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Q: Who locked the door to the garden(s) in Underground and Wonderland, after Alice had unlocked it with the golden key?

ferjsoto42yahoocomIn Alice’s Adventures Underground and in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland a large Alice finds the golden key on the glass three-legged table, she then opens the tiny door to the garden with this key. Alice then finds that she cannot go through the tiny door due to her size, yet when she becomes ...

1:13 AM
Q: Did Lucius and Bellatrix have an affair?

RoseIn the books he called her Bella and he actually grabbed her hand in Malfoy Manor to which she aggressively responded by telling him to take his hands off her. There's sexual tension here. “I was about to call him!” said Lucius, and his hand actually closed upon Bellatrix’s wrist, preventing her...

1:38 AM
Q: Recalling Young Adult Segregation Novel

NuktukI have a very weak memory of a book I believe it took place in Georgia during the segregation era A peach farm might've been involved The main character was a teenage white girl I think the plot focused on her illicit relationship with a black boy Anyone know what it could be?

2:03 AM
Q: Why do the Don Rosa comics frequently have a "story code" containing a date that is one year prior to the "date"?

Duck FanI found this today: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Disney_comics_by_Don_Rosa Observe the "Date" and "Story code" columns. For example, the one in the very bottom says "2006-05" for the "Date" column, but "D 2005-061" for the story code. The same goes for most/many of the entries; the year ...

2:29 AM
Q: Sci-fi novel about teenagers at war

Sajith Dilshan JamalI am trying to track down a (might be sci-fi) novel I once read as a kid. While I don't remember the name, I remember a few scenes in and about the book: A father who is a king (also a psychic/telekentic who regularly changes his appearance when meeting his subjects) Rules over a giant city, whi...

Q: Movie where a man is injected with alien DNA that heals his wounds

ShotaI remember watching this movie around 2008-2010. It's in English and perhaps a typical Hollywood movie. I only remember this part of the movie. A man and a woman trapped in a room (maybe a storage room) have one injection and must choose who should be injected. Both are wounded, I think. Finally,...

2:54 AM
Q: Concerning Baen's Bar and J. Sanford, how is it he finds it permissible for the left to 'Doxx' anyone and everyone to do them harm..?

user137799And have done so, but the mere suggestion of 'returning the compliment' is Anathema for the Right to even suggest? Sanford is... Innaccurate at best, and an outright libel-spewing poseur at worst. He took at least four statements completely out of context, and also twisted the meaning behind ot...

Q: How does this character get in to Wanda's Hex?

MöozIn the season finale of WandaVision Season 1 (The Series Finale) Vision meets But what I'd like to know is how that character got in Given that we've seen other characters enter the Hex, it's not a stretch to believe that character somehow got in, however How did this character get in to the H...

@Marvin This seems to be unsuitable for reasonable answers. When a question starts with "libel-spewing poseur" I don't think it should have a place here.
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Q: Why is Priya not talking backwards in this scene?

Naomi. JProtagonist, Neil, and wounded Kat entered into turnstile. Now they entered inverted world. They steal ambulance from airport. Now Protagonist met invereted Priya here. Here Priya is inverted because it's inverted world. Then why Priya not talking backwards?

[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Offensive body detected, potentially bad keyword in body (45): Isekai where mc gets mistaken by his maid as a hero that was in that world in the past by Weeb on scifi.SE
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Q: Isekai where the main character is mistaken by his maid for a hero who once existed in that world

WeebI'm looking for an isekai where the main character is mistaken for a hero from the past by his maid. He then has sex with the maid, goes to a school, and meets a kitsune girl. I think the maid trains the MC in magic at the beginning, and he gets really powerful.

Q: Sci-Fi Fantasy mix story identification

DonQuiKongI read this some 5 to 10 years ago (in German). It was a series of books, afaik not yet finished. In a future world, science had advanced to basically magic. At some point however, the key holders for a neutral God-Computer start a coup. Suddenly energy for technical stuff for everyone except the...

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7:58 AM
Q: What are the powers of Monica Rambeau?

codeczarIn the web series WandaVision when Monica Rambeau enters the Hex her cells are rewritten at molecular level after which she gains some powers. What are these powers which she possesses?

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@SmokeDetector false positive
@AncientSwordRage Registered question as false positive.
Good Smokie
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Q: French Time-Travel Novel

Lee EckhardtI read this English translation in the late-1970s/early 1980s. All I can remember is the opening: the Catholic Church decides to comb through its religious relics to determine which ones are genuine. They discover a number of 'relics' are not genuine - one, which has been displayed in a church si...

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3:39 PM
Q: How can a Looking-Glass Hill be a Valley?

ferjsoto42yahoocomIn Chapter 2 of Through the Looking-Glass, Alice and the Red Queen find themselves in a series of arguments, including one to do with the nature of hills and valleys. Alice begins this particular argument by mentioning the word “hill”: “...I thought I’d try to find my way to the top of that hill...

Q: Short(?) story with planet-wide spaceship-digesting plant life

AdamTThis would be from >30 years ago when I was probably going through a Harry Harrison, Robert Heinlein, etc. phase. My recollection is that a spaceship has landed on a planet with a huge (possibly planet wide) tendrilled plant and mysterious coloured lakes. I think the ship is slowly moved towards ...

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posted on March 09, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Also he NEVER asked stupid questions. Today's News:

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Q: How does one ask a question without upsetting people's delicate constitutions?

user137799Seems my first question here was too much for people to handle, as it contained facts, concerning the Cancel Ctack on Baen Publishing.

Q: How does one ask a question without upsetting people's delicate constitutions?

user137799Seems my first question here was too much for people to handle, as it contained facts, concerning the Cancel Ctack on Baen Publishing.

@Slartibartfast whooo-boy
Aww, poor ol' me, I'm so worked up I just might faint.
5:22 PM
Q: What did Sidious mean when talking to Anakin right before the temple massacre?

Nimann_IVSidious says "The Jedi are relentless; if they are not all destroyed, it will be civil war without end. Does this mean that the Sith can only choose between two permanent outcomes (i.e. permanent war or permanent destruction)?

Q: Radio play where the protagonist uses a lance grown from a seed to fight against a giant with three swords

xoX Zeus XoxAround 15 years ago I listened to a german audio recording of a fantasy story for kids (I was between 7-9 at the time). The recording was saved as a file on my computer so I'm unsure about the original format. As far as I remember the story is about a boy from a little village who goes on a quest...

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7:31 PM
Q: Is there a discrepancy in the "Reign" and "Both Sides Now" episodes of season three of Supergirl?

The Man Who Saved Central CityIf you look at the fight between Reign and the Girl of Steel ( ) it takes about 5 minutes straight for the Worldkiller to prevail. However, if you look at the train battle between all of the heroes and Purity, it only takes Purity 2 minutes to win ( ...

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8:53 PM
Q: RIP Norton Juster, author of "The Phantom Tollbooth"

MithicalNorton Juster, author of The Phantom Tollbooth, tragically passed away from a stroke Monday, March 8th, 2021. The Phantom Tollbooth is a classic example of children's literature, and contributed to my personal love of wordplay - I still make references to the book quite often. The book displayed ...

9:14 PM
Q: Short Sci-Fi Story of suddenly appearing teleporters

Igor FittgenYears ago I read a Short Sci-Fi story on the web about certain people suddenly being able to teleport. The main character has had multiple accidents where it was as if he was at the center of a small explosion. It turns out that he has the ability to teleport. He can "pull" to teleport to a place...

10:06 PM
Q: A time travel story where a boy explores futures

KaburThis was a story I that was published sometime in the 2000s, around 7 or so years old reading level. The plot centres around a boy whose father brings home a machine that you can use to look at your future options, kind of a "pick your own path" story, but time passes a lot faster than it seems w...

10:57 PM
Q: A girl raised by a robot, utopian children's book

StoryTeller2702I can remember the name, or the author or a lot about the book. It was a children's book, i read it around 2010-2011, the illustrations were very pretty, almost watercolor-like, a lot of pink and pastel colors. Most of the story i remember is that the setting was an utopian future, the girl and t...

11:49 PM
Q: Novel about virtual reality with a recurring setting of Sherwood Forest

FuzzyBootsThis was one I figured out with searches from details elicited in the asking, but posting it because this isn't the first time I've searched for it. It was a paperback novel, standard size, and had a cover featuring Robin Hood and his Merry Men, the art style being of the sort from Baen or Del Ra...


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