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12:37 AM
Q: In The Matrix Resurrections, is there significance behind the name of Chrstina Ricci's character?

Donatello SwansinoIn the Matrix series, character names are often loaded with relevant symbolism. The trend continues in The Matrix Resurrections, with names being related to the characters' greater purpose in the story. Gwyn de Vere, an executive at the video game company that Thomas Anderson works at, is a minor...

@Jenayah I'd already be satisfied if it actually was the mobile UX rather than the desktop UX.
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5:30 AM
Q: What part of the book does the movie Dune cover?

KRITARTH KARAMBELKARI've read like....a 100 pages of the book, How much more should I read before watching the movie so that the movie does not spoil me anything from the book.

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7:12 AM
@NapoleonWilson haven't been on SFF (nor any other SE site actually) on desktop for ages unfortunately. How bad is it?
Oh my, I'm going to hate that "watched" tag.
8:10 AM
Q: Searching for Manga, possibly Djinn/Jinn who creates a "black hole" or "black sphere"

minuzI am looking for a manga/manhwa that I read 30 years ago (around 1992 or 1993) in South Korea. What I remember is this: the protagonist seems to be a djinn/jinn or similar entity but with an outward appearance of a slender boy. He seems to be trying to rescue a girl who might have gotten abducted...

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1:28 PM
Q: Did Getafix ever drink the magic potion himself?

FiksdalIt seems like he usually just cooks it and serves it to Asterix and the rest of the Gauls. Are there any examples of Getafix drinking the potion himself?

1:55 PM
Q: Why would Caesar send Crismus Bonus to Outer Mongolia?

FiksdalIn Asterix and the Gauls, Caesar says that he will send Crismus Bonus to Outer Mongolia, to deal with a "Barbarian Rebellion". As far as I know, Outer Mongolia is quite far away from the borders of the Roman Empire at the time? The Romans might have have had some trade with the Far East, but cer...

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3:15 PM
Q: Why was this line from "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" removed in Hawkeye?

F1KrazyThe end credits of Episode 5 of Hawkeye are set to "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch", referencing both the show's Christmas setting and The second verse of the song goes like this: You're a monster, Mr. Grinch Your heart's an empty hole Your brain is full of spiders, you've got garlic in your sou...

3:29 PM
@Jenayah If it's any consolation, that will come eventually. (Though to be frank, mostly the way you get used to a nagging pain that's never going to go away. :-P)
@Jenayah It actually works better in desktop, since stuff you can't scroll offscreen (reducing the usable space) isn't such an intrusion.
I disagree it works better, so much empty unused space. It's buggy, for example, reloading inline only shows asked and not action actually happened. There's loss of functionality in places
@TheLethalCarrot I think perhaps you misunderstand. I meant that it's not as bad in desktop as it is in mobile. It's still worse than what was before, no question.
Oh I see...
Reloading inline, especially when reviewing, is a complete gamble.
I use "disable responsiveness" full site on mobile so not really seen what it looks like there
3:42 PM
Q: How did the USS Kelvin not destroy or at the very least cripple the Narada?

Mahmoud SalaheddineI may have missed some stuff from the movies, but even accounting for the ship's size, wouldn't crashing the Kelvin heavily damage it? again I may have missed stuff, but shouldn't crashing it destroy antimatter containment, making a warp core breach? Also, would the shields be effective, and if s...

Interesting. I hadn't thought to try that; I wonder if that would fix some pain points.
I've always done that because I don't really like how zoomed in most mobile sites look and pinch zooming around works for me
Huh. I'm not a fan of pinch-zooming, so maybe I stick with what I've gotten accustomed to.
4:09 PM
Q: Help identify story: 80s/90s childrens book about a child in a society ruled by robots

amkingTRPThis was a short book I read in the late 80s or early 90s. I believe it has a cover of two robot policemen pointing guns and was probably called something like ".. of the robots" (I'm thinking War of the Robots, but that doesn't seem to match anything). From what I remember of the plot, the main...

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6:37 PM
Q: Fantasy Novel Involving Magical Colored Thread

Kyle BWhat A medium length fantasy novel probably YA with a male main character. There are two distinct parts that I remember. Magical Rope Material In the series, there is some form of magical material that is quite potent and probably rare. We eventually learn that it can be fashioned into some form ...

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7:44 PM
This has been fixed by partially reverting the label approach back to using a colored background. We lose info that way, but it gives us an opportunity to revisit how the watched styles are being added to the page. — Ben Kelly ♦ 8 mins ago
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9:21 PM
posted on January 25, 2022 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Look, you can only alter the set by removing elements, which objectively makes it less interesting. Today's News:

Q: Obscure 90's TV Show or Miniseries Involving a domed city, genetically immortal humans and mutant humans

Russell WatkinsI vaguely remember watching a show in the late 80's or early 90's about this civilization that found a way to genetically alter themselves to be immortal. Unfortunately for a certain percentage of the human population, they had a regressive effect and were turned into some sort of Cro-Magnon look...

9:54 PM
Q: Can a Vampire See Another Vampire's Reflection in a Mirror?

SlytherincessIn the movie Interview With the Vampire, based on Ann Rice's novel of the same title, Claudia sits at a vanity with a mirror - her reflection doesn't appear. I'm wondering: Can a vampire see another vampire's reflection in a mirror, even if they cannot see their own? Or do all vampires lack a ref...

10:21 PM
Q: Was Lt. Cmdr. Nella Darren intentionally Crusher-like?

ThePopMachineIn "Lessons", Picard falls in love with a new head of Stellar Sciences, Lt. Cmdr. Nella Darren. I'm going to stipulate that she really looks a lot like Dr. Crusher (long red hair, similar age, etc.) and even (IMO) sounds like her. Question: Was this intentional casting and acting? Are we beli...


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