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12:16 AM
Q: Superman comic book with an alien villain who was frozen and dumped in deep space, rather than being executed

BuzzI just remembered a Superman comic book that I read, which seemed apropos to a conversation I was having about alternatives to capital punishment. So now I would like to find that issue again.. Unfortunately, all I really remember is an alien supervillain explaining how he came to be on Earth. ...

12:42 AM
@Alex 26, didn't we settle a while ago on you being a bathtub?
@Jenayah Bathtub, robot, progeny of an elephant, and probably several other things.
Back when we used to talk regularly....
How the mighty have fallen.
I know... :(
Well, there's always next lifetime.
1:32 AM
Q: Anime scene where evil creature gets prison sentence and is placed on a microchip card and then found in the future by a kid randomly?

Clutchersisco This is going to be a long shot and super vague but in the early to mid 2000s I remember seeing this scene on tv. This creature was getting sentenced in the court room for its crimes and got I guess shrunken down and placed on an microchip card or something like that. The next scene fast forward...

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3:53 AM
Q: Stories like "The Egg" by Andy Weir?

global05Funny books like "The Egg" by Andy Weir? I'm a fan of "The Egg" by Andy Weir. I think it is wonderfully deep, but also has some bits of humour interspersed throughout it. I am currently looking for a book which is somewhat as deep as this one, but which is also funnier? Are there any other short...

4:29 AM
Q: Are there linguistic reasons for the Dormouse to be treated like a piece of furniture in ‘Wonderland?’

ferjsoto42yahoocomIn A Mad Tea-Party the Dormouse is mistreated by the Hatter and March Hare as these ...were using it as a cushion, resting their elbows on it, and talking over its head. (p. 95, original pagination for this and all subsequent quotations) Alice seems to excuse this behaviour, as she exclaims: “Ver...

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5:39 AM
Q: Did Mysterio transfer E.D.I.T.H into his helmet?

MCU And You Film BlogWhen Mysterio and his team are planning their next projection attack Mysterio's helmet is seen next to the E.D.I.T.H. glasses after he has obtained access. Did Mysterio transfer E.D.I.T.H into his helmet?

Q: What's Agatha's final fate?

Nikhil EshvarSpoilers for WandaVision finale: At the end of the finale, Wanda transforms Agatha into her sitcom version "Agnes". However by the end, Wanda removes the hex and so the "sitcom" characters are back to normal in the city. But what about Agnes? Shouldn't she transform back to Agatha or is it part o...

6:11 AM
Q: Post apocalyptic movie set in apartment building

Charly LeyequienI have not had luck in horror.com, reddit, quora, or yahoo, but will still try for this one and another movie There is only light outside, a blinding light, anyone that goes into the light never comes back, there are survivors bunkered down in an apartment building(one of those large buildings in...

6:36 AM
Q: Short story with monsters in the stratosphere who attack a biplane

Aaron DeckerI'm trying to find the title of a short story I read a number of years ago. In the story, the narrator reads off of pages of a diary that are found amid plane wreckage. The diary details how a pilot believed there to be creatures that live in the stratosphere. The pilot then climbs to a high alti...

Q: 70's/80's movie about android/robot island

Tumbled LoreI'm trying to identify an animated movie I saw in the theater around 1980. It was a children's matinee, so it may be older. In the movie, a boy visits an island or city where the inhabitants are all androids or robots. The island may have been operated or built by his relative... an uncle? Things...

7:27 AM
Q: Works focused on politics between AIs?

wipI'm interested in exploring works that depict what kind of power relationships could exist in a universe dominated by artificial intelligences. I think the earliest example I was exposed to is the Matrix universe ; that displays programs with conflicting purposes. I can also think of similar topi...

7:52 AM
Q: Are there tangible similarities between Carroll’s Caterpillar and Cat, in ‘Wonderland’?

ferjsoto42yahoocomAlice meets two creatures along her adventures in Wonderland, the Caterpillar and the (Cheshire) Cat. Both creatures’s names share the same three first letters - Caterpillar and Cat - both of them help Alice, but does the Caterpillar and the Cat have more tangible aspects in common within Lewis C...

8:43 AM
Q: Why does Dracula need to rest his days in consecrated earth?

ferjsoto42yahoocomSince consecrated earth, even the Transylvanian type, should be connected to the “sacred,” what are some possible reasons for Bram Stoker to specify that Dracula needs this “holy soil” in order to rejuvenate during his daytime sleeps?

Q: What are Doof's fund sources?

Infinity MilestonePhineas and Ferb are always up to making something and their inventions always disappear in the most comical of ways. It is always caused by Doof's '-inators' in his endless pursuit to rule over the Tri-state Area and take revenge on his brother Roger. Where does Doof source his funds for making ...

9:34 AM
Q: Story about town where people are transformed into worms

flaszlokI'm looking for a book that I read about ten years ago in German. Unfortunately, most of the detail escaped my memory, and the little I remember might be wrong, but it might help identify the story anyways. The setting was a small town in the north eastern US, probably New England The protagonis...

Q: Given that the earth Dracula sleeps on must have been consecrated, why does holy water ruin it?

ferjsoto42yahoocomIt seems that Dracula’s dirt-bed must be consecrated (and originate from his native Transylvania), or to be “holy dirt,” so how can the addition of holy water make it utterly useless to the Count as a resting/rejuvenating spot?

Q: What were all the adverts and what did they mean in WandaVision?

TheLethalCarrotThe episodes of WandaVision involving the internal show all contain an advert that all seem to have a meaning to them. For example, there's one that talks about Strucker so is likely to do with his experiments with the Mind Stone on Wanda. What are all the adverts and what do they mean?

Q: Where do hobbits live?

Miguel NoTeimportaBesides The Shire, in what other places can we found hobbits living? I am interested in communities but also about individuals who lived among other peoples around Arda. Do hobbits ever step a foot on Beleriand? There is a hobbit town south of Gondor? I have read that Gollum is from somewhere in ...

9:59 AM
Q: Trying to find a weird movie i saw in the 1990's?

NitroIt may have been on TV but the ruff things I can remember from it are the end has a weird steam punkish ball of energy (blue cylinders) that the bad guy has and the good guy is trying to stop him.

10:24 AM
Q: Why did only alternative Spider-People came from the Super-Collider?

user209974Kingpin build the collider to bring back to life members of his family. Instead, alternative Spider-People have been sucked out of their respective dimensions. How come only Spider-People seem to be affected by the collider, among all people and super-heroes populating the Marvel universe?

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2:13 PM
Q: What Would Happen if The Ring of Power was never found

Gabriel PrusanHow would Saruman take over middle earth? Would there be a new ring made? How would this effect the age of men? Would there be a new evil to curse the land?

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3:41 PM
@Alex I think a more relevant metric would be >26h in a row with only feed posts.
We wouldn't want to say that we're not doing a good job here just because we were to be randomly spammed by feed posts from M&TV (for instance).
How come Rand's starred congratulations message for user14111 is showing up as "Congrats @@75152"?
Because it was a superping, since @user14111 isn't pingable in chat.
So Rand used a superping, which is a mod tool that allows you to ping anyone in chat with a @@<chat ID> syntax... but the starboard doesn't like superpings.
Aha, I see. Thank you.
4:34 PM
posted on March 08, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Later it turns out that's just Jeff Bezos listening. Today's News:

Given the choice between soup and ping, I'll take the soup.
Greetings, Earthlings.
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5:42 PM
@Donald.McLean Ahoy! Happy Monday!
Let's not go overboard there.
6:01 PM
Q: Lovecraft mention of fate of pilots who flew too high

M. A. GoldingIn this question: https://scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/244263/short-story-with-monsters-in-the-stratosphere-who-attack-a-biplane[1] Aaron Decker asks: I'm trying to find the title of a short story I read a number of years ago. In the story, the narrator reads off of pages of a diary that ar...

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7:18 PM
Q: Alternate history novel where an emerging society of "white" people meets an advanced society of "black" people

jadepxI've been looking for a years for a novel that I read in the mid-90s. We got it from the local library, but neither my sister nor me have any good clues on the details. It was in German, so it could be a translation, or originally German. This is what I remember from the plot: After some apocalyp...

Q: Why are Ahsoka's montrals shorter in the Ahsoka novel?

Sophie the Jedi KnightOkay, I know that this sounds like a version of a question that's already up on here about Ahsoka's montrals in the Mandalorian, but that's not what I'm asking about. In that question, it was pointed out how a Togruta's montrals usually grow longer as they age. The answer given was that it was e...

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8:59 PM
Q: Sci-fi show where creature snatches up soliders in the jungle?

Clutchersisco I recall seeing this scene on tv from the early 2000's. It was not from the movie Predator but it is similar. The creature came down from the sky and snatched this soldier up into the air. Next scene I remember was a bunch of military personnel being in this outdoor concrete camp and the creature...

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10:15 PM
posted on March 08, 2021 by Jack B Nimble

The original three books of the five book Giants series are a pretty good read. Unfortunately, the time lag between book three and four (ten years), and then the even greater lag between book four and five (fourteen years), make those last two books seem detached from the original trilogy.  The first two books are ... Read more

10:51 PM
@Donald.McLean splash
@SFFBlog TIL Hogan wrote a fifth book in the Giants series.
I know
Not that it means much; I drifted away from reading Hogan in the mid '90s shortly after reading Entoverse and Bug Park.
I don't think I had read anything by him until now
I thought that Giants' Star put a nice neat wrap on the series, and it didn't need anything after that. But because I'd liked previous Hogan books I picked up Entoverse anyway...
11:01 PM
So I purchased the books as ebooks, and they come as "The Two Moons ( Inherit the Stars and Gentle Giants), The Two Worlds (Giant's Star and Entoverse) and then the fifth is Mission to Minerva
Confusing when I went to buy "Get all 3 books in this 5 book series!"
I liked Bug Park a lot more, actually, even though it seemed somewhat forced into a YA frame. But even though they both had interesting enough ideas to carry a story, they didn't really seem as good as some of his earlier stuff.
I think of his books I probably like Code of the Lifemaker and Two Faces of Tomorrow.

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