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12:00 PM
The user would then go to C
And everything is the same.
I figured on the bottom of the matter it might be another case of "why was this closed as duplicate of this entirely unrelated question".
@NapoleonWilson ask for a Paint hand-drawn schema :D
That process of steps seemed incredibly logical
@Edlothiad But everything's not the same because the answers at C don't answer A.
I'm not sure how that's relevant to what I'm pointing out. But sure.
12:01 PM
It's relevant because your process wouldn't work.
No... it definitely does end up with the exact same situation we're in now.
@Edlothiad Well I did argue that the situation we're in now is not good either, as a question is closed as a duplicate of a question that it's not a duplicate of, and whose answers don't answer it.
@Alex Guess we'll agree to disagree
It is certainly very different from general SE policy, intentionally so even, and has caused many heated debates. That makes it quite peculiar to me. Unless I'm missing something about the tone of "peculiar".
<10k question, what eventually happened to that Thanos/Obadiah question?
12:14 PM
@Jenayah OP deleted it
@Jenayah OP deleted it
There's no need to make it obvious we're the same person...
There's no need to make it obvious we're the same person...
Oh wait.. :/
12:14 PM
Wait, is Thanos Obadiah Stane?
@NapoleonWilson yeah, that one
which is... obviously wrong, but well
Hah, I made that up!
It certainly is different to how other sites handle their duplicates. But given the current quoted policy is an answer from a Community Moderator, I'm not sure what makes it particularly off.
I'm lost
12:16 PM
I didn't know that was the question. That was just the first thought that sprang to my mind.
Seems if the Community Moderators are fine with us handling things in that way there shouldn't be anything wrong with that. Especially given the default duplicate closure message supports the method.
They...kind of look similar, too.
@NapoleonWilson oh, alright
@NapoleonWilson generic villain-looking face
@NapoleonWilson The Q was based solely on the premise that they look similar
@Edlothiad It's the surrounding situation and discussions that are, and I'd dare to say indubitably, quite off.
12:17 PM
@NapoleonWilson I'd agree with you there but probably not for the same reasons
And it's quite off compared to the general network policy. Of course that doesn't make it automatically wrong, especially on this site. But it makes it off when compared thereto, at least.
@NapoleonWilson I don't understand that, could you rephrase please? :)
@Edlothiad Well, the most-voted answer by a Community Manager does quite disagree with how SciFi does it. But it's true, it's not like they're hell-bent on preventing SciFi to go their own way here. Noone says you're not allowed to handle duplicates in a special way.
I don't think it disagrees, but I'm not here to have a discussion on the matter.
@Jenayah Hmm, maybe. Also similar haircuts, though. And that stern face.
12:21 PM
Largely, yes.
@Edlothiad I know you don't. And I...wasn't either going to have that discussion. ;-)
Unsure what the wink represents, but I'm glad we agree.
10 messages deleted
Well, a wink. ;-)
The odd thing about that CM post is that people keep interpreting it in wildly different ways.
12:26 PM
Which post are we talking about?
I suspect part of the reason might be that people are still in the mindset of the previous SFF duplication policy, and don't want to worry about changing the open/closed status of old questions, so they interpret the new post as not changing anything.
(if it's not touchy to link it)
@Randal'Thor It's also kind of a sudden wake-up call coming from the (somewhat) outside, rather than a natural development of the community evolving their ways from the inside. That's naturally harder to swallow, especially when there is already a certain degree of distrust for outsiders and CMs.
12:29 PM
We're the two best friends that anyone could have
HA! *dab city*
When then adding Shog's penchant for metaphors and sometimes maybe assuming too much context knowledge among the audience for his wordplays and analogies, that might increase potential for misunderstandings.
@NapoleonWilson Well, the community didn't have to vote for the post if they didn't like it. It's true that the answer comes from a non-SFF person, but it still became SFF consensus due to the voting on it.
@TheLethalCarrot Rotational symmetry
12:30 PM
@NapoleonWilson Yeah.
@Randal'Thor Unless you take Shog's very own advice and don't go just looking for meta votes when assessing consensus. ;-)
(Not that the answer doesn't make sense in itself.)
@TheLethalCarrot Why this edit? I don't usually include a cover image in ID answers unless the question specifically describes the cover. When there's more than one edition, too much danger of the OP thinking "oh, that doesn't look like the book I read" even if it is.
@NapoleonWilson Heh! ;-)
@Randal'Thor Well I add a cover cos it is helpful to a point but I was editing the question mainly so added the image at the same time
Should covers be added before or after the summary?
(bit unrelated)
Wait who's the outsider answering. I thought everyone with an account is a member of the community and therefore not an outsider.
12:34 PM
Personal preference, I add them after cos I think it looks better and doesn't detract as much from the summary
(also, POB, but I'm curious about what you guys think :p )
@Jenayah I try to keep images to the bottom. Pictures are distracting
@TheLethalCarrot If you like it you better put a ring on it...
@Jenayah Personally, I find it odd when a post starts with nothing but an image. Images are always more supplementary than words, so I tend to prefer them being introduced by words.
@Edlothiad Ouch, that's a stretch
@Edlothiad Yeeeaaah...
12:35 PM
But it's ok when the OP told details about the cover?
@Edlothiad Well, true, but Shog is more a network guy than an SFF guy. AFAIK he doesn't have any particular interest in this site except when his job brings him here.
30 pictures and you've hit the word limit (I know it's characters, but that's less funny)
@Jenayah Put them wherever makes the most sense for that post really
@Jenayah If the OP described the cover, and I find a cover image that fits, I'll add it in just as confirmation. Otherwise, no need to confuse the OP in the case that they read a different edition.
Again, just my personal preference.
POB maybe, but the feedback is nice to have
12:37 PM
Taking an average of 5 characters per word, we'll say 6 pictures hits the character limit.
I think I'll go for "cover at the bottom" next times
@Edlothiad wait, what are you talking about?
Tiny cover in the middle, every one knows that's the real rep grabber
@Jenayah Good questoin
But a picture contains a ton more characters than 5. You probably can even get to 30 with all the link stuff alone.
A picture would contain 5000 characters, if the average word contained 5 characters.
12:39 PM
@Edlothiad 4 pictures of gates at the bottom, trumps that every day
(side note, I'll see if I can edit my previous posts with other info and push those back at the same time)
Ah, the 30,000 limit. Now it makes sense.
As such, you'd be able to have 6 pictures, which would hit 30 0000 characters.
I thought you were on about the 30 character minimum limit.
@Jenayah I'll often go bold title and author > optional small cover > back cover summary > explanation of how it fits (can include book or Wikipedia quotes) > how I found it
12:40 PM
Ok, seriously, what are we talking about here?
@TheLethalCarrot Trump's gates?
@Randal'Thor Where?
@TheLethalCarrot The White House?
@Mithrandir kind of have the same pattern atm
12:40 PM
@Randal'Thor I knew what you was going for ;P
Computer says no.
@Jenayah I think they're overanalysing some stuff with character limits ;-)
@Randal'Thor There's a Top Trumps on gates?
What are the different attributes?
@Randal'Thor yeah, that I understood, it's the where, when, how that I didn't, but in hindsight I don't want to try and understand :p
Yeah, probably not :-P
12:42 PM
Eds making some daft joke about "A picture paints a thousand words" I believe
I made a joke about a picture being worth a thousand words. Therefore you can only have 30 pictures in an answer.
Oh now I get it!
But the limit is 30k characters.
That an idiom?
So I found the average characters per word
It's 4.7
12:43 PM
> Quantity of beauty required to launch a single ship: 1 millihelen.
So I just assumed throw in a couple of characters we'll call it 5. Divide 30k by 5 to get 6k. Divide 6k by 1k to get 6. 6 pictures get you to the character limit.
@Edlothiad Like I said, overanalysing.
That reminds me of the "deciRand" lol
> One million of microphones = one phone
@Jenayah One trillion microphones = a megaphone.
12:44 PM
@Randal'Thor What kind of trillion?
@Edlothiad Isn't there only one kind of trillion these days?
Unless you mean the alien ones.
Well, in English, yes.
@Randal'Thor Susannah and Trinnian?
Both of which are actually more on-topic here than 1,000,000,000,000.
Nah there's still two trillions
12:47 PM
@Randal'Thor Heh, that I thought about, too.
> What would happen if Trillian met the Trillions?
Fanfic time!
One is Tera- the other is Exa-
Guess we all learnt the American Trillion
Is it true that the English people used proper trillions in the past, too? So did they actually have milliards back then?
@Edlothiad Nobody uses the so-called British trillion any more.
I only read about it in old books.
How old we call old.
I've read books published in the last 30 years noting the difference.
12:49 PM
Older than you, boyo.
Yes, 30 years is older than the both of us.
Or so I'm led to believe. For all I know you're 93
Makes kind of sense.
@Catija I can never use the word "boyo" without thinking of your main meta account ;-)
She'll know what I mean. (Well, if she has a good memory for random conversations from 2 years ago.)
12:53 PM
Cheerio then.
Is this NAA?
It's been flagged as such, but it seems to be at least a partial answer.
Narrowing down the query to a single book, if not a single story within that book, is pretty good if it's right.
What's the story? I dunno but I think it came from this book
Not an answer to the question it's a comment with general feeling of where the story might be
Narrowing it down to a specific book is usually good enough for an ID answer, surely?
@Randal'Thor Having flagged it, I'd say it's rather a comment
If you're after the book yeah
12:56 PM
If someone's looking for a particular passage they remember in an unknown novel, and we give them the name of the novel, that wouldn't be NAA.
On the lines of "oh yeah I read that too, look in that direction"
But they're after a story that may or may not be from within the book
@Randal'Thor But that's not the same here
Given you can convert to comment, I don't see why you wouldn't at this point.
dis ^
@Randal'Thor the way I read it, it's not a novel but a collection of short stories, which is not the same situation
@Edlothiad Because I think it might be an answer?
Hence raising the discussion here.
12:58 PM
Well all I'm saying is it's got two delete votes
It might be similar to a comment saying "I remember that story too and I think it had square-headed bagle monsters in it". It might help narrow down the search, but it's not quite right there.
One more and poof
You can always "un-poof"
@Jenayah Still a single volume that someone could leaf through to check.
But you could probably expect pitchforks.
Meh, you people and your pitchforks ;-)
12:59 PM
I think the logic is say if someone asked "Has Harry handled all magical items"
And I were to be like "Yeh it's here:" and link to hp.wikia/magical_items
I mean all you have to search is one webpage to get your answer
What's wrong with that?
@Randal'Thor According to the link there are 10 stories, that's quite a lot of potential answers
@Randal'Thor uuuuh... That sounds like every "Maybe it was in this anthology" answer to "I read that short story" question should stay as is
@Edlothiad I counter with this alternative analogy:
4 mins ago, by Rand al'Thor
If someone's looking for a particular passage they remember in an unknown novel, and we give them the name of the novel, that wouldn't be NAA.
@Randal'Thor :) I used to say "boyo" a lot... less now.
@Randal'Thor Because you assume the actual question is asking for the novel.
1:01 PM
I'd say it is NAA, its not an answer
Unless you also do general "on what page in this book is the word gooblejibber?" questions.
@Catija "I have more MSE diamonds than you, boyo"? :-P
Rep :P Now I just always have more diamonds. :D
@Randal'Thor still worth giving them the novel, might be of use for future story-ID questions
@Edlothiad Yeah, I'm thinking to convert it to a comment just to save the content.
1:02 PM
@Randal'Thor IMO that's what should be done (and what Ed proposed IIRC)
6 mins ago, by Edlothiad
Given you can convert to comment, I don't see why you wouldn't at this point.
If it gets deleted, you can undelete it and hope that in the 3 seconds it takes to turn it into a comment noone posts a meta rant. ;-)
And remembered to preserve FuzzyBoots's comment on the first try this time :-D
I think what we can conclude from here is Ed always knows.
Dolorous Ed?
Call me whatever you like, Daenerys.
1:09 PM
Hey, that's not what they called me when we were all giving each other GoT names back in 2014 ...
Oh bloody hell, we have a tag now?
That's what you called yourself...
@Randal'Thor You mean we added a drarry tag a year ago?
@Randal'Thor I don't even want to click on that to check if it's true.
yesterday, by Rand al'Thor
I'm the Dragon Reborn.
What's Drarry? Wait, Draco and Harry?
@Edlothiad My mind must have blocked it out. headdesk
@Edlothiad There's more than one Dragon in fantasy literature, you know ;-)
1:11 PM
Harry Potter people... <cue weird-hair aliens-guy meme>
@NapoleonWilson well either that or Dobby+Ron+Harry. Enjoy your lunch.
@Randal'Thor there is?? :o
@Randal'Thor Yes, it's 3 actually. ;-P
Right who's got the eyebleach...
@Randal'Thor I know, there's on in my avatar... Silly statement
in The Reading Room, Jan 22 '17 at 23:25, by DVK-in-Florida
@b_jonas I was once informed about a fanfic shipping a great squid and Dumbledore's chair. At that point, I realized people just treat HP fanfic as a homework in combinatorics.
Seriously, that should simply be merged into the fan-fiction tag.
1:14 PM
in The Reading Room, Jan 22 '17 at 23:28, by DVK-in-Florida
In other words, HP fanfiction is ontopic on Math.SE
@Randal'Thor oO
Tell me at least the chair was ok with it?
But is different to which is different to whatever other pairings I don't want to... Seriously, where's the eyebleach?!
Don't ask me, ask whoever informed DVK.
I ain't Googling that.
There...really are tags for these things...
@Edlothiad maybe the bleach bottle is currently making out with Harry.
1:16 PM
@Edlothiad And this, kids, is why fanfic has a bad name.
I don't lie about tags.
Seriously, there's good fan-fiction out there. It just gets drowned by the sites full of "read about your favourite characters screwing each other!"
@Randal'Thor Because there's zero pubishing threshold for fan-fiction. Which maximizes for quantity over quality. (Even more so than professional publishing.)
@Randal'Thor agreed. However if I have to be honest, the only actual quality ones I've read were from small franchises... Ain't nobody got time to pair ships in those franchises.
@Randal'Thor Game of Thrones is an excellent fan-fiction alternate universe TV adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire
1:20 PM
@NapoleonWilson not fanfiction, but should be noted that we have a tag. Just saying.
Satisfaction of sexual fantasies about the characters included.
@Jenayah Yeah...I remember that.
@Jenayah There's a memetic story behind that ... I believe it was created by some high-rep users basically for a dare.
@Randal'Thor yeah, I've read the meta
@NapoleonWilson Glad I didn't use reply syntax on that, since it works for both messages above it.
A: The many memes of SFF.SE

phantom42Meme: If Toad Slimed... Scope: SFF Chat room (Mos Eisley) and main site (multiple questions) Originator: Michael Edenfield Mar 4 5:14 PM. Cultural Height: Early March 2015 Background: A new user began asking a series of questions about Toad's spit, and who might survive or avoid the attack. ...

@Jenayah Maybe the small franchises tend to attract dedicated fans rather than people who care more about the sex than the characters? I dunno.
Have you heard of The Last Ring-Bearer, though? An alternative interpretation of the LotR story. I haven't read it, but I want to.
1:23 PM
Especially awesome considering that it started as a childrens' book...
@Jenayah That's banter though
But well, when your audience grows faster than your characters that's what you end up with.
@Randal'Thor probably.
@NapoleonWilson As long as there's no Jonsa, all is right with the world.
@Randal'Thor I don't like LoTR enough to read fanfiction ahah
1:25 PM
@Randal'Thor Which one is that one?
@Jenayah *Gasps in Quenya!*
Or rather, I don't want to dislike LoTR even more to want to browse through the sheer amount of "What if X screwed with Y" cheap fanfiction I imagine there is out there.
There is an open door, please...
@NapoleonWilson God, now I'm imagining an 11-year-old who's just started reading HP and looks up on the internet for cool stories about Harry and Draco :-/
@Randal'Thor will you please shut up? xD
That's why you don't let kids on the internet. ;-)
1:28 PM
@Randal'Thor oh no
@Randal'Thor literally the first google result if you search "cool stories about Harry and Draco"
@zabeus Please don't continue that post.
Sorry for sharing that disturbing thought with you all.
Um, floofs? @Galli?
Thems be doing the nasties
@Randal'Thor Galla, Gallimimus?
1:30 PM
aw, birdy
aw, puppy
meh, doggy
His head seems quite big tho
1:32 PM
eeeeeew, kitten
All of these are delicious on a plate.
We all know who won..
Jul 24 at 10:09, by TheLethalCarrot
We need a poll...

Dogs or Cats?
aw, pu... kitty
@TheLethalCarrot Sure, but no reason not to have both :-)
1:34 PM
True, our cats are good at killing mice
And the dogs are poor at killing the cats
@Edlothiad okay so I didn't know the translation for mésange in English. I look it up, and realize that Ed diverted a conversation about cheap slash with a tit picture
Blue tit
Turns out this is a Eurasian one, I thought they were only found in the galapagos, and were all blue
Wordreference says tit
1:36 PM
Oh, 91k exactly.
Bird, awesome. Blue Awesome. Combination AWESOME!
@Jenayah I wasn't going to comment on that :-P
I didn't get a 50001 screenshot...
@Edlothiad Joke, right?
Nah genuinely
1:36 PM
@Edlothiad I can help you get back there if you want?
I haven't searched the term blue tit since I read one of those DK books about the galapagos
I'm pretty sure it was all blue
@Randal'Thor Nice
@Edlothiad But you must have seen these ones in Europe?
Or do you not notice different types of birds?
I don't think I've acknowledge any birds besides pigeons, crows, ravens, and those little ones you get everywhere
@Edlothiad sparrows?
1:38 PM
Oh and Magpies. Because if you see one you have to say "Good Morning/afternoon/evening Magpie"
Meh maybe
C'mon you can identify an ostrich
And Seagulls
Magpies are horrible birds
Especially if you see one in the wild in Europe
Sure I can identify an Ostrich...
1:39 PM
Steven Seagulls?
Emu > Ostrich
@NapoleonWilson ahahah
Are there wild Ostriches in Europe?
@Edlothiad cassowary > emu
@Edlothiad I don't think so, hence the joke.
I dunno, there are Ostrich Farms in Europe
1:41 PM
@Edlothiad farms =/= wild
Though they could have escaped
The Great Ostrich Escape
Farms =/= wild?!
go to Skeptics if you don't believe me... ;D
@Edlothiad You know the difference between a crow and a raven, but not between any of the little birds ... ?
I've only seen one type of little bird
@Randal'Thor Am I not a Tolkien-ite..
1:44 PM
@Edlothiad No, you've seen more. You just haven't looked.
@Edlothiad I don't know why you're so keen on tolls.
You toll-keen person.
@Jenayah GO ON MY SON!
5 hours ago, by Edlothiad
How can we see if our eyes aren't real
@Randal'Thor Ugh I hate that pronunciation...
@Jenayah Wait, what country is that?
That...sounds like a Jayden Smith original. ;-)
@Randal'Thor Malaysia apparently straitstimes.com/asia/se-asia/…
@Edlothiad The people of Candlewood Knolls are terribly troubled by trolls, who are driving their cars, and brawling in bars, and voting for Thor at the polls.
Needs something about tolls in there.
(h/t @user14111)
1:48 PM
Q: Sci fi novel. Post alien conquest. They point with tongues and collect model planes

Danny3414Another from at least thirty years (or longer) ago. Set a few years after Earth's defeat and the overlords are involved in various power grabs and empire building. They have been supreme slave masters around the galaxy for countless generations and have evolved until no limbs (everything done b...

@Jenayah What kind of malaise are they plagued by?
@NapoleonWilson great escaping ostriches
After years of getting ostracized?
1:57 PM

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