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12:07 AM
Q: Who's standing behind Theoden in the "So it begins" meme?

Steve KehletWho are the characters shown here, standing behind Theoden? I can't pick them out from the character list on The Two Towers (film) nor figure it out after a bunch of googling. This question is just for Jackson's movie version. Thanks so much. Edit: This is of course during the battle at Helm'...

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1:55 AM
Q: Need help identifying an old movie

SteveIt has to have been made in either the 70’s or 80’s. I think a young boy with a sword is the protagonist. May be accompanied by a dwarf or troll. Set in a dark city that always looks wet. Could also have a cave or mountains around. People may have talked with a British accent? Maybe America...

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2:57 AM
Q: Short SF story re-visits Poe’s classics

streborkbMid 1980’s I read a SF short story in class and need help identifying it. I could be wrong, but as I recall, the title was merely a year (2064 A.D., 2154 A.D., or similar). If memory serves me correct, it was set in that year. A handful of tourists signed up for a tour of a house/castle. One ...

@Jenayah Congrats!
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4:23 AM
Q: How could anyone but Heimdell guard the bifrost without power?

Asif IqubalAt the beginning of Thor Ragnarok Heimdell is not seen as the bifrost keeper. But was given the all seeing power by Odin. But in the movie Odin was not present at Asgard. So he couldn't give the power to the new keeper. So how can a keeper who can't see everything guard the bifrost?

5:02 AM
Q: Defiant firing phasers from deflector dish?

HyperBetaIn this video, the Defiant is shown using a phaser seemingly emitting from its deflector dish. However, we know from Starship Down that it could only be used as a last-ditch attempt and could only be fired once? Why would they fire it when against the Lakota where they had plenty of other weapons...

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7:05 AM
Q: Looking for the name of a Sci-fi novel about a man who can't be remembered for more than a day

Robert ByasThis story takes place in a distant space faring future, where everyone is catalogued and designated by a galactic A.I. super-computer (space S.S.# of a sort). The galactic government is tyrannical, and a small time private detective is recruited to be the perfect weapon/spy to bring down the c...

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8:23 AM
@RDFozz eheh thanks!
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11:30 AM
Q: French film where the wife/girlfriend changes every morning after sex

MicharlesI saw a movie about 15 plus years ago. It was a French language movie about a man who wakes up with a different wife or girlfriend after he sleeps with her. The wife/girlfriend doesn't realize that there is anything wrong and treats the man as if everything is normal and they have been together...

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4:20 PM
Q: Did making horcruxes effect Voldemort's power?

the-profile-that-was-promisedVoldemort made 7 pieces of his soul by making horcruxes. Did it effect his power? Was his power 7 times greater than the movie before the attack at Harry's parents at Godrick's Hollow?

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8:27 PM
Q: Trying to find a Anime

GhostThe anime in question was one where you would summon a monster from a dice roll and each monster was different depending on the person who was summoning it.

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9:29 PM
Q: Was there a Blake’s 7 theme park ride for Stardrive?

Mourek My wife says I’m imagining this, but I’m sure when I was a child in the eighties I visited something like a stately home or theme park which had a ride based on the B7 episode Stardrive. There was a buggy thing that a group of us sat in and it drove around a quarry type landscape and explosions w...

10:15 PM
Q: How could Kowalski remember what happened in New York? And is the movie explanation?

Pippi LongstockingWhoever saw the trailer is able to see that Kowalski plays a major role in the Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. In Fantatic Beasts II there was one explanation for it:

10:31 PM
Q: 1990s-2006 japanese movie has a motorcycle transforming into a suit of armor to protect the wearer

astraltrickA man finds a motorcycle in parts and takes them into his apartment to build it. After a while he takes the complete bike back downstairs to test ride it, as he pulled out of the driveway a bus slammed in to him making the bike to transform into a suit of armor, 2 min later he wakes up in front o...

10:47 PM
@Jenayah Sorry for leaving you hanging.
It does seem to be two weeks.
no problem
In Goblet of Fire Ron says that he's staying at Hogwarts because he doesn't want to spend two weeks with Percy.
But in Order of the Phoenix Harry says at the last DA meeting of the term that there will be three weeks until the next one.
But perhaps we can assume that the last one was a few days before the holidays began, and the first one would be a few days after the holidays end.
or maybe they had exams/lots of homework or stuff
@Alex Sorry, that should be Prisoner of Azkaban.
11:18 PM
"L'impression 3D va révolutionner le monde que nous connaissons"
11:59 PM
@Alex And... I was wrong, apparently.

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