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Q: Couldn't Tony Stark have just let the other Avengers sort out the mess?

Rebecca J. StonesIn order to counteract "the snap" in Avengers: Infinity War, in Avengers: Endgame Tony Stark: invents and constructs a workable time-travel device, and joins other unsnapped Avengers in traveling back in time to "borrow" the infinity stones from the past (called a "time heist" in the movie). ...

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Q: How is drogon able to continuously breath fire for so long?

Alec AMy idea of how a dragon can breathe fire is that it produces some form of flammable liquid, and lights it in its mouth using an organ that produces sparks. The problem is, there's no way a dragon could store or regenerate such a liquid enough to breath the amount of fire Drogon did with little r...

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@DavidW Why 7.5 specifically?
1:53 AM
May 6 at 21:19, by Alex
yesterday, by Mithrandir
Therefore, Alex is seven and a half years old, and thus underage for SE.
(Got it on my second try this time.)
2:08 AM
Q: Why was the bracelet left behind?

n00dlesOK, I'm not sure if this can be answered or merely discussed, but I hope there is a logical answer. I just watched the end of Season 1(of 1 currently) of George R.R. Martin's Nightflyers and I think it generally makes sense, apart from one detail. (spoilers ahead)

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Q: Looking for a story.... (piano)

Greg BumpusI'm looking a story I read as a teen back in the seventies, in an anthology no doubt. The plot point that sticks with me is this: a young pianist who is moving off-world has to sacrifice the piano, which is too heavy for the ship to carry. I've Googled around but haven't found it. Does the st...

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Can you ping an editor of a post?
@Stormblessed I don't know; could I?
@Stormblessed Yes.
Any user who has edited the post (does not include pending or rejected edit suggestions).
A: How do comment @replies work?

GnomeYou can use @name syntax anywhere in your comment to reply to a specific user. This will notify that user in their global inbox. There can also be notification through email if you set it up in the preferences found in your profile page. Who can be notified with this feature? The author of th...

:50323519 Oh my!
3:38 AM
@Alex ?
@Stormblessed I was trying to take advantage of the fact that he deleted his comment, to make it look like he said something crazy. But it didn't really work, since replies don't link to deleted messages.
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I want to bounty a good answer but then I’d be a hypocrite...hmm
Is it allowed to bounty something you answered only so that your answer is in the featured tab?
To get upvotes
4:29 AM
I wonder why my question has 2 DVs and 4 UVs
Q: Need suggestions to watch any new season

Nauman AliAs we all know Game Of Thrones is going to be end this week. I need some suggestions, which season I will watch next

Funny how in these answers he notes that he says them wrong
2 hours later…
6:17 AM
@Stormblessed just so you know, bountying a question you've answered costs 100 rep minimum. And you still have to choose a reason for the bounty ;)
1 hour later…
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Q: Why didn't King Jaehaerys Targaryen think himself a Kinslayer?

AegonIn Fire and Blood we see that Lord Rogar Baratheon's younger brother Borys Baratheon joined hands with the Vulture King and starts raiding his own people from the Dornish Red Mountains. For those crimes and to secure Stormlands, Lord Rogar Baratheon sought his step-son King Jaehaerys I's leave to...

Q: How did Dr. Strange bring everybody back without the Time Stone?

Hulianna JACEHow did Dr. Strange bring everyone back to the Avengers HQ without him possessing the stone? The stone is supposedly in the gauntlet. So how did he do it? I haven't watched the Dr. Strange movie so maybe I'm missing out. Can he do that without the stone? Did he train for it? I watched the majorit...

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Q: Iain M Banks: The Algebraist: What was the alien artefact?

digory dooI just finished the book, and I enjoyed it very much, but I don't seem to fully understand everything, especially about the events around the alien artefact that was found by Fassin, Saluus, Ilen and Taince. What is the significance of the alien artefact? Is it the Second Ship that's talked abou...

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@Jenayah FWIW that was not FWP, it's asking about what he could have before the episode so can't be future works as it isn't asking about a future work
Doesn't change the fact it can be answered next episode mind you
The GoT Q... deleted it so couldn't leave a comment on it
Yeah I know it's about the GOT Q
But what I mean is that it's clearly asking about next episode
What he has before is irrelevant at this point.
He's asking what he could have at this moment in time, i.e. from what we know he has, what could he use, not what does he use
That just boils down to ways of killing XYZ which is... Invalidated by Sunday
8:11 AM
Doesn't make it any less valid
Still doesn't sound not FWP
Anyway sorry to blank you but gotta go
Be back later
1 hour later…
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Q: Time Series Analysis - Game of thrones - Total Number of Deaths per episode every season [LATEST]

Crossfit_JesusI'm trying to do a time series analysis on the total number of deaths (of not just important characters but everyone in general) per epsisode of Game of thrones for a course project. I was wondering if there was a statistic/dataset on total number of deaths per episode per season. I've come to kn...

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Q: Did Robert Downey Jr starve himself for Avengers:Endgame or was it CGI?

KharoBangdoIn Avengers: Endgame, Tony & Nebula are stuck on Titan & later on the Guardians's spaceship, running out of food and water. During the scene in which he records a message to Pepper & when Nebula puts him on the chair, he looks frail & starving with veins popping & blood shot eyes. When he ret...

Q: Why didn't Thor bifrost this character into the Sun?

I Love You 3000Thor's Stormbreaker has got the Bifrost capability. Why didn't he simply use this to transport into the Sun when he arrived on Earth in Avengers: Endgame?

@Jenayah FWIW the question has been edited into a very much answerable state and is certainly not FWP now even if you thought it was at first
10:25 AM
@TheLethalCarrot oh Now that it's been edited, indeed. :)
Although unfortunately people still VTCd for FWP after the edit
@Randal'Thor hey, you there?
10:40 AM
Q: How fast do Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal grow compared to the dragons of the past?

TermatinatorIn season 1 we see And in season 8 we see How fast do they grow compared to other dragons?

11:00 AM
Q: What is the truth about the explosion from this possibility in Chernobyl

Deepak KamatI started watching Chernobyl, and after watching the first two episodes I did a great deal of reading around the disaster that happened in 1986. I still couldn't find any source of information regarding this particular sequence, I don't remember the names properly yet, but this scene is from Sea...

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Can we have a bot that replies "because there was only one scenario and it wasn't this one" to every question starting with "Why didn't Dr Strange" and then closes it as a dupe?
Am I that bot?
@Jenayah petition in change.org for that :P
Q: Why didn't Doctor Strange give this information to Tony before dying on Titan?

I Love You 3000The only reason The Avengers got screwed and had to die was because they At the end of Avengers: Infinity War, why didn't Doctor Strange simply tell Tony to not send Nebula back in time?

@TheLethalCarrot do you want to?
I suppose I'm not automated enough for the job yet
11:41 AM
12:38 PM
Q: What did Cersei mean when she said "You flowered little dove"?

I Love You 3000In one of the episodes of Game of Thrones, Sansa woke up to found blood on her bed. She became fearful and started to hide this from Cersei. I didn't understand it. Cersei was cruel to Sansa, but I don't think she wouldn't have given Sansa medical attention. Afterall, Sansa was going to marry Jof...

Q: Why would Thor need to strike a building with lightning to attack enemies?

I. AmRewatching The Avengers and I noticed that during the Battle of New York, Thor went to a nearby building, struck the top with lightning before striking the Chitauri. But why would he need to do this when he can just directly attack his enemies without needing to strike a building first? Is there...

1:12 PM
Greetings, Earthlings.
Greetings, Hubble guy.
1:25 PM
Greetings, Space Man
1:37 PM
Q: Short story where highways are used to manage violence in teenagers

Lyssa CrowThe story follows a teen who is too scared of the highways (where violence and murder are encouraged) and is teased for acting like an old lady. One day, he has to get his license, gets on the highway, fights for his life against a motorcyclist with a number of kills racked up, and wins. The stor...

1:59 PM
Q: Dystopian short story about a home computer, likely written 1970s (1970-79)

WilliamLooking for futuristic short story about a man who brings a new device home called a "computer" which soon takes an increasingly central role in its owner's life to the point of literally reaching out with tentacle wires and pulling him inside/consuming him at the end. It was written sometime i...

What was modified four hours ago by the OP?
@Stormblessed they posted a comment as an answer from a new unregistered account
If you open the profile in latest activity and the OP profile you'll see they're different
And the answer got converted into a comment
@Jenayah We should have a new registration system
That happens too much
Probably never happening. Although I'd like it
New system how? There's nothing you can do to stop people forgetting log in details or creating other accounts etc.
@TheLethalCarrot the Stack Overflow way I guess. No unregistered accounts
Applies to the rest of the Trinity as well, I think.
2:15 PM
I thought you could use unregistered accounts on SO as well? Guess that's cos I haven't been on there at all recently really
Though that still only alleviates some problems and might mean less people would post
@TheLethalCarrot I had it partially wrong:
A: Encouraging users to create an account (and keep it)

Jeff Atwood I know SO's policy is "you don't have to register to ask questions," I have decided this policy no longer makes sense, given a question volume of 4k-5k questions per day. So from this point on, registration is required to ask questions (but not to answer).

@AnkitSharma Kind of.
Makes sense, wouldn't be worth doing it on SFF I imagine
2:30 PM
scifi.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/12493/… Do my comments here seem misleading to anyone else? What I'm saying has made perfect sense to me, but it seems like they are missing the point, and I can't tell if it's because I'm just not being as clear as I think
I think Valorum's talking solely about the first metric rather than if there is an objective answer and you're talking about both, seems like you've been clear to me
That said I found that particular meta answer next to pointless
@TheLethalCarrot I actually found it useful in the sense that it gave a good way to think about POB closure criteria, and showed succinctly why someone could consider it not POB. It's better than the other answer IMO, because it explains why they didn't think it should be POB (and didn't add in a random rant). If anything, the question kinda deserved dry answers if it wasnt a POB question
Well I have other issues with the other answer which I'm sure you've seen
I just think it's useless because it's essentially saying "Well it's not POB cos it isn't POB"
It could be better, but one saying "It's not POB because it isn't asking for opinions, and has a subjective answer" is magnitudes better than "It's not POB because I don't see how it is" followed by irrelevant information. An answer that expands on the specific case would be far better than both; but explaining vaguely how the criteria is applied here is better than just saying it doesn't fall under POB without any criteria
It just seems strange to me that it was downvoted for seeming to get to the point, while one that provides less on-topic information combined with a rant is sitting positive
Well I downvoted both, the other is positive cos it was posted first I think
So had more time to be updooted
2:41 PM
Agreed with TLC that both answers there aren't extremely helpful, but other than that, your comments do make sense.
As somewhat indicated by the number of comment upvotes.
@JMac to be blatantly honest, that one may have something to do with Alex being the answerer. I usually say that in snark, but now, I mean it.
Okay, cause I really try to be as clear as possible when writing, in meta especially; and I felt like basically everything I said was ignored. If it doesn't seem like a communication issue on my end, at least I know it's probably not my wording that is causing the confusion
It really seems like he doesn't understand the word and or he is strawmanning this whole argument...
"basically everything I said was ignored" well, you'd only been talking to one person so far. Who the person is (in this case or an other) is partially relevant, and I guess some people just don't want to pile on when the debate already seems to go nowhere, even if they do have an opinion on it and keep an eye on the comment thread. Well, I do, at least.
@JMac Well, strawmanning is far from unknown in such meta comment discussions.
@Jenayah I meant ignored by the person I was discussing it with. Not ignored by the community. I was genuinely curious why he thought those were bad criteria, now I'm curious if he's even trying to make honest points
TIL, "strawmanning". Looking for the French equivalent. That could be useful when talking about some administration services...
2:53 PM
A charitable assumption would be that Valorum is either missing the point or is simply interpreting the word "implicitly" differently from us.
In any case, I might just clear up that whole comment thread soon.
@JMac I...really wouldn't worry about it too much, or invest all too much energy into it.
Meta is...difficult. There's a lot of unspoken animosities that add into things, as Jenaya hinted at already, too.
Q: Why does snapping your fingers activate the Infinity Gauntlet?

AnthelothIn Avengers: Infinity War, up until Thanos in order to use the Gauntlet he needs to close his fist, as we see in the fight scene on Titan. Tony: "Don't let him close his fist!" So why later does snapping work?

Pretty sure that snap question is a dupe
Yeah, having reread the whole comment chain, it can't really be explained by different interpretations of "implicitly". Either not getting it or strawmanning, then.
@Jenayah I had a look but couldn't find it, was asked on movies though
3:02 PM
Pretty sure I was thinking of another one
I'd wonder if there wasn't about 5 of them.
Ah, nevermind, it was on Movies, just not that one...
A: How did Thanos know about the power of "The Snap"?

Paulie_DIt seems to be general knowledge that with the all the Infinity Stones the wielder (if he is strong enough) can do... Anything. Certainly the Asgardians seemed to be aware of it...even Odin had a fake Gauntlet made up. In addition, both Wong and Dr Strange are both aware of the Infinity Stones...

Someone wants to prompt the guy into adapting his answer?
He's seen the question
Doesn't mean he remembers all his answers though
Ah... Be right back.
He linked to this one which is an exact dupe on movies so I think he knows
A: Avengers: Infinity War and End Game question

Paulie_D So why did both the Hulk and Iron Man need to do the same. They didn't. The "snap" is a visual interpretation of the will of the person doing the "snapping". It's there for the audiences benefit so that we have something to attach to the significance of the action. Almost as if clickin...

3:08 PM
The End game to end all games?
What a mokery!
Feels like we're in that point when EG questions are just boring now
You'd think, eh?
Question: Do you guys usually consider completely speculative questions like this on-topic?
Q: If a foot soldier had to kill a dragon, how would he go about it?

TermatinatorAs the question says, what can he do? For example, let's suppose Jon turns against Daenerys and comes face to face with Drogon. Can he kill the dragon with the tools he has at hand? For clarification, the tools aren't necessarily limited to one on one combat. For the intent of the question, all e...

3:21 PM
How is it speculative?
It's asking if there are ways to kill a dragon with hand tools
Answer: Yes
It's way less POB than the first version
Even the first version was fine but was sure worded as if it wasn't
Granted, the question is phrased pretty speculatively.
I'm not challenging it. I'm asking because we get questions like this on the History site on occasion, and I've been routinely directing them to the World Building site.
@NapoleonWilson The Jon/Dany part? That's the inspiration for it though
3:23 PM
The interpretation that it's asking how to beat a dragon is gracious and commendable.
But let's face it, it's asking "how could Jon beat drogon next sunday?"
I'm curious if I should be directing stuff like this here too, if its perhaps inspired by a work of SF/Fantasy.
Maybe toning down a few of the "would"s there could help let the detractors see the value in the question.
@T.E.D. can't speak for Worldbuilding, but here, as long as it's in the same universe... It could work.
@T.E.D. "inspired" eeeeeh. If it's definitely set in a SFF setting, possibly. But then why would they post on History to begin with?
@NapoleonWilson Well that's the heart of it yeah and that's why they're asking but it's not what they're asking
Oh right, some people get lost and don't read the help center. Silly me :)
3:25 PM
@T.E.D. To its defense, the question is clearly about the confines of a specific work and its rules, even if that's not apparent from the title. It doesn't really seem to be asking how to write a dude beating a dragon, which would be more what Worldbuilding is for.
Q: Why did Jon go to Dragonstone?

Mike.C.FordDaenarys travels to Dragonstone in Game of Thrones S08E04 and gets ambushed by Euron's fleet, losing both Missandei and Rhaegal in the attack. At the start of S08E05, we see Jon arrive in Dragonstone, and is approached by Varys, in an attempt to have him claim the crown ahead of Daenarys, which...

Q: Why did Nick Fury not hesitate in blowing up the plane he thought was carrying a nuke?

I. AmIn The Avengers, the Council contacted Nick Fury and supposedly, they want to nuke Manhattan. Nick didn't agree so they contacted a S.H.I.E.L.D. operative to nuke Manhattan. When they found out that an unauthorized jet was trying to fly, Nick grabbed a rocket launcher and fired it at the jet, wh...

3:52 PM
Q: Why did Rhaenyra Targaryen think that Bartimos Celtigar couldn't ride a dragon?

AegonHouse Celtigar is one of the three Valyrian houses that moved to the Western most outpost of the Valyrian Empire (The other two being Velaryons and Targaryens). Out of the three of them only Targaryens had dragons so they naturally became the leaders. We know that only people with blood of Old ...

4:12 PM
@T.E.D. "Inspired by", no. Actually about, and set in, a specific work of sci-fi/fantasy, maybe.
1 hour later…
5:28 PM
If someone wants to know if Jon could kill a dragon on foot, yes, it's on-topic.
Q: Why did Varys explain his plans to Tyrion, even after it was clear he was unwilling?

Alec AI've always seen Varys as a pragmatist. He let Ned die instead of saving him because he understands you cannot always do what is "right." So why didn't he backtrack after Tyrion told him he was loyal to Dany?

5:54 PM
Q: Movie or TV series: breaking a pile of plates, escaping a prison

essayThe scene happens in a prison (and I believe a significant part of the film/series occurs in that prison too). There are some people trying to escape, and the escaping involves a loud noise in a particular moment. To cover the noise, they make an arrangement with a woman who is also a prisoner: s...

@Marvin Science Fiction or Fantasy?
Q: How did Rhodes steal Tony's suit if it prevents unauthorized usage in the first place?

I. AmIn Iron Man 2, Stark created additional Iron Man suits. During his birthday party, however, Rhodes was able to take and put on one. In a later dialogue, Nat said this shouldn't be possible. To quote from the movie scene (the one where they where in a donut shop with Nick Fury): Nick: Is that...

Q: Why did the Mountain become almost immortal?

MJ13In Game of Thrones s08e05 we see a fight between the two Clegane brothers, Sandor(Hound) and Gregor(Mountain). From the start of the fight, the Hound seemed to have the control and stabbed the Mountain with his sword in the belly: However, it looked like the Mountain didn't even feel anything s...

6:13 PM
Q: Precedent for disabled Kings

user116735Has there been any disabled King in the history of Westeros? Or any Kings who suffered from a bout of gout which rendered them unable to walk for a long time (possibly permanently)?

6:33 PM
Q: How did Chris Hemsworth train for Endgame?

ThePopMachineOf course, I'm refering to Now obviously this involved a How did Chris Hemsworth modify his training regimen and diet for this movie compared to his previous appearances?

6:53 PM
Q: Novel, Galaxy-wide teleportation society and Master Criminal

DannyMcGRead this in UK maybe 2010, but it was a library book heavily stamped, no doubt a few years older. A reasonable-sized book of maybe 400 pages. World building implied there were teleportation cabinets everywhere of importance, the protagonist was (I think!) some kind of artist and also an investi...

@Marvin that user deleted their account within 47 minutes, and I thought Reddit was weird
Like literally half the posts on any given subreddit are probably by deleted users
I've seen little of Reddit. But I don't like the bigass "This user is unregistered. Might not be worth spending time on" banner they automatically slap on the story-id subreddit.
Now that I call unwelcoming.
7:08 PM
@Stormblessed They thought the question should be asked but were afraid of downvotes?
Maybe even an alt account of another user.
7:23 PM
Q: Did Melisandre really go back to Volantis?

Darth LockeAt the beginning of season 7 Melisandre has the following exchange with Varys when Jon Snow arrives at Dragonstone... Varys: I wondered why you weren't there to meet our guests.You begged us to summon the King in the North, don't you want to see him again? Melesandre: I've done my part...

Q: Where is Ilyn Payne and why is he not dead?

Mor ZamirArya's killing list included Ilyn Payne, the king's torturer and executor. Was it mantioned anywhere if he died or not?

8:11 PM
It looks like I missed a fun discussion about my Meta answer.
Q: Why couldn’t Fiona stay as a human and Shrek an ogre?

Alex DownsJust, why not? She can be herself and him himself without any of them needing to change. Besides, I think they might give birth to half-ogre humans or half-human ogres.

Should that be tagged ASOAIF? @TheLethalCarrot scifi.stackexchange.com/q/212683/98028
@Alex in the comments?
@Jenayah And here.
well you didn't miss them they're still here
I didn’t mean that I can’t see them; just that a discussion happened without me taking part.
8:25 PM
Eh. Want a summary in one picture?
...oh. That's XKCD #1984. I feel like this number should've been an occasion to make, you know, a 1984 joke ;)
Is the guy in the picture supposed to be me, or jmac?
Someone else ;)
Anyway, for those who were debating what I meant, another of my answers might shed some light:
A: Should the question about the number of rooms in The Burrow be closed as Primarily Opinion-Based?

AlexThe question should be reopened. Nothing in the question indicates that opinions are being sought. Of course, anyone could always post an opinion as an answer, but anyone could do that to any question. If we're afraid that for some reason people will post their unsolicited opinions, there are way...

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Q: Looking for title of fantasy series (trilogy?)

Jessica MurchisonHere are the pieces I remember. Lived in a society with strict rules, parents die and younger brother gets taken into the governing society, doesn't acknowledge sister. The working class lives in trees? and work in a foundry? forging some kind of figurine. They escape into the outer world that th...

10:47 PM
They're trolling again....
Q: What did Cersei mean when she said "You flowered little dove"?

I Love You 3000In one of the episodes of Game of Thrones, Sansa woke up to found blood on her bed. She became fearful and started to hide this from Cersei. I didn't understand it. Cersei was cruel to Sansa, but I don't think she wouldn't have given Sansa medical attention. Afterall, Sansa was going to marry Jof...

11:01 PM
Why can’t you bounty dupes?
I mean, I think reward bounties in excess are stupid but it seems weird
Q: Just how old is Melisandre?

bruglescoIn Game of Thrones we see the Red Woman Melisandre remove a necklace which presumably acts as a glamour and gives her the appearance of a young woman. When she removes it we see that she is in fact rather old and decrepit. Considering her god is known to bring people back to life, particularly th...


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