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12:02 AM
@Randal'Thor Good to know.
@Marvin Carbon-freezing is inhumane? I think it's feeding someone to the mighty Sarlacc that's inhumane.
@b_jonas The Sarlacc needs to eat too.
@b_jonas Thanks to you, not only for the top suggestion so far, but for two good suggestions. I personally prefer the other one as I've read Funke myself (always more of a fantasy man than sci-fi), but hopefully reading Clement will be an interesting new experience.
@Randal'Thor Thanks. Hal Clement stuck in my head after I re-read Mission of Gravity after a story-id question.
A: Story set inside a sphere

b_jonasThis might be the planet Mesklin (en.wikipedia article, contains spoilers) in one of Hal Clement's novels. The planet first appears in Mission of Gravity (1953), then in other novels by Hal Clement. (This one paragraph is an update.) You can find almost all the details you asked about from the...

I guess if the libraries open, I'll have to try to get another Hal Clement book, besides the other books I want to get.
@b_jonas Wow, nice worldbuilding!
I wonder if Terry Pratchett's nome Masklin was a hat-tip to Hal Clement's Mesklin.
12:33 AM
I've gone ahead and turned that into a question.
12:47 AM
Q: Was Terry Pratchett inspired by Hal Clement?

Rand al'ThorThe science fiction author Hal Clement wrote several stories set in planets with interesting features, perhaps most famously Mesklin, a planet with a flattened shape and a very strong gravitational force. More recently, the fantasy author Terry Pratchett wrote several stories set in the famous Di...

1:44 AM
@Randal'Thor Looks like you didn't check the obvious place.
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3:21 AM
Q: name of a book about dragons

inkso i read a book in 2017 i think and it was about a boy who for the summer i think had to go to his grandparents estate in the forest. i remember it was huge with gargoyles on the front gate. anyways he finds a realy tall wall surrounding a area and try’s to find his way in. some part later her g...

3:47 AM
Q: When was R+L=J first publicly mentioned?

Till BI am re-reading the Song of Ice and Fire series and pay special attention to all the hints and clues in the background. There is a popular fan theory When was this formulated (publicly) for the first time? I would like to see what the first hints or arguments were for why this should be true.

4:37 AM
Oops, I realized that when the question title is "Was Terry Pratchett inspired by Hal Clement?" then I shouldn't start the answer with "no".
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8:55 AM
Q: Detail question about Episode "Past Tense, Part I"

HothieIn the episode, Sisko and Bashir want to enter a building to take a look at the area from the top of the roof. The inhabitants of the building deny their request at first. But then they say "they could make a deal". In the next scene, we see Sisko and Bashir in a corridor of the building, wearing...

Q: Why did Godzilla get wings?

BenIn Godzilla, King of Monsters, at the end of the movie when Godzilla gets his Thermonuclear form, and uses the Thermonuclear blast, he is seen to get wings. This has also been added to a model of him: Why did this happen? And is this something to do with the emission of the Thermonuclear energy...

Seems to be working for other users
Requested account deletion or some weird tag clash/caching issue I'd guess at for no particular reason
Q: Top [tag]s doesn't show anything for some users

jcolebrandTop [tag]s doesn't show anything for some users https://dba.stackexchange.com/users/171/jcolebrand?tab=profile This is true on several users pages on [dba.se] but the reason for it to show on some pages and not others is unclear. Thoughts?

It's a known bug.
I just noticed it when checking the top answerers in GoT/aSoIaF tags. For a moment I was worried Aegon had deleted his account.
Ah strange
Aye doesn't seem that way
10:12 AM
Q: Novel series about competing factions trying to uplift humanity, one faction has six fingers

MattI read a series when I was a teenager (late 90s to early 2000s but might not mean anything) that was about an alien race that engineered humans to fight in a timeless galactic war. The aliens had red hair and six fingers. Their guilty sin was they craved human blood, which released brain chemical...

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12:20 PM
Q: Does change of Demographics in Hogwarts justify Slytherin's perspective of muggleborns?

GlostasI was wondering how the demographics of Hogwarts changed since the beginning, especially how many muggle-borns there were, and if this changes the justification of Slytherin's refusal to let them into Hogwarts. Hogwarts was founded around 1000AD. At this time around 2 million people were living o...

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2:32 PM
Greetings, Earthlings.
2:42 PM
@Donald.McLean Ahoy!
How's it going?
2:55 PM
Q: Isekai where person gets sent to another world forest with a shotgun

AhhGeezRickI don't remember much about it but there were elves in the story I think. Just basically he gets sent to another world with a shotgun.

3:37 PM
@DavidW I actually found a question on Friday that I thought was interesting and that I knew how to answer.
I saw that, it was a nice answer.
4:04 PM
@Donald.McLean Avast ye!
Exciting progress on the new Dragonlance series: twitter.com/WeisMargaret/status/1353734464724226048
You mean DL didn't end when Raistlin ate the universe?
Is there a term for the effect where in a series every book has to have greater stakes than the previous? It's a meta-trope that's been in SF forever - the Lensman series suffered from it after all.
Book 1: His home is in danger; book 2: his city is in danger; book 3: his country is in danger; book 4: the entire world is in danger; book 5: the galaxy is in danger!; book 6: the universe is in danger; book 7: the entire multiverse and all alternative realities are in danger!
4:29 PM
posted on January 25, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Honestly, why hasn't anyone done this yet? Today's News:

@DavidW I never got into DL, so I wouldn't know
@DavidW power creep/danger creep?
Yeah, that might cover it.
Hello Future Me covers it I think?
5:05 PM
Q: What happened to the original opening scene to "Whom Gods Destroy"?

RobertI remember seeing the uncut episode of "Whom Gods Destroy" (TOS, Episode 3x16) in the 1970's which included a scene with Kirk, Spock and Scotty discussing the security question involving chess move "queen to queen level 3", at the very beginning of this episode on the Enterprise! Since then, I h...

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7:20 PM
@DavidW I felt unsure about some of my statements so I re-read the ebook and copy/pasted relevant quotes out of the book into my answer. It took me a bit to figure out HOW to copy/paste out of the ebook as the software didn't want to make it easy.
7:39 PM
Q: 80s Norse mythology trilogy about Surt and Heimdall signalling Ragnarok

Chris AllenIn the late 80s I read a fantasy trilogy base around Norse mythology. Its main character was the magician Surt and book 3 ended with Heimdall blowing the horn to signal Ragnarok and the start of a new world. I think it would have been written in the 80s, maybe the 70s.

8:30 PM
Q: Horror book about werewolf-like creatures

FragmondI'm trying to remember the title of a book that I have read a few times. I would have first read it somewhere around 1990. While not having anything to do with the book I seem to have bad luck with this particular title, I first bought it brand new and it was destroyed in a fire a few years lat...

9:01 PM
Q: Is the Glorious Revolution, in Night Watch, in tribute to Douglas Adams by Terry Pratchett?

AncientSwordRageThe Glorious Revolution in Discworld is on the same day as Towel Day. Of all proposed dates [for Towel Day], the 25th of May turned out to be the one that gained a significant following. And over time it has acquired a certain status as a geek holiday. Night watch (2002), which features the Glo...

9:21 PM
@Zaphod aaaayy it's me

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