heard a description of a book in 2015 or 2016 in school. The target audience was probably 8-12 years old, but the teacher did say that it was more difficult than the other choices to read for 6th graders (which included Dark Life). This book was about a really smart teenager (I believe 17) who...

4:18 AM
Q: Was there any indication this would happen, prior to the current season?

bruglescoIn S08E03 Was there any real indication prior to this season that she may be the one to do it. I know in the episode that Melisandre quotes herself from S03Ep06 in reference to blue eyes. The fact that it is a reference to earlier indicates that it may have been foreshadowing, but it seems a b...

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Q: Why didn't Loki just use his scepter to steal the iridium?

I. AmThe iridium was stored in a vault which has an iris scanner. Loki seemed to have gouged out the eyeball of Henrich Shafer to access this. However, I'm wondering why Loki didn't just use his scepter? I see two ways he could've done it using the scepter: Use the scepter to blast the door open sin...

6:34 AM
@Stormblessed yep
6:46 AM
Q: Science fiction carton/animated short

AnthonyHi I'm looking for am old cartoon that i watched back in like the early 90s not sure when it was made but it was a short for sure it was about an alien robot insect/ spider? that crash lands some where in an urban environment an there was a superhero that was killed by it an a kid ended up climb...

7:06 AM
Q: Short story about a lady visiting a conference for multiverse versions of herself?

Castro MorezI would appreciate some help finding a story I read on lightspeedmagazine.com whose title I've forgotten. The details I recall are: The lady had a job involving investigation in some form There is a pre-party which she skips out on Sometime early during the conference a version of herself is m...

7:35 AM
This got kicked off LQP queue with an edit, so it needs a last delvote scifi.stackexchange.com/a/212714/98028
8:05 AM
Q: Old robot movie I cant seem to find

Evroy GrantThis was definitely not a movie I was supposed to be watching for my age. That's the reason this movie is very faint in my memory. I have spent well over 4 hours, on and off, looking for this movie with no avail. This is all I remember (no sure if all accurate) *Movie had robots that some ended ...

8:25 AM
Q: Is there a reason why the Avengers did this in Endgame?

ShreedharIn Endgame, after the Avengers (Tony, Banner and Rocket) together work on Is there a reason why they did this ?

@Stormblessed It's not
@Stormblessed That requires mod powers. Mods create a dummy user (with a negative user id) for the feed, and then rename the user
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10:03 AM
Q: C&C Red Alert theme lyric, what does it say?

KasperIn Westwood Command and Conquer Red Alert 1, 2, 3 every theme song, which is basically a remix of the former, has this one lyric: A male voice shouts something like "These warcraft expects" or something... What is it really? It would be weird if it really had the word "warcraft" in it since th...

11:03 AM
Q: Alice through the looking glass hospital question

A Straight guyWhen Alice escapes the hospital she's barefoot. Then when she gets to the roof she suddenly has boots on. How did she get boots on when the whole time we saw her escaping the hospital she was escaping them barefoot, running up to the roof, and didn't stop? So how did she suddenly get boots on?

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1:01 PM
Q: Story about encounter with hostile aliens

cybernetic.nomadThis is a short story I read in the late 80s or early 90s in an anthology or collection. Here are the plot points I remember: A human spaceship encounters a ship with hostile aliens (HA). There may be friendly aliens (FA) on board the human spaceship A human (or perhaps FA) telepath scans the ...

Q: How strong are the slave cities defenses?

AvelineWhat does it take to capture/sack a slave city by conventional armies? Could an army of 8000 Unsullied with a few thousand Dothraki do it by any chance?

1:34 PM
2:01 PM
Q: How good of a King was Jahaerys I?

TanyaWe have all read about the prosperous and long reign of Jahaerys I, The Conciliator and Good Queen Alyssane. He is regarded as the best Targaryen monarch. However, the question is how much of his success was due to his own skill and how much was due to people like Septon Barth, Grand Maester Be...

Why was this pushed into the queue literally a year and a half after getting edited?
Is there a punishment for getting a Chat message deleted due to being rude?
@Stormblessed 30 minutes chat suspension
Valorum changed profile pictures, weird to not see the same one on (basically) every story-ID question now
@Loong Ah, good to know
I guess I can enact my plan to be very rude and face no consequences (sarcasm)
2:18 PM
any mod could also suspend you manually
2:30 PM
Q: Why is the DCEU ruining Batman’s legacy?

user10532107When I was younger, I was a huge Batman fan. I bought his comics, watched the TV shows, and had deep admiration for his story, character, and his lifestyle of day-time billionaire, night-time vigilante. In my opinion, Nolan’s trilogy was the best ever superhero movie trilogy, because it embodies ...

Q: Early 1950's or before SciFi book

Christopher GarvieMy first SciFi book I ever read was in early 1950's in Europe (prob. 1952) and it had 10 stories about a different form of life on every planet, including the sun. All I can really remember is that the life on the sun was organized plasma streams on the sun's outer layers, and the life on Pluto w...

3:10 PM
Q: Did any of the fan theory about Game of Thrones season 8 got true?

h0lmes221BEveryone read countless theories about season 8 such as Bran being NK, Little finger being alive and many more. Is there anyone who predicted this is how season gonna turn out? Arya killing Night King, bran being completely useless(till episode 5), Danny being Mad queen and any other.

3:25 PM
Q: Was there specific evidence that Dune's house of Atreides was related to Ancient Greeks?

DVK-on-Ahch-ToGoran Jovic in http://stackexchange.com/questions/7971/are-jews-in-chapterhouse-dune-the-same-cultural-group-as-in-our-universe-timeli question states: ... a book which features direct descendants of Ancient Greeks in far future as main characters. Is that really the case? I thought that ...

Any idea what's up with the link in this question??
Missing a scifi. in the link
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4:32 PM
The last edit seems to have added based on the suggestion screen but didn't really?
The semi-final one says it edited tags but appears to not have done anything?
4:58 PM
Q: How capable are Y-wings and B-wings for taking down a First Order Dreadnought?

user151841One can easily find criticism of the Resistance's use of MG-100 StarFortress SF-17 to take out the First Order's Fulminatrix dreadnought. While a single bomber appeared to handily take down the dreadnought itself, in general, the bombers were helpless against its starfighter defenses. Critics s...

5:12 PM
@Stormblessed Sometimes thing like this happen when the added tag is later merged or synonymised with something
@Gallifreyan The tag is still in existence
Q: How did Arya and the Hound get into the King's landing so easily?

Aman RaizadaArya and the Hound were planning to stride right into King's Landing, but they were briefly stopped by a Northern guard before the duo breezed past him on their way. However, how did they get into the city? At that point, King's Landing was locked down and fortified; the gates and walls were line...

Maybe it was unmerged later
@Adamant is there anything significant about the letters "SOE" in the Cosmere? I noticed that the twinkly star things on each cover on my trade paperback editions of the first three Mistborn books are on those words
5:30 PM
Sounds like an artists signature
@Adamant different artists for each cover
Q: How did Sandor Clegane know the tall guard was his brother, Gregor Clegane?

LincolnManAfter the Mountain (Ser Gregor Clegane) and the Viper duel, everyone believes the Mountain to be dead. Only Cersei Lannister (and maybe very few others?) know that Qyburn has animated the Mountain's corpse into a zombie. The Mo...

6:17 PM
Q: Why was Harry at the Weasley's at the beginning of Goblet of Fire but at the Dudley's after?

GooseIn the film, the Goblet of Fire, Harry is seen waking up at the Weasley residence. But at the beginning of the Order of the Phoenix he is back at the Dudley's. Why did he go back after running away during the events of the Prisoner of Azkaban?

7:12 PM
@Stormblessed Yeah, it's because of merging. We merged the tag into something (?) because it was heavily misused, and then edited by hand the few question where it was actually needed.
Q: Is there any mention of ghosts who live outside the Hogwarts castle?

MatteHogwarts seems to house many ghosts but has it ever been mentioned in the narrative, of ghosts that reside outside the castle? At Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, for instance? Or at the Ministry? It's been a while since I read HP so I might have missed some obvious clues. Rowena Ravenclaw/Grey Lady ...

Q: Why the "gambler" from dostoevsky is so popular?

K47I think there is a reason for every popular romance to be popular. But when I read the Gambler I didn't find any interesting reason. Such an interesting reason which makes this romance such popular.

Given that there's electrical currents on Pluto, I feel like the last one should have been asked on Space Exploration.
Bonus points if you get there using a seaplane.
There is a book living on Pluto?
7:36 PM
Q: What crimes get one sent to azkaban

user116779What crimes are punished with sentences in Azkaban? Or what must be proved in a trial to merit a stay in Azkaban other than murder?

7:52 PM
@Randal'Thor interesting
8:16 PM
Q: Harry Bennett's interior art in Herman Wouk's "Lomokome" Papers

Invisible TrihedronHerman Wouk, the author of The Caine Mutiny and other mainstream novels, died yesterday (May 17, 2019). I got a real kick out of reading his one science fiction work, a brief novel called The "Lomokome" Papers (1968) (http://www.isfdb.org/cgi-bin/pl.cgi?157061), a sheaf of loose papers that a res...

8:56 PM
Q: Are the Sokovia Accords still in effect?

AnthelothAfter the events of Endgame, are the Sokovia Accords still in effct

9:35 PM
Q: Wondering before I dive into Stargate:

Lynn AdamsIs Stargate: The ark of truth & Covenant are these movies or n the series?

10:34 PM
Q: Could Draco have wished up a tunnel to the outside world in the Room of Requirement?

ThunderforgeIn The Deathly Hollows, Neville reveals how he managed to create a tunnel between the Room of Requirement and Hogsmeade: "It's quite straightforward, really," said Neville modestly. "I'd been in here about a day and a half, and getting really hungry, and wishing I could get something to eat,...

11:17 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive answer detected (79): What is the significance of Neo eating the Oracle's cookie? ✏️ by pfernandez on scifi.SE
11:54 PM
@SmokeDetector So you find posts that are active, not just new or edited ones? Interesting

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