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2:06 AM
Q: Why weren't Hermione and Ron allowed in The Three Broomsticks?

Hermione GrangerWhy weren't Hermione and Ron allowed in The Three Broomsticks? I know they were underage but Hogwarts students went in all the time. So why can't Hermione and Ron go into The Three Broomsticks?

2:29 AM
Q: Whats the name of the manga?

user140133So in this manga, it turns out the MC died because of an evil god having messed with his fate? So they were going to reincarnate him as an apology but the evil god messed with his life again so his abilities showed up late. He was disowned by his noble family and started working as an adventure, ...

2:53 AM
Q: Do you think Ron and Hermione should have gotten together or Harry and Hermione?

Hermione GrangerI think it should have been Harry and Hermione. It is up to you people not me.

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6:46 AM
Q: Childrens fantasy book that involved magic based in belief, and scarecrow style protectors

GKellyI'm trying to identify this series I read around 15 years ago. It was a fantasy trilogy, the first book had hints of Narnia to it, it started with a girl and her brother being sucked into another world through a portal in their basement (?) that generated alot of wind (the girl may have jumped in...

7:10 AM
Q: Is it common to find the first part of The Fellowship of the Ring by far the most enjoyable of the entire three-part epic saga?

L. M.Let's be clear: I do love the entire series. It is without a doubt an epic masterpiece, and it would probably make little sense to write ~1,500 pages about just Hobbiton and The Shire, with them never getting out into the bigger world and "nothing happening". It's not what I'm suggesting as an "i...

7:34 AM
Q: What does Palpatine electric arcs do to the skin?

Louis MarieMaster Windu deflects Palpatine's power eletric arcs and it reflects back to Palpatine himself. Aftermath face of Palpatine:

8:02 AM
@DavidW It's good for a one time thing for new or less experienced reviewers (or at least a good idea), however, they really should put checks in place cos it's odd going out to everyone
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9:57 AM
Q: Does rhaegal one of danerys’s dragon has fire shot count of something?

Ashish YadavSo yesterday I watched the last season of GOT Ep: the long night, and in the scene where the good team was looking out for Danny and drogon to light up the trenches (but she was trapped in snowstorm), while jon and rhaegal were just next to the trenches. Hence red woman has to fill up for her. So...

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11:08 AM
Q: Is there a translation for the alien language used on Battleworld?

StayOnTargetIn Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #4 (Aug, 1984) characters from an undetermined alien planet are introduced. A portion of their world had been used to construct the Battleworld (where most of the story takes place) and so the 'heroes' come across them during the course of events. One of the ali...

11:21 AM
@TheLethalCarrot I guarantee that someone decided "it's too much work to figure out who to skip, we'll just send them out to everyone."
11:33 AM
Oh I'm sure
It's one of those things where I don't think the extra effort is really needed but it does grate on me a bit
11:56 AM
Q: can ben 10 become godzilla or a transformer

Elijah Sanchso i wanted to do a fan fiction with Ben 10 Animorphs Godzilla and transformers can the Omnitrix allow Ben to become Godzilla or a Cybertronian?

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1:22 PM
posted on April 21, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: I'm just saying, meeting all my deadlines at this point may be a form of murder. Today's News:

1:55 PM
Q: What is this manga called?

JordanI am trying to find the manga where the mc gets a letter of introduction from the spirit king,demon king,and the dragon king.

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3:23 PM
@Marvin Can Ben 10 morph into Gollum if he looks into the Mirror of Erised?
3:52 PM
@SQB Oh, great question! You've got to ask that!
Especially if he's been bitten by a vamwolf!
Q: Semi-humorous Asian (Indian?) live-action zombie film where a slacker attempts to survive a zombie apocalypse. Zombies cured with skin care products

FuzzyBootsI think I watched this on Netflix a few years ago, within the last five years, although it could be older. I don't think the film was in English, and part of me wants to say it was in an Asian language like Malaysian or Thai with subtitles. The protagonist is a slacker who drives a scooter (I thi...

Q: Did Kelvin really prove his own sanity? Was there even a theoretical possibility to prove it?

sigilRe-reading Stanislaw Lem's Solaris 40 years later, I realized that there's a hole in the plot. Kelvin, the main protagonist, tried to check if the impossible things he observed were real by performing a simple three-phase experiment: He requested some astronomical data from an automated satellit...

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5:37 PM
@SQB no...maybe?
@CerealBot ok, no need to get personal
5:49 PM
Q: Why was the Night's Watch unaware of the attack from the south during the Battle of Castle Black

SquareCatI really tried to get it, but i just don't. Maybe this is in the books which i have not read. As the entire Night's Watch prepared for the big battle in S04E09, they seemed to have prepared quite well. Given that Gilly knew of the presence of the wildlings south of the wall (as did everyone else ...

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7:55 PM
Q: Is Steve Rogers dead?

Sophie the Jedi Knightvery minor TFATWS spoilers and major Endgame spoilers I feel like we're probably not supposed to know the answer to this, but I'm curious if there is anything that is definite here. At the end of Endgame, Steve lives his life out in the 40's with Peggy, returning to the present as an old man and ...

8:19 PM
Q: What is Super-Karate in the DC comics?

Perason84On the Wikipedia page for Karate Kid it says that Karate Kid (Val Armorr) used something called "Super Karate" to briefly hold his own against Superboy. The pages for the comic scene are in order below: Is there any record of what "Super Karate" is in the DC Universe?

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10:43 PM
Q: I try to find a manga, where i don't remember the name

YunaI don't recall much, but I read it about a half year ago and it didn’t have many chapters back then. Also it was a historical setting with romance. The story was something like about a first born girl, which was reincarnated or reborn, from a noble family and this family had to protect (or someth...

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11:55 PM
Q: What happened to the Nazgul after they were swept away by the river?

RichSIn the book, The Fellowship of the Ring (chapter 12 "Flight to the Ford"), all nine Nazgul were swept away by the waters of the river Bruinen and their horses drowned. They show up later in The Return of the King (chapter 6, "The Battle of the Pelennor Fields"). What did they do between those eve...


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