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12:01 AM
Q: What are these?

padfootIn the Fantastic Beasts Crimes of Grindelwald Official Comic Con Trailer we see these: Does anyone know what these are?

12:46 AM
Q: Tv show from the 90s

andyIt was series about a girl who lives in a cold country maybe was US or Canada and travels to her boyfriend in australia throgh a secret gate in her room within just minutes. Anyone remember it? :p

1:32 AM
Q: Trying to remember a book about a tattoo that comes to life and jumps off the person's body

K. MouserIt was a sci-fi book with a red and orange cover on the hardcover edition, and wasn't by Bradbury or Asimov or anyone like that. Pretty sure the author was male. I think it was published in the 21st century, and it's definitely at least 5 years old (so not new). I think it was part of a trilogy. ...

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5:19 AM
Q: Dystopian movie about the slums vs rich neighbourhoods (similair to Elysium)

DanMaI have vague memories about this movie being filled with action, big guns and a lot of jumping on rooftops in the slums of a post-apocalyptic/post government-crash movie. The only thing separating the slums and the rich people were some wall or something like that. I think the movie is relative...

5:50 AM
Q: Young adult fantasy story form the late 80s early 90s

Bridget CiminoI read a book when I was young that I remeber bits and pieces of, but cant remember the title. The book starts off with a young woman's body being pulled from the water in a fisherman"s net. A storyteller on the boat begins to tell the story of a young boy. I think his name was Tim, but could b...

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7:21 AM
Q: Why Covenant was heading to Origae-6?

Jaroslaw MatlakIn "Alien: Covenant" the ship was heading to Origae-6. After the neutrino blast and receiving the signal from Elizabeth Shaw the crew found out, that near theri position there is a planet, that is way much closer and more habitable than Origae-6. Why this planet wasn't the original destination ...

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8:21 AM
Q: Can only one organ of Superman be made weak using Kryptonite or Red Sun rays?

Captain MarvelI stumbled upon this fan-made image: It got me wondering if Superman's urinal would really work. Can only one organ of Superman be made weak using Kryptonite or Red Sun rays? Only canonical answer please.

YES! Third silver Booster badge. I love making the internet more navigable by providing links to good resources. Though in this case, it's to my own answer, so it's not as good as the other two booster badges, but still.
Wait no, it's not to my own answer. It's from my own answer. I confused the two similar questions I linked.
9:23 AM
Q: Can I eat only a crème brûlée in Paris?

anolI'd like to have a crème brûlée in Paris, but without having to eat a whole meal at a restaurant. However, this seems quite hard to get: Bakeries and patisseries do not sell crème brûlée (at least none that I could find); Restaurants only sell them as desserts, and it is not clear if you can j...

9:47 AM
@SQB Was you going anywhere with that? :P
@TheLethalCarrot not really. I just thought any French people in this room (cc @Jenayah) might be interested.
Ah fair enough
I assume it's the same custom as anywhere though - you can order whatever you want
@TheLethalCarrot "I'd like to order boiled squid, cooked with dragonfruit juice, with crushed basalt sprinkled on top. And a glass of motor oil sweetened with pickle brine to go along with it."
"whatever you want" has limits ;P
@Mithrandir "Sorry we're all out of dragonfruit juice and the chef's car is at the garage for a service so we can't get a hold of motor oil at this moment in time."
9:57 AM
Like that old joke, "we serve any meat dish you want, or triple your money back!" Customer order elephant steak on rye. After a while, waiter comes back with triple his money: "sorry sir, we're out of rye".
On the other hand, if I ever need to create an extraterrestrial menu, I have my first two options.
Yeah, luckily for you the restaurant you tried ordering from was next to a volcano
10:59 AM
@Marvin huh, what?
@SQB That user doesn't really know how the site works
I've VtC'ed: UWYA.
@SQB I know some bakeries selling crême brûlées...
wouldn't know about Paris though, the less I stay there the better :p
> The Hebrew word in the third panel that was edited into the question is the same word: אמת (emmet) – "truth". The slight difference between its appearance here and in the other panels is due to the inclusion of nekudot – dots. Hebrew words can be written with or without nekudot. These dots instruct the reader how to vowelize the word, because the Hebrew alphabet is (for the most part) all consonants.
Oh I didn't know Hebrew worked a bit like Arabic
today I learned
12:09 PM
Q: The Queendom of Far Far Away?

Alex DownsIn Shrek 2, we see the Kingdom of Far Far Away, but as it turns out, King Harold is only "King" through marriage and that Queen Lillian is born in the Far Far Away Royal Family. Because of that, under Lillian's rule, and Fiona's, if Shrek didn't reject it, wouldn't the place be called a Queendom?

12:54 PM
Q: Web comic about a girl with a tarantula that would scare her brother and finds out she's a demon

LillyWhen I was in middle school (2014- 2015 ish), I would read this web comic that was absolutely fantastic. I remember it being well written and having a nice art style. It was in a more cartoon-y style- kind of reminding me of Ava’s Demon. It’s about this girl, a teenager I assume, who wore a hat ...

1:06 PM
Greetings, Earthlings.
@Donald.McLean greetings, Hubble guy!
@Jenayah How are things over there in your corner of the world.
@Donald.McLean windy.
how 'bout you?
1:22 PM
We had a cold front move through last night. Yesterday morning it was 72F and today it's 54F.
Welcome to autumn
@Donald.McLean oh right, non-Celsius users
54°C would be Sahara ahah :p
Q: Online serial, higher dimensional cop & criminal imprisoned in our universe

UndauntedSometime I think in the 2000s I read some online serialised SF. It has a number of threads that only meet fairly late in the piece. One of the main threads was an alien higher-dimensional cop fighting an even-higher higher-dimensional criminal. (Memory says something like cop was 50 space dimens...

I actually know Celcius and can convert in my head. 54F is about 12.5C
Should just use Kelvin, much better
People at my work use Kelvin a lot, especially when talking about the new telescope.
1:26 PM
Makes sense there though haha
Well, since the operating temperature of the instrument is below 50K, yes.
user image
C = (F - 32) x 5 / 9, so 72F = 22C and a bit, while 54F = 12C and a bit.
@SQB Or you know just stick your arm out of the window and get all "aaaaw man it's ______ today" (chilly/warm/hot)
Sure, but I can't stick my arm out of Donald's window.
1:37 PM
@SQB then get an online webcam and guesstimate
1:52 PM
@xkcd hover text is gold
2:14 PM
It's fairly windy here too, but we live near the top of a hill and it's frequently windy.
@Jenayah They actually have a lot in common. And in fact many of the most important Jewish works were written in Arabic.
Which is kind of unfortunate since most people can't read them.
I guess so /:
And as we established yesterday, you can never trust translators.
2:28 PM
Tout à fait.
Learned that one from a book.
2:50 PM
@Jenayah The languages are very similar, but that hasn't helped me wrap my head around Arabic.
@Mithrandir what do you mean?
@Mithrandir Well you also have to account for the the characters.
The declensions and stuff?
Or litteral Arabic/dialect Arabic?
Not that it matters.
I don't think so
2:55 PM
@b_jonas I don't think so, since it's not an episode of the base work, per se
makes sense
3:13 PM
Q: Short story: Modem improves user's BBS or Usenet posts, ultimately kills him

Jacob C.Short story plot: Narrator notices that the quality of a friend's BBS or Usenet posts has improved -- just expanded diction and perfect spelling, at first, I think. He finds out his friend has been using some unknown-brand modem (I think it was mentioned as having an unsettling red indicator LED)...

^ This one sounds like a newer version of Asimov's short story “Fault-Intolerant” about a typewriter that starts to improve the stories the writer types on it in more and more complicated ways.
Ah, we have a separate story-id for that one: scifi.stackexchange.com/a/155153/4918
If my word processor starts changing my stories, I'm pulling the plug.
Q: Short story where humans don't understand the concept of "impossible"

Admiral JotaThere's a story that I read at some point several years ago, but I can't remember when or where. My best guess is that it was either in an out of print book of older SF stories (probably 30+ years old) or it was an online post someplace (probably less than 10 years old). The premise, as best as ...

Q: Webcomic about humanity declining at a massive rate because of an alien invasion

EryxionI read this webcomic a long time ago, but couldn't finish it at the time. It's about a world where humanity is declining at a massive rate because of an invasion by an outer force (maybe its alien but I forgot). There is this hot commander lady with an abundant chest, but several panels later sh...

3:37 PM
Harry Potter question on English Language learners:
Q: Help to understand: "Ron and Hermione joined Neville, Seamus, and Dean the West Ham fan up in the top row."

dan Ron and Hermione joined Neville, Seamus, and Dean the West Ham fan up in the top row. ... ... I don't know how to parse the sentence correctly, hence I'm not sure what it means. -- Excerpted from Harry Potter.

4:19 PM
Anyone else have this phenomenon: When you modify a post and then return to the homepage or open the homepage in another tab your modification doesn't appear for a couple of minutes (even if you keep refreshing). But if you already had another tab open to the homepage it appears right away in that tab ("1 question with new activity").
4:36 PM
read it for the sake of answering but got caught by the story :p
If I enter a room (as opposed to just view the transcript), that's enough to make me pingable there for a while, right? I don't have to talk.
@b_jonas Yeah.
As long as you've been there in the last few days you are pingable.
@Alex yeah, I blame caching
@Alex Ok good.
For instance, right now Rand al'Thor is pingable even though he hasn't spoken in a while and is notcurrently in the room.
4:39 PM
@Alex he has spoken like, yesterday IIRC
@Jenayah That was in the Lit room.
@b_jonas wouldn't know, I'm not in it
@Jenayah I don't know much about caching, but it seems odd that it would update right away on the already open page but not on a new page.
2 days ago, by Rand al'Thor
@TheLethalCarrot I gotta dash. Haven't got time to do something that might cause a mess I'd have to clean up.
His last message.
well, two days ago
@Jenayah Well "two days" fits "a while" and "the last few days".
4:42 PM
"a while" is relative :p
Recent story id question scifi.stackexchange.com/q/196369/4918 "Short story about a heist that gets foiled because the thief unknowingly crosses the international dateline" reminds me of xkcd.com/1883
@Jenayah Indeed. I haven't said anything in a while.
@b_jonas ahah indeed
If my calculations are correct there are currently 37 pingable people in this room.
5:11 PM
Q: Seeking title / author of a story about alien first contact with Earth

Martin GoldsackAs title, seeking the title of a story I read in the mid 1970s. I'm fairly sure it was a novella in an anthology. Plot details I can remember - I think main character's family name was Monk. His father had apparently been killed when the space station he was aboard crashed on the Moon - it lat...

3 hours later…
8:28 PM
Q: Why does the symbiote need a host?

Nu'DaqI'm not aware of a time limit to how long the symbiote can live without bonding with a human, what does it gain from doing so?

8:44 PM
Q: Thriller with telekinesis from 80s? 90s?

Waldemar GałęzinowskiIn ~1990, ~1995 I saw a movie in TV, kind of thriller about person with telekinetic abilities. The only scene I remember is probably final one, gripping, in huge hangar? Some chemical substantion slowly moving down from the ceiling, forming a drop that is about to fall and to cause some great dis...

1 hour later…
9:46 PM
Q: Can armies of Westoros realistically win the war against the White Walkers?

King of NESIn the final season, there are several episodes which showcase the capabilities of the Night King and his army. These include from what we know already, the footsoldier wights, white walkers, giants, a dragon, and the Night King himself. Westoros has been beaten down over the course of continuo...

@Marvin POB? Future works? (since it's apprently about the show and not the books, which are not finished anyway)
Also why do we have a tag? That's nowhere near sci-fi
10:29 PM
Q: Is a life sentence necessary for all potential murderers in The Minority Report

Magikarp MasterFor the sake of keeping things tidy, I will make this point clear. This question pertains to the short story, not the movie and not the TV series. The prophylactic incarceration of criminals in The Minority Report is a truly fascinating concept. Obviously the morality or immorality of punishin...

^ I'm not sure why this is closed as POB?
10:39 PM
Can a mod please tell if there are deleted comments in there? (cc @Randal'Thor @AncientSwordRage)
Q: Sci-fi movie from the early 80's

SiFiBri-AlienThere is a move from the 80's about a (royal?) alien family who crash landed their space craft out in rural or maybe farm land area; they are being chased by a killer. They crash near a family that ends up helping them. I think the family was a father and mother, daughter, and grand parents. The...

Q: What happens to the runabouts when Starfleet abandons DS9 at the start of the Dominion War?

exterrestrisIn "A Time to Stand" (S5E26) Starfleet mines the entrance to the wormhole, starting the Dominion War. No reinforcements are sent to defend Deep Space Nine so the fleet can destroy Dominion shipyards, and the Defiant is busy deploying the minefield. Once the minefield is activated, the Defiant and...


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