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12:19 AM
Q: Looking for a collection of short horror fiction from the 80’s or early 90’s - was couched as for children

Crisexcited to think someone may be able to help me here. I’m looking for an anthology of stories - I believe there were 10-13 short stories which I read multiple times in 1991/1992 or 1992/1993. The three stories I remember vividly are about the wendigo - where a hunting party ends up trapped out in...

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1:41 AM
@NapoleonWilson it's a shame about that
I wonder if the Arqade screenshots thingy-majig would extend to this?
2:05 AM
Q: Is the basis for the creature's birth aboard the shuttle discussed?

releseabeI was just rewatching Alien Covenant and I would argue that the sequence aboard the shuttle involving the "newborn" creature are among the very scariest/most-powerful scenes ever shown in a science fiction movie. In a way, it is like Kane "giving birth" in Alien and superficially almost identical...

2:31 AM
Q: Who is the first character that succumbs to the paranoia in John Carpenter's The Thing?

Bingo MehndraIn "The Thing" (1982), John Carpenter's film adaptation of John W. Campbell Jr's novel "Who Goes There?" (1938), the threat created by the spreading paranoia of the characters is equally important as the Thing itself. Of the twelve men (MacReady, Blair, Nauls, Palmer, Childs, Dr. Copper, Norris, ...

Q: "Vickers, are you a robot?" Is this remotely possible?

releseabeThis very funny line, probably funnier if we had seen some scenes that have been cut, I have read has caused some discussion. I would argue firstly that it is likely she is not a robot (Is it possible that Vickers indeed can prove that she is not one by having sex with the Captain?) because there...

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2:00 PM
Q: could a tyrannosaurus rex kill the basalisk from harry potter

Elijah Sanchif a t-rex met a basalisk who would win rules no outside help t-rex is the same size as the largest one ever found t-rex has some resistance to the abilities of the basalisk.

2:54 PM
Q: Will there ever be a novelisation or movie of Harry Potter & the Cursed Child?

Mr. BoyHas J.K. Rowling ever given any clear answer on whether she might one day adapt, or allow someone to adapt, either a novelisation or TV treatment of Cursed Child? Or conversely has she ever stated definitively that she does not want this to happen?

3:35 PM
@Marvin new name for Gorrila vs. Shark?
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5:53 PM
posted on January 24, 2022 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Why is the symbol for engineering always a gear and not a toaster running Doom? Today's News:

Q: Short story about creating a window out of thread wire and seeing dogs outlive humanity

mcbeckerI need help locating a short story about the creation of a dimensional/temporal window using wire. The way I remember the "window" is like those arts and crafts made using wire and nails to create drawings, but in this case the creation of the window happens due to the complex pattern the wires a...

6:25 PM
Q: What "fields" Scamander here referring to?

Abigail H. Scamander: I've just completed a year in the fields. I'm writing a book about magical creatures. What "fields" Scamander here referring to ?

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8:32 PM
9:05 PM
Q: Movie where people inhale a child in a field?

SethMMortonOn a recent (2021) flight, someone several rows ahead of me was watching a movie on their tablet. I was able to see a few scenes, but not in great detail (because small screen was so far away), and I could hear no sound. I would like to know what it was that they were watching. The movie looked ...

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10:40 PM
Ooooh boy that new mobile UX is going to take time to get used to.
10:51 PM
Q: Why didn't Tiamut's partial emergence destroy the Earth despite [spoiler's] efforts?

dev sandboxEternals VFX supervisor Matt Aitken from Weta Digital stated that Tiamut is "about 300 miles, from his head to his toes" across. In the film we learn from Arishem The Judge that Celestials are born from seeds planted inside a planets core that gestate until the population reaches critical mass - ...


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