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12:05 AM
Q: 2000s(?) book about about an amateur space ship powered by squeezing space-time bubbles

TemporalWolfI read a book about 10-15 years ago and if I remember correctly the title started with either Red or Blue, but I've been unable to find the rest of the title. It was about a 'special' guy who invented a way to twist space time into bubbles and then change the size of the bubble with essentially ...

Q: Sci-Fi style TV ad/short film with “ferromagnetic liquid” guy

user92071Quite a while ago I saw on Youtube (?) a video, where we see from behind a glass a room for focus groups/interrogation/group therapy, with several people around a table taking turns and telling their stories, feelings whatever. But when it comes to the last guy, once he starts talking, the "camer...

12:39 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer (86): Why are there slave girls in Star Trek? by Some Celt on scifi.SE
@SmokeDetector Alpha male?
Surely some spammers advert their shit with these terms
1:06 AM
yep, totally spam
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3:41 AM
Q: New attack ship captain is finally accepted by his crew when he reveals he's sterile

DavidWEarth is at war with alien attackers. (I believe most of the conflict takes place in the Jovian system at the time of the story.) Earth has suffered terrible losses, and the alien ships are incredibly difficult to destroy. The most effective human ships are essentially crewed single-shot missi...

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5:01 AM
Q: Why didn't Voldemort search for the deathly hallows?

MugenWe know that Tom Riddle was obsessed with Immortality and was planning about ever since he was a creepy little boy. If he had the time to meticulously plan for those Horcruxes, why did he not go in search for the three things that could guarantee his immortality and provide him with the power he ...

5:31 AM
Q: 50s? SF story about nuclear/steam powered bomber

John HascallThe plane was a last resort because enough shielding would be too heavy, so the crew knew they would not survive the mission. I'm thinking the plane might have been a "flying wing" shape

2 hours later…
Holy duck :/
Still haven't watched s3 but you know... Bummer that it's cancelled
Geez, what kind of figures are there that JJ survives so far but not DD
@Jenayah maybe they will revive it at Disney+
First they cancel any plan for Iron Fits, Luke Cage 3rd season and then Daredevil season 4. And no announcement for Defenders S02
Not sure if it's Disney pulling plugs of Netflix loosing interest
@Jenayah I have not seen punisher, Luke cage/Iron fist season 2 and daredevil S03
Punisher is on the watchlist
LC... Not a big fan to begin with so I didn't really get along with the show
JJ will have to give it a new go
Iron Fist I'm one or two episodes short of s1
@Jenayah Does this fall into the category of shows getting cancelled because you watched it?
And Defenders will wait until I've finished IF s1
7:12 AM
@Jenayah LC second half and IF was boooring for me, so there second season is not making me go for it yet
@Alex possibly
JJ was good in both season except one or two shitty characters
@Jenayah Yeah IF and DD arc have impact on defenders but it's disappointment
I expected a lot from defenders due to DD and JJ standards but ti was any other average show which you watch and forget.
Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn) - opinions on this title
I thought it was joke but everybody taking it serious
1 hour later…
8:37 AM
Q: Power and use of Marauders Map

the-profile-that-was-promisedThe Marauder's Map is really a puzzling magical artifact for me. In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Harry saw barty crouch go to Snape's inventory who used polyjuice potion to disguise himself as Moody. So even polyjuice potion isn't a match for the Map. So how could four immature students ...

9:08 AM
Q: Correlation with trilogy of movies in Discworld timeline?

DreamwalkerI was reading the timeline of "Discworld" on L-space, and I noticed this at the bottom of the page. Anyone note the years and their correlation with a certain trilogy of movies? Which trilogy are they referring to?

@Marvin feels dupey, but can't find a direct duplicate.
Q: Was Kepler's sci-fi book "Somnium" used as evidence in his mother's witchcraft trial?

LaurelWidely considered the first sci-fi book, Somnium was written by astronomer Johannes Kepler around 1608 and was only published in 1634, after his death. I first heard the claim that the book was used in his mother's witchcraft trial in Astronomy class, and this claim is repeated by APS News: ...

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10:40 AM
Q: Why isn't the Wizarding World filled with ghosts?

the-profile-that-was-promisedI remember that once Nearly Headless Nick told Harry that souls find a chance to come back to the world or go the other way (or something like this). Those who choose to come back or have an unfinished business come back. For example, Moaning Mertyl came back as a ghost to haunt those who bullied...

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11:50 AM
@SQB saw this, thought of you
Q: Preferred link reference format in questions and answers?

Jan DoggenWhich is the preferred way to format references in question and answer texts?I have now seen 3 variations: [visible text](url) [visible text][n] with n being a number and then at the bottom the actual reference: [n]: URL [visible text][linkref] with linkref being a text to the actu...

12:03 PM
Hmm... Lemme answer that...
Q: Book about girl who moves to Wales then travels back in time

UnderverseI am looking for a book I read around 1995 about a school girl who moved to Wales and found a way to travel back in time and then return to the present. From what I can remember, there may have been something about a box, and possibly a reference to a dragon. The girl may have gone back in tim...

12:30 PM
Thought so
12:41 PM
@Jenayah Pretty sure I've seen such a question already.
But phone + search = no phone.
Q: What is the preferred link format in questions and answers?

KevI recently answered a question and in my answer I linked to an external site. I left the link as is because I think it's fairly descriptive, for example: http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/wget.htm I could have formatted the link as: WGET for Windows Or, I could have formatted i...

But that's a different question.
@SQB Nah, not that.
1:00 PM
Q: Who was Credence travelling with on the boat?

ThisSpecificLemonIn Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald we have a flashback scene where Leta is travelling on a ship to the US with Irma and her baby brother, Corvus. Across the cabin from them we also have Credence travelling with a woman. I saw no reference to who this woman was in the film. Who is she?

1:12 PM
Greetings, Earthlings.
1:30 PM
Q: What would a picture of Galactus show?

AnthelothAs seen in Has Galactus ever been depicted as anything other than a humanoid? , Galactus looks different to every race, because the mind cannot comprehend what it is seeing. If one would take a picture though would his true visible form show up in the picture, being that a camera just records wha...

@Donald.McLean greetings, Hubble guy!
Been some time
Busy writing the code. And fixing the broken code. And learning how to break code.
1:46 PM
@Marvin Oh, my! A story-identification that actually sounds like something I've read.
2:06 PM
Q: 80s or 90s sci fi movie

User1Aliens in a small town wearing human skin , a male and female. Killing the townspeople , I remember a line from the female alien ( think she was blonde) saying something about how they could experiment on creatures below 6 on the beauty scale and humans rated 5 ( she's talking to the hero of the ...

2:17 PM
Q: Why immortals in Highlander (1986) do not use any neck armour?

abukajAn immortal in Highlander can die only if decapitated. That is their only vulnerable point in a swordfight. (I stick to the canon of the original Highlander, as in Highlander V we see immortals resurrecting after they die.) I think it is extremely unwise not to protect neck with any kind of armo...

3:03 PM
Q: Was Severus Snape ultimately a Hero?

James JenkinsRecently I heard people claiming that Severus Snape was ultimately a Hero. I read all the books, and that is not the way I remember it. Was Severus ultimately a Hero?

@Alex your first story-id answer! \o/
@Jenayah Indeed. I don't know if it's the right answer, though.
User doesn't seem to be a hit-and-run, so we'll probably know whether it's the right one or not
3:19 PM
That's a scary thought.
What is?
Alex being right?
@TheLethalCarrot That too.
@Jenayah This is probably the first time that I've posted an answer where the questioner has the ability to definitively state whether my answer is correct or not.
@TheLethalCarrot 2000th started message, congrats
3:34 PM
Q: Why did Aegon I Targaryen join the alliance against Volantis?

AegonAfter Doom of Valyria, a century of violence and turmoil engulfed Essos. Volantis, the strongest of the 9 daughters claimed herself to be the successor of the Valyrian Empire and sought to subjugate her sisters by force to revive Valyria. While initially successful, they were soon facing an al...

Q: '70s era SF novel about time travel, with "Starchild" and "Rodney"

Craig S. CottinghamI'm trying to find a book I read in the late '70s (maybe the early '80s, but I don't think it was that late). Set in the present day, several people in a small town are having strange dreams that turn out to be messages from the future sent by two people coming back from to the past. One, a man,...

4:05 PM
Q: How can the Deathly Hallows defy death?

the-profile-that-was-promisedThe Deathly Hallows as Dumbledore states were actually created by three gifted wizards. And the master of them can defy death. But they are wizard-made and not given by death. Then how can any wizard-made object or spell defy death as Dumbledore states that death cannot be undone by anything?

Q: Does Samuel L. Jackson exist in the MCU?

VerumIn Spider-Man: Homecoming, Ned has a LEGO Death Star. Additionally, in Captain America: Civil War, Peter references The Empire Strikes Back. This means that Star Wars exists in the MCU. One example of a Star Wars actor? Samuel L. Jackson, who plays Mace Windu. S.L.J also plays Nick Fury in the M...

4:21 PM
Q: What is the significance of the strike-through Sow in this Greyjoy emblem?

GPPKI was just reading this question - Why did Aegon I Targaryen join the alliance against Volantis? In one of the answers, and its linked image there is a a strike-through "Sow" replaced with the word "Know". What is the context of this?

Q: What is the Marvel comics publication order?

Worse_UsernameI am interested in a listing of all comics starting at least with Timely Comics' Marvel Comics #1 which introduced Human Torch, Angel, Ka-Zar, Masked Raider; so that you could follow all plot lines and characters as as well as any other comic publications referenced and introduced there in the or...

Q: Will the canceled Netflix-Marvel shows see a new home in Disney's new streaming service?

m1gp0zFirst, Iron Fist was canceled after its second season. Luke Cage was likewise canceled after its second season, Now, Daredevil has been canceled shortly after releasing its third season, which got me thinking: Will this be the last we'll see of these characters? Can Disney redistribute and con...

Does web.archive.org/web/20131121201954/http://… show stuff for any of you?
warning potentially yields Xenomorph results
mildly NSFW depending on your workplace...
Though if Alien is NSFW at your workplace then your workplace is a dull place
4:36 PM
Nope can't see anything
Wayback Machine btrayed us grmbl
how do I handle a dead link in answer when it's kind of the quotes' source?
Remove dead link altogether?
Put a "dead link" indicator?
@Jenayah Dead link indicator seems the most informative.
Someone may be able to find something equivalent to replace it, but noting where it came from is the most you can do now.
scifi.stackexchange.com/a/33603/98028 if someone wants to check
You could always comment too, the OP might know of a working one
aye, done
4:51 PM
Q: Which HP Lovecraft story features a private detective?

Ghoul FoolI wonder if you can help me out? I'm trying to recall, does any HP Lovecraft story actually feature a private detective/private eye (male or female) as the main protagonist? The answer should be specifically HPL and not any derivative works by other authors/artists.

5:02 PM
Wow, spree of questions today.
It's been a long time since I saw Phantom of the Paradise. It's off-topic, isn't it?
As a kid that seemed SFFnal/horror enough to me but now that I watch it again... Nah, it kind of looks off-topic. — Jenayah 1 min ago
Q: '70s movie, with the tagline "They crushed his face... they changed his voice... but they couldn't keep him from the woman he loved."

Craig S. CottinghamSome time in the early to mid '70s, I heard a radio ad for a movie that I presume was either horror or SF. I only remember one line from the ad: "They crushed his face... they changed his voice... but they couldn't keep him from the woman he loved."

When I found the IMDb page I really remembered it as SFFnal hence the answer but I'm wondering whether I should delete the answer now
@Jenayah Link?
A: '70s movie, with the tagline "They crushed his face... they changed his voice... but they couldn't keep him from the woman he loved."

JenayahPossibly Phantom of the Paradise (1974). One of the taglines was: He's been maimed and framed, beaten, robbed and mutilated. But they still can't keep him from the woman he loves. Found with the Google query taglines "from the woman" site:imdb.com.

5:10 PM
@Jenayah So you're not a kid anymore?
@Jenayah I wouldn't delete the answer. Maybe the question should be marked off-topic, but deleting the answer seems excessive.
@Alex Not enough so that the movie looks remotely SFF :^)
@RDFozz mmh... Aye, let's wait to see if OP adds to their question or accepts the answer (and then let's close it, and I'll learn not to trust my kid memories so blindly :D )
@Jenayah Should've emphasized maybe - I wasn't suggesting any immediate action. I'd also wait until more data came in.
Aye sure
(not the close-voter here)
although to be honest, if I catch it in the queue I'll VTC
and leave a comment blaming my unchecked answer on my kid memories :D
This still tho
If only we could excuse everything by blaming "kid memories"...
5:19 PM
"It's because of my kid memories" is the new "My dog ate my homework"
the more I rewatch this trailer and the more I wonder how I even got to watch this as a kid
Q: What is the significance of the strike-through Sow in this Greyjoy sigil?

GPPKI was just reading this question - Why did Aegon I Targaryen join the alliance against Volantis? In one of the answers, and its linked image there is a a strike-through "Sow" replaced with the word "Know". What is the context of this?

5:40 PM
@Jenayah It is a fantasy - it even says so! (OK, it's misspelled....)
tssss :P
6:06 PM
6:41 PM
Q: Why in George Pal's film "The time machine" a sudden stop of the machine causes a rain?

Ginasiusin George Pal's film "The Time Machine", based on the novella by H.G. Wells, there is a scene in which the protagonist stops his machine abruptly after having been travelling towards the future at great speed. When he stops his machine, it begins to spin on itself, the protagonist falls from it a...

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8:04 PM
Any >2k reppers on Lifehacks here?
Apparently lifehacks.stackexchange.com/a/19753 needs to be rollbacked before being !!/reported
(Charcoal HQ is pretty quiet right now)
Lifehack question: "How can I quickly get enough reputation to rollback an edit to report a bad post?"
Gotta love the last sentence of this new question:
Voldemort doesn't seem to be that stupid to make this kind of logical mistake but this all makes me think that he would have needed a bit of help from professor Quirrel to get them past the potion riddle during their pursuit of the Philosopher's Stone.
well Quirrell is supposedly not stupid but still
Hi @Stevenlogo-designer!
No seriously what's with new HP questions today?
Q: Was Voldemort acting illogically considering the "inhertance" of the Elder Wand?

Rum RumsThis always struck me as odd in the Deathly Hallows. Yes, Voldemort was wrong in the end thinking that one becomes the master by killing the previous owner. But even acting according to his own theory, he seems to be rather illogical and inconsistent. This all boils down to his decision to kill...

Q: What happens if an Unbreakable Vow is unable to be fulfilled?

Sophie the Jedi KnightIn Harry Potter, the Unbreakable Vow seems to work like so: Two people consent to make an Unbreakable Vow (you can't just thrust an Unbreakable vow on someone without them knowing) One of those people tells the other to do something That person then must do the thing, or else they will die. T...

8:15 PM
And there all about the Hallows.
Did JKR tweet something or what?
Ask more questions! - JK Rowling.
Or maybe:
Lockhart was really the master of the Elder Wand. Got you all. - JK Rowling
No reason he would be
Because there are reasons for everything else she says?
point taken
8:32 PM
And another one...
you're late it's been on the homepage for 20 minutes :P
I'm almost as slow as Slartibartycrouchfast.
9:13 PM
scifi.stackexchange.com/q/199631/98028 POB since we don't know where Hogwarts is precisely?
Or do we just get a range for London-Scotland extremas
I don't think it's Primarily Opinion Based.
Q: If you lived in London and attended Hogwarts how many days would it take to return home by cariage?

mark bishopI am making a fanfiction story about Harry Potter and the main character lives in London and attends Hogwarts in the 19th century and returns home during Christmas and whenever they let them home. How far is Hogwarts from London and how many days would it take to return home?

Ooooh crap now I'm thinking about writing a half-troll answer about time = distance/average carriage speed but you also gotta take into account the horse's resting, the nights in hostels, hostels needing to be able to accommodate a lot of school kids on holiday, also the horses are slowed by the snow
@Jenayah So make it a non-troll answer and take those into account.
I am honestly thinking about it ahahah
9:18 PM
I am eagerly awaiting it.
Except I have to go now.
So I won't see it
Oh well.
Hey I understand you're the HP holiday time expert
how long do the Christmas holiday last?
Two weeks?
9:37 PM
Could be frustrating - if, say, the holidays last 2 weeks, and the round trip takes 2 and a half....
What I'm trying to amount to :P
... :D
It works
9:58 PM
ah well someone got here first
Q: Old TV Show with creatures who could hear your heart beating

CodeLikeBeakerThe other day I had remembered and old show/movie that I had watched as a kid that actually gave me nightmares back in the day. I'm fairly certain I watched this about 30 to 35 years ago (so, early 80's). Unfortunately, I don't know what it was. What I do remember is this: It was black and wh...

Q: Was the Dumdledore/Grindelwald duel affected by the blood oath?

user35971In "The Crimes of Grindelwald", a blood oath prevents Dumbledore and Grindelwald from dueling. However, we know they must have their famous duel in 1945. How can it still happen?

10:24 PM
If anyone wants to remove the movie tag here go ahead but the OP seems unwilling to follow tagging policies by rolling back my edit twice
Q: Was this scene in Deadpool a reference or nod to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

TylerHDuring the climactic scene of Deadpool, our eponymous hero travels to a new location The setting of the scene looked quite familiar, Is there any source, official or otherwise (press publication, Twitter status, blog post, etc.), to indicate whether or not that's what it really is? Since D...

Tag could use a rewrite...
> for questions specifically about the movie version of a work which has been adapted for different media
Technically speaking it's from comics although... Movie isn't always on point with the comics to say the least
most tags could use a rewrite to be fair... either way it’s not being used correctly there
agree, agree
but let's cool the edit war a bit
Aye I’m leaving it there as I said in a comment
Q: How is the connection between Credence and Dumbledore possible?

user35971WARNING: SPOILER ALERT Credence has been revealed to be Dumbledore's little brother. Dumbledore was born in 1881. Kendra died in 1900. Percival was in Azkaban, since the attack on Arianna. Unless Credence is Aberforth, it doesn't seem to make sense.

10:38 PM
FWIW I pushed scifi.stackexchange.com/q/70560/98028 to Close queue (off-topic)
1 hour later…
11:43 PM
Well, I wanted my 100th answer to be on a question for the heck of it, but tag's fairly quiet so, another time

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