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1:28 AM
Q: How does Rey actually get to Exegol?

Stainless-SteelIn STAR WARS: The Rise of Skywalker, Rey destroys Kylo Ren's TIE fighter, which has the Sith Wayfinder in it, and Kylo gets a new one from the First Order. How did it survive her fire when she burnt the fighter? How was the Wayfinder actually in it?

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4:33 AM
Q: WW2-era bureaucrats escaping nuclear war into Lovecraftian dimension

grafriteThere was a short story I must have read before 2010, about a group of WW2 American bureaucrats who escaped from a nuclear world in their dimension, into a Lovecraftian dimension. The story ended with the protagonist realizing how unpleasant the new, unexplored dimension would be to live in. Know...

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6:54 AM
Q: Driving me mind trying to find this book.Maybe has "girl who" and "bones"in title

Patricia Anne BryanA pre teenage girl uses the strange noises her ankles make to tell people she is communicating with the dead.It is during WW1 so many adults seek her out for comforting messages.When she is found out exiled. Story about how we are prepared to believe anything to cushion grief.

7:20 AM
Q: In the Beauty and the Beast remake, how was Clothilde able to walk around apparently unmarried?

Alex DownsWhen asking Belle to marry him, Gaston says that she will end up as a beggar on the street if she doesn’t marry him before her father dies. However, at the end, Clothilde reunites with her husband (Cogsworth) who she had forgotten due to the Enchantress’s curse. Since Clothilde had forgotten her ...

7:44 AM
Q: What does Grievous mean?

Louis Marie Anakin: All the escape pods have been launched. OBI-WAN: Grievous. Anakin: Can you fly a cruiser like this? Obi-Wan: You mean, do I know how to land what's left of this thing? What does Grievous mean? Is Obi-Wan referring to General Grievous (or) English word Grievous?

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11:10 AM
Q: What is the book i'm looking for

jemand2001I read a sci-fi book about 4-6 years back, when I was about 15, and I'd like to reread it, but it was from the library and I can't remember the author or title, only pretty vague pieces of the plot. It's about an anthropologist (m) (?) who's on an early expedition on a foreign planet (outside our...

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12:31 PM
Q: Series about female warrior in Arthurian like medieval Brittain

TonnyThis is a long shot as I have very little information to go on. In December 2002 I borrowed 2 novels (in English) from a friend. The novels were fairly new at the time. Not more than 2-3 years old. She mentioned this was actually a trilogy, but the 3rd novel wasn't released yet. (Or possibly it h...

1:26 PM
Q: Altered Carbon Season 2 and the DHF in Poe's memory

Philippe GaucherThe DHF saved in Poe's memory at the very end of the second season of the Netflix show 'Altered Carbon' is probably the most recent version of Takeshi Kovacs. I guess that that was to prepare season 3 which will be never made. My question is: When in season 2 was this DHF backed up in Poe's memo...

2:19 PM
Q: Animated series about dogs who play football

Kushagra GuptaIt was a kid’s animated TV show where (I think different animals too?) definitely dogs competed in a Football tournament.

2:35 PM
posted on April 19, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Thank you to the 2 people who enjoyed this joke. May the nanites disassemble you rapidly. Today's News:

2:59 PM
Greetings, Earthlings, Robots, et al.
@Donald.McLean Ahoy!
It actually flew! And didn't crash!
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4:11 PM
Q: Isekai manga where main character was a male scientist and was reincarnated into female magic user

Aukkawut AmmartayakunI have read this manga for a while now (possibly more than 3 months). The main character was reincarnated into another world in which he (she in this case) live in the forest and have almost no interaction with other human. She has the power to create (more like synthesize) things in his past lif...

@DavidW I haven't been able to see, but that's good news!
4:26 PM
Q: Lily of the valley used for murder (Agatha Christie)

bpaulI am looking for a novel by Agatha Christie in which she describes a murder with the water of Convallaria majalis (lily of the valley). Does anyone know the title?

@AncientSwordRage youtu.be/p1KolyCqICI?t=2505 Most of the stream is pretty boring, but at this timestamp it replays video taken from Perseverance of the flight.
Q: Why is Thanos called the "Genghis Khan of the MCU?"

FriendlyNeigborI have heard Thanos referred to as the Genghis Khan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe by Joe Russo. Why is he called that, though?

4:56 PM
Q: How come Pikachu was able to defeat Geodude with a Thunderbolt?

Elisa ElisijaIn "Showdown in Pewter City" Pikachu shocks Geodude once and it's defeated. Geodude is a Rock/Ground-type and shouldn't be vulnerable to Electric attacks. How come Pikachu defeated it so easily?

5:53 PM
Q: In Shrek, is the witch who cursed Fiona based on the Enchantress from Beauty and the Beast?

Alex DownsThis witch was the one who cursed Fiona to become an ogre, and the Enchantress was the one who turned the Prince into a Beast. Also, Shrek is viewed as a retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

6:14 PM
@DavidW thanks!
@Marvin opinion based?
I guess it's demonstrably not inspired though so I guess not?
Shrek! is a humorous fantasy picture book published in 1990 by American book writer and cartoonist William Steig, about a repugnant green monster who leaves home to see the world and ends up marrying an ugly princess. The book was generally well-received upon publication, with critics praising the illustrations, originality, and writing. Critics have also described Shrek as an antihero and noted the book's themes of satisfaction and self-esteem. The book served as the basis for the first Shrek movie (2001) and the popular Shrek film series starring Mike Myers over a decade after its publication...
Q: Not my question btw can someone find this

Fshot PolloI dont know since its not my question but there was a manga that the mc has powers stronger then magic in another world (btw its not "this world magic is too weak)

6:46 PM
Q: In Cinderella, did Lady Tremaine wear Cinderella’s mother’s pink dress when she married Cinderella’s father?

Alex DownsI have just got into the Cinderella deleted song “The Dress My Mother Wore” tonight and I couldn’t help wondering, because in the song, Cindy says that her mother wore the dress when she married her father. I know how she felt When she wore it and knelt In the church as they prayed side by side ...

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9:18 PM
Q: Which Klingon ship is most representative durign the TNG era?

VillageI want to buy a few Eaglemoss starships fitting the TNG era, such as Enterpise D, Romulan Warbird (the kind that is like a biplane with scoops), Ferengi Maruader, and a Cardassian Galos class ship. There seems to be many different kinds of Klingon ships, and I can't readily tell which fits this t...

9:39 PM
Q: Help me find this dark anime/cartoon movie

RickardThe film I'm looking for is about 2 boys living at different homes and and are going into training to be space war fighters. One character evolved telekinetic power and started a new training and became leader of this group. He had a cape that was pink on the inside. This character ended up b...

10:27 PM
Q: In the Harry Potter U"niverse, do Patronus' have consiousness?

RusshiroIn the magical world, the Patronus charm is a spell used to ward of Dementors by summing or creating a "Patronus". According to most sources, it is described as such.... {As Professor Lupin told Harry in Prisoner of Azkaban} the Patronus is ‘a kind of Anti-Dementor – a guardian which acts as a s...


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