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12:41 AM
Q: How did Rufus Scrimgeour do differently when he became the Minister for Magic compared to Fudge?

Ken_To_2018In Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, it was mentioned that Rufus Scrimgeour succeeded Fudge to be the new Minister for Magic. Is Scrimgeour a more proactive Minister when compared to Fudge in fighting Voldemort and his Death Eaters? If Scrimgeour is doing more to protect the wizarding wor...

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1:43 AM
Q: Which Sci-Fi work first showed Tardigrades?

Captain MarvelTardigrades are tough creatures which can survive extreme heat, cold and radiation and that's why they are appearing in Sci-Fi works. Here are few examples: Star Trek: Discovery (2017) made Tardigrades famous. Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018), Hank Pym encountered Tardigrades in the Quantum realm. A...

Q: The Martian in mars

KekeFrom a legal standpoint, mars counts as international water watney is going to commandeer the ares 4 lander which makes him by definition what?

2:15 AM
Q: Identify a comics in which Silver Surfer temporarily granted Power Cosmic to humans

Captain MarvelI remember reading a comics in which Silver Surfer temporarily granted Power Cosmic to humans. Here are the details I can recall: Silver Surfer was possibly dying. Power Cosmic looked raining down to humans. In that scene, Silver Surfer was on a skyscraper looking down. I am not sure whether en...

Q: What was the 1920's/1930's SF/horror "literary ghetto"?

vallismortisI was doing some research on the 1920's author Leonard Cline to support an answer to this question, and I came across this October 2006 comment on his works by Weird Tales Magazine (defunct) [the first paragraph is long but relevant, the second paragraph contains the central point of this questio...

2:30 AM
Q: Looking for a book about a girl who gets replaced with android

Irene Read this book in the 70s but cannot remember anythin else. HELP!!! T H ANKS Looking for a book about a young girl who gets replaced with an Android. It replaces her in her real life and she gets to eat all the candy and chocolate that she wants. After a while she gets sick of eating it all and s...

3:02 AM
Q: Which Sci-Fi work introduce handheld wireless communicator

Captain MarvelStar Trek: TOS (1966) TV series showed such device long before mobile phones came into existence, but was it the first? In 1926, Tesla envisioned mobile phones even better than Star Trek: There seems a huge gap between 1926 and 1966 if Star Trek was really the first. Also, we have Jules Verne...

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6:46 AM
@Jenayah what the heck
6:56 AM
@Mithrandir read the article above :p
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8:26 AM
This is just a stupid coincidence of two very simple SFF elements, but I want to point it out because I find it funny: in both Tolkien's Silmarillion and Jules Verne's Hector Servadac (Off on a Comet), for part of the story, the days are half as long for the protagonists as our days, but later the length of the dat changes, and
in both, there's a catastrophic event when whatever is providing the light suddenly goes out, and it turns out to be permanent, that source of light never returns in the story.
@Jenayah Wait what? Wow, I never knew.
@b_jonas aye
Same as Mith, take a look at the article linked above, it's gold ahah
@b_jonas @Mithrandir and/or @SQB Mind VTRO this one: scifi.stackexchange.com/q/196376/58193
8:48 AM
Q: 80s Cartoon like Scooby Doo but with invisible dog

BenThis was an 80's tv cartoon series that was a lot like Scooby-Doo. The dog characters catchphrase was something like 'its ridiculikulous' and turned invisible (when scared?).

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9:51 AM
Q: What does the circular symbol mean that is worn by many of House of El men?

CzesIf you look at images of members of the House of El (Jor-El, Zor-El, Zim-El) they all seem to have a circular symbol on their chest instead of the S symbol. Is this the symbol for Krypton or did they change their family crest? I thought that they all traditionally wore the House of El crest on t...

10:06 AM
Q: What beings are included in Thanos' culling?

AlecI've seen a few threads on whether or not Thanos would have been able to defeat Dormammu in single combat. It seems to be mostly speculation, but it got me thinking. Did Dormammu have a 50/50 chance of also perishing with Thanos' snap? Or is he a being outside the scope of that is defined as "li...

Q: Does Draco wear muggle clothes?

Shana TarFirst of all I only mean books, not the movie please. To begin with, here is related question - doesn't reflects Draco's case though. So here is what I found on Draco wearing school robes: He pulled the robes over his head and threw them onto the floor at Madam Malkin's feet... And with tha...

10:18 AM
Damn mobile is a pain to edit comments
You could have stopped at pain
Well I think it did commit the comments edit anyways
Both have been edited
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11:47 AM
Hi all.
@Jenayah Have you tried using the plain web interface? With the recent site changes, it should have become somewhat more easy to use. I'm not saying it's perfect, and it never will be, and I don't even use mobile phone browsers, just mentioning.
11:59 AM
@b_jonas I used it briefly with responsiveness on but didn't like it so disabled it
@TheLethalCarrot Ok.
I bet some people will like it but not for me
I think there are further mobile improvements coming though
12:26 PM
@TheLethalCarrot I already told that I like the changes.
I even wrote an essay on meta.
I saw it ahha
But yes, that change won't be good for you guys directly, it will be better for certain new users who weren't using SE before.
Responsiveness will be good if done right
Q: What were Darth Vader's day-to-day tasks/duties?

Matthias NicklischVader's role in the Empire/Imperial Forces was already discussed multiple times (here for example). I understand that he has a special role, not comparable to any position in real world military and he primarily executed special tasks given by the emperor, like finding the rebel base, capturing ...

@TheLethalCarrot It's done more right than it used to be. It's a good start, and I like how the SE devs are starting to pay attention to it. I don't imagine that it ever will be perfect, and you might see more bad changes with the good, but still.
It's already better than many other similar websites.
12:30 PM
I'd personally prefer them to work on functionality changes on the site rather than responsiveness but it is something that probably should be done
@TheLethalCarrot Can you give a more specific example than "functionality changes", one for which there's some reasonable hope that it can be implemented by the devs?
Well a lot of the FRs on SO for a start, more tools for people to be able to moderate effectively, slight wording changes in some of the queues etc.
@TheLethalCarrot Ah. I don't use SO itself, and I know that because of its sheer size and age, it has a lot of unique problems.
Most of the stuff on SO would help the rest of the network
I don't use SO anymore though
@TheLethalCarrot If you don't use SO anymore, then why are you saying that you'd personally prefer those changes?
12:39 PM
1 min ago, by TheLethalCarrot
Most of the stuff on SO would help the rest of the network
The feature requests generally translate well to the rest of the network
@TheLethalCarrot Yeah. But then in that case I'd still like to hear something more specific.
And of course it might make me want to go back to SO if some problems are sorted
@b_jonas Specific one? Include text on the top bar to say what the icon is
@TheLethalCarrot Ah, the "StackExchange" advertisment?
Or some other icon, such as the user avatar?
Hold on...
For the "StackExchange" logo, I don't think you have much hope convincing them to change it.
12:47 PM
Q: Please change the review icon back to a text link

Shog9It's become pretty clear by now that, whatever the other merits of the top-bar redesign, it has been a disaster for review: As a result, Triage isn't able to handle VLQ flags on questions, Low Quality isn't able to handle flags on answers, and Suggested Edits are just piling up until furth...

@TheLethalCarrot Ah, the review icon.
Well all the icons, see the image first
@TheLethalCarrot Yeah, I understand.
I personally don't care about those labels, but that's at least a good specific complaint.
Thanks for the answer.
It doesn't bother me now because I know what they are, before you know what they are there is a problem though
I sometimes still mis click too because the icons all look similar
@TheLethalCarrot Does the review button still have a colored marker or numeral or coloring the whole button if there are entries waiting for you to review, sort of like how the inbox and achievements work?
12:59 PM
It gets a red dot on it and when you open the menu certain items have red or grey dots on them
I mean, at least when you click on the button, the popdown menu clearly says "Review queues" in the heading to me.
And the same is true for the inbox and achievements, but not for the help button.
@b_jonas True but I shouldn't have to open something up to find out what it is
@TheLethalCarrot Yeah, that's what I recalled too, but I'm not sure the color is right on all sites, and I have seen reasonable complaints about recoloring a lot of UI elements on some sites.
1:01 PM
Sometimes the ones in the menu are red too
@b_jonas I'd quite confidently say it's probably not right everywhere
Hello @padfoot
yeah!!!! just got my bronze harry potter badge!
Now go for gold
Aim for the stars and ignore silver in the clouds ;P
Oh, that reminds me, I should try to get my bronze story-identification tag badge somehow. I don't know how. Story-id is hard.
1:05 PM
@b_jonas I'm still 3 away from mine still
2 answers and 25 score for you is pretty doable though
@TheLethalCarrot I'm not missnig 2 answers, I don't think so.
@TheLethalCarrot Oh, sorry, you are right, I am missing 2 answers.
I misread that.
You have 18 answers and 75 score
I'm on 17 answers and 235 score ;P
With one answer contributing 109 of that
(and it does not deserve that at all)
@TheLethalCarrot Yeah. I guess it does look more doable then.
I'm at 29 answers, 281 score. It's been a long time since I've written an answer....
1:16 PM
@TheLethalCarrot Nice, but it's not a race.
Didn't say it was haha
@Mithrandir Stalking tells me it was just over a month ago :P
And it was a story id answer
And I'd already UVed it
This story-id answer of mine wasn't correct or highly voted, but I remember it fondly because it both caused the OP to read that novel, and me to re-read some of it:
@b_jonas I've finally got round to reading it and it was excellent! — Ben C Mar 31 '17 at 21:08
1:46 PM
Q: Stories about humans becoming giants

Yehoshua PaulRecently read H. G. Wells "Food of the Gods and How it came to Earth." Can anyone recommend other good books or stories about humans growing to giant size and how the world copes?

Q: Story where aliens visit Earth seeking engineers and pick up a sanitary engineer

Indigo RothThe premise is that aliens visit Earth seeking engineers to help them in some great task. Unfortunately, the guy they find is a sanitary engineer (a toilet cleaner, essentially) who gets dragged into it all. I'm unsure if it's a novel or a short story. I think he read it in the late 70s/early 8...

@Marvin Recommendation Q, off topic
2:24 PM
Oh nice got a reply from Michael Grant on twitter
Greetings, Earthlings.
Q: What was the length of the Time Tunnel in Irwin Allen's 60s Sci-Fi TV series?

PalliserIn the 60s, when I was a kid, I remember watching the pilot episode of the TV series: The Time Tunnel. What really impressed me was the huge scale of the time tunnel in the subterranean complex; then, over the next months until its abrupt cancellation, I was a little disappointed with the show gi...

Q: in the 41st millenium Are the Space wolves still the Emperors Executioners?

Richard CIn the Horus Heresy books Leman Russ indicates that the whole purpose of the Space Wolves is to act as the Emperors Executioners/Enforcers dealing with all threats to the Emperor and, it is suggested, where involved in fall of the 2 lost legions, as well as being sent to bring Magnus back. By t...

@Tango I have never been to Chincoteague or Assateague. I think my wife has, before we met. That's not a bad idea though - I'll mention it to her.
2:40 PM
@Donald.McLean I wouldn't try to go for the Pony Penning. We went this past weekend, which happened to be their Oyster Festival. Lots of people, but not intolerable. (We can't eat seafood, so we weren't there for that reason - just for a nice weekend away.) And, of course, early spring or late fall, when it's not as hot might be nice.
But then, early spring, the ocean will be too cold for swimming.
@Tango We're not fans of crowds. Nor do we eat oysters, but my wife is a Real Marylander, so she likes a fair bit of seafood most especially crabs.
@Donald.McLean Yeah, we don't like crowds either. We went to the beach and it was rather full of people. Since all the ocean beaches are on Assateague, and the whole island is a park, we waited until 3:00, when one of the trails opens to cars. Then we drove down there, to another beach access, and walked down the beach path and found it was not crowded there.
Of course, if you're on bikes, you can just ride that path any time and ride right up to the dunes. In a car, you have to park and walk a few hundred feet to the dunes.
@padfoot congrats! :)
When we go to a beach area (in good weather) the whole point, for us, is going to the beach, but we're somewhat picky - can't be too crowded, preferably a reasonably well maintained non-smoking beach.
2:58 PM
Oh hey Hubble guy :D
@padfoot Congrats!
And South American dance guy :D
Need to work on that nickname of yours
My wife and I also dance, but not the tango so much.
3:00 PM
@TheLethalCarrot damn I'm thirsty
Just finished an orienteering session
Apple tango used to be my favourite drink
Ah nice
The current captain is a guy I coached last year and he does great and man am I proud :D
Good successor :p
@TheLethalCarrot Any idea why the red dot only appears sometimes (even when there are things to review)?
Cos it doesn't work well
I think they worked on improving it but I don't know where they got with it
Fair enough.
3:04 PM
Also to do with when you last opened the menu and stuff
Reminds me of this issue:
A: Top bar "review needed red dot" showing, but no red dot in review queues

Shog9In your screenshot, my money's on the Reopen queue being the culprit: the "danger zone" for that queue is currently 150+ tasks. It's really, really easy for a couple of tasks to be completed in the time between you loading a page (red dot appears) and you clicking the button to retrieve the dro...

Just keep a review tab open and refresh it all the time sometimes
@Jenayah Doesn't seem to do anything for me.
Oh also the red dot works on "danger thresholds" so it won't always show if there's only one task... I think most sites are set between 1 and 4
3:08 PM
@Alex it's faster than waiting for red dot to appear
@Jenayah Just more time consuming haha
@TheLethalCarrot With SO's being a lot higher
@Jenayah I don't ever specifically look for the red dot. Sometimes it's there, sometimes it's not. And it seems to have very little correlation to whether there are review tasks or not.
@Alex yeah it's broken
Unrelated: yeay, checkmark :)
It doesn't work quite right but it isn't exactly broken anymore... then again I rarely see it nowadays :P
Seemed pretty broken in my above screenshot.
3:15 PM
I think the danger level for LQP is 1 (maybe 2) so it shows straight away. Someone must have completed it between you loading the page and the review attempting to load
Doesn't matter how well you do something like that there is almost certainly going to be a race condition
But I checked back over the course of several hours (maybe even a day?) and it still showed the dot with no reviews. Another user confirmed as well.
Well if it still showed it then yeah probably something else going on
There are other intricacies due to how the dot works too I believe, I just can't remember what. I'm sure there's something to do with when you last opened the queues/the menu
@TheLethalCarrot lol
3:29 PM
@b_jonas For another example I also agree with the top answers here and the feature request answer is a really good idea
A: Come Take a Look at our New Contributor Indicator!

BJ MyersI'm on board with the idea of reminding people to be considerate to those who are new to the site, but I think there's a piece missing. The new UI element encourages established users to help the new user understand site norms, but I don't see where the system tries to help the new users underst...

@Mithrandir It had been a while for me, also, but it turns out there are several questions that have not been answered.
1 hour later…
4:40 PM
Q: Why did Tolpan not reveal that Raistlin is the Traidor

ruediTolpan saw, at the end of book two, that Raistlin betrayed the Party but did not tell any of the others what he saw afterwards. Could any of you explain that to me. If this includes Spoiler please mark it since I have not finished the books yet.

4:55 PM
Q: Is Belle partly based on Beauty’s wicked sisters?

Alex DownsAt the beginning of the film, she sings/complains about her “poor, provincial life.” Now the word “poor” is very important, because in the original fairytale, Beauty didn’t mind the cottage, but her sisters did and they complained about being POOR.

Q: Did Prince Adam’s father, the King, kill the Queen?

Alex DownsIn the remake of Beauty and the Beast, Mrs Potts says that when the Queen died, the King raised his son to be as cruel as he is. However, it’s a bit suspicious that he does this right after his wife died, so I don’t think she died of natural causes. Also, I don’t think he’s King in his own right.

5:15 PM
Q: Are questions related to the history and influences on the SF genre out of scope?

vallismortisI recently asked a question regarding a specific time frame of the SF/horror genre, and I'm wondering if it is considered on-topic for this forum. The question touches on literary and political history, as well as philosophy, but all of it centered on impact to the SF genre in the 1920s/30s. The ...

5:43 PM
Q: What would Wednesday Addams think of the Joker, and would they get along and do they have stuff in common?

Andrew CasaliWednesday Addams the Christina Ricci or Nicole Fugere Version has a thing for chaos and homicide like torture like In the 1993 sequel, she was even darker: she buried a live cat, tried to kill her baby brother Pubert, set fire to Camp Chippewa and (possibly) scared fellow camper Joel to death. s...

2 hours later…
8:05 PM
Q: Japanese bunker and evil voodoo magic. Trapped inhabitants must kill themselves to escape(?)

sniper of lightA group of people go to an island. There's a woman who wants to buy a piece of land there to build a resort but she discovers some underground bunker so they go to check it out but there is some evil stuff in there They stumble upon some voodoo dolls and in there they see their fears and only wa...

8:20 PM
Q: BNHA Fanfic - Momo smears lipstick on her face and pretends to be Shouto to troll Endeavor

SensorayI read the most hilarious Boku no Hero Academia fanfic about a year or so ago, about the class finding out how horrible Endeavor is and they make it their mission to make his life miserable. There's been tons of fanfics about this subject, but there's one scene that particularly sticks out in m...

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9:39 PM
Q: Identify a movie from this screenshoot image

ShotaI found this image from a meme site. The blue bald guy seems an alien. There's also some kind of space ship in the back ground. So, I think it's a sci-fi movie. I block some part of the image because it contains some "dark" text. So, I suggest you not to google search this image if you think you...

10:11 PM
Q: Book about two aliens who become the devil and god

splattered bitsI remember starting a paperback book my sister had when I was a teenager, in the late 80s or early 90s. It featured two aliens left behind on earth. They become the basis for mankind's idea of the devil and god. I don't remember how old/new the book was. Does anyone know its name?

10:26 PM
Q: Why does Luke Skywalker finally decide to help Rey

Mr. Dancing ManIn the Eight movie of Star Wars, we see Rey go to Ach-To to receive training, and Luke does not want to train her. Why, after a few days does Luke give in and teach Rey if he really thinks that the jedi should not continue. Did he think that he would get out of the war if he trained her, or did h...

11:14 PM
Q: Why don't Harry, Griphook, Hermione and Ron fall to their deaths

Mr. Dancing ManIn Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, while in Gringotts when Harry, Ron, Hermione and Griphook are disguised, they pass through the thief's downfall and just fall toward their destination. Wouldn't the thief's downfall be placed somewhere where people could not just fall out right next to the...


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