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4:07 AM
Q: What was the relevance of the murdered cop?

Roddy of the Frozen PeasIn the 1978 movie, The Astral Factor -- about a serial killer who is able to turn invisible -- there's a scene 45 minutes into the movie that I'm confused about. So far in the plot, we've learned that this serial killer, Roger Sands, has figured out how to become invisible while locked up in a me...

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6:35 AM
Q: Biggest/oldest braille book?

Abraham RayWhat is the biggest book written in braille on the open market today? I’m not blind, just curious. For that matter what is the oldest braille book?

7:13 AM
Q: Sci-fi short story with a microscopic alien spaceship at war with human spaceships

user149167In this story, the humans are scared because their radars, etc., cannot detect the alien spaceship (which is holding a conversation that's threatening to them), and humans believe that the alien spaceship has some amazing cloaking mechanism. The truth is that (spoiler here) these are really micro...

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8:33 AM
Q: Sci-fi short story about a magician who ends up in an alien teleportation device while performing a disappearing act

jamesTrying to remember name of a story in a sci-fi anthology about a magician who ends up in an alien teleportation device while performing a cheesy disappearing act. He is a Vegas-type magician and one day uses his cabinet for his cheesy disappearing act, but while in the hidden compartment of the c...

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1:28 PM
Q: What is this science fiction short story about sex determined at puberty, and three genders, and what does it mean?

Ellie KesselmanI think I read this in a Gardner Dozois Anthology of Best Short Science Fiction Year X. The year would have been 2005 or earlier. The story was about a boy and a girl, about 13 years old initially. They lived in a world that was essentially the same as here, as our Earth. Reproduction was quite d...

1:55 PM
Q: In which comic did Spider-Man remove his mask to a little girl?

Javier2004I'm looking for a comic where Spider-Man remove his mask to smile a little girl. The art of this is like realistic. Seemed pretty much like a panel from Alex Ross. The girl in this snippet says something to herself, something like that Peter face "looked like the most common face she ever saw", ...

2:28 PM
@Marvin Oooh something I can answer
2:52 PM
@Marvin I wanted to say that the question was probably inspired by a scene in a recent film. Spider-man removes his mask during saving a train that is about to crash and kill its passengers. The innocent people on the train see his face, but agree to keep it a secret. But it turns out that that film is Spider-man 2 from 2004, so it's not a recent film in any sense.
3:33 PM
@TheLethalCarrot want to answer it?
No, you found it. Just grabbed the relevant images for you
@TheLethalCarrot thanks!
3:46 PM
@TheLethalCarrot But that's not the same one as what AncientSwordRage found. They dialog differs significantly.
@TheLethalCarrot In what AncientSwordRage quotes, Taina recognizes Peter Parker from his face. In the image that you linked to, Peter tells his name to Tim.
ASR's answer mentions #284, I grabbed the relevant images for it. His answer also states how the comic and episode differ
4:07 PM

Lee EckhardtBritish author of primarily YA books 1970s/80s. His novels were very short and easy to read. To the left, he did a trilogy in which capitalistic aliens conquer earth but are forced to withdraw when the occupation costs them too much money. This author was killed in a traffic accident of some kind.

4:23 PM
@TheLethalCarrot @b_jonas that ok now?
posted on January 26, 2022 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Now is the job market in which to try this. Be a legend. Today's News:

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5:53 PM
@AncientSwordRage Nice, thank you. The comic book pages are a worthy addition.
6:09 PM
@b_jonas I feel like tlc deserves more credit
Looks like that isn't even the right answer
@Javier2004 you can answer your own question, and use this image. I'll even add the alt text for you if you can't. — AncientSwordRage ♦ 19 secs ago
Q: Aliens declare all human governments and social organizations illegal monopolies

DavidWA recent question about capitalistic alien invaders reminds me of a short story (there may have been a sequel as well) I read back in the 1980s. I believe I would have read it in a magazine, which means most likely Analog, since I've recently been re-reading Asimov's and haven't come across it. ...

6:46 PM
@AncientSwordRage Yes. I starred his chat earlier.
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8:34 PM
Q: Short film involving a tiny UFO and air traffic control

Alexander KlauerI saw this as a kid (i. e. late 80s or early 90s) on TV, so my memory of it is very hazy. Language must have been German dub (if not original German). This was a short film (pretty sure it was not a long movie due to the compact plot) set in an air traffic control tower. The ATC crew receive a ra...

9:01 PM
Q: Are there any ACME products missing from this poster?

TheAshArtist Rob Loukotka has made a poster featuring what he claims is ALL 126 ACME brand products: I was wondering whether he missed any. Are there any ACME products that are not featured on this poster?

Q: Say we had hyperrealistic VR tech like in The Matrix or SAO in real life; do you think the "die in sim, die in reality' trope would really apply?

Conan HighwoodsI have been obsessed with the simulation theory and stuff related to as of late, and the 'dying in the sim really kills you' trope is pretty common.So I hate the trope, but I wondered if it was correct. Say we had VR at the level that you pretty much could not tell the simulation from real life w...

9:54 PM
Q: What was this movie I saw billed as the "Worst SF movie ever"?

AlfredSome years ago I watched on french TV a BW very old SF movie that was advertised as "The worst SF movie ever made". It involved aliens who somehow woke up the dead, so the living had to fight wave after wave of animated corpses coming out of their graves. One scene I remember, to elaborate on how...

Q: A short story about a fax machine that receives messages from the future

Bingo MehndraI am sure I did read in the 80s, in our local library (it doesn't exist anymore by the way), a science fiction short story about an electrician that invented a fax machine that started to receive messages from the future. The machine falls into the hands of a villain who threatens to take over th...

Q: How does Boba Fett's ship fly backwards?

jamesdlinIn Book of Boba Fett chapter 4, we see: I've always assumed that the big, glowing things at the aft side of Star Wars ships are thrusters, yet Boba Fett's ship moves in the opposite direction from where they're pointed. How? Is the light being generated just "waste light" from the reaction powe...

10:46 PM
Q: i read the book around 1982. sci fi galactic battle between human and alien. setting is on a desert type planet

robertwhat i remember is the human and alien represent their respective species, unarmed, naked, and are separated by a force field. they cannot pass through this field but must kill one or the other to determine the winner of this galactic battle. the alien is round with protruding tentacles that end ...

11:07 PM
Q: Which TV shows had the longest gaps between seasons?

Joe MI'm trying to find a comprehensive list of shows with extremely long gaps between seasons, but most only include very recent shows with maybe a two-year gap at most. I'm thinking of much longer gaps than that, such as The Jetsons, which had a gap of twenty-two and a half years between its first s...

Q: What happened to Boba in between AotC and TCW?

Sophie the Jedi KnightIn Attack of the Clones, after Jango is killed, Boba goes down to the battlefield to find his father's helmet. In season 2 of The Clone Wars, which takes place about a year after AotC, Boba is running with Aurra Sing and acting as a bounty hunter. My question is: what exactly happened in this i...


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