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12:11 AM
Q: Hyper-advanced aliens create universes as a class project; one student's project goes to heat death

DavidWI was sure I stumbled across it here, but I can't find it at all. It's a short story I've read in the past 10 years, I believe. The viewpoint character is some unimaginably powerful alien who is nonetheless still a juvenile and being instructed. It and its classmates are creating universes (lik...

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Q: What is the shape on the Wakandan case?

StayOnTargetIn episode 5 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Bucky gives Sam a case which he says originated in Wakanda. Its not revealed what is inside the case during this episode, but there are a few very clear shots of the outside. This is what's on it's cover: Full view with the hinge at the bottom: ...

Q: Forgot a manga and want to find it

user140122A manga where the Mc was a blacksmith but lost in a battle and decided to end there so he deleted his account and left for a while than comes back Can someone tell me the name

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2:16 AM
Q: Fantasy novel set in an alternative Roman era about a blacksmith's daughter who is sold to a slave trader by her mother

Michelle DijksmaThe story is about a blacksmith's 18 year old daughter that has been trained to make swords and has secretly been training to fight. She is with her 2 brothers and a friend watching a fighting tournament when her younger brother falls into the arena. She jumps in and fights of a wild cat and save...

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4:34 AM
Q: Did the One Ring actually have an influence on Gollum serving Frodo?

CharlesIn The Fellowship of the Ring when Gollum first starts leading Frodo and Sam, Gollum swears on the One Ring that he'll serve the master of the Precious, and Frodo responds by saying that the ring is treacherous and that it'll hold [Gollum] to his word. Was there actually any truth to this? Given ...

4:54 AM
Q: Comic where Teenage Male gains powers from a dying Alien, takes the form of a tattoo that can be moved around body

Comic_seekerI have been searching this for a while with no luck — so forgive the spotty recollection. I am looking for a Western (American?) comic book I read in the '90s as a child. A teenage boy finds a crash landed ship. The dying alien transfers powers to him, which is marked by a tattoo that the boy can...

Q: How was the band America chosen to provide the music for The Last Unicorn?

BuzzMost of the songs (all those not sung by specific characters) for the 1982 Rankin/Bass cartoon of The Last Unicorn were performed by the band America. America had been quite popular in the early and mid-1970s, but by 1982 their heyday had passed. During this period, the Rankin/Bass productions ...

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6:16 AM
Q: Who is the father of our modernday perception and use of magic in literature and pop-culture?

GridlockTolkien is usually cited as the father of Fantasy, but when you read his books the magic used in both the Hobbit and LotR, isn´t really what most of us today think of when we say magic and fantasy. We mostly think of it along the lines of D&D casting fireballs, summoning creatures from another pl...

Q: I wanted to identify a book i read a long time ago

Siddharth KaleA girl was a robot in disguise and her "mom" was her engineer. She was a battle robot and she would've killed millions if it wasn't for her mom. Then they get found out, go on the run, her mom gets kidnapped and she has to fight with other better versions of her made by her "dad". She escapes and...

6:41 AM
Q: Is there limitation about hyperspace travel in Star War universe?

Chow Ka WaFor what I understand , when a ship enter hyperspace , it must enter from a planetary system , and exit at another planetary system . Since the enter and exit is rely on planetary mass projection. However, a ship can freely move from one system to any other system as long as it knows where the ta...

Q: What does "five thousand" mean?

Louis MarieObi Wan and Anakinf flying half-burned spaceship: Obi Wan: Five thousand. Fire ships on the left and the right. Pilot: We'll take you in. (Pilot sprays water on spaceship) OBI-WAN: Copy that. What does "five thousand" mean?

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Q: Looking for fantasy book about girl with hidden powers

IsabelleI think I read the book on Wattpad once, but can't remember the title. It is about a magical world with a strong social hierarchy: the ones with magic at the top, the ones without at the bottom. The story follows a poor girl who thinks she has no magic and has worked all her life. During a gather...

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1:28 PM
Q: Has Superman ever turned against humanity and been stopped?

LooooopSidedSuperman is one of the most powerful DC characters. If he ever went to the bad side, he would be very hard to stop. Are there any records of Superman turning against humanity and successfully being stopped?

1:52 PM
Q: How is the Fairy Godmother in Shrek 2 supposedly based on the stock character from Sleeping Beauty as well as from Cinderella?

Alex DownsThe Fairy Godmother’s Wikipedia page says: Fairy Godmother is loosely based on the stock fairy godmother character in fairytales, specifically Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. I can understand her being based on CINDERELLA’S Fairy Godmother, but we saw Sleeping Beauty’s fairy godmothers from the D...

2:49 PM
Q: Is it a coincidence that Supergirl's original name in the comics was Linda Lee and Red Daughter posed as "Linda lee?"

LooooopSidedIf you look on the Arrowverse Fandom page Red Daughter, Linda Lee is one of the "codenames" for Red Daughter. You see Red Daughter using the alias "Linda Lee" in episode 4x16 of Supergirl, and Linda Lee was the original Supergirl (in the comics, she was known a Linda Lee Danvers, and in the origi...

3:38 PM
posted on April 20, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Later they throw unsolved Rubik's Cubes and preserved fetal pigs at him. Today's News:

Q: Who did curse the Red Skull to be settled in Vormir as the keeper of the Soul Stone?

aminabzz Red Skull: A lifetime ago, I, too, sought the stones. I even held one in my hand. But it cast me out, banished me here. Guiding others to a treasure I cannot possess. I think it wasn't the stone that teleported him. I presume Odin himself as the regulator of all nine realms was behind this. He ...

4:06 PM
@Marvin FWIW I don't think it's close-worthy, we know the answer... the OP just chose to ignore the answer (that they give in their question) to push what I assume is a bit of an odd fan theory
Although now it's closed there's also not much point in reopening it I'd imagine
@TheLethalCarrot they reject the facts of the canon, and are looking for support of their opinion
Q: How did Loki make the Tesseract invisible and then visible again?

MovieGoerIn the first scenes of Avengers: Infinity War, Loki showed the Tesseract to Thanos. He got his hand up and the cube became visible gradually. In the entire MCU, we always see Loki make things invisible and visible again by making illusions of them first. Was that cube in Loki's hand an illusion t...

Aye, but an answer saying "no this is the canon answer" would still be fine. I'm not in defence of the question and wasn't going to answer it but I don't think it necessarily had to be closed
4:23 PM
@AncientSwordRage That was exactly the reason I voted to close it.
It's practically in the same category as "I'm writing a fanfic, how do I justify X?" type questions. :)
4:53 PM
@TheLethalCarrot I don't think we've lost much
5:03 PM
Well I agree with you there
I've just noticed the room name. Glad to be in Milliways.
5:24 PM
Sadly I don't think I've even managed to do six moderately unlikely things before breakfast.
Wait, that's far too ambitious. Have I ever managed to do six things before breakfast?
6:09 PM
Y’know what I don’t think I need this new massive review information dialogue on /review
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Q: Is Wonder Woman canonically bisexual?

Sophie the Jedi KnightI haven't caught up on the DC movies, but I'm fairly certain that Diana isn't established to be bisexual in them (although I could be wrong). But I've heard people talking about how she's canonically bisexual in the comics. Is this accurate? Is this referring to a certain comic version of her?

7:28 PM
Q: Poem-parody about O'Hare airport, written as though it were the Odyssey

RSidI'm trying to find a poem that I'm relatively certainly was published in The New Yorker. I think I read it around 10 years ago, but definitely a margin of error of a couple of years on either side of that. It was paired with a cartoon illustration of a man with a suitcase that I think might have ...

7:40 PM
Q: Why hasn't Reed Richards cured Alicia Masters of her blindness?

EducorreiaReed offered himself to revert The Thing's condition plenty of times, to which he refused. What about Alicia's blindness? Did he offer as well and she refused it? Or is it something beyond their capability?

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9:17 PM
@TheLethalCarrot same
Ugh and a pop up on opening a review item in a queue
No UI is so annoying that it can't be made worse.

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