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Q: Was the famous SPICE package of programs, utilities and data kernels named after "Melange" found on the planet Arakis?

uhohThis question is NOT about a fictional planet: This question is about NASA JPL history and the naming of SPICE. It is not primarily about the fictional planet Arrakis nor the fictional drug Melange also known as Spice. Background: why this might be true: The science fiction work Dune was written...

Q: How do the hirogen interact with the borg?

Pascal WidmannBoth have similar properties. They are predatory. The hirogen see every approach of prey to defend themselves as incentive. The borg see every species worth assimilating as prey. The borg can adapt, hirogen never give up.

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Q: Science fiction novel where children grow up on a ship

MathewSI’m having trouble identifying a book I read sometime in the last 5-10 years. The details I remember is that humans were raised by the ships AI, and that the children/young adults are not aware that they don’t have access to all areas on the ship. At some point, one of the humans somehow stumbles...

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Q: Are Alolan Oricorios based on real world Sunbirds?

A Flying type trainerAre Oricorios based on Sunbirds? This is a picture of a variation of Sunbird https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/3c/♂_Vigors%27s_sunbird_%28Aethopyga_vigorsii%29_Photograph_by_Shantanu_Kuveskar.jpg/220px-♂_Vigors%27s_sunbird_%28Aethopyga_vigorsii%29_Photograph_by_Shantanu_Kuves...

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Q: Why did Protagonist want Kat to do the exachange?

Naomi. J Protagonist: Your wife does the exchange. Sator: I never involve her in my business. Protagonist: Yeah, that's why I trust her. Why did Protagonist even need Kat to do the exchange? Why can't he do it himself?

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Q: What happened to the Cross Particles stolen by Mitch Carson?

TheLethalCarrotI re-watched Ant-Man last night and noticed something I hadn't either picked up on before or paid much attention to. Amidst the hubbub and fighting after Scott breaks out and Hank gets shot, Mitch Carson retrieves a vial of Cross Particles from the dead worker. He then escapes and as far as I can...

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I highly recommend this short story: 68:hazard:cold
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Q: How did Solid Snake come into existence?

Jonas BenzAfter playing (some of) the Metal Gear franchise... It's clear that the main protagonist has always been Solid Snake (current), Naked Snake (past) or Old Snake (future). Then you have all these side-characters who, on face value, seem invincible in that they have the same, if not, better abilitie...

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Greetings, Earthlings.
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posted on January 26, 2021 by tech

Click here to go see the bonus panel!Hovertext: Somehow this became Dunk on Humans month. Today's News:

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@Donald.McLean Good, you know, thing. White hot thing in sky time.
I wish - dreary overcast here today.
4:40 PM
@Donald.McLean Ahoy
@Jenayah Further update for your Ghost question but still unknown
Presumably it's either going to be brought up in Ant-Man 3 (though that has potential for covering a few loose ends) or they're saving her for a Thunderbolts film/series if she's still kicking around
@Donald.McLean Was nice this morning, but now there's nasty sticky cold stuff all over the place.
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Or potentially Falcon and the Winter Soldier actually
Whenever I think of "falcon" I think of Ben Aaronovitch's Peter Grant/Rivers of London series.
Much better story telling than the mass market MCU schlock.
@Donald.McLean some of the story telling is good, but I agree it is mass marketed
Almost like that's on purpose :P
I'm really enjoying WandaVision and that's completely different to anything else so far
@TheLethalCarrot I don't think anyone sets out to write a bad story
I was replying to the mass marketed comment
I think it's evident I really enjoy my mass marketed MCU schlock anyway haha
5:23 PM
@TheLethalCarrot ah gotcha
I either need more/less coffee
I also enjoy mass market stuff
@AncientSwordRage True, but action movie producers and directors do seem to get hung up in creating visually spectacular products that are light on story.
@Donald.McLean there was a good analysis of end game (bear in mind I haven't seen it yet) that showed that although the main story was obvious, all the little character stories/side stories is where the tension and story telling was
I think the MCU seems to be moving a bit further away from just action and visually impressive films. They were never just that but they do seem to be moving more towards story telling, humour, character development, etc.
@TheLethalCarrot yeah I agree
all their stories are character focused
DC fails utterly in that regard
The only DC films I've really enjoyed in recent years, not that I've watched many, was the Dark Knight trilogy
5:26 PM
@TheLethalCarrot I only really enjoyed the first two
They certainly haven't captured what makes the MCU so successful
I also liked Suicide Squad (although it was deeply flawed, I liked the ending)
I enjoyed Suicide Squad for what it was... it suffered from an overly long intro and in my opinion it was marketed too well and to too many people
It was trying to be to many things
It partially failed for being too well marketed
Aye, that as well
5:28 PM
I'm not saying that the MCU products are bad - I enjoy them myself, just that almost any legitimately decent SFF novel has much more actual story. And the genuinely good SFF novels eclipse almost any action movie ever made (including their own adaptations).
I haven't seen Birds of Prey yet or read much up on it to know if that went any better
If it started at the bar scene, then jumped back for bits and pieces, before carrying on it would have bee better
@TheLethalCarrot I've heard, via ColdCrash Pictures, it's much much better
It's on the to watch list at some point, presumably whenever it's free to one of the streaming services
@Donald.McLean I think that's a product of the genres and books vs movies more than anything else but I'd agree with you there
I don't read much anymore but a well written book will usually beat a well written film for the story, I'd say largely because a book has more options than a film and more "time" to do it in
@TheLethalCarrot While that is all true, I think that movie makers get away with a lot of stupid crap that book readers would absolutely never put up with. Compare the scientific and technical accuracy of the execrable Starship Troopers movie (science grade F-, military grade F-) with the book.
Aye true, movies can get away with unrealistic and daft things if it means a better effect or the like
The trade off that allows it doesn’t really apply to books
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Q: Book with a series of parallel Earths and a version of the main characters replaces him

RichibanI'm looking for the title of a sci-fi book I read a while ago that I simply cannot remember the name of, nor where I read it. In it the main character lives a relatively happy life with his wife. One day he is abducted and dumped in a remote location; he eventually makes it back to his house only...

Plus if you’re reading a book you’re there for the story; if you’re watching a film you might not be. I’m sure there are people that watch just for action, visuals, violence, etc.
So that allows them more space to get away with things
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Q: Tenet - How does one age when travelling backwards in time?

ShadeIn the latest Christopher Nolan film, people can travel back in time. However, it's actually like the time passes in real time. So, how does one age when travelling back in time? Does one get older or younger?

@TheLethalCarrot That's a really good point. I'm all about the story, regardless of medium.
6:51 PM
I thought the point was that it's, well, not.
Oh, I read "It's" instead of "I'm". Odd.
I would say the science (or speculative) fiction genre itself generally begets a more story and worldbuilding focused attitude.
This is also very palpable in its status among general literature enthusiasts and their attitudes towards it as well as the willingness of science-fiction enthusiasts to accept stylistic shortcomings in favour of story and worldbuilding.
@TheLethalCarrot Which also means that when reading a book you equally might not be there for the story alone. However, if you're reading a speculative fiction book, chances are higher you indeed are.
@NapoleonWilson There feels like there is a precedent/expectation that fantasy conforms but sci-fi to innovate
@Marvin And what a fitting contribution to the discussion! Are you sure you aren't sentient?
@DavidW do we have a dead heat in answering the "vegetable Vampire" question ;)
@ClaraDiazSanchez You appear to have a slight edge, but just by a nose. :)
@DavidW it seems we both have a taste for puns, this also happened with the "It only stands o reason"
7:08 PM
I want to deny that I like puns ;) but they certainly stick in the mind.
Q: Vegetable aliens short story with a pun

DannyMcGI read this short story (only 3 or 4 pages) about 1990 but I think it was an old anthology. What I recall, there are a lot of native aliens on a planet Earth is colonising or mining, they are basically humanoid in form but they are walking vegetables. The Earthmen are using them for a workforce b...

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Q: Hard sci fi works set in deep future *without* FTL travel?

EpS_2Have there been any works of hard sci fi set in the deep future in which faster than light travel was never achieved? I’m not looking for recommendations or opinions on the works: only examples, if they exist. I recognize that the forum rules prohibit soliciting recommendations or specific plot p...

9:18 PM
Q: Book where a boy learns to use science as a form of magic

velvet thunderA boy and his mother move to a town, where a teacher has learned to control the elements and change their surrounding. A secret organization learns of this and removes the children but not the teacher. Their families don't remember them. The boy uses a stone to channel his powers. Later he goes t...

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Something changed with tag badges? I just got a few on both PPCG and M&TV without having posted in ages or getting any upvotes
Q: Tag badges are re-awarded for some users

GlorfindelAcross the network, users are reporting cases where tag badges are re-awarded: Re-earned all my tag badges at once (Role-playing Games) Tag badges "re-awarded"? (Mathematics) Why were all tag badges unawarded and then awarded again? (Spanish Language) Tag badges got refreshed just for me? (Arqad...

Oh this I guess
Q: Time travel manga where the female protagonist travels back in time before her death to prevent her harsh life ahead

user135681It’s a story of a female protagonist who has a harsh life. Just as she is about to die she time travels back into her young self. To avoid the future she already lived, she decides to gets strong by learning swordsmanship. After a while she joins the army under the command of a prince who wears a...

Q: Medieval manga about a girl who dies, then wakes up as her younger self, learns swordsmanship, and joins the army

user135681This is a restart manga which i read few years back. The girl has a harsh life and a terrible fiancée because of this, she dies and wakes up again as her younger self. Determined to avoid the inevitable future, she starts to learn swordsmanship and becomes very good at it, sort of like a genius. ...

Same user, ultra similar plot. Any objection to closing it as a reposted dupe?
Sounds good to me.
10:22 PM
@TheLethalCarrot nice answer there, I enjoy this kind of bug analysis
It’s the sort of thing I’d do, well that works I made it faster now; it might not work correctly but at least it’s faster haha
10:41 PM
@TheLethalCarrot That's agile that is!
10:51 PM
As an addendum to that, it's not even your fault you broke it! It's obviously the fault of your predecessor who failed to code adequate coverage in the automated test suite!
11:24 PM
Q: Anime/Cartoon movie about a girl losing letters in her name and an orphan boy who outlives and buries his village

hol habokThe girl is a soldier for this big space organization and she's told a bunch of lies about the universe. The organization is run by her father. (I think he's her adoptive father.) She is sent on a mission to a planet and she is wearing a space suit and is told "don't breathe the air, it's dangerous.

11:41 PM
Q: Medical school that brainwashes students, run by drug company that does unethical experiments

bobbleI read this English-language thriller novel in 2017 or 2018 (publish date unknown) at a local library in the Western United States. It's been bugging me for a while. I remember a lot of details but I'm terrible at searching... long question incoming! The main character (MC from now on) lives in a...

Q: Short story about a man who meets his wife after he's already married her, because of time travel

HGHothoI'm trying to recall the name of a short story I read in an anthology (Best of the Year?) from the 1960s or '70s, in which a man taking a walk in a field meets a young woman who claims to have travelled there from the future. She says the field is a department store in the future and that her fat...


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